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Style Oaths: Five Fashion Resolutions to Make in 2018

“Fashion is something that goes in one year and out the other.” –Unknown Author

In anticipation of the brand new year, it is best to take stock of the fashion choices you have made all throughout this year and determine which ones of them are worth keeping for the next year. In this regard, you should be able to identify which ones should be modified and tweaked a bit or downright discarded. Fashion purveyors such as well-known stylists and designers provide fashionistas with the latest clothing styles and trends every single day in the year. Furthermore, they furnish their avid followers and readers with style advice every now and then, but it is ultimately up to you to distinguish which ones of them are worth turning into habits and which ones you should ignore.
As you usher in and welcome the brand new year, it is best to come up with a to make better fashion choices and come up with a concrete plan to be a more put-together person not only for the next few months but over the next 12 months of 2018 as well.

However, it is not only enough to make promises such as wearing fewer hip-hop clothing and more of smart casual clothes, but you also need to ensure that they would be realistic enough for you to fulfill for every single day of the next year. With this in mind, it is best to come up with a set of style mantras that you would still want to do after the second week of February. In any case, if you have been looking for attainable fashion resolutions for the next year regardless of whatever your style might be, take a gander at the list below for some suggestions.

1.) Be the most dressed-up person in the room

There is a difference between overdressing and being the most-dressed up in the room. The former implies that there is a strict dress code to be followed and you simply went overboard while the latter means there is a sense of cohesion among all the fashion items you have chosen to sport for that day. For the next year, aim to be the latter and endeavor to be always the best dressed or at least the most dressed up. Being the most dressed-up person in the room for 2017 inspires confidence while allowing you to have fun with fashion as you enjoy putting together an ensemble. Moreover, you will likely get a lot of feel-good compliments which can truly boost your self-esteem.

2.) Look after the things you already have

2017 was all about adopting a minimalist lifestyle in almost every aspect of life which means it would invariably include how you dress. 2017 inspired us to edit our closets and get rid of things that no longer do anything for us and leave only the things we want to wear. As you have already gotten rid of the things you no longer need, let 2018 be the year you take better care of the things you already do have. In a sense, this means dry-cleaning your blouses, having your shoes repaired before it becomes an emergency and damage becomes irreparable and irreversible. Doing so would save you from doing any needless shopping sprees where you might feel compelled to acquire more clothing items than necessary which would be counterintuitive to your minimalist movement.

3.) Buy more of what you love

Fashion columnists have always encouraged their readers to have a more diverse wardrobe by buying from different boutiques and designers. In this regard, they were compelled to break the mold and try on different styles—even if they do not necessarily need to do so. If you have already found your personal style and know which styles do look on you best, do not be afraid to buy more of it and wear it on repeat for the next year. While some might argue that this sounds like a boring option, it is also a subtle way of forming a signature style in which a specific kind of clothing could be identified with you. Bulk up on what fashion styles do work for you and have fun wearing them in a myriad of ways you can imagine.

4.) Embrace fun fashion

For the New Year, try not to conform too much and simply have fun with fashion. There is absolutely no reason for you to follow every style edict and fashion advice and take them to heart. Have fun with fashion and mix it up every once in a while. Be bold and try something new that has not been done before. Mix some of your frilly and girly dresses with your boyfriend or tomboy jeans. Alternatively, you can do an epic fashion fusion from different eras by digging up old vintage apparel which you would then mix with contemporary staples and new pieces. Next year, endeavor to stand out and make a fashion statement.

5.) Do not resist color

If you have a streamlined wardrobe consisting of only basic and neutral colors such as blue, black, grey, white and different shades of brown and cream, then it is time to inject some color into your closets. Instead of blending in with your surroundings, go for bold hues and rock a vibrant fashion ensemble that would be sure to turn heads in your direction. Embrace color and have more of it in your wardrobes. Moreover, try not to make them something you wear once a week and instead rotate them on different days. After all, wearing brighter colors can affect your mood, and if you are looking to have a more cheerful mindset in 2018, you best start by wearing cheerier, brighter and happier-looking colors.

If you have wanted to look better fashion-wise for the next year, keep in mind that there are some style choices you have to adapt and some to discard. For your sartorial well-being, some of the doable deeds are already mentioned above, and you should definitely consider incorporating them into your daily habits. After all, 2018 should be the year of the better-dressed you.


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Five Compelling Reasons Why Women Love to Shop

“I have been shopping all of my life and yet, I still have nothing to wear” –Every Woman Ever


It has been said and widely believed that when it comes to shopping, men go to malls and shops to buy what they want while women do the same to find out what they want. From this perspective, it can be readily seen that shopping is largely a woman thing, and you would be quite hard-pressed to find a woman who does not have at least the slightest inclination for indulging her purchasing desires. Indeed, nothing ensnares and entices a woman’s senses more than a shopping mall blatantly proclaiming that they are on a mall-wide sale. Much like a trained bargain hunter, females would descend to malls in droves and would be immediately ready to sniff out the best deals in a matter of minutes.

While some males cannot even begin to fathom the fascination of sifting through items, looking for deals and discounts for hours at a time, most women thrive on them. And malls did quite well to exploit on that fact which is why for this reason, mall sales would profit most from the fairer sex. However, what is it about shopping that drives most women wild and encourages them to go on a frenetic spree of acquiring things of all sorts? Where does this innate proclivity come from? Regardless of whether they are purchasing wholesale clothing or retail, it is no question that women would be there—especially during sales and with their wallets and credit cards at the ready. So, if you have been wondering what inspires this intrinsic behavior from the most of us, here are some of the reasons we have unveiled below:


1.) Jealousy or Peer Pressure

While jealousy or peer pressure is not two reasons for shopping prevalent among women, it can play a significant role in influencing their decision of whether to shop or not. The truth is when a well-dressed and attractive woman walks down the alley; it is not only the men that take notice but women as well. In fact, you can probably bet that the woman has already dissected every inch of her outfit and is dying to know where she got them. One of the initial things a woman takes note and observes in another woman is her outfit and then her footwear. All the rest such as her hairstyle, makeup and the rest would come second. In this regard, a woman would feel compelled (or encouraged) to dress better and if a woman has better-dressed friends, it is safe to assume that she would want to be even more impeccably dressed than them.

2.) To impress men

Although most women largely dress for themselves (and none of them would ever care to admit this next fact), some women dress to impress men. They are not proud of it, but making a lasting impact on the opposite sex would also motivate a woman to dress her best. With this in consideration, women would be impelled to shop for better-looking clothes. Although it is not something that they would ever probably admit, women do love getting compliments—especially when it comes from men. Being noticed and flattered because of your style would go a long way to boost a woman’s self-confidence after all.

3.) To invigorate herself

If a woman has gone through a rather harrowing ordeal or a traumatic event such as a breakup, loss of a job or pet, she would need to take her mind off the stressor. In doing so, she would need to distract herself from what is currently ailing her and one excellent avenue for distraction is shopping. In fact, some women would even swear by the adage that shopping is much cheaper than seeing their therapists. Plus, they get a dress out of it too! Picking out things they love and trying out clothes that look great on them is a way of indulging themselves. In a sense, it gives them a rush of excitement and euphoria. And at least for that moment, they can forget anything that might have caused them despondence and suffering. After all, to most women, even the tiniest trinket can serve as a balm to their pain.

4.) Always confused about her clothing

More often than not, you would hear a woman protest that she has nothing to wear while possessing a closet filled to the brim with clothes. It might be something of a paradox and to most, a woman’s thirst for more sartorial items despite having a complete arsenal of one would be an enigma, but it is a reality. The truth is, some women are just confused about her clothing and may not exactly be happy with what she is wearing. At times, she would be dissatisfied with her ensemble and would feel prompted to make better sartorial choices. She may have a myriad of clothes and shoes of every variety possible, but as she would always want to dress her best, she would do more shopping whenever she can.

5.) Best way to kill time

While killing time in this manner does not exactly bode well for your credit card as well as your finances, there is no denying that some women would do it out of boredom. However, do know that women do not necessarily have to buy anything just to have a good time and she would hardly need the company of another person. She can simply walk into a retail shop, stroll around, try on stuff and simply just do window shopping. If she sees anything that she likes, she may either buy it or make a mental note of it to buy soon.



Indeed, while a woman’s penchant for shopping remains as an enigmatic wonder, perhaps the reasons given above would give you an insight as to why they love it so much. After all, women are not called the fairer sex for anything, they have to live up to that fact and earn that title each and every day of their lives. In order to do so, they must continue to refine and edit their wardrobes and acquire those that would put them in the best light possible. And because of that, shopping is not only an activity or hobby to them but a lifestyle.

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Five Factors That Affect Your Style (That Are Not Clothes)

“Fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, and some never will — like an instinct.”-Edith Head

There is no doubt about the fact that clothes play a significant role in everyone’s lives. While some people may regard it as another thing to do in their daily routine, it is a reality that everyone has to choose clothes every single day before heading out to work. In this regard, some individuals may exercise a rather blasé and apathetic attitude towards their sartorial choices while fashion-forward, and style enthusiasts take a little extra care in ensuring that what they choose passes their standards. With this in mind, the latter people would be the meticulous set–ones with a little more concern as to how they present themselves to the world. The former, however, would be the kind of people who think that their lives do not revolve around clothes–that they have other more important things to think about other than the ideal color of sweater they should wear for that morning. But if there is one thing in common about the two sets of people despite their contrasting outlooks on clothes, it is that both do value style to a certain degree. Stylish people value it more, but while those who have an indifferent attitude towards clothes would not place as much importance on it, there are certain types of clothing they would feel themselves gravitating to.

It is a known fact that style is more than just your clothing selection. It is how you wear them and what you are trying to convey by wearing them. In this regard, you can easily spot those individuals who took the extra effort in refining their look from the bunch of individuals who just donned an assortment of clothing because they cannot be in the nude. So, what influences style? What makes one prefer streetwear clothing over more polished and formal designs? How does one choose what kind of clothes they purchase? Well, you might be surprised, but plenty of what influences someone’s personal style has little to do with the fashion industry. Although social media, favorite designers and various forms of media have a pivotal role in covering trends, there are other things that would factor into someone’s aesthetic. Here are some of the things that influence your style that are surprisingly not clothes:

1.) Climate

Of course, this one is a no-brainer. After all, you cannot actually expect one to wear a fur coat during a scorching day, or a flimsy blouse when it is freezing outside. In fact, one of the initial things you do before you get dressed is checked the weather outside. After all, you would not want to be wearing too thick clothes that would leave you stewing on a hot day or filmy ones that would not give you so much insulation on a cold day. Climate plays a significant role in influencing what you wear, and if you are lucky enough to live in a tropical climate, you can get away with wearing shorts and tees all your life. However, if you experience harsh winters, you would be better off having a go-to winter coat.

2.) Your Job

While most contemporary companies have a very modern view on dressing for a corporate environment, there is still a semblance of a dress code which they expect employees to adhere to. Today, most employees can get away with wearing jeans and casual sneakers—something that might have been preposterous two decades ago. However, this does not mean that employees can just get away with anything. If no uniform is imposed, there is a likely chance that a dress code would be enforced.

3.) Other People

While you might not be ready to admit such fact, it is an established reality that humans have an innate craving to be accepted and a desire for approval. Most of the time, this is evident enough in the way we dress. In fact, it is for this very reason that most of our clothing choices are subconsciously affected by our desire not to stand out. While considered stylish and fashionable, outrageous trends that beckon attention tend to look weird or crazy. Furthermore, some of us would want to wear clothing to make us seem more attractive to the opposite sex or to be accepted by our peers. While we might not care enough to admit it, the type of people we surround ourselves with tend to play a considerably significant role in influencing our clothing choices and style.

4.) Hobbies

Do you have a penchant for skating? Or perhaps, do you listen to heavy rock music? Well, you might not have noticed it, but your hobbies tend to show themselves in your clothing choices. Of course, you would want to choose clothing that would make it easier for you to perform the activities you find yourself most interested in. In fact, just take a gander at your closet, and you would notice that some of the things inside are inspired by the activities you do and hobbies that you have. It is precisely for this reason that trends such as the urban lumberjack and the skater chic have come to life.

5.) Sports

Varsity jackets, cheerleader skirts, basketball jerseys—these are just a few things of the slew of sports-inspired fashion you can get today. All these trends stem from the world of sports, and what their athletes wear and they have a huge impact on your clothing choices and style. More often than not, if you wish to support a specific sports team, you would be wearing your team jersey or if you are gearing up for a big game, whatever sport you might be into would play a critical role in what you wear to the field. For this reason, you would find many men and women wearing coordinating colors that would inspire team spirit and complement each other as well.


Indeed, whether we like it or not, our current environment plays an integral role as to how we dress ourselves and how we select our clothing. It plays a significant role in developing and shaping personal styles—so much so that no two people entirely dress in the same way. It is in this manner that we can truly express who we are as individuals and what makes us unique and different from one another.


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Men’s Fashion 101: Five Pairs of Shoes Every Man Must Have

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”-Christian Louboutin

It has been said that a pair of shoes says quite a lot about the person wearing them. While most would think this sentiment would apply to women in general, there is no stopping from onlookers assessing a man’s character based on the footwear he prefers. Furthermore, it is an established reality that quite a majority of men do love shoes despite it going against the grain of a somewhat archaic gender stereotype. After all, when men are sporting mostly jeans, shorts and the like, they would certainly have an inclination for adding a bit more glamour and zest in their choice for shoes. In this regard, it would be best if men invested in some choice pieces when it comes to shoes as when it comes to sartorial pieces, it is in shoes where men would find the most variety above all. You cannot expect to keep on sporting sneakers for every single day of your life after all.

However, there is no reason for you to acquire just about every shoe style possible—there are quite a few styles that are a cut above the rest and these are the ones that are worthy of your attention as well as your investment. In any case, here are some of the best pairs of shoes you should include in your closet. You can be assured that they go with everything from any urban streetwear clothing to your most formal ensembles.

1.) Loafers

Loafers are the ultimate go-to shoes that no man should ever have a shoe closet sans them. In fact, even the man with even just the slightest bit of proclivity for fashion would still have a trusty pair of loafers in his closet, and this is because loafers are the perfect shoes that strike a balance between casual and formal wear. The shoe style is incredibly versatile that you can wear it for a stroll to the park or to your best friend’s wedding. Moreover, loafers are excellent alternatives to boat shoes, plus they do not make you look too casual. There are plenty of variations of the shoe to choose from as well—from the plain leather ones to those that come with buckles, tassels and the like.

2.) Work Boots

Of course, if you do any type of manual labor, a pair of boots should always be an automatic addition to your closet. But even if you do not do any heavy lifting or any sort of outdoor activities, there are still merits to having this shoe style as a staple. A pair of work boots in your arsenal would ensure that you can rough it up whenever possible and get as dirty as you can without giving any second thought. Moreover, it affords your feet and toes ample protection that you can drop something incredibly heavy on your toes without any fear of fracturing any of your bones. They also provide proper sole traction for digging your feet in the ground which makes them an indispensable shoewear for heavy rains and muddy landscapes as it ensures that you do not slip. Regardless of whether you use them frequently or as seldom as you want, every man needs them as you will never know when you might be called to do some heavy manual labor work to do.

3.) Chukkas

A pair of chukkas is a pair of boots more business casual relative. They look formal without being pretentious and are exceptionally comfortable to wear. You would be surprised how well they would go with most of your business outfits and would make you look sharp and dapper enough for most social functions. Indeed, if you want to make an impression on someone without going through the lengthy hassle of donning fussy clothes and shoes, a pair of Chukkas would be an excellent choice. They would make you look polished, sophisticated and refined while remaining comfortable. Furthermore, despite the shoes’ incredibly casual appearance, it would not give you the demeanor of a slob but rather an elegant gentleman who knows how to choose stylish shoes without compromising comfort.

4.) Gym sneakers

If you frequently go to the gym and do routine workouts, it would be unimaginable for you not to have any gym shoes at your disposal. You might think that your casualwear sneakers would pass off as gym shoes, but you should never make this mistake. What you wear to the gym—especially your shoes, should never be worn casually on the streets. Your pair of gym shoes is the footwear you can sweat in and more often than not, it would bear most of the brunt of your workout regimes. In this regard, you want one that can support your body as well as do heavy workouts in. Just ensure that your gym sneakers stay fresh at all times.

5.) Casual Street Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, you should always have a pair you can easily put on and not give a second thought about—whether you are going to the mall or are picking up groceries. This is where brands such as New Balance, Keds, Sperry and Adidas Casuals come in handy and in this regard, they should be a staple in your closet. These shoes are not only stylish, but they are comfortable, sturdy and reliable and are excellent for casual day-to-day use. In fact, one might say these are to men what staple casual white sneakers are to men. These shoes are built mostly for comfort and style rather than speed and durability, so do not expect to do any of your workout routines while wearing them.
While your clothing ensembles might be something that is readily seen, it is your choice in shoes that speak the loudest so ensure that you choose them meticulously. Complete your shoe collection by referring to the list above and have a shoe appropriate for any occasion, social function or season. In this regard, not only will you have an incredibly versatile wardrobe, but a stylish one as well.


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Fashion Hacks: Six Styling and Clothing Tips to Instantly Elevate Your Outfits


“Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style” –Author Unknown


For some, wearing clothes might be a negligible aspect of their daily routine, but to fashion-forward individuals, dressing impeccably is not only a form of courtesy and manners, but a lifestyle. With this in mind, the latter individuals would give their best endeavors in ensuring that they are dressed appropriately (and stylishly, if I might add) in every single day in their lives. However, no matter what kind of affinity we have with fashion and clothes, there are just some days where our sartorial ensembles would work for us and other days wherein they seemingly work against us. Considering the latter, it would only be understandable for men and women alike to consult online fashion and style articles as to how to make their clothes work for them best.

After all, fashion can be rather confusing at times—especially when you see a myriad of outfits that look great and yet when you try them on, they do not seem to complement and flatter your curves the way they did on the mannequin. Fashion, albeit easy on the eyes, can be a bit difficult to work out and it is in this regard that fashion hacks; tips and tricks can become rather indispensable. You might be surprised at how fairly easy and straightforward some of these tips are, but once you try them, you will immediately see a significant difference—regardless of whether you favor wholesale clothing over retail. So, if you want to elevate your sartorial game and make your clothes seem more stylish, here are some tips you might want to keep in mind:

1.) Knot a button-down shirt to show off your waist

Take a simple outfit to the next level by tying a knot at the waist. Your button-down plaid polo blouses would look so much better when you tie them into a knot at the waist instead of having them simply laying flat. While there is nothing wrong with having them hang by your waist, the knot at your waist tends to show off your shape rather than conceal it. Furthermore, the look is more sophisticated and polished compared to the rather dull and conventional way of wearing it. To make the perfect knot, undo the last three buttons of the blouse and tie those shirt tails into a knot. Make them tight and straighten the ends for a more refined look.

2.) Belt Layers

Layering clothes is an excellent avenue for giving your outfit more dimension and your fashion taste more definition. However, when you tend to pile too many clothes at once, the end result can easily look sloppy and bulky and would do no favors to flattering your silhouette. However, this does not mean you should put off layering altogether but for a more polished and less bulky look, let a belt pull the whole look together. Moreover, the belt carves your figure out from underneath all those clothes so the layers would not overwhelm you.

3.) Cuff your jeans

Although there is nothing wrong with donning your jeans as it is, cuffing it at the ankles is the simplest way to give it a more sophisticated and polished look. This easy upgrade is an easy style trick that would immediately make your entire ensemble more depth and elegance. Moreover, it gives a unique look to an outfit that you have probably worn a lot of times before and it gives you the opportunity to show off whatever footwear you have on. Choose the right technique based on the style of jeans you are wearing. It looks best when it is smaller as it keeps in touch with the streamlined look of the fitted pants. Roll them twice over each other and make sure they are only about half an inch wide. Bigger jeans present a bit of a challenge as the technique is to roll them instead of cuffing them. Should you be wearing baggier styles such as boyfriend jeans, keep the casual vibe of the pair of pants intact by rolling the jeans about three times with just an inch cuffs. For the final touch, mess it up so it does not look too perfect which would be in complete contrast to the rest of pants’ look.

4.) Stack your rings

Accessories are great for amplifying your style and rings are an excellent source for this. However, how do you execute the technique without looking like a prepubescent girl who is overly fond of showing off her jewelry collection? Make it look cool and edgy by strategically placing the rings on your fingers and stacking the different styles appropriately. The biggest and boldest ring should go on your index finger while the smaller styles on your ring finger. For a layered look, mix regular rings and midi styles and finish it off by stacking a couple or three midi rings for contrast. Be careful not to overdo it and stack your fingers with so many rings lest your hands look like a horror show.

5.) Cinch a simple dress

Boxy shift dresses are great fashion statements but they can easily hide your shape and more often than not, it would make you look a size bigger than you originally are. Make a knot in the middle and gather the extra fabric so that you can transform a shapeless dress into a form-fitting one that would complement your physique. Simply turn the dress inside out and gather two inches of the section in the middle. Twist the first later and tie it into a knot, flip the dress right side out and you are done.

6.) Add a scarf

Let us face it, some of the items in our wardrobes are far too basic that they could use a little touch me up to be considered stylish. In this regard, accessories such as statement necklaces would come in handy. However, if you are sick of wearing all your necklaces or simply want another alternative, a handkerchief scarf and bandana can easily be utilized to take a boring outfit up a notch. The great thing about handkerchiefs and scarves is that it is incredibly versatile that the ways of styling it are practically limitless.


Whether we like or not, we have a daily relationship with our clothes seeing it as we wear it every single day. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to have a few clothing tips and tricks up our sleeves to ensure that we look our polished best no matter the occasion. Upgrade your everyday casual ensembles with the tips and techniques above and see your outfits transform from fine to fabulous.


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Men’s Fashion: Five Reasons to Invest in a Tailored Suit

“Style is when they are running you out of town and make it look like you are leading the parade” –William Battie

It has been said that nothing is more attractive to a woman than a man wearing a suit. In fact, a rather well-known adage has proclaimed that suits are to women what lingerie is to men—and this could not be any truer. In mainstream media and pop culture, the most attractive men are perpetually seen in suits—from the iconic James Bond to his cartoon counterpart, Sterling Archer. There is just something so sophisticated and debonair about a man in a suit—and this does not mean just any suit either, but rather a well-tailored one that fits you appropriately and accordingly.

However, in the age of contemporary fashion, we have seen a steady rise of baggy jeans, hip-hop clothing and snapbacks. As a result, the modern male has saved this most revered fashion staple solely for formal events such as weddings, funerals and cocktail parties. On the rare cases that they do see the light of day, the man in question happens to have a corporate meeting or something similar. Over the years, a certain stigma has been attached to wearing a suit. Individuals wearing it out of formal events would either be seen as stuffy business executives or would otherwise be considered as trying too hard. However, this notion should be dispelled because, until today, the suit remains a cult classic. In this regard, women can all universally agree that it looks exceedingly attractive on a man. In fact, simply wearing one would make any male ten times more appealing and alluring. Considering all this, it should go without saying that a well-tailored suit is a vital sartorial piece in your wardrobes—a fashion and style staple if you may.

However, if your closets seem to be appallingly short of one, here are good reasons why you should invest in a well-tailored suit as soon as possible:

1.) Save time

While suits off the rack are more accessible for purchase, are more affordable and conveniently displayed and sold in shopping malls, they can look too common. Moreover, there is a likely chance that your options when it comes to sizes would be limited—chalk this up to the consequences of mass production. As suit sizes would be generic, it can take a lot of shopping around before you finally find one that would fit you decently and yet even then, you would still likely need some adjustments. All of these would not only be time-consuming but a hassle as well. Invest in a tailored suit instead, it may cost you a bit more and may take a bit longer to make but it will eliminate the stress and hassle—plus you will end up looking sharp and confident.

2.) More fabric options and choices

Off the rack, suits come in fabrics that are already pre-selected for you. In this regard, choosing a specific pattern or fabric in your size can be especially difficult seeing as your choices are reduced and limited. However, investing in a custom and well-tailored suit bespoke for you presents you an array of fabric options and patterns. All you would need to do is simply choose one to your liking, and you will consequently have a unique suit that compliments your silhouette best.

3.) Longevity of the suit

As a consequence of mass production and perhaps, time constraint, off the rack suits are rarely of any quality. If anything, they may last you for a few years before they start deteriorating—especially if they are stashed away for most of the time inside closets. A custom made one on the other hand, however, is made with precise and detailed craftsmanship. Seeing as your tailor would not have to mass produce suits, he or she can spend time dedicated to perfecting your suit. Seeing as a quality suit would effectively reduce the frequency of suit purchases, you will ultimately be spending less over time.

4.) Better fit

This one is a no-brainer, but it bears stressing that a custom-made tailor suit would always fit you better than the one you bought off the racks. Custom suits are made-to-measure which would mean that it would be created from an existing pattern which would then be adjusted to match your measurements. As a result, the suit is made to fit your body with alterations only necessary if you have lost or gained weight. The tailoring is not only based on your body measurements but an analysis of your posture as well. Wearing a tailored suit ensures that you are wearing a garment created precisely for your body shape and as a result, people will take notice and even do a double take.

5.) It looks more stylish

As said before, department stores tend to carry a lot of suits that look the same—leaving you with little to no options at all. Sure, they may reflect current and modern trends, but they still retain that generic veneer that is notably absent in tailored suits. Wearing a tailored suit means you wish to be on the cutting edge of men’s fashion. Purchasing and wearing one ensures that not only will you be getting the highest standard in fit and fabric, but the look can be as on trend or as classic as you wish it to be. After all, a bespoke suit can be whatever you want to it to be—allowing you to customize everything from the width of the lapels to the number of buttons you wish the suit to have. Custom-made suits are incredibly versatile that it can serve as couture as you want it to be or you can downplay trends and have it reflect your personality instead.


While off the rack suits are convenient and are more affordable, they are nothing in comparison to well-tailored suits. You may get lucky and find one from off the rack that fits you well, but regardless there will always be something missing, and it can never beat one that is made to measure. So, do yourself a style favor and invest in a bespoke suit that would instantly augment your style.


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Fashion 101: Six Sloppy Fashion Mistakes that Make You Look Messy

“Fashion is what you are offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” –Lauren Hutton

It is well-known and an accepted fact that how you dress yourself is how you wish to present yourself to others or in a sense, how you wish to convey how you are feeling on a particular day. You may have a very devil-may-care attitude when it comes to your assemblage of clothes and could not care less about what ensemble you are wearing, but this in no way means that it is an acceptable excuse for being sloppy. We all have our lazy days wherein we cannot be bothered in pulling together a decent outfit, but this should not be taken to mean that we can get away with wearing clothing that is beyond simply just distressed, dirty or unwashed for days. Remember, you have an image to present as well and aside from being a good indicator of the kind of hygiene you maintain, how you dress up says a lot about your professionalism. It matters not whether or not if what you have in your closet are simple collections of wholesale clothing or the most expensive haute couture if you are committing any of these sloppy style errors, it can truly ruin your overall appearance.

So, if you see yourself getting the side-eye at work or out in the streets, give your outfits a thorough check and see if you are committing any of the messy blunders below that may be sabotaging your entire look:

1.) Leaving bits of lint and animal fur on your clothes

It is understandable to give our little pooches a little love and affection in the form of hugging and cuddling them. However, if they leave pieces of their fur on your clothing that is an entirely different story. Take note: people notice the little details and something that does not match your clothing is bound to stand out—which means lint is invariably included. Before heading out of the house, check your outfits for lint and fur then use a lint roller in getting rid of them. Always have them handy and always keep one with you at all times—you may never know when you might need it.

2.) See-through fabrics

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a few gauzy and mesh-like sartorial garments, it is another thing entirely if they become translucent and horribly see through when you do end up backlit. Sheer fabrics might be all the rage, but at times they will do their best to trick you. They might appear opaque in the dim light, but by the time you head out for lunch, you will be giving your colleagues and any passerby a full view of what is underneath your drawers. Maintain a bit of privacy as well as a hint of mystery by always wearing something underneath that is more than just your underwear.

3.) Wearing clothes with observable damage

Little rips and tiny fraying might be something you overlook, but they can immediately ruin the overall look of a particular outfit. Your favorite jeans might be starting to fray, and you may ignore the missing embellishments of a blouse because you have worn it so frequently, but this is not something you should ignore. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes your clothes, and those small rips, holes and other signs of damage that look inconsequential now can go from a minor flaw to a deal breaker. If you cannot absolutely let go of a particular clothing that has minor damages, have a tailor fix it up for you and make it wearable again. But if the damage is beyond repair, consider tossing them out.

4.) Not ironing your clothes

Ironing your clothes might seem just like another thing for you to do in the morning. When you are operating on a perpetually busy schedule, it can be easy to forego this and just grab something from the hamper. But you and your wardrobe will never be taken seriously if visible wrinkles can be seen, it also conveys the message that you do not care enough about your professional image. Just think of the time you had your job interview, did you not ensure your clothes to be wrinkle-free because you want to be considered for the job? You should maintain the same attitude when it comes to your regular work clothes. Preventing wrinkles requires minimal effort that all you would need to do is read the care tag of a particular clothing item as to how to wash it best—even without you having to press and iron them.

5.) Rolling your sleeves incorrectly

As the temperature fluctuates throughout the day, you might need to keep yourself cool so as not to get sweaty and overheat. One fashionable way of doing this is to roll up your sleeves. However, this must be done carefully lest you end up with a slovenly look. Take the time to do a double-roll which means you have to use two simple folds and leave your cuffs looking clean and precise. Simply rolling them up just to get them out of the way indicates an utter disinterest with your appearance and looks incredibly sloppy.

6.) Too many accessories

Accessories are pivotal to making your look a bit more distinct and personalized. For this reason, necklaces, a cute pair of earrings can be a great statement piece and can pull an entire outfit together. However, it is important to consider which accessory would be appropriate for the occasion you are wearing it for. Wearing too many accessories at one time creates visual noise and will do your outfit no favors. Instead, tastefully wear them and try not to cover yourself in too many gaudy trinkets that you would end up looking like an over adorned Christmas tree.
When it comes to sartorial ensembles, it is always the little things and not the drastic changes that count. They really do make a difference no matter your preference, body type or personal taste. With that being said, it is vital that no matter how you dress yourself up, it is imperative to avoid having the sneaky saboteurs above ruin your outfit. After all, looking presentable and clean are two of the initial steps of pulling off an incredibly stylish look.

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Fashion Faux Pas: Tacky Costumes You Should Never Wear on Halloween

“I love costumes. I love getting dressed up because it really helps my imagination make the leap to believe that I am who I say I am.” – Alessandro Nivola

Ah, autumn.

That time of the year where the leaves fade to burnt orange, the aroma of pumpkin spice fills the air, and people start wrapping themselves in thick wool just to keep warm. For some, the season simply serves as a precursor to the Christmas holidays. For others, however, it is a holiday on its own–universally known as Halloween. It is that time of the year where children get to have a free-pass in eating too much sugar and candy while adults can play their own grown-up version of dressing up. While kids visit various houses for a round of trick or treating in the neighborhood, adults attend Halloween balls or throw Halloween soirees of their own. In these events, it is no question that a costume is not only encouraged, but rather—a prerequisite for entry. After all, as Mason Cooley once said, “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.”. So, if there is one day you can indulge your penchant for unorthodox dressing up in, why not take advantage of it?

Unfortunately, while this holiday means dressing up as someone other than yourself, some individuals have construed this to mean they can dress in costumes that are either controversial or look like borderline lingerie. Sure, wearing a costume that puts the spotlight on you is great if you want the attention, but in no case should it offend anyone’s morals, reek of racism or scandalize other kids. It matters not whether you have assembled your costume from various wholesale clothing or bought it if you have any scruples left then inappropriate costumes should never be worn.

Have a Halloween soiree coming up? Here are some of the costumes you should avoid wearing:

1.) No Costume

Sure, you can be that person who is oh-so-edgy that you cannot be bothered to wear a costume for the event—even one that is quickly and haphazardly done. Yes, you can be too cool for Halloween, but why attend a Halloween costume party and refuse to wear a costume anyway? You are only going to be dampening everyone else’s fun. You can moan all you want about how Halloween is just a corporate scan to entice people to buy more candy and chocolates. But remember, everyone else is trying to have fun—at least loosen up. If you cannot be bothered to wear a costume at all, it is best to leave you and your attitude at home.

2.) Borderline Lingerie Costumes

You can dress as sexily as you wish, but you need to draw the line somewhere. Do not make Halloween as your excuse to wear something that should only be seen in the bedroom outside on the streets. It might be that one year you can finally showcase some skin and those toned abs you have been working all year for—but remember, if your mother would be scandalized to see you going out in public in such an outfit, then it probably should not leave the confines of your home.

3.) Offensive Costumes

Blackface, whiteface, religious symbols, American Indian garb, dead celebrities—these are just a slew of what makes up the list of offensive costumes. If you do not wish to be featured on a social media post or called out for being a racist, then leave these costumes alone. Take a leaf out of a famous celebrity’s book, every time they don on a similar or offensive costume they would almost always be immediately involved in a cultural appropriation issue. Regardless of whether you are famous or not, someone is inevitably going to call you out on your ignorance and insensitivity. If you are trying to be clever or funny, you are not either. Do not wear costumes that would offend in a misguided attempt at being witty—not unless stirring controversy and ruffling feathers are your thing, then, by all means, do so.

4.) Costumes that take up too much space

Personally creating your Halloween costumes is an excellent avenue for you to showcase your creativity. Indeed, if DIY costumes are your thing, then Halloween is definitely an event for you to shine. However, there is a difference between beautifully crafted costumes and costumes that look like a school project. The former would be well-received in Halloween balls and parties and might even be commended. The latter, however, would make peeing more of a challenge than a simple act. If your costumes consist of too many cardboards and boxes, consequently restricting any movement you make, you might want to reconsider wearing it. Apart from making you uncomfortable the entire night, you might also be encroaching the space of other party guests, and they might not take it too kindly if you happen to spill their drinks the second time around with your humongous left wing.

5.) Dressing up as someone you know

While Halloween is that one holiday in the year to dress up as someone other than yourself, that does not mean you should dress as someone else that you DO know and KNOWS YOU as well. Unless it is a part of a synchronized gag, you should never dress as someone else you know—even if it is your arch-enemy. Chances are, they would not take it too kindly, and they may see it as a direct mockery of who they are. You might think of it as a harmless gag, but they would likely take it as an insult. If you are wearing a costume as a joke at another person’s expense, you might want to reconsider not only your get-up but your life choices as well.


So, while Halloween is an excellent time to put on clothes so different from the ensembles we garb ourselves in the rest of the year, there are some guidelines you need to take note of. Apart from that, there are some costumes you should never wear to ensure that everyone is having an equally good time without anyone getting offended. Remember, your costumes say a lot about the kind of person you are. You might be a different character for a night, but your attitude and inner persona should stay the same.


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Fashion Faux Pas: Seven Style Mistakes Most Men are Guilty Of


“Fashion has the power to not only redefine our own industry, but become a role model for others to reinvent their practices.” –Timothy Ho

Iris Apfel has once famously said that the greatest fashion faux pas man can ever commit is to look in the mirror and see someone else. In this regard, individuals are then expected to dress as they see fit and as is appropriate to their personal style, taste, and preferences. As a result, people should garb themselves in ensembles they feel themselves gravitating to and which reflects their character and personality. Unfortunately, when such liberties remain unchecked, people would then think they can get away with fashion faux pas—a phenomenon wherein your assemblage of clothes would not make the remotest sense. Although being fashionably stylish is something that is largely associated with female fashion, it is undeniably an evident aspect of how men should dress as well. Regrettably, though, some men adopt a very devil-may-care attitude when it comes to their fashion choices and would often look like overgrown schoolboys as a result.

Although fashion’s definition has expanded to include more of what makes you feel comfortable and which styles define you, it does not mean that the styles you do choose look appropriate on you. In this regard, individuals—both male and female should make a better attempt in refining their fashion options and choosing only those that suit them best. While modern fashion today has more to do with what makes you feel good and less of what experts say is trendy, the fashion industry is not above labeling trends to follow and ones that you should avoid. Whether it is outdated streetwear clothing or apparel you used to rock during your fraternity days, here are some of the styles men should always avoid:

1.) Dressing well outside your age

You might think it is cute—being the middle-aged man wearing edgy statement shirts or college university jackets, but here is a well-deserved reality check: You do not. On the contrary, however, you would look like you are just trying too hard to blend in with the younger set by wearing garments that seem more appropriate on them than on you. Remember, while men’s style is a personal choice, there is a certain point in time where you need to start to shift the clothing choices you make and how you wear it. As you mature, so should your style as well.

2.) Choosing a style that does not fit you

Men are just as guilty as women are when it comes to sporting styles and ensembles that do not fit them. Sure, you can be in denial as much as you want about how much weight you have gained, but when you look like you are about to burst at the seams, then it would be pretty apparent that you are wearing clothes not meant for you. If you regularly wear clothes whose buttons you have a hard time closing or if you have to suck in your gut just to fit into a particular pair of jeans, it might be time to choose clothes that would suit you. Consequently, clothes that fit you would not only make you look your best, but you would feel comfortable wearing it as well. Similarly, men with thin frame should not wear baggy clothes as well if they do not wish their clothes to engulf and overwhelm them.

3.) Choosing colors that do not flatter your skin/eye tone/ hair

While choosing appropriate colors that would flatter your eye tone can be overlooked, having hues that clash with your natural coloring and your hair is much too noticeable to be neglected. Choosing colors that work well with your skin tone would make you appear more sophisticated and can do wonders in elevating your ensemble.

4.) Letting your trousers bunch up on your shoes

A well-tailored suit to a woman is what lingerie is to men. In this regard, your suits should not only fit you well but should flatter your silhouette. This means having a suit that fits you from head to toe—from your coat down to your trousers. You may look dapper and sophisticated in your suit, but you will be docked style points if you have an overflowing bunch of material that can be seen making a puddle at your shoes.

5.) Not paying attention to male’s style accessories

When it comes to committing a faux pas in wearing men’s style accessories, it can only be either of two things: Wearing too many and not wearing nearly enough. When it comes to wearing men’s style accessories, you have to apply it just right. There is no need to go overboard and adorn yourself like a Christmas tree or look like an up and coming famous rapper. Subtlety is key, a simple watch and some cufflinks would already do wonders.

6.) Wearing nipple-showing V-neck shirts

Wearing V-necks is considered sexy—particularly if you have a chiseled frame and a buffed out chest. Unfortunately, if you do not possess the physique for the V-neck shirt, it might not look as excellent as it would on others. V-necks are great to a fault. Sure, they function superbly as undershirts to a dapper blazer. But by themselves, they can be a hit or miss. If they show your nipples, then it is probably best if you chose something else.

7.) Refusing to keep up with the times

Sure, trends have a proper time and place, but if you are stubbornly wearing the same outdated and obsolete styles, then it might be time to reevaluate your style choices. While Fedora hats were once the modern in-thing, they have run their time. Consistently wearing dated trends and fads would not do your ensembles any favors. Chuck those in favor for styles that are classic and timeless.
If you wish to be taken a lot more seriously at your workplace or by your peers, more often than not, sometimes a change in your fashion choices is all you would need. At this point, if you have consistently committed any of the fashion faux pas above, it might be best to take a look at your wardrobes and see the various styles that are holding you back. From there, you can then reassess your style, update it and look every bit of a sophisticated and well-dressed man as you can be.

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Fashion for Fall: Ten Basic Essentials for Your Autumn Wardrobe

“Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.” –Coco Chanel

Leaves start falling and fading into orange, the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes fill the air, individuals are beginning to wrap themselves in thick scarves, and the scenery paints a terracotta hue –what other season could it be other than fall? With vivid burnt orange hues brightening up your surroundings, there can be no other season more appropriate for fresh starts than fall. Although the year might be drawing to a close, this is the best time for you to survey the contents of your closet and take a long hard look at the basics you are already in possession of. However, before you start carting off and dispensing all the outdated and off-season clothes than you have and go nuts with new purchases, it is imperative to assess your wardrobes first. Clothing stores might be teeming with the latest trendy pieces for fall, but you need to be a little particular when it comes to your upgrades. Take note, the wisest tack in refreshing your wardrobe is to favor new staples that would give you endless options—not only for autumn but the rest of the year as well.

Your basics should be upgraded to look fresh and appropriate for the season. Furthermore, they should be versatile enough to pair with any other garments you have in your wardrobe. In this way, you would look chic and fashion-forward regardless of whether these staples are for casual wear such as streetwear clothing or a more formal setting such as corporate events. In any case, here are some of the excellent basics for updating your wardrobe this season:

1.) Dressy Shoes

If there is one mantra that stays true for every generation, it is that a girl can never have too many shoes. Update your wardrobes with pairs of dressy shoes in varying heel heights. These shoes would help you feel sophisticated and would instantly bring any outfit up to a notch. Purchase shoes of varying heel heights to diversify and spice up your ensembles—those that you can comfortably wear out to the streets as well as rock in nightclubs or offices. Minimalist sandals with average heels can be comfortably worn to the office and can easily elevate a formal outfit.

2.) A sleek bag for every occasion

Some girls would content with just having a single bag for any occasion. Unfortunately, for fashion-forward individuals, relying on a single satchel is unimaginable. To complete your wardrobes, have a sleek bag you can use for every occasion. This piece should be versatile enough to hold all your clothes for the gym plus your lunch. On weekends, you should have a casual bag that is neither too small nor too big. It should be enough to carry your essentials yet casual enough to look great with any outfit.

3.) Sensible flat boots

Autumn will inevitably have wet and colder days wherein you need to be appropriately wrapped up. While leather boots would look fabulous paired with your denim jeans, it would not be much help in protecting you from inclement weather. Furthermore, persistently wearing it during rainstorms and the like would cause the leather to deteriorate after a while. Instead, go for a pair of rain boots. They are sleek and just as fashionable as a traditional leather pair and would go with your best jeans or favorite skirt.

4.) Bright Work-Friendly Sheaths

Add to the beautiful colors of autumn by investing in bright and colorful sheaths as well. These sheaths must be conservative enough to pass for corporate wear but fun enough to elevate your style. Stun onlookers by investing on a red piece where you can just throw in a blazer, and you are good to go.

5.) Unique Blazer

A woman with a flair for putting together ensembles knows that any tailored blazer can instantly make an outfit ten times more elegant—no matter how casual or formal. Choose a menswear-inspired blazer that would flatter your silhouette which you can easily slip into during the workdays. The simple addition would make you look professional, and on casual days, it looks excellent with just a tee and a pair of shorts or jeans.

6.) A Parka to keep you warm

Autumn is the season in anticipation of winter, so chilly days are ahead. To keep yourself warm and comfortable, have a trendy and ultra warm parka in your closets. Ensure that the piece has a thick liner which is detachable so you can easily remove it should the weather call for fabrics that are less thick.

7.) A simple black dress

You have probably come across innumerable articles preaching the need for a multipurpose little black dress. But beyond having just a little black dress, have a black dress that saves you time as well. This would be especially useful on days wherein you cannot be bothered to pull on a top-notch outfit. Furthermore, this dress would be great for occasions wherein you are pressed for time and would need to be dressed in a snap.

8.) Updated jeans

Boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans have become an all-around staple that you see them almost everywhere. If you do not wish to fall into this common trend, try a fresh alternative and go for styles that are high-waisted and are cropped well above the ankle. To truly set it apart, go for a style that has a flare.

9.) Overcoats

Let us face it; you have been itching to wear your overcoats for a long time now. However, as this would most probably be your staple wear for the season, it would only be fair for you to wear something that is worth showing off. Go for the classic camel color or a bit more drama and flair, go for the crisp and clean white wrap styles.

10.) Tunics with interesting details

Tunics need not be dull, and you would certainly need one that is equally stylish as it is comfortable and warm. Choose a tunic that has slits up the sides and on the sleeves. This design will prove to be more interesting than your regular top and would be just as comfortable.
Let the fall season serve as a fresh start for you and your wardrobe. Update your classic pieces and standard staples with something that is not only befitting for the season but all year-round as well.

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