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Shop Smarter: Six Valuable Lessons You Learn When You Stop Purchasing Clothes


“Touching clothes is just shopping foreplay, but it is changing. After all, you do not need to try a Mercedes to know that you would like one.” –Natalie Massenet

Women have a very interesting relationship with clothes and shopping for them.

The reality is that they cannot live with it nor can they ever learn to live without it. Considering this, most women would soon find themselves acquiring and hoarding clothes even if the occasion does not really call for it. After all, most of them live by the mantra that you can never have too many clothes and that a little variety would not hurt anyone—at least to the shopaholics anyhow. However, while there is no real harm in buying a piece of clothing or two just to indulge your fancy or give yourself a little reward, hoarding them by the dozens monthly is an entirely different story.

There is a big difference between buying a dress or two for this month and accumulating clothes as each week passes.
After all, you would not want to be too caught up in abusing your credit card, blowing most of your paycheck alone or borrowing money simply to satisfy your sartorial hoarding urges. If you have already been in a scenario wherein you opened up your credit card statement only to find out that you are way too far over what you had estimated, then it might be high time to reevaluate your shopping habits. Your credit card statement should not constantly shock you and if it does, then try to observe where your shopping whims have gone astray. If a significant amount is solely dedicated to catering to your sartorial shopping whims, then you might want to hold back on clothes shopping for a while. In the endeavor of ceasing your shopping excursions, you will find that you would learn quite a lot and some of them can be potentially cathartic.

Here are some of those lessons that you learn during this self-imposed sartorial abstinence:

1.) Shopping Addiction is a real thing

They do not call it retail therapy after all. Regardless of whether your shopping preferences are whether cheap wholesale clothing or retail, you will still inevitably be spending money. It matters not whether the need for shopping is there or not, when you have had that taste of clothes shopping, it can be rather easy to get addicted. Unfortunately, avoiding malls, boutiques and shops would not be much help. If you have internet connection, temptation will creep up to you as an online ad.

2.) You will save a ton of money

It is not really something you notice immediately, and the change can be a bit subtle. But within the first month of not buying any clothes, your credit card statement would look a lot like something you could realistically afford to pay. This would mean more savings for you and resultantly, a meatier bank account. Sure, you may think that the clothes you buy tend to be basic and do not really cost much. But while one or two would not really chip away at your bank account, accumulating two or three every week can easily stack up.

3.) You can spend that money on other things like food

Imagine the times you had to reject your friends’ offers in dining out just because you had spent over your credit limit. Now, that would be a thing of the past as saving money on clothes means that you have more money to spend on other things such as dinners with friends, occasional drinks at the bar or even treating your significant other out to date. While it might not seem like it to you now, the memories you would make and the relationships you would cultivate would be worth so much more than the branded pair of stilettos you buy off of the mall.

4.) You find more fun alternative things to do on your downtime

You will find that actively avoiding shopping for clothes would give you more time to do things you would not usually do. You might even find yourself gravitating towards these things and looking forward to doing them. In actively trying to avoid purchasing clothes, you might find yourself seeing more of your friends or even taking a spin class. Sure, you might argue that shopping can be a social event which you can do with other people as well. But when you are indulging a shopping addiction, you tend to do most of your purchasing excursions alone.

5.) Your love for your old clothes would be renewed

Going on a self-imposed sartorial shopping diet means you are constrained to the things left in your closet. Inevitably, this would mean you have to reunite with the old things you used to never wear. In a sense, it would renew your relationship with your old clothes and make you realize what made you fall for them in the fall place. Moreover, this gives you the avenue to reorganize your closet and purge it of the unnecessary things you might have bought. In a sense, you would be effectively hitting two birds with one stone: Cleaning out your closet and rediscovering your love for your old clothes. Who knows? You might even find yourself having that same panache for wearing your once-loved clothes.

6.) You realize that you have some things you might never want to wear again

Tin the organization of your closet, you will inevitably come across clothes that were once worn by the ghost of former you. At one point, you might have found these ensembles trendy and haute couture but looking at them now makes you cringe. In fact, it might even make you wonder what made you buy them in the first place. Not to worry, we all go through that phase anyhow. What is more important is that you have cleared your wardrobe out of that abomination and made it a point never to hoard unnecessary clothes that are considered to be “in season” or trendy ever again.



While going on a self-imposed sartorial shopping abstinence can be a little challenging—especially if you are used to accumulating so many articles of clothing in your life—it is doable. Moreover, it is worth every cent or dollar you will ever save. You might not see instantaneous results, but once you do, you might just find yourself never wanting to go back to that kind of lifestyle again. After all, while a girl can never have too many clothes, a girl needs to know her credit limit as well.


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Shop Smarter: Essential Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Splurge On

“I always feel that if you are going to be uncomfortable and unhappy in something, just because you think it is in or it is chic, I would advise you to be happy rather than well-dressed. It is better to be happy.”-Iris Apfel

How do well-dressed and fashion-forward women look so stylish? How do they execute such fashionable clothing ensembles? Have they made it their primary responsibility to ensure they would always look their best? Even on days wherein, they do not feel like dressing to the nines at all?

Well, the truth is far simpler than that.

Well-dressed women have always made their wardrobes a paramount consideration when it comes to doing investments. As a result, they have always possessed much-coveted closets that most women would be envious of. In this regard, many would come to the presumption that these women would allocate an exorbitant budget for the clothes they wear. After all, how else would they look so put-together and sophisticated stylish? However, this erroneous assumption is based solely on conjecture as although these women do possess excellent style, it is hardly because they splurged on every clothing item they have. What it takes to be well-dressed is a combination of creativity and a knack for knowing which sartorial things to splurge on and which ones you should scrimp on. Great style and fashion sense is not rocket science; it simply requires you to know which clothing items would work for you and which would not. If you have found wholesale urban clothing to be more of your speed, then go ahead and invest in a few quality items of that sort. However, if finding what looks good on you is a bit of a challenge, you might do well to follow a common but effective formula most women have when it comes to choosing which clothes to splurge and scrimp on.

Remember, you should never overspend on items you would probably wear only once. To know which items would be worth investment and which are not, take a gander at the list below.

1.) Basic Tees

This one should be a no-brainer. After all, T-shirts are mass produced and are fairly simple and straightforward when it comes to its design. In this regard, it would make no absolute sense for you to splurge on a simple shirt—even if it was a branded one such as Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana. True, with a myriad of specialty T-shirt lines out there made from ultra-soft fabrics with stylish cuts, it can be rather hard not to spring for one of these upgraded staples. But seeing as they are fundamental wear, you would most probably use it most of the time—cue frequent washing. This would translate to a shorter shelf-life. So, it is best to scrimp on it and save your money for other pieces instead.

2.) A quality pair of jeans

No doubt, you should splurge a little when it comes to looking for a quality pair of jeans. If they are the really good kind, you are guaranteed almost a lifetime of use—provided that it would still fit you. High-quality denim is almost destructible, and since jeans do not really require washing after every use, they can be cycled throughout the week. Considering that most jeans are an everyday item, invest in a handful of styles from a trusted brand that works well with your shape. Take note, classic cuts that fit you flawlessly are timeless. In this regard, know which styles you should invest in and which ones you should skip.

3.) Tights and Hosiery

While these sartorial items are considered rudimentary elements in your closet, there is no reason for you to invest so much in them. Much like your basic tees, tights are considered a staple which you would most probably wear and wash regularly—particularly during the colder months. While a higher cost does mean higher quality for this type of sartorial item, they are not really worth the investment unless you are willing to hand-wash your hosiery after every use. Stock up on cheap pairs instead and save yourself the heartache from seeing the expensive fabric get snagged and ruined from too much wear.

4.) Bras

Invest in quality bras. Sure, you might wonder why you need to spend so much money on something that is concealed for the majority of the day, but for something that offers your girls a bit of support, it would not hurt to spend a little extra. Moreover, your brans are considered the foundation of your outfit which means it is an excellent place to make an investment—necessary even for women with bigger busts. However, be careful to choose bras that you can really make the most use of. Purchase a few token cutesy bras but never invest in them. Instead, opt for colors that you know you will get the most use out of. For best results, invest in nude ones that would match your skin and disappear under sheer or white clothing.

5.) Gym Clothes

Designer gym clothing might be all the rage nowadays, but you do not necessarily have to pay an exorbitant price just to have a gym clothing ensemble. Unless you are uncomfortable with your existing workout clothes or your old college tees are getting far too ratty, then go ahead and invest in a few key pieces. However, there is no need to go, full designer, when it comes to gym wear as boutique shops such as Forever21 HnM and Old Navy also have durable and functional activewear that would not only make for quality gym clothes but cute ones that would inspire you to hit the gym as well.
If you have made it one of your resolutions to make wiser shopping decisions, then you have already brushed up on the sartorial items you should save and splurge on. Do not waste your money on items you do not necessarily need or would only use ones. Splurge on quality and fashionable pieces that are timeless, and you would look great on. Only then would you never have to wonder how well-dressed women got their style so on point. With the revamped essentials and upgraded must-haves above, you will soon be one of them.


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The Psychology of Clothes: Five Surprising Ways Dressing Well Helps You in Life


“Never, ever confuse what happens on a runway with fashion. A runway is a spectacle. It is only fashion when a woman puts it on. Being well dressed has not much to do with having good clothes. It is a question of good balance and good common sense.” –Oscar de la Renta


Since the invention of clothes, it has always been an ingrained human habit to dress every single day. Our clothes do not only serve as a means of protection to outward elements but also as a manifestation of our self-expression and creativity.

Unfortunately, while dressing up for the day is seen as a customary part of the routine, some individuals see it as a negligible part of the day that they can easily overlook. In this regard, some of us would tend to dress sloppily and without care which is in stark contrast with the individuals who dress with deliberate effort and attention. After all, there is a big difference between dressing merely to cover one’s self and dressing to show the world who you are. The former likely owns an assortment of clothes that they would haphazardly throw on to conceal rather than reveal subtle cues about their character while the latter looks a lot more put-together. Between the two, it is a lot likelier that the latter would not only be preferred and well-liked, but also taken a lot more seriously. However, while being well-dressed is in by no means a skill or talent which one can expect to adeptly develop, it might as well be so. The stylishness of the ensemble you wear is not entirely about the brand, cut, color or design of the sartorial item you have, but rather how you wear it. Style is, after all, innate and subjective in such a way that it varies from one individual to another. In any case, it matters not whether you have a preference for hip hop clothing or feel yourself gravitating towards sleeker styles. What matters is that you dress with deliberate care and make an effort.

Moreover, you would notice how dressing well can afford you some advantages in life where it would not have been available had you not dressed better. To illustrate, here are some examples:

1.) It helps you make a good first impression

This sentiment alone speaks for itself and is pretty much self-explanatory. But to elaborate, it has always been a given that dressing well aids you in making an excellent first impression. Whether you are dressing for a job interview or a first date, what you wear plays a pivotal role in the outcome of such event and in more ways than one, it makes a significant impact. Unfortunately, you only get one shot at making a great first impression, so make that one chance count and dress well.

2.) It gives you an appreciation for the more elegant things in life

Possessing great style is a step towards having a good and keen eye for well-designed things in general. Essentially this means that your great taste in clothes would soon translate to excellent taste in other merchandise and would expand from the realm of clothing to things such as architecture and even furniture design. There may even come a time in the future wherein you would buy as many clothes and would focus more on other well-designed items such as a quality piece of art, a statement piece or unique furniture.

3.) It draws the right kind of attention to you

Being dressed well attracts the right kind of attention. However, unlike “peacocking” which is a term designated for the practice of dressing up solely to get noticed, being well-dressed attempts quite the opposite. Good style does not mean loud colors that demand attention but instead, you look put together without really calling too much attention to yourself. You are distinguishable from the crowd, but not in such a way that you would totally stand out. It conveys the kind of message that there is something different about you. It should inspire intrigue as well as curiosity—so much so that people would actually want to go up and talk to you.

4.) It is a good step towards overall self-improvement

Dressing well means that you care about yourself and how you are perceived by others. By extension, this would be taken to mean that you want a more active role in improving yourself and that this is just your initial step. By finding clothes that suit not only your style and preference but your lifestyle as well you are already enhancing the way you live your life. It might seem like a diminutive aspect, but a great haircut a well selected sartorial ensemble and the like can already do you a world of wonders. You would notice it on how people treat you a lot differently. This is because they can sense and notice that there is something about you that has changed. As a result, it might even inspire you to eat healthier, spend more time at the gym doing exercise or even pursue the kind of career and life that you really want for yourself.

5.) It shows people you take care of yourself

Dressing well is a form of self-respect. It shows people that you care enough not to look like a total slob and be perceived as one. Moreover, self-respect demands the same degree of respect from other people as well so you can expect people to treat you with higher regard. It also tells people that you probably have a lifestyle to match and would be under the impression that you are someone who is unafraid to take risks and does know what they want in life. Essentially, it would also look like you have goals in order to achieve your ambitions and goals. In plainer terms, it makes you look like an individual who should be taken seriously.


Indeed, being well-dressed by itself is already a subtle art form, and it opens doors to us where there was none to our notice before. After all, our clothes, no matter how negligible and diverse is a subtle form of communication. So, make sure what you are conveying through them is what you wish to hear. Remember, quite a lot are listening to what you have to say.


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Better Style: Six Plausible Reasons Why You Have a Closet Full of Clothes without Having Anything to Wear


“Always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy.” –Kimora Lee Simmons


Whether they wish to admit it or not, all women have been guilty of possessing a closet full of clothes and have the pressing dilemma of having quite nothing to wear.

Quite the enigma, is it not? Having wardrobes teeming with clothes and yet thinking you have absolutely nothing to wear. Sure, you might have the trendiest tops, the latest streetwear clothing, and even the most in-demand sartorial items and yet you find yourself in the midst of a clothing predicament. In this regard, you begin questioning yourself: How do I have nothing to wear when I barely have any room in my closet for clothes?

Well, the truth is far simpler than fashion pundits might lead you to believe and some of the most common reasons for this quandary are found below. However, when you do find yourself asking the very same question on an everyday basis the moment you come up with a sartorial ensemble for the day, you might want to revisit and then reevaluate your clothing options. Do be careful not to treat this problem by aggravating it in buying more clothes as this will only serve, as a temporary band-aid solution to what could be a potentially immense fashion dilemma. Sit yourself down and take a long and hard look at your wardrobes. If you find yourself to relating to any of the standard reasons stated below, perhaps their respective solutions will be of some use to you as well:

1.) You have not purged your closet for years

While you might have heard of the minimalist movement when it comes to fashion, you do not have to do anything as drastic if you are not prepared to make that sartorial commitment. However, it would do your closet a world of good if you adapted the idea of expunging your closets from unused clothes from time to time. No one is saying that you should start acclimatizing to a closet of only 30 clothing items. But if you have sartorial items that your grandmother used to rock in the seventies, then you might have a hoarding problem, and purging can very much benefit you, your closet and your fashion sense.

2.) Most of your clothes do not fit

It does not matter whether you have lost or put on some weight, but you have your reasons for keeping them around in your closet. More often than not, they are meant to inspire you to lose a kilo or more so that you can fit into them or perhaps encourage you to put on more weight so that you can finally rock them. Unfortunately for you, these clothes are doing the exact opposite by taunting you and reminding you of where you fall short when it comes to your weight. Best to get rid of them while you still can.

3.) You have way too many clothes that were given as presents

Your grandmother might have given you a sweater that never really suited your style and do not have intentions of wearing for like…ever. So, what is the reason while you are still keeping these around? Well, some individuals think it might be the only polite thing to do. While this is all well and good for a few clothes here and there, it would be an entirely different case if you hoarded the lot of them. There is absolutely no harm in giving some of those clothes away—particularly if they do nothing for you and does not really suit your style identity. After all, it is not like any of them will raid your closet the next time they visit and look for that one specific gift they have given you.

4.) You shop impulsively

We have all been there at one point in our lives, and in one way or another, it has to lead us to acquire some fashion items—even if we never really cared for them. We might be accompanying a friend on a shopping excursion and who wished to find the perfect cocktail dress for an officemate’s wedding or we might have simply found ourselves wandering around the mall only to lo and behold, end up in a clothing boutique. If you relate to either of the two, you might want to think twice before taking that clothing item to the checkout counter. Ask yourself first if you really need it and if you were not to buy it today, would you still be thinking of it tomorrow? If the answer is yes to both questions, then go ahead and indulge yourself. However, if you answered in the negative in either of the two, you might want to put it back on the rack. After all, you are not buying it for you. You are just buying it to pander your whims.

5.) You have kept all of your favorite clothes

We all have clothing items that we favor above the rest and more often than not, we keep them—regardless of whether they are still in a condition to be used or not. To some, these items hold sentimental value and can be a little difficult to let go of—after all, they are your favorites, you have had them for years, and you love them to bits. Unfortunately, holding on to these clothes is precisely what is holding you back from having a better style. While they might be a little hard to let go of, do know that you are bound to find new favorite clothes after you have made the firm decision to purge your wardrobe.

6.) You have lots of clothes that are more or less the same

We might find ourselves gravitating towards a specific style, but that in no way means that you should fill your closet with at least thirty pieces of the same style clothing. If you truly wish to elevate your style game, then you should advocate clothing diversity for your closet. Unless you want to sport one signature look forever, you need to change it up every once in a while and to do that; you will need more varied clothes in your closet.


While breaking these habits might a bit hard to do, realizing that they do exist is the initial step towards working on a goal to eliminate them. If you find yourself relating to any of the statements above, you might want to reassess the way you shop and the way you see fashion as a whole. After which, little by little you can start adapting style changes into your daily habits, eradicate former bad fashion practices and finally have a closet with a myriad of clothing options.

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Fashion Cheat Sheet: Six Things You Should Never Wear on a Date


“Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” –Coco Chanel

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away from today, it is highly likely that most of you have already drawn up plans as to how to spend this rather quixotic holiday.

For some, it might be a date with a long-term lover while there would also be inevitably some of you who would be breaking the waters in the game of dating on this very same day. Regardless of whether this is your hundredth or third time to go on a date, it is imperative that you always dress your best. This is especially true if you are going on a first date. After all, your clothes leave a lasting impression about the kind of person you are and the type of message you are trying to convey—so it is essential that you are saying all the right words with your clothing ensemble. First impressions do matter and more often than not, you only get one shot at making them. Unfortunately, the rubrics established when it comes to sartorial style in dating can get rather muddled and sometimes, they conflict. Show some skin, but keep it mysterious or be sultry without being too aggressive—so, where does that leave you?

In any case, your date ensembles require meticulous thought and consideration. After all, you want your new suitors or potential lovers to see your best, so these outfits should be deliberately planned. Ideally, whether you are aiming at wearing wholesale clothing or retail buys, you should go for something that is both fashionable and comfortable without being too revealing. Look like yourself but the best version of you. The choices you make play a key role in communicating a variety of things to your date and as such selecting your ensemble is of critical importance. To help you narrow down the list of sartorial items you can consider wearing to your date, here are all the things that you should keep from wearing on a date:

1.) Thigh boots

Unless you are aiming for a hooker look, wearing thigh-high boots is never a good idea. Sure, they definitely look great when you are dancing at the nightclub with your squad of besties. On a date, they just look woefully out of place. Unfortunately, some women think that this is acceptable footwear on a date seeing as how Richard Gere’s character in Pretty Woman became pretty receptive to handing Julia Roberts his credit card. In reality, however, you do not want to send the wrong message that might make you seem either available or easy. Your allure should be focused on playing up your mystique rather than strutting in something that will definitely get the wrong kind of attention.

2.) Too tight clothing

Too tight clothing is never a good idea for anything. This is especially true when you are out on a date and are planning on having dinner or at least sharing a meal together. Remember, comfort is key and fit is everything. If you try to cram yourself into something that is two to three times smaller than your original size, there is a likely chance you are going to be very uncomfortable on your date. Moreover, it gives off the message that you have low self-esteem and are trying to gain attention in the wrong manner. Lastly, you will spend roughly eighty percent of your time fussing and fidgeting with your clothes which can be incredibly distracting.

3.) Too loose clothing

Quite the opposite of the preceding number, but all the same you should never wear clothes that are too loose for you on a first date. Again, the fit is everything and wearing clothes are too loose would make you seem like you are concealing your body. Moreover, it makes you seem disinterested in either the date itself, yourself or both. Sloppiness is never a good look, and there is a likely chance you will be turning off your date. Sure, loose clothing may be the epitome of comfort, but wear something that makes you feel like yourself as well without looking like the messy version of you.

4.) Brand Icons

Wearing sartorial items that scream off the brand at their emblazoned front makes you look like a walking advertisement. Moreover, it makes you look far too casual—or it might seem like you are showing off. Never wear clothing that contains noticeable brand icons or slogans as your ensembles are meant to be subtle and properly picked. With these, you can elevate your ability to communicate with your date. The brand of your clothes does not help your cause either as it would encourage your date to have preconceived notions about the kind of person you are before you even get the chance to talk to them. Let yourself do the talking instead of your clothes.

5.) Slogans

While shirt slogans look hip and trendy, they do nothing for your date apart from making you look silly or corny. Shirt slogans can be an excellent icebreaker—particularly if you have a date with a great sense of humor but remember, it might not sit well with everyone. Avoid wearing slogan shirts to avoid embodying the slogan for the duration of the date. Instead of relying on your sartorial items to do the ice breaking for you, do them yourself.

6.) Dirty attire

This one is a given. After all, you do not want your date to think you are a slob. Wear clothes that are not only clean but pressed as well. Stains on clothes leave a lasting impression on your date and would make you seem like you are incredibly disinterested about how you look and your date. Dirty and unkempt clothes would make you seem like you are messy and sloppy.

Ensure that you will have a memorable night to remember by choosing clothes that are not only comfortable but reflect the real you. Ensure that they convey the right message and would make you seem like the best version of yourself. You might not just know it, but your clothes play a pivotal role in potentially scoring that second date.


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Better Style: Seven Everyday Habits for a Better Dressed You

“Women want to look sexy. They want to look stylish, and there is no reason why you cannot be just as sexy and stylish in a size 16 as you can be in a size 2.” –Daisy Fuentes


Style has always been a universal aspect known to fashion.

Women who are incredibly put-together seem to possess it in abundance. While there are some of us who struggle to put a sartorial ensemble every morning, there are those who seem to breeze through their wardrobes with the best-looking clothes assembled for them. Sure, style may be a very personal thing and it is uniquely different to each individual, but there are just some women who seem to look effortlessly chic and sophisticated no matter what day it is. Most of us may have wondered where these women seemingly get their energy to dress immaculately and elegantly every day and at times it leaves us baffled as to what their secrets are. Well, you might be surprised to find out that there is no secret really—just that these women have adhered to well-formulated style habits that in effect make them dress and look better.

While there is no universal edict or code on how women should dress, there are certainly a few select habits that would assist you in refining the way you dress. After all, it is not just about choosing the ideal clothes nor doing your makeup as perfectly as you can. Little things such as maintaining a proper closure, routinely editing your closet and a myriad of others things would definitely aid you in the process of assembling a put-together outfit every day. So, if you wish to look and feel as chic and stylish as you wish to be, incorporate some of these daily habits into your routine to wake up feeling positively fresh and fashionable each day. After all, style is never about whether you wear wholesale clothing or branded retail buys, it is how you wear your clothes that matter.


Keep your closet organized

An organized closet helps you choose better outfits every single day. Moreover, keeping it organized would encourage you to edit it as much as you can and prevents you from holding on to outfits you no longer need (and are just taking up valuable space). Sure, some women (Cher Horowitz as an example) may be able to put together a highly fashionable outfit from a pile of clothes scattered on the floor. But this enviable feat is not exactly easy to do for mere mortals. So, give your closets a little TLC by folding your clothes and putting them away. Incidentally, if you are trying on things from your closet, put them back in if you are not going to wear them. A well-organized closet will definitely speed up the process of selecting your outfit and editing your look as it will help you see the pieces you are working with.

Practice good posture

Whether you are wearing a particularly good outfit or not, it always pays to have good posture—so, stand tall and erect at all times. In fact, it may even be argued that posture plays a pivotal role in making our outfits stand out. After all, you should think of yourself as the backdrop of your clothes, so do not slouch and showcase it to the world. Not only does it help you exude confidence, it makes you look better and gives you a variety of health benefits as well.

Plan your outfits ahead of time

Instead of standing in front of your closet every morning and bemoaning the fact that you have nothing to wear, why not plan your outfits ahead of time? In this way, you would not spend so much time in the morning what you would wear for that day. Sure, it is nice to inject a little spontaneity into your lives every once in a while, but planning ensures that you would be able to put together an outfit that looks great. Planning as you go tends to make you look like you just wore the first thing you have seen in your closets and rushed out of your homes.

Mix and low fashion

There is no absolute need for you to drape yourself in everything designer just to be considered fashionable. In fact, affordable trendy sartorial items can just be as stylish and chic as designer ones, but you do need to have a keen eye for when you can mix and match high and low fashion. For best results, invest in a few classic but quality fashion pieces and pair them with some of your trendier sets and come up with a surprisingly fresh and fashionable ensemble.

Wear clothes that fit you appropriately

If you are in denial about your size, maybe now is the time to accept the fact that you would no longer fit into the jeans you once wore when you were in high school. Take note, if you wish to be as fashionable and chic as you should be, you should start wearing clothes that fit you well and would have a tailor to tweak your pieces to fit you perfectly. Remember, you do not have to be a certain size to be considered fashionable and stylish, but you do need to wear clothes that fit you.

Take some time to get ready in the morning

While not all of us are gifted with the unique prowess of being chirpy in the morning, it bodes you well to wake up a little earlier than usual to get ready for the day ahead. Not all of us possess the skill of putting together an outfit in five minutes, so give yourself a little extra time to do so. Ignore that snooze button and give yourself some time to focus on your look.

Have a go-to uniform for back up

Apart from being a back-up, consider this ensemble as your signature look—one that you can always rely on to make you look and feel good. These can be various assortments of clothes—so long as when you wear it, you can feel confidently stylish and beautiful.



While style is not a thing everyone might possess, there are certain ways to help you develop or at refine it. In this regard, it would be best if you took to heart the practices stated above so that you can work your way to a more stylish you. As they say, style is not only an aspect in fashion, but a lifestyle.


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Fashion Blogging: Five Excellent Tips to be an Unforgettable Fashion Blogger


“You are considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion…but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity.” –Sofia Coppola


Fashion blogging has always been associated with a glamorous lifestyle.

Getting to try out new dresses, showcasing various styles, picking out the right sartorial ensembles for a particular occasion, giving sagely style advice and writing about them are all things some girls would love to dabble in once in their lives. If you have ever had a flair for selecting the best possible outfits and a unique penchant for writing, then maybe you might want to try and channel your proclivity into fashion blogging.  However, do know that while fashion blogging might be something most would consider as a frivolous profession, it is no way trivial and achieving success is not something everyone can do. As so many individuals share a likeminded interest in this particular niche in blogging, know that becoming a truly successful fashion blogger takes more than just your interest in style, fashion, and clothes. The niche is a crowded and competitive space that it might take quite a few trials and errors before you get the hang of it. In this regard, a great deal of your patience, determination, and commitment to success would be required for your success. However, a few tips would not hurt either.

If you wish to navigate the seemingly unchartered path of fashion blogging, an excellent navigation technique is to be in correspondence with the top style bloggers themselves—or at least know a handful of their tips. Know how they made it to the top whether it was blogging purely for urban streetwear designs or the like and try to approach a similar tack. In any case, if you have always wanted to start your own blog, here are some excellent tips from the bloggers themselves:


Ask yourself how your blog is different from everyone else

Considering that fashion blogging is a common niche most individuals are interested in pursuing, you can expect a lot of individuals to already have (or think of having) their own fashion blogs. If you have not established your own blog yet, breaking into the industry can be quite challenging—especially since you are a newbie. An excellent way to address this dilemma is to ask yourself what you can offer to your readers that have not been offered by anyone else. In a sense, what makes your fashion blog unique?


After all, if what you are doing has already been done before, there is really no point in repetition. Besides, you cannot expect to become unforgettable at something that has already been routinely done before. As a new blogger, it is imperative to be different and stand out. You need to give your readers a compelling reason to choose your blog. Find out what that is, use it to your advantage and write about it in lieu of following what everyone else is doing.


Know your audience and how they interact with you

A successful fashion blog is brought about by the blogger’s innate persistence of staying true to what made the blog achieve that same success in the first place. In this regard, it is essential to always keep in mind why you blogged in the first place and find out why people follow you. Whatever that is, you should never lose sight of that, no matter how far you have come or how successful your blog becomes. People who are extremely successful in this field have understood that fashion blogging involves an element that is analytics-based. You need to observe and pay meticulous attention to how your audience engages with you and find out what they want and adequately deliver. Know who you are talking to and determine what it is that they wish to see from you.


Instagram is your new friend

When it comes to fashion blogging, pictures do more than your descriptions. After all, this is an incredibly visual niche so you can expect your followers to peruse your photos and maybe even completely disregard your captions—unless they are trying to find out where you got the ensemble from. In this industry, the adage that a picture says a thousand words truly holds water and makes sense. With this in mind, if you want a quick way to establish a name in the industry, you might as well start with Instagram as it the quickest way to get noticed and the fastest way to build your brand. In fact, some would say that blogs are dying because Instagram is spearheading the game and is totally changing the rules of fashion blogging. Moreover, Instagram is an excellent social platform to explore and discover new blogs and fashion inspiration.


High-Quality content is still the most important thing

Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because pictures are dominating the fashion blogging niche, you can completely overlook making high-quality content. Regardless of what social media platform is popular at the moment, content will always remain king. If you continue producing high-quality work, you can expect to always have a platform. Just focus on creating excellent content when you are just starting out and brands will come knocking. However, it is imperative to first figure out your point of view. Sure, there is a myriad of steps involved in being successful in this niche, but to break ground in this niche, ensure that you produce not only good but amazing content.


Know yourself well so that you can build your brand

One thing you have to keep in mind that what is right for you might not be necessarily what someone else is doing. In this regard, know that this niche involves a smidgen of taking risks. Keep in mind that sure, establishing relationships with brands is an excellent avenue for generating profit. But this should not be purely about what brands are paying you, but rather more on the fact in focusing how you become a brand yourself—in a truthful and organic way. Know what works for you and be adeptly discriminating about what consists your personal style and what you wish to pursue professionally. Do not make the oversight of diluting your vision in an attempt to do what others wish you to do.


Starting your own fashion blog might lead you to encounter a lot of bumps down the road. However, do not let this deter you. Just keep the five tips above in mind and complement that with the right attitude (a combination of persistent, determination and commitment) and you will be on the road to success.


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Fashion in Focus: Five Trends You Can Forget About in 2018


“The customer is the final filter. What survives the whole process is what people wear. I am not interested in making clothes that end up in some dusty museum.” –Marc Jacobs


There has never been any doubt that a new year brings with it a fresh new set of fashion trends that would soon become worthy and classic staples in women’s closets. However, while back in the day it took weeks (and some even months) for a trend to take off, today it is only a matter of days. As a result, trends stuck around for quite some time before they totally fade into obscurity.

But with the rise and raging popularity of social media, the rise and fall of trends are more rapid than ever—big thanks to social media platforms such as Instragram and online influencer marketing. Years back trends were dictated only by what fashion pundits think are fashionable and what people mainly see on the runway. Today, that still remains a relevant concept but ordinary people with a huge following can leverage what is also considered fashionable and stylish by promoting those same trends on their pages. Unfortunately, with trends rising faster than ever comes with the consequence of them being obsolete much faster than ever—not that it is a bad thing. After all, these are trends, not classics, obsolescence is practically synonymous to them.

Each year we hoard these by the numbers and stock our closets up only to pack them up and ship them off to consignment stores or donate them at the end of the year. As a fashion forward individual, it is imperative to understand that these fashion trends are nothing more than mere patterns that come and go. In this regard, you should develop and cultivate a fashion sense that is more of what styles speak to you rather than follow what everyone else is wearing—regardless of whether this is the latest trend in streetwear clothing or not. In any case, for you to enhance your closet curation skills, here is a list of the fashion trends you should probably forget about this year. If you have any of these lingering in your closets, it is finally time to pack them up and let them go.


Statement Shirts

While this trend saw a major rise and finally hit several spotlights in 2017, it looks incredibly dated this year. After all, if you think about it, the tee is nothing really special aside from it being a canvass for a combination of words. In any case, this year would see a serious upgrade in this basic statement shirt. With the sense of empowerment on the incline, you can soon expect people to wear their feelings on their shirts. And clothes would more or less have a voice.

Corset belts

Introduced and sensationalized by none other than Kylie Jenner herself, women have started wearing corset belts as a trend in the previous year. It initially baffled me as corsets were not meant to be concealed underneath your ensembles and not blatantly displayed for many to see. However, it caught on and everyone was suddenly sporting a corset belt. While they are all the rage, this trend is not here to stay and is probably one trend we are all happy to say goodbye too. Sure, they give your body more of an hourglass shape when you are wearing loose dress, but they can be rather expensive. Furthermore, you can achieve the same silhouette with practically any other chunky belt.

Painful shoes

Over the years, painful shoes have given women all over the world better leverage on their height and made them look a lot more sophisticated and elegant when walking. Unfortunately, these shoes did nothing to improve their gait and only caused them pain and agony at the end of the day. As a result, podiatrists and footwear designers have seen a reduction in the demand for these shoes. In fact, women are gravitating away from these painful shoes and are selecting styles that will not cramp their style instead. In this year, you do not have to needlessly and incessantly suffer if you wish to look great and sexy. This year choose fashion that harmoniously coexists with function without causing you any pain at all.


Pompoms were seen practically everywhere–from your sartorial choices, shoes to even accessories such as bags. However, while pompoms might be an excellent accent to add a little panache to your accessories and ensembles, they are woefully obsolete and retired this 2018. Much like chokers, patches, furry slides and tassels, pompoms do not make the cut this year. This is because runway trends tend to convert to fast fashion. Fast fashion items are seen almost everywhere that after a while, it can get rather easy to become weary of them—even before you have the chance of wearing them a little more often than you already have. However, no one is stopping you if you wish not to let go of these trendy items. Just ensure that you do not overly invest in them—both financially and emotionally.

Male Rompers

Let us face it, this trend was more of a gag than a serious trend. While the male romper made several waves in the fashion industry last year, it was probably more on men poking fun at the ludicrous idea and design. In any case, the trend craze cannot continue seeing as how this is more likely to end up in someone’s list of regrets soon after. Today, men are foregoing trends altogether and are opting for more traditional and less in-the-moment styles. Similarly, the lumberjack look which took the fashion industry by storm last year would be supplanted by the always superior and classic suit. The latter is a timeless style after all while the former is just a trend.



Of course, this year is going to be no different when it comes to fashion trends. However, as a stylish individual, it is your responsibility not to overly invest in them. In any case, it is also a great opportunity for you to edit your wardrobes and reevaluate your fashion choices. After all, if your mentality has always been the “buy now and dispose later” kind, you would soon find yourself wasting a lot of resources on trends alone.


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Fashion in Focus: The Biggest Trends of 2018 to Watch Out For!

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” –Coco Chanel

There has never been any doubt that the brand new year gives every individual to look forward to—particularly members of the fairer sex.

Apart from making New Year’s resolutions and resolving to commit in incorporating them into their daily routine, the brand new year is also an avenue for a total fashion overhaul. While you are not exactly going to strip down your closets and do a complete revamp of your sartorial ensembles, the New Year is definitely an ideal opportunity for you to reevaluate your fashion style and preference. Consequently, this will encourage you to soon refine your fashion taste and make better sartorial choices. Style is a universal aspect, and although it is personal to the wearer, it still has unique aspects about it to be considered, fashion-forward. Furthermore, fashion never stays stagnant; it is elastic and continues to evolve each year and each day. As such, the fashion industry then comes up with either recalled trends from the yesteryears or give classics a contemporary spin which would resultantly be considered that particular year’s chicest and coolest trends. After all, you cannot expect to sport trends from way back and be considered elegant and sophisticated.

Fashion consequently updates itself, and as a result, you should give your wardrobes the necessary update as well. So, regardless of whether your choice of accessories and, sartorial items are primarily retail or clothing, here are some of the fashion and trends you should definitely look out for this year:

1.) Lavender

Sure, 2018’s color might be Pantone—the “Ultra Violet” declared by fashion pundits to be the official color of this year. However, this does not mean that you should ignore and discard all other shades of purple altogether. Sure, they might not be considered 2018’s color of the year, but they still have a smidgen of Pantone about them. Moreover, the Pantone shade is much too intense that it can be a little hard to mix and match it with some (or even most) of your existing outfits. To give it a subtler and more feminine flair, incorporate lavender instead that is a pretty pastel shade that works wonders on women. The color tone is just the right mix of romantic and vibrant—and also makes for a lovely hue on your social media feed.

2.) Sartorial Art

Art is no longer constrained to being hung on your bedroom walls as paintings or the like. This year, art can even be found on your clothes. Create waves, be a trendsetter and make a fashion statement by donning some of the most vibrant and zaniest sartorial creations that have been injected with art. 2018 is predicted to be the year where art and fashion intersect to make way for the incredibly colorful pieces on the runway. In 2018, art is wearable—so choose your selections well.

3.) The New Trench

While trench coats have always been somewhat of a classic staple in most women’s closets, 2018’s fashion has given them a modern and fresh upgrade. Traditional trench coats were all about being sleek, formal and sophisticated—so much so that what is inside them is usually more interesting than the coat itself. This year, however, trench coats are given the chic update of having new cuts to feathers and ruffles—definitely something new for the colder seasons.

4.) Plaid Domination

Plaid will be seen in just about any women’s sartorial garment or accessory this year. From jackets, trench coats to even your boots. The trend is somewhat predictably popular—after all, grey checked blazers have already dominated the street style scene, and various social media feeds in the past season. However, do not mistake this for fizzling out as this trend is probably just getting started. The print largely dominates not only the runways but casual wear as well outside of fashion shows. Moreover, the trend is incredibly versatile that it is rather easy to work it with the existing pieces in your wardrobe as there is a myriad of ways you can style it.

5.) Fanny packs

Alternatively known as belt bags, this trend has long been forgotten ever since women started favoring clutches or oversized bags. At some point, it was even considered as a taboo accessory trend as it tended to look tacky. However, it is making its comeback this year, and sporting one is now considered the height of cool. Skeptical about this claim? Well, A-list celebrities such as Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner have been seen sporting the fanny pack, and it is definitely going to be all over the runways which means this recall is definitely on its way to be a mainstay.

6.) Fringe Addiction

Although this trend is reminiscent of the twenties, it is making a splash this year making it one of the most fun trends of this fashion season. In the latter part of 2017, fringe can definitely be seen making a comeback, but this year, it is going to be even more dramatic and more over-the-top than ever. In fact, fringe is not just limited to clothes but can also be found surfacing on bags, shoes, some skirts, and playfully trimmed tops. Fringe is an excellent way to create movement in your clothes and definitely adds a feminine charm to your ensembles.

7.) Plastic Wear

When the world’s first pair of transparent boots was introduced to the masses, people were baffled as to how to react. Some thought of it as a joke while the rest seemingly saw it as a clever marketing ploy, but only a few were convinced that it would actually become a full-fledged fashion trend. However, here we are in 2018 and plastic material is not only limited to shoes and boots. Today, it is considered as the trendiest material for outerwear which means it is definitely something you should try. While most people are still on the hedge as regards the trend, clear plastic outerwear is evidently more fashionable than the standard ones. Moreover, it is also an excellent avenue for showcasing what you are wearing underneath your coat.


Aptly usher in this brand new year by incorporating some of this year’s biggest fashion trends. After all, the new year is not only about the new you, but the new clothes as well.

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Fashion Hacks: Five Tips to Improving Your Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank


“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” –Author Unknown


Style is an integral aspect of life and is an essential factor in making a good first impression.

Who you are is evident in your clothes, and regardless of how you dress, a bit of your personality and character seeps through. There are subtle hints about the person behind the assemblage of clothes which is why style is a pivotal factor—not only in fashion but life as well. To quote a world-famous and revered stylist fashion designer, Rachel Zoe, “Style is a way of showing that you are without having to speak,” we can say that indeed style is a way of introducing yourself without uttering a single word to onlookers. Style is how you present and showcase yourself to the world, and in this regard, we must endeavor to make sure that what we say through our clothes says some good about us. After all, more often than not, when it comes to onlookers and strangers, you rarely get a second chance at making an impression, so make the first one count.

With these in consideration, we must make a more conscious effort in refining how we present ourselves and how we dress up. Taking an interest in our assemblage of clothes should not be considered as being shallow, nor is it exclusive to those who are fashion forward. After all, if we want to be taken seriously, we should also dress the part. One of the excellent ways to improve your style is to upgrade your wardrobe. Unfortunately, most individuals equate style upgrades with unnecessary expenses. However, this is a misconception as elevating your style does not always have to mean you have to spend money (or at least without breaking the bank). Great style does not have to mean designer shoes and exorbitantly priced clothes. More often than not, a culmination of great style entails choosing the right clothes—whether they may be wholesale clothing or retail—and rocking them with confidence. In any case, here are some clever tips to improve your fashion and style profile without making your wallets cry:


Check the fit

Before bringing any of the clothes, you intend on buying to the checkout counter, ensure that they all fit you well. And by well this means you not having to compromise and overlook a few details such as rather loose shoulders or too tight shirts. Make sure every piece of clothing you have and buy fits you properly. Not only will this save you the time and money in seeing a tailor, but it ensures that your clothes look better on you as well.


Pare your closet

To most, this might seem counterintuitive, and to fashionista’s, this might even be considered blasphemous. But there is actually a lot of merit to paring your closet. Most individuals are under the impression that in paring their closets, they would also be efficiently be cutting down their clothing options. After all, the more clothes you have, the more choices you have right? Well, while you do have more choices, chances are none of those choices are actually better-looking options. If anything, they are holding you back from improving style. By clinging on to them, you are taking up valuable closet space instead of making room for classier and sophisticated buys. So, if you have anything in your closet that is largely out of season, never worn or perhaps damaged beyond repair then toss, donate or sell it.


Get crafty

If you are rather handy with a pair of scissors and have a talent for sewing, you could drastically improve your wardrobe without even needing to visit the store. It is without a doubt that every wardrobe has that ubiquitous selection of humble shirts that everyone just cannot get rid of. In fact, a large percentage of your wardrobe is made up of these shirts. If you cannot bring yourself to get rid of them, inject a bit of fresh air into them by styling them differently. Snip and sew as you please and create different styles—from diverse necklines and fringes to cropped tops. The possibilities are endless, all you would truly need is to dedicate some time and creativity to create the set of shirts. If you find yourself in adept at creating clothes, you can always find some tutorial (and inspiration) videos in YouTube.


Get a haircut

Sometimes, all you really need to improve your look (as well as your style) is simply to get rid of the scruffiness you have been sporting since ever. Whether it is hair that is far too long or an unshaven face, if it makes you look unkempt, no amount of styling could help you. Regardless of what hairstyle you have, ensure that you always look neat as it gives a sense of cohesion to what you are wearing. Furthermore, getting a haircut would also give a fresh new spin to your clothing ensembles and would make you look completely different. In fact, a simple haircut might be all you need to change the entirety of your outfit (or at least how it is perceived). So, why spend a lot on a single outfit when you can simply just spend for a haircut (which is far cheaper) and achieve the same results?


Think for the long-term

By this we mean clothes for long-term storage. In this regard, it would also be wise not to invest in so much trendy stuff that will be tacky and out of season by the next few years. Invest only in classic and timeless items as well as clothes that might be outdated but have the potential to be vintage-y in the next couple of decades or so. Ensure that the clothes you do have are of durable quality so that by the time they become trendy again, you would either be able to sport them or sell them at a very attractive asking price.



Sure, style might be something very personal and each is distinct to every person but one must also remember that your clothing ensemble is the first thing others would notice about you. So, if you want to make a good enough impression, start by ensuring you choose only the best clothes for you. After all, seeing as there are alternatives wherein it would not cost you so much to elevate your style, you really do not have an excuse to look sloppy all the time.


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