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Fashion 101: Eight Style Terms Every Self-Confessed Fashionista Must Know

“Fashion is more than just how many colors and patterns you can put on at once. Being a great dresser is not necessarily about the colors you put on. It is about putting things together in the right way and then trying different things.” -Dwayne Wade

Self-confessed fashionistas live, breathe and figuratively eat fashion. They do not only strive to look fashion forward and sophisticated, but they try to keep themselves constantly updated with the new styles and trends that come out every season. However, what distinguishes a self-confessed fashionista from a true blue fashionista? What sets a real fashionista apart? Well, they similarly love fashion, but while the former loves to shop and just try out a myriad of clothes, the latter’s view of fashion extends beyond what they can see in clothes, bags, and shoes. For true fashionistas, fashion is an art form whose various details and aspects are translated into what we see in various fashion items. True fashionistas have this distinct propensity to be a little more meticulous on the details than their self-confessed counterparts. Style details such as sleeve styles, embellishments, hems and the like are of paramount importance to them—far more than the label that merely created it. In their eyes, fashion is the physical manifestation of a designer’s creative eye.

These are the individuals who have spent extra time and went the extra mile to do some extra studying as regards fashion. Unfortunately, while we all do love fashion, a lot of the style and fashion terminology will sound a lot like jargon if you have never been to fashion or designer school—or at least brushed up on a fashion course. There is no reason to fret, however, as this article has collected some of the most common and often used terms in the fashion world which you could start using today.

1.) Balloon Sleeves

Balloon sleeves have been around for quite a while, and today, they have been making waves in the fashion world—both in wholesale clothing and in retail branded buys. Ballon sleeves are sleeves of any length that have a bulbous and exquisite effect. If you are looking for an absolute fashion forward look, go for this season’s hottest trend and flaunt your balloon sleeves.

2.) Knife Pleat

Knife pleats can be seen anywhere from long skirts to ankle-cut culottes. In one way or another, you can see it as a type of fold on the fabric itself which creates a unique texture on the clothing itself. Knife pleats are sharp and narrow folds which are formed by doubling the material back upon itself. If you want more dimension to your clothing, adding knife pleats to your full ensemble would be your best bet.

3.) Choker Tops

As of late, choker tops have been all the rage, and almost every major celebrity was seen sporting it. However, why not take it up a notch and go for choker tops instead. Let go of that choker necklace and don on a choker top which closely resembles a top combined with a choker sans the choker necklace’s many details. If you are pressed for time, then skip the accessorizing part of your dressing routine and combine your clothes with your accessories with a simple choker top.

4.) Bustle

Skirts that flare out are incredibly chic and girlish. Unfortunately, not every one of us has the time to insert a petticoat underneath our skirts nor do we want to contend with the persistent itchiness of the fabric and material used. So, instead of the usual and rather outdated petticoats, women can now alternatively use a bustle which functions much like a petticoat. However, while petticoats would usually pouf out the entire skirt, bustles are frames or pads designed to support and expand the fullness of the back of a woman’s skirt. Regardless, however, the wearer can still achieve mainly the same effect of a fuller and flared out skirt.

5.) Dress Gloves

Dress gloves are appropriate for any formal functions and wherein the dress code is designated as formal or gowns for the ladies. These are gloves that extend way beyond the wrist and would give your formal ensemble a bit of glamor. Although they can be used casually, they look more at home and appropriate in a formal setting. Audrey Hepburn was an iconic person who popularized the use of dress gloves in her movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

6.) Epaulet

Epaulets more mostly reserved for high-ranking individuals in the military, navy or aviation service. Otherwise, they are famously seen in many costumes and dress pieces singers would wear on stage. Today, most individuals would wear them as a fashion statement. An epaulet is an ornamental shoulder piece characterized by its many tassels that dangle over a wearer’s shoulder. It is typically seen in a military-style coat or jacket.

7.) Fanny Pack

Several years ago, a lot of individuals who swear by fashion would not be caught dead wearing a fanny pack. Fanny packs were considered as an absurd and obsolete piece of fashion mostly worn by merchants selling wares as it is a convenient storage room for their profit sales. However, fashion is circuitous, and just now it has come in a complete circle. Fanny packs are no longer considered unfashionable, and they are given even better and modern upgrades that fashionistas would no longer snub them on the aisles. Fanny packs are convenient alternatives to small purses which tie around your waist. It is both a functional and stylish accessory ideal for carrying daily essentials and going hands-free. Lastly, a well-designed fanny pack cinches the waist and can do wonders to your silhouette.

8.) Minaudiere

While small purses are chic and cute, minaudieres are all the rage now. Their function is mostly decorative as they are small and without handles and straps, but they give any outfit that extra oomph with its elegant design. Minaudieres are characterized by the heavily embellished designs which are mostly made of metals or rhinestones and fancy stones.
So, whether you are going from chic to casual fashion term, here are some of the most common fashion terminologies you can now finally add to your vocabulary so that you can finally say that you are a real and genuine fashionista.


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Six Ways Your Clothing Can Affect Your Mood

“Without a word, your clothes tell a story of who you are. Say something interesting.” –Author Unknown


Every single day, we think of choosing clothes as a mindless and perfunctory activity that is almost negligible as it is a part of our routine, but this should not be the case. Unless we are incredibly fashion forward individuals who have a keen eye for fashion ensembles, there are only a handful of special days wherein we are a bit more meticulous as to what we wear. Otherwise, we think of dressing up as another essential part of our regular everyday habit we have to get on with. However, this should not be the case as your clothes—trifling as they may seem—actually play a pivotal role in affecting your mood. In fact, this is readily seen as to how you will instantly get a confident boost from loving what you are wearing—so, indeed, dressing for your mood is indeed a thing and is actually a real concept. If you are unconvinced, wear the best ensemble you have sitting in your closet among the assortment of clothes and take a gander at yourself in the mirror. If it makes you look good then it would inevitably make you feel good—regardless of whether these clothes are branded retail buys, thrifted clothes or even wholesale clothing. So, the next time you head out to the office, you might want to ponder on these points and make a more deliberate choice in selecting your office tie or work shoes:


  1. What you wear can make you feel powerful

One study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science took a number of volunteers to wear formal business attires and perform a series of experiments that would challenge their cognitive processing abilities. It has been shown that people who dressed up and more deliberately felt more powerful and in control of the situation than their under dressed counterparts. From this, we can readily assume that power dressing is indeed a thing as evidenced from this successful study and experiment.


  1. What you wear can make you fitter and healthier

While it seems like a far fetched concept, what you wear actually contributes to a fitter lifestyle by making you exercise harder sans the difficulty that entails. In a sense, what you wear can actually make arduous and strenuous exercises feel easier. This has been backed up by the observation made in the 2004 Olympic games where athletes in red clothing won more events than their competitors who wore blue. This phenomena prompted researchers to see if there was a relation between the clothing and the success in sport. It has been found in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology that people who exercised in red clothing could actually lift heavier weights and had higher average heart rates (meaning they worked harder than those in blue). It might seem like there should be no correlation between the two, but considering how this study has backed up the theory, wearing red indeed contributes to success in sports.


  1. What you wear helps you think better

Apart from feeling empowered and more powerful, it has also been shown that subjects who dressed in business formal clothing can come up with better and more creative ideas on their feet than their underdressed peers. It has been speculated that the way you dress plays a role in your perception of objects, events and people around you which would prompt a new point of view or fresh ideas

  1. What you wear helps you focus

Most jobs—especially those that are seen as a bit tedious and boring, require a lot of focus. Unfortunately, that is only half the battle and when it comes down right to it, focusing on something that is boring is not exactly easy. With this, a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology has found that people who wore smart looking doctor’s labs were able to focus longer and better than those who thought they were just wearing a painter’s smock. This phenomena as explained by authors is caused by a physician’s tendency to be rigorous, careful and meticulous when it comes to detail—so it would be as if like the wearer is embodying some of those qualities. In a sense, they are trying to live up to the expectations of the outfit.


  1. What you wear can make you smarter

Although the correlation is hardly evident, dressing in clothing that is associated with intelligence can not only make you look smarter but act smarter as well. In the same study conducted above, subjects were given doctor’s lab coats though none of them were physicians. They were then asked to perform a series of complex tasks. It has then been shown that people in white clothes made fewer mistakes than those who worked sans a physician’s lab coats. The same experiment was again performed but this time everyone was given lab coats. However. They told half of the participants they were given paint smocks while they told the rest that they were wearing doctor’s coats. Similarly, those who were told they were donning doctor’s coats performed better in the tests. This experiment shows that it is not just what you wear, but rather what you think of what you wear that matters more.


  1. What you wear can make you lose weight

While clothing can make you appear slimmer and svelte with ingenious slimming illusions, it can also provide an avenue for losing weight. An example would be wearing snug pants for example or tightening your belt more than usual which would give you a subconscious signal to stop eating the moment you are full. For this reason, a lot of French women have been known to tie a ribbon around their waist underneath their clothes whenever they are going out for a meal. It keeps them conscious of their waist—especially as the ribbon starts to feel a bit tighter in their midsection as the meal goes on.
And the last but not the least is that what you wear can cheer you up. If what you wear makes you look good, you will inevitably feel good as a result. In fatc, it has been show that more often than not, we dress how we would like to feel or how we want others to perceive how we are feeling. As a result, clothing can cheer us up wheneverwe are particularly feeling under the weather. So, the next time you assemble an assortment of clothes from your closet, remember that you are not only dressing to look good, but to feel good as well.


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Fashion Hacks 101: Eight Failsafe Tips to Look Great in Clothes

“Beware the old man in young guy’s clothes. If he is over 35 and comes to pick you up looking as though he is headed for a skateboarding competition while you are dressed to go to a nice restaurant, this is not a good sign.” –Merrill Markoe

Fashion has always been a hit or miss thing when it comes to looking great and spectacular. More often than not, it seems as if the clothes we have our tailored for our old bodies—when we were at least ten pounds lighter and had more curves in places where they were needed. Unfortunately, as it is in life, it is hard to maintain the kind of body that would serve as an appropriate foundation for fashion and look best in most clothes. However, what most people are not aware of is that looking great in clothes would depend less on your body type and more of your choice in clothing and how you go about mixing and matching it.

Clothing brands, designer labels—all these are extraneous factors that would do little to contribute how great you would look in clothes and wearing generic branded clothing or wholesale clothing is a testament to that. When it comes to dressing well, it all comes down to choosing the right clothes and combining them with other clothing elements that make them look great. It matters not if you have a sizable budget, are using your existing wardrobe or are looking for a change of fashion taste; all you need is a keen eye for what looks great on you and what does not. Here are some of the failsafe tricks that would make you look like you overhauled your existing wardrobe:

1.) When it comes to skirts, opt for A-line

If you have a penchant for wearing skirts more than any other clothing, show your fashion flair by opting for A-line skirts which have been long thought to be one of the most flattering cuts for skirts. This is because unlike any other skirt, the A-lines nipped waist and full bottom creates the illusion of a smaller waist. Additionally, it cinches the waist with its boxy upper area and would make your legs look great with its billowing bottom.

2.) Do not overdo fashion. Stay simple

The fashion adage of simplicity is beauty does ring true as simplicity is key in sophistication and elegance. Keep this in mind whenever you are shopping for new clothes. Steer clear from affordable clothing items that have gaudy embellishments on them. Chances are they will fall off after consistent use and washing. Instead, look for items that are simpler but require a bit more skill to make such as pleated tops, embroidered pieces, tapered pants and the like.

3.) Wear your clothes in rotation and do less laundry

A true mark of an individual who dresses well is one who knows how to plan his fashion options in rotation. This is because planning what you wear for the week in advance means you would have to wash your clothes less making them preserve their natural color. If it is not particularly hot or if your clothes are not especially dirty, there is no need to wash your clothes every single time you wear them. Just sponge it with water and a bit of soap, cleanse and then air dry it.

4.) Go for stretch materials

Looking for clothes that fit can be a bit hard if you pack a bit of extra weight. This is particularly the case for women who carry their weight in their hips and thighs. Finding a pair of jeans that would flatter their body would often be a challenge, so instead of conventional fabrics, go for stretch instead. Jeans that are made of a combination of spandex, polyester, and Lycra would allow the fabric to hug every part of your body—which would flatter it from any angle. However, a word of caution as the material is meant to be worn snug, not tight.

5.) Buy more black

Black may seem like a somber color, but it flatters everyone and would look excellent on almost everybody. Not only is it slimming, but the neutral shade makes it easier for you to pair it with anything you might have sitting in your closet. Black is a classic color that would always look great, and it conceals any of your imperfections and problem areas easily. So, invest in a few choice pieces as well as some staples and basics in this dark hue to add to your wardrobe.

6.) Your hair matters as much as your outfit

Going to a big event extends beyond investing in the proper and best dress for the occasion—it also means doing your hair appropriately to look great with your outfit. Remember, when it comes to formal events, it is always best to treat your tresses and have it look different than on an ordinary day. Have it professionally styled or get a blowout to complement your outfit and make it look put together.

7.) Focus on fit

No matter what you wear, how the clothes fit you will always be paramount. Do not wear ill-fitting clothes—even if they do fit you (once you have managed to squeeze yourself into it). You may think you look thinner and more svelte by cramming yourself to a smaller size. But that does not mean you should. Remember, in forcing yourself to a smaller size, you will be creating more bulges that are an unflattering sight, so it is best to stick with clothes that fit you comfortably.

8.) Buy basic pieces in bulk

You can never go wrong with basic pieces. These are the clothing staples your wardrobe truly needs. Its versatility would make it ideal for everyday casual wear and would even make excellent complements to dressy clothes. With this in mind, do not invest in pieces that you know would easily get disintegrated. Take note, these are clothes you are going to be wearing quite a lot so do not bother investing in items that are easily worn out.


When it comes to dressing well, there is no absolute need to drain your monthly finances, just have a good eye for knowing what works well for you and your body type. Additionally, try not to constrain yourself into one fashion style—venture out and try new pieces, you might not know it, but the style you try on next might flatter your better than your existing one.

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Stylish Pregnancy: The Dos and Don’ts of Dressing up While Expecting

“I would love to design a maternity clothing line. It is so hard to find stylish clothes for pregnant people; I would say ninety-nine percent of the clothes I wore were not maternity because I could not find anything I liked.” –Kourtney Kardashian

A woman’s pregnancy is one of life’s grandest and greatest milestones—so much so that the event itself is akin to a miracle considering that you are growing a human being in your womb. However, during pregnancy, a lot of changes will inevitably occur to your body so as to accommodate the little passenger you are carrying with you for nine months. For women who are rather fashion forward, this would spell a myriad of fashion limitations, and if there is one thing that can be frustrating to this women, it is the feeling of being constrained of wearing a select few of fashion pieces and apparels. However, a true fashion-forward and stylish woman would not equate pregnant with being unfashionable, at the very least, she would see this as an opportunity to broaden her fashion options as well as her style vocabulary.

Indeed, dressing up while pregnant can be a bit of a challenge—even for the trendiest and hippest moms-to-be as your body is constantly and consistently changing every single day that you would be left confused as to which of the clothes in your closet is going to fit you today and the rest of the week. Suddenly, you might feel like you are making way too many style compromises—you could not wear your skinny jeans any longer, walking around in your wholesale Steve Madden heels is not so practical, and a whole lot more leaving you in total confusion as to how to dress this new body. However, not to worry, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when dressing your baby bump:

1.) DO know when it is time to shop for maternity wear

You might think that maternity wear is an added expense you do not necessarily need considering you would not be able to use them right after your pregnancy. In the early stages of your pregnancy, you can still wear some of your regular clothes, but the moment they start to feel a little snug in your midsection, it is time for you to invest in maternity wear. Do not make the mistake of making compromises such as fastening jeans and shorts with safety pins and continuing to sport old shirts and tank tops. When they are causing you discomfort, it is time to embrace new silhouette and dress it aptly.

2.) DO NOT make oversized clothes your go-to outfits

When it comes to dressing up while pregnant, comfort is paramount. However, this does not mean that you should slack off and dress lazily every single day. Some pregnant women are under the mistaken impression that sweatpants, sweaters and oversized clothes are the universal uniforms for any woman who is pregnant. They may fit you comfortably, but they do nothing for your style. Explore your options; there is absolutely no truth in dressing stylishly but uncomfortably while pregnant. You have a myriad of options at your disposal from feminine dresses, leggings, stretchy jeans, jersey knits and so on—the alternatives are limitless. All you would need is to pick one that works for you.

3.) DO embrace your bump

Women try to conceal their bumps by wearing clothes a size too big for them—such as a size or two up a regular dress. Unfortunately, while it may sit comfortably on your stomach, it looks in complete disarray everywhere else. The sleeves and arms will be baggy, and instead of looking merely pregnant, you will instead look bigger than you really are. If this is the case, you would be better off buying a maternity dress.

4.) DO borrow maternity clothes from friends and family whenever possible

If you are adamant about not buying maternity clothes, then at least borrow from your friends or family members who have gone through a pregnancy phase before. They would be more than willing to accommodate you and your needs. Additionally, borrowing from them would be an excellent way to incorporate some variety into your wardrobe without necessarily spending a single dime.

5.) DO NOT sacrifice style for comfort and vice versa

Some women think that style and comfort are two mutually exclusive aspects when it comes to dressing up while they are pregnant. This is a misconception, however, as there are a million of ways to stay comfortably stylish even while you are pregnant. You do not need to sacrifice one in favor of the other. With the proliferation of maternity apparel shops and stores, there is a variety of options at your disposal that there is no absolute reason you cannot look attractive in maternity clothing and stay comfortable as well. Additionally, it will help boost your confidence and lift your spirits—despite the fact that your waistband is expanding day by day.

6.) DO NOT take style too far

Although you may be living the fact that your breasts seem to have grown an extra size over the course of your pregnancy, realize that you can take things too far. In the early stages of your pregnancy, these are generally acceptable, however as you enter your third and last trimester, there are clothes that you can no longer wear. Although you can still wear them, they would not exactly be pleasing to look at. When you are pregnant, too tight and too short are things that are too much. Maternity clothes may be worn fitted, but never tight. Additionally, you should refrain from showing your bare belly—unless you are lounging by the pool or hanging out at the beach.


Pregnancy may cause some women to be a little conscious with their newly discovered assets—such as their bulging bellies and swelling breasts. However, this is an excellent opportunity for them to love their bodies more. Additionally, this is a great avenue to do exploration in fashion and style as there are a lot of options as to how to dress up while you are expecting. So, while you are carrying a miracle within you, make sure you do not look like a train wreck and let that miracle within shine through your outer self by dressing appropriately, sophisticatedly and beautifully.

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Summer Fashion: 7 Ways of Faking A Hot Body When You Are Not Summer-Ready!

“People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.” -Salma Hayek

Kate Moss was once quoted to say a highly controversial maxim when it comes to body positivity. According to her, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels—a politically charged statement in a world that has learned to embrace curves. Although she may have gotten innumerable flak for this rather skewed notion when it comes to embracing bodies of all shapes and sizes, there is no doubt that even the better of us would agree with her—particularly when the summer season rolls around. While proper diet and adequate exercise are keystones to weight loss and healthy living which inevitably results to a hotter body, it can requires diligence and strict discipline which to be honest are rather hard to commit to. In the summer however, it is an entirely different story—especially if you have not been working out as it would feel like you are pressed for time to get that summer bod just in time to strut in form-fitting clothes while traipsing in the mall.

Indeed, our endeavors towards having a better and sexier body are fraught with many trials and occassionally a lot of temptations (desserts, anyone?) that would often cause us to fall off the wagon. Fortunately, there are sneaky ways of presenting the illusion of a hot body and though they may be a bit deceptive, they do work and are effective. These tricks are incredibly versatile too as they work on most women and most clothes, whether they may be bought in wholesale clothing or retail. So, if you are not yet entirely committed to ending your love affair with food or are simply too busy to commit to going to the gym five times a week, here are a few ingenious hacks, tricks and tips to seemingly having a hot body.

1.) Invest in shapewear

A good shapewear is a girl’s bestfriend because it truly and effectively works. If you need something that would immediately give anyone looking at you the illusion of a svelte and curvaceous body then you need to look no further than a good shapewear. By now, you would have probably heard of the magical prowess of a sartorial item called Spanx which a significant number of women swear by. Spanx and other stretchy apparel devices promise to shave off pounds and they really do deliver. By regularly wearing them underneath your regular clothes, you are effectively distributing bulges while it smoothes you out and holds you in. If you want the illusion of a svleter body, it pays to invest in a seamless pair of slenderizing briefs, camis or full body pieces that would suck all of your bulges in. As a result, you would be able to wear bodycon dresses, tight pants and clingy skirts sans the visible body rolls.

2.) Work with your tailor

More often than not, the problem is not your body or weight per se, but rather the fact that you are constantly wearing ill-fitting clothes. When it comes to giving a thinner silhouette and svelter shape, your tailore will be your most important asset. A skilled professional tailor would be able to alter anything in your closet to fit you as it should. Though the clothes in retail stores may come in a myriad of sizes, a size 6 or 12 is not universally true for all women, so it is curcial that your clothes not only fit you, but fit you well. After all, you should know by now that when it comes to sporting a better shape, the right fit is everything.

3.) Buy a new bra

You might think that something that stays concelaed inside clothes would be a negligible factor when it comes to contributing to giving you a better shape. However, the wrong bra can make you a look significantly larger as your breasts would appear to sag. Know your proper measurements and buy a bra that is the correct size. Appearing leaner starts with the proper space between your waist and chest, so invest in a bra that not only lifts your breasts but gives it adequate and comfortable support as well.

4.) Skip the weightlifting

If you are pressed for time and are allowed only a few days to slim down before an occasion, steer clear away from weighlifting as it will only achieve the opposite of your desired results. A temporary buildup of lactic acid will cause your body to swell which is caused by lifting weights, so instead of pumping iron at the gym, stick to exercises such as yoga and pilates instead.

5.) Practice your posture

You might consider it as a hackneyed notion, but a good posture is everything when it comes to appearing svelter and leaner. Apart from making a significant difference to how you look, a good posture would elongate your body and gives you an aura of confidence and strength. So, avoid slouching and as much as you can, keep your chin high and your back straight, not only will you seem more confident, but it smoothes out any bulges that you might have caused from slouching.

6.) Cinch your midsection with skinny belts

Immediately give off the illusion of an hourglass figure or a smaller waist by cinching dresses and tunics with the use of skinny belts. Not only will they define your waist in a flattering way, but they enhance how your figure looks. Skip the chunky belts as they tend to make you look stumpy and would draw more attention to a rounded midsection. Instead, use thinner ones with a minimalistic design for a more classic approach.

7.) Look for illusion dresses

There is quite a number of apparel that are uniquely designed to give the wearer the illusion of a svelter and leaner figure. It is a stylish way to address a common woman’s problem as these dresses flatters everyone. Look for dresses and clothing that have unique prints such as black and navy panel sides. It creates the illusion of a cinched waist and would give you the illusion of a well-defined figured.

So, while your summer bikini body is still under construction, try this fashion tricks and hacks out and see immediate results.

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Fashion Through The Times: How Fashion Has Changed Since the 1920s!

“Fashion is an ever evolving way of expressing who you are and how you feel today.” –Civilian Style

Pierre Balmain was once quoted to say a sagacious adage about fashion. He has coined the maxim that asserts that good fashion is evolution, not a revolution and how indeed fashion has evolved throughout the times. In fact, if you viewed it from a slideshow of various fashion photos throughout a century, you would see an impressive myriad of different clothing styles, shapes, and colors. Largely influenced by the various events in history, the events of a particular time have an integral role in developing fashion the way it is today. People have dressed differently throughout the time and in much simpler and earlier times; women were not given as much free rein in their manner of dress as they are given today. Some of these fashion styles are still evident in today’s modern clothes—just given a contemporary update. However, there are also those styles that have stood the test of time and remain as stylish and fashionable today as they were two decades prior. These are the clothing staples that hardly ever go out of style, and if one is a fashion forward individual, these are the items that should always find their way into their closets.

How fashion is shaped through a particular decade or time depends on trends or particular tastes of groups, people or cliques. In other instances, social status and cultural preferences play a significant role. World events contribute to how fashion is shaped as well—especially during wartime or an economic crisis. Fashion is one of the most fundamental aspects of history that reflects the events, the mood and the cultural climate of a decade and if you are interested to see how fashion has developed throughout the years—from the 1920s to the nineties, this article showcases just how many styles—from wholesale clothing, retail ones, shoes, accessories and an individual’s manner of dress have changed throughout the times.


Skirts and dress fashion had significant changes made between the 1920s down to the present. Apart from that, changes were not made only once every ten years as there were dramatic variations within each decade. A good example of this is in the 1920s, where only a few years after the First World War, the skirt and dress hemlines rose, and waistlines were then lowered to the hip. It was known to be the decade of celebration, fun, and decadence, so as a result some changes were made to accompany the flapper fashion that marked this decade.

In the Second World War, some fabrics were highly regulated such as wool, silk, and nylon and as a result, women’s skirts and dresses were oft made of rayon and viscose. This was the time wherein fashion was characterized by flexibility and ingenuity as almost anything found in a home (curtains, bedsheets, and nightgowns) were often made into dresses and skirts as it was illegal to use excess fabric in making an ensemble. During the economic boom, however, fashion was once again glamorous and at times opulent with A-line and pencil skirts defining the fifty’s decade. In the 1980’s however, fashion was more pronounced and featured more serious designs such as longer dresses and skirts. This was mainly owing to the fact that more women were joining the professional workforce and as a result, business suits were given a feminine update to accommodate the working woman.


The twenties defined the innovation of the jumper blouse which became wildly popular. Made from fabrics such as cotton and silk, the traditional jumper blouse was marked by its addition of a sailor collar which made it the perfect match to a skirt which reached just below the hips accompanied by an accessory such as a sash or a belt. This was also the era that introduced the low-cut V-neck shirt which came with a chemisette for modesty. In the thirties, blouses, knit shirts made of satin and linen were the trend. Feminine v-neck blouses were also rather popular. During the war time, viscose and rayon for formal tops supplanted nylon and silk. Leisure shirts were often made with canvas, linen and terry cloth. After the war, a boom in fashion was again seen as evidenced by round-neck styles on sleeveless shirts, polo necks, and long sleeve shirts. The fifties and sixties introduced the Dolman sleeves which dominated the fashion industry as well as popularized the use of ethnic prints in blouses, ribbed turtleneck sweaters, and boat-neck tops. As fashion entered the eighties, it became more relaxed and casual as polo shirts and T-shirts became contemporary everyday tops that were acceptable as corporate wear and formal wear. Additionally, the eighties was the decade that introduced the over-sized tops. However, it was not until the nineties were fashion saw a big market for designer labels to promote style and status. Logos became a trendy thing in fashion and until today, you can still see modern garbs with labels boldly proclaiming its brand with an emblazoned banner at the front. Fashion also became a lot more sultry and provocative with women baring their stomachs and shoulders as with the popularity with crop tops and halter tops. This was the era where fashion became a way to express their preferences, personality, and individuality.


The twenties footwear marked the feature of a high and wide heel that was often seen in pump or loafer style shoes. Oxfords were also a significant trend with styles accessible to both men and women’s fashion. The thirties saw the surge of popularity in strapped heels and pumps while traditional styles were still worn. In the fifties, flat shoes, pumps with rounded toes and sandals were widely worn by women while saddle shoes, white lace-up shoes with color accents were both popular for both sexes. The eighties introduced the contemporary design to women’s pair of pumps with higher and thinner heels than they were with their older counterparts. Leather shoes and tennis shoes were the popular footwear for casual days.



Indeed, fashion and style have come a long way since its inception and each decade has brought something new to the industry. Today, fashion is no longer a means of dressing one’s self for comfort and what is appropriate. Today, fashion became a medium of self-expression, a way for women and men alike to showcase their individuality through their choice of clothes and ensembles.


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Fashion Overhaul: Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid of ASAP!

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.” -Carolina Hererra

Women are known for their love and penchant for fashion and style that more often that not, most women would feel the need to update their wardrobes at least every once a month. Though hoarding innumerable clothes and countless fashion items is not necessarily a bad thing (most especially if you have a steep budget to accommodate this fancy), running out of closet space is. Women are exceptionally notorious for staring into closets filled to the brim with clothing yet proclaiming helplessly that they have nothing to wear. But the reality is, the predicament lies not in the shortage of clothes, but rather in the shortage of clothes they actually want to wear. Unfortunately, most women think that the only way to address this fashion conundrum is to acquire even more clothes but shopping for more should be the last thing you do. What you need to do is pare down the items of your closet to a realistic number of clothing which you know you would be wearing.

Women often need a little encouragement when it comes to letting go of their clothes which is why quite a lot of fashion articles are penned to proclaim and laud the art of minimalist dressing and clothing ensembles. These articles have become rather popular and has been causing quite a stir in the fashion community. Similarly, this article would echo the same advice—that is to eradicate your closet of all the excess clothing and make room only for those that you would wear. But instead of enumerating the fashion items whether wholesale clothing or retail you should be getting rid of, this article will instead give you a set of general characteristics of the clothes you should be tossing out. Make a mental list, take stock, assess the clothes inside your closet and then begin your purging journey.

1.) Clothes that you have in multiples of

While there is nothing necessarily wrong in having at least two or three clothes of the same style (so long as they are in different colors), it is an entirely different story if your closet is overrun and dominated by clothes that are basically just clones of each other. The point of having a closet is to at have a variety of clothes inside them, and frankly if you own five bodycon dresses of different colors, it defeats the point. Take them out and lay then out in your bed. If you find yourself favoring one or two pieces above the others, then you should start thinking about what made these items so different to begin with. Identify what compelled you to buy this piece and realize what your mistake is to hopefully avoid repeating the same mistake.

2.) Clothing you have never used

We have all been guilty of buying clothes we do not necessarily need but looked pretty in the rack at least once in our lives. While we are idly milling about in the mall, sometimes a piece of clothing would just catch our eye and would seemingly beckon us to buy it. We would then wait and wait for the perfect opportunity to wear it until the piece is finally forgotten and when it is remembered, it has been long out of style. Determine why you bought them in the first place—did you think they looked pretty? Was there a sale? Did it make your chest look bigger than usual? In any case, identifying the traits that drove you to buy the piece would help you understand what sort of impulse purchases you should be steering clear from in the future.

3.) House clothes you wear for comfort on your lazy days

In general, house clothes are not a bad thing. Oversized sweaters, T-shirts riddled with holes, too loose yoga pants and the like—these are the things you would never want to wear outside the house. And although every girl should have a handful of them, if it takes too much space in your closet then that is a red flag. However, it would significantly impact your self-confidence and your overall well-being if you got rid of all of your house exclusive clothes altogether and replace them with clothes you can wear in the house as well as out of the house. In this way, you would not only be saving closet space, but are fashion ready even when you are just in the house.

4.) Old clothes that you used to love but now hate

Is there really any point to keeping these items? They may have a tinge of nostalgic feel about them, but other than that, they are really just occupying valuable space in your closet. If you want a closet full of clothes that you know you will love wearing, then perhaps it is time to make peace with your old style habits and learn from them. Additionally, do some reflection as to why you bought these items in the first place—you once loved them, what happened? Were these just passing trends? Did you celebrity idol rock the very same outfit? See if anything clouded your judgment when you bought it before and avoid it from happening again.

5.) Clothes that used to fit

We are all notorious for clinging on to pieces that no longer fit us in the dire hopes that when we finally lose enough weight (or gain enough), we would be able to rock them again. It can be a particular piece that you may have splurged on or as once an integral component of an excellent and stylish clothing ensemble. But all these would be for naught if the clothing piece no longer fits you anyhow. If you are having a hard time letting go of pieces such as these, perhaps selling them or loaning them to a friend would make it much easier.



You might be overwhelmed at how many clothes you have to get rid off when it comes to paring down your closet, and you might feel that you have nothing to wear, but on the contrarty, you actually have more to wear. By paring down your closet, you would not have to needlessly cycle the same outfit every two weeks or so. This is because your clothes are now within sight and you can now easily mix and match them. So, adopt a minimalist strategy—not only as a means of lifetyle, but as a means of organizing your closet as well.


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Fashion 101: Seven Ways You Are Ruining a Good Outfit

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas…but what makes it new is the way you put it together.” –Author Unknown

STYLE: Because your personality is not the first thing people can see.

Facing the day with a stylish ensemble is more of less a hit or miss thing. You may be sporting the latest style, but are inadvertently doing something to your clothes that could potentially ruin its wow factor. More often than not, great style is not always about the clothes nor its brand; it is in the way a woman combines fashion pieces together and pull off an outfit. Some people are also under the mistaken impression that having a perfect, neat and elegant style is leveraged in your monthly salary on clothes. This is hardly the case as there are a lot of affordable pieces that would look incredibly stylish when complemented with the right accessories and shoe wear.

However, this does not mean you should discount the importance of having a few expensive but quality and impressive investment sartorial pieces in your closet that is actually worth spending the extra savings for. But, make no mistake; just because you have put down a lot of money on a particular kind of clothing, it does not mean that you are always guaranteed to look chic and stylish whenever you are wearing it. You might be ruining the entire outfit by committing any of the fashion faux pas and mistakes below. To make sure your outfit would always reach its style potential, be careful and meticulous about how you wear them. Here are some fashion mistakes you may be unconsciously committing:

1.) You think sweatshirts are strictly sport wear

Given that sweatshirts are designed for workout and athletics, it is easy to mistake them as clothing solely reserved for strenuous activities. However, they are not as they can be paired with stylish jeans, shorts and even skirts. Conquer your reluctance to wear sweatshirts as a part of a casual outfit by incorporating them into your everyday regular and routine outfits. If you are hesitant about being too casual or appearing too sporty, you have a myriad of sweatshirts to choose from in shops that are embellished and printed and made of non-sporty materials such as faux leather and chiffon. These sweatshirts would go really well with statement necklaces and skinny pants.

2.) Dirty shoes

You may be wearing a pair of the latest wholesale steve madden shoes, but all of that will be for naught if they are not even clean and presentable to look at. While dust and dirt are inevitable consequences for everyday wear, this is no excuse for you to continue sporting a pair of shoes that no longer look neat. It does not matter if they are high heels, sneakers or a pair of boots, if they are unclean, they would largely diminish the overall effect of your outfit (and they will seemingly make you look like a slob). After a day out wearing your shoes, make sure to take some time to clean them with baby wipes or a smooth cloth when you arrive home.

3.) You never get anything tailored

You have seen a cute dress and bought it off the rack at your favorite store despite it not fitting you well enough. To you, this might be a compromise on style. The dress may not exactly be tailored to fit you, but it is a small price to pay considering that it is a killer outfit after all. However, this is where you are wrong. People come in all shapes and sizes, and mass-produced clothing does not always fit us all the same way. While the clothes may fit your torso well, it might look loose on your arms and shoulders. Having a tailor fix this for you will address this sartorial predicament. Take note, taking it too-wide, too-loose or too-fitting can spell the difference between looking alright and looking impeccable all the time.

4.) You think clutches are reserved only for nighttime activities

You have a collection of cute clutches that you only use for a ladies’ night out or to fancy dinners, and you sorely wish you could take them out more often. Never fear, if you do not have to bring a lot of things with you, chances are wearing a clutch instead of a big bag would be the most reasonable choice. Even your dressy clutches would work well with a pair of skinny jeans on daytime. So, break out those clutches and let them see the light of day.

5.) You have a penchant for logos

Looking like a walking advert for a particular clothing brand is in no way stylish nor elegant. That, and there are seemingly a lot of fake ones that can imitate the original rather well. Instead of sporting tacky pieces that have brands emblazoned over the front of the shirts or dresses, go for neutral and basic pieces that look good and are versatile enough to be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe.

6.) You think sexy means showing a lot of skin

Let us be clear: There is a significant difference between wearing a sultry top that showcases a hint of cleavage and one that shows off a generous amount of cleavage and bares your stomach. You want to look elegant and sophisticated while being sexy and showing too much skin is definitely not the way to do it. Strike a balance between how much skin you want to show on top and the bottom of your outfit. A good rule of thumb is to determine what you are showing more whether it is skin or clothes. If your answer is the former, then you should definitely reconsider what you are wearing. Remember, nothing is sexier than a hint of mystery surrounding a woman.

7.) You hardly take care of your clothes

Some clothes are made of delicate material and would not stand the heavy washing of a washing machine. If you do not want to end up with clothes that would cotton up after a few sessions in the laundromat, read the care tag and do the appropriate type of washing your clothes would need.

Dressing up does not have to be an arduous task, especially if you are committing sartorial flubs that are easy to rectify such as the ones enumerated above. The next time you are dressing up, make a mental assessment of what you are wearing before heading out and see if you are committing any of these mistakes. Remember, a stylish outfit almost has nothing to do with what you wear, but rather how you are wearing it.


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Fashion 101: Elements of a Good Wardrobe

“Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” -Coco Chanel

When it comes to anything and everything life, it is crucial to have bits of variation. In fashion, this becomes somewhat more complicated as the rules do not apply solely to variation. Much like the food pyramid in your nutrition class, the contents of your closet should apply the same principles when it comes to moderation, diversity as well as portion control. If you diligently applied these three principles to what you put in your closet, you would necessarily end up with a well-balanced wardrobe. This well-balanced wardrobe is pivotal in ensuring you would come up with a stylish ensemble without going through the struggle of mixing and matching clothes. Simply put, a well-balanced wardrobe would make dressing up for work, for the mall or basically anywhere much easier. A workable formula on how to build a balanced wardrobe is to stock up on the basics first, minimize investing on trends, go easy on patterns and spend on one drop dead gorgeous showstopper saved for special occasions.

To know which pieces to have, you have to be discerning as to whether these pieces can be worn in multiple ways on various occasions–a crucial aspect when it comes to streamlining your wardrobe. It does not matter whether these pieces are taken from your local wholesale clothing store or elsewhere, it needs to contribute to the overall quality of your manner of dress. To have a better picture of what these pieces are, this article has listed them below:

1.) A classic black blazer

No self-respecting fashionista should ever possess a closet sans a classic black blazer. This classic staple offers women an infinite number of ways to wear it. Whether you are dressing for a job interview, looking to give your summer dress an elegant upgrade or are attending a casual business meeting, this classic staple can do wonders in improving a simple ensemble. Make sure to have one that is tailored to fit you and find a classic look without any prints or flashy details, and you can be assured you have an excellent ensemble that would transition well throughout the seasons.

2.) A pair of ankle boots in brown and in black

They say if you love a pair of shoes, you should buy it in every color. When it comes to ankle boots, however, one pair in black and another in brown will do you just fine. Let these two pairs be the perfect complement to your daytime outfits and pair them with your favorite skinny jeans, dresses or skirts. Black gives your sleeker dresses more edge and would tie a grungier outfit together such as motorcycle jackets paired with jeans. Brown is reserved for softer and more feminine dresses to give it a preppy vibe. It works well with flirty dresses, plaid shirts or gray blazers.

3.) Two pairs of black tights (Sheer and opaque)

Though tights come in a myriad of colors, you would only need one color which is black but makes sure to get it in sheer and opaque. You would be amazed how sophisticated an outfit looks just by the addition of tights as it adds a certain elegance to just about any ensemble. Use sheer tights under your cocktail dresses and use your opaque pair under your wool skirts and sweater dresses.

4.) A small bag or evening clutch

You probably have your favorite tote bag that would carry all of your essentials, and that is well and good, however, this would look incredibly out of place when paired with your party and cocktail dresses. On your evenings out and crowded restaurants and bars, opt to have a small bag or an evening clutch. Lugging around your large bag can be rather inconvenient. But if you cannot live without your large bag, at least have a small clutch with you when you are

considering on hitting the town at night. In this way, you can leave your large bag in your car or at the office and just stuff your small bag with the essentials.

5.) A classic structured bag to use every day

Apart from the evening go-to clutch bag, you would need a bag that would function well in just about any situation from your business meetings, conferences to shopping with your friends. Choose a structured and classic bag that would be big enough to carry everything you need daily. Select one with a perfect touch and structured shape so that it would look stylish with your outfit.

6.) A pair of jeans in a classic wash

No woman should ever miss having a great pair of jeans inside her closet. This one article of clothing is indispensable as it works as your go-to piece of clothing whenever you are too lazy to assemble an outfit together. It goes with practically everything and would give you a crisp look with the right blouse or shirt. Stay away from trends and avoid jeans that have cuts, rips or dyes unless you already have at least a few classic pairs as these tend to go out of style after just a season. Instead, look for a pair with clean wash, minimalist style and lean fit which would function well as an everyday staple.

7.) A black leather jacket

Apart from giving the wearer that edgy biker chick vibe, a black leather jacket never goes out of style, and it looks great with just about anything. If you are looking to toughen up a flirty and feminine outfit, then simply throwing a black leather jacket over it would accomplish that. If you want an edgy and tomboyish vibe, it will work well over a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. In any case, it is a great addition whether you want to tone down the feminine aspect of your ensembles, or are looking to amplify the modern edge of your casual outfits.


With the choice and staple outfits above, create a well-balanced wardrobe to make everyday dressing not only easier, but faster as well.


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Five Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Purging Your Closet

“Playing dress up starts at age five and never really ends” -Kate Spade

One memorable line from the hit series of HBO was uttered by Carrie Bradshaw, a self-confessed fashionista and clothing hoarder. In the series, her unsurpassed love was evidenced by her perpetually full closet and her sentiments as regards clothes stating that she wants her money where she sees them, hanging in her closet. In the real world, fashion forward women are pretty much the same. Their love for clothes and penchant for anything stylish are both unmatched. In fact, fashionable women would say that their love for clothes is anything but a penchant. Instead, they would say it is something akin to passion. With their great love for sartorial items, it would come as no surprise to find their closets and wardrobes filled to the brim with the latest finds, classic staples and the like coming in varied colors and styles. Unfortunately, one ugly reality you need to content with is that you cannot hold on to these things forever and at some point in the future, you need to purge your closet from sartorial items that are taking up too much space.

Not only would you be clearing up that much-needed space to make way for new clothes, but you would be getting rid of items which have not even seen the light of day in the past years. While letting go of clothes you once loved may be hard, you can think of it as an opportunity for a fashion catharsis. Get rid of all the items that would serve you no purpose in your closets, and you will be surprised that it might just be the perfect precursor to redefining or enhancing your style. Once you have come to terms with the need for a closet purging, how do you know which ones to donate, toss or keep? Well, to make your wardrobe purging endeavor easier, here is a checklist of questions you need to ask yourself while going through each item in your closet. It is highly recommended that you pick and ponder every item as a quick a scan would not yield the same effective results and would not help you at arriving at a decision.

1.) Is it still in style?

Your wholesale Steve Madden boots may be your favorite pair, and it certainly has a way of elongating your legs when you are wearing minis. But your favorites may not exactly be in trend or even in season today. While you might not have any fashion items from the seventies hanging in your closet, you might not be aware of the subtle shifts in fashion that would cause you to throw out some trendy wardrobe pieces that may potentially become fashionable once more in the future. It is no secret that fashion is cyclical, so a good workaround to determining which items you should chuck out and which ones you can keep for storage is to see if these items still work well with your current wardrobe. If they do, stash them away until such time that they become fashionable again.

2.) Does it still fit you well?

Keeping an article of clothing in the hopes that it would fit you one day when you finally lose weight is only going to succeed in clogging up your clothes. If you have gained or lost a few pounds over the months or have stopped working out altogether, some of your clothes may still fit you but are not going to look quite the same as they did when you first purchased them. Be honest yourself when it comes to this matter, and if you feel that it would take some time before you would finally fit into that blouse, it is best to toss or give it away. Besides, it might not even be in style by the time it would finally fit you.

3.) Does it still have a place in your life?

Admit it, at some point in your life; you may have bought sartorial pieces that were appropriate to wear in your profession. But if black ties, suits, high heels, pencil skirts and the like no longer have a place in your current life (unless you like wearing them to work), then there is absolutely no reason for you to be holding on to them. Whether it may be a career shift or a simple matter of wanting to change the tune of your style, if your clothes no longer serve you its purpose, then either toss them or donate them. Whatever the case might be, there will always be a time in a woman’s life where you need to make a sartorial shift—and throwing away tacky clothes is just one step in the process. Decide if you want to go through this transition, and purge accordingly.

4.) Can you flip it?

Under any under circumstance, it would be hard to part with an item that once held an exorbitant price tag. While this might be true, you have to take into account that you need the extra space in your closet. And if having that space would require you to get rid of an expensive piece that is no longer trendy or ill-fitting, then, by all means, you should. If you are afraid of underselling it considering the premium you paid when you first bought it, then sell it at a local designer consignment work who might pay you more. You can then use that money to buy something that is in season and would fit you well.

5.) Do you have a lot of them?

There is a saying that goes that if you want a pair of shoes, you should buy it in every color. Unfortunately, this SHOULD NOT be the case when you are looking to trim a little extra fat in your closet. Look for styles that you have a tendency to buy in repetition and look for those in bad shape. Say for example you own eight plain colored tees, look for the ones that are in the worst shape or the ones you have worn the least. Look for those items that you would not lose sleep over losing and donate them to charity.
Parting with some of our clothes may present itself as a challenge—especially if you are a fashionista with a taste for variety. However, if your clothes are sitting ducks in your closets, then they are not really doing anything to help your style. On the contrary, keeping so many of these stocked in your closet can even preclude you from reaching your true style potential. So, ask yourself the questions stated above and start paring down the items in your closet.


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