Style Oaths: Five Fashion Resolutions to Make in 2018

“Fashion is something that goes in one year and out the other.” –Unknown Author

In anticipation of the brand new year, it is best to take stock of the fashion choices you have made all throughout this year and determine which ones of them are worth keeping for the next year. In this regard, you should be able to identify which ones should be modified and tweaked a bit or downright discarded. Fashion purveyors such as well-known stylists and designers provide fashionistas with the latest clothing styles and trends every single day in the year. Furthermore, they furnish their avid followers and readers with style advice every now and then, but it is ultimately up to you to distinguish which ones of them are worth turning into habits and which ones you should ignore.
As you usher in and welcome the brand new year, it is best to come up with a to make better fashion choices and come up with a concrete plan to be a more put-together person not only for the next few months but over the next 12 months of 2018 as well.

However, it is not only enough to make promises such as wearing fewer hip-hop clothing and more of smart casual clothes, but you also need to ensure that they would be realistic enough for you to fulfill for every single day of the next year. With this in mind, it is best to come up with a set of style mantras that you would still want to do after the second week of February. In any case, if you have been looking for attainable fashion resolutions for the next year regardless of whatever your style might be, take a gander at the list below for some suggestions.

1.) Be the most dressed-up person in the room

There is a difference between overdressing and being the most-dressed up in the room. The former implies that there is a strict dress code to be followed and you simply went overboard while the latter means there is a sense of cohesion among all the fashion items you have chosen to sport for that day. For the next year, aim to be the latter and endeavor to be always the best dressed or at least the most dressed up. Being the most dressed-up person in the room for 2017 inspires confidence while allowing you to have fun with fashion as you enjoy putting together an ensemble. Moreover, you will likely get a lot of feel-good compliments which can truly boost your self-esteem.

2.) Look after the things you already have

2017 was all about adopting a minimalist lifestyle in almost every aspect of life which means it would invariably include how you dress. 2017 inspired us to edit our closets and get rid of things that no longer do anything for us and leave only the things we want to wear. As you have already gotten rid of the things you no longer need, let 2018 be the year you take better care of the things you already do have. In a sense, this means dry-cleaning your blouses, having your shoes repaired before it becomes an emergency and damage becomes irreparable and irreversible. Doing so would save you from doing any needless shopping sprees where you might feel compelled to acquire more clothing items than necessary which would be counterintuitive to your minimalist movement.

3.) Buy more of what you love

Fashion columnists have always encouraged their readers to have a more diverse wardrobe by buying from different boutiques and designers. In this regard, they were compelled to break the mold and try on different styles—even if they do not necessarily need to do so. If you have already found your personal style and know which styles do look on you best, do not be afraid to buy more of it and wear it on repeat for the next year. While some might argue that this sounds like a boring option, it is also a subtle way of forming a signature style in which a specific kind of clothing could be identified with you. Bulk up on what fashion styles do work for you and have fun wearing them in a myriad of ways you can imagine.

4.) Embrace fun fashion

For the New Year, try not to conform too much and simply have fun with fashion. There is absolutely no reason for you to follow every style edict and fashion advice and take them to heart. Have fun with fashion and mix it up every once in a while. Be bold and try something new that has not been done before. Mix some of your frilly and girly dresses with your boyfriend or tomboy jeans. Alternatively, you can do an epic fashion fusion from different eras by digging up old vintage apparel which you would then mix with contemporary staples and new pieces. Next year, endeavor to stand out and make a fashion statement.

5.) Do not resist color

If you have a streamlined wardrobe consisting of only basic and neutral colors such as blue, black, grey, white and different shades of brown and cream, then it is time to inject some color into your closets. Instead of blending in with your surroundings, go for bold hues and rock a vibrant fashion ensemble that would be sure to turn heads in your direction. Embrace color and have more of it in your wardrobes. Moreover, try not to make them something you wear once a week and instead rotate them on different days. After all, wearing brighter colors can affect your mood, and if you are looking to have a more cheerful mindset in 2018, you best start by wearing cheerier, brighter and happier-looking colors.

If you have wanted to look better fashion-wise for the next year, keep in mind that there are some style choices you have to adapt and some to discard. For your sartorial well-being, some of the doable deeds are already mentioned above, and you should definitely consider incorporating them into your daily habits. After all, 2018 should be the year of the better-dressed you.


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