Fashion Blogging: Five Excellent Tips to be an Unforgettable Fashion Blogger


“You are considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion…but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity.” –Sofia Coppola


Fashion blogging has always been associated with a glamorous lifestyle.

Getting to try out new dresses, showcasing various styles, picking out the right sartorial ensembles for a particular occasion, giving sagely style advice and writing about them are all things some girls would love to dabble in once in their lives. If you have ever had a flair for selecting the best possible outfits and a unique penchant for writing, then maybe you might want to try and channel your proclivity into fashion blogging.  However, do know that while fashion blogging might be something most would consider as a frivolous profession, it is no way trivial and achieving success is not something everyone can do. As so many individuals share a likeminded interest in this particular niche in blogging, know that becoming a truly successful fashion blogger takes more than just your interest in style, fashion, and clothes. The niche is a crowded and competitive space that it might take quite a few trials and errors before you get the hang of it. In this regard, a great deal of your patience, determination, and commitment to success would be required for your success. However, a few tips would not hurt either.

If you wish to navigate the seemingly unchartered path of fashion blogging, an excellent navigation technique is to be in correspondence with the top style bloggers themselves—or at least know a handful of their tips. Know how they made it to the top whether it was blogging purely for urban streetwear designs or the like and try to approach a similar tack. In any case, if you have always wanted to start your own blog, here are some excellent tips from the bloggers themselves:


Ask yourself how your blog is different from everyone else

Considering that fashion blogging is a common niche most individuals are interested in pursuing, you can expect a lot of individuals to already have (or think of having) their own fashion blogs. If you have not established your own blog yet, breaking into the industry can be quite challenging—especially since you are a newbie. An excellent way to address this dilemma is to ask yourself what you can offer to your readers that have not been offered by anyone else. In a sense, what makes your fashion blog unique?


After all, if what you are doing has already been done before, there is really no point in repetition. Besides, you cannot expect to become unforgettable at something that has already been routinely done before. As a new blogger, it is imperative to be different and stand out. You need to give your readers a compelling reason to choose your blog. Find out what that is, use it to your advantage and write about it in lieu of following what everyone else is doing.


Know your audience and how they interact with you

A successful fashion blog is brought about by the blogger’s innate persistence of staying true to what made the blog achieve that same success in the first place. In this regard, it is essential to always keep in mind why you blogged in the first place and find out why people follow you. Whatever that is, you should never lose sight of that, no matter how far you have come or how successful your blog becomes. People who are extremely successful in this field have understood that fashion blogging involves an element that is analytics-based. You need to observe and pay meticulous attention to how your audience engages with you and find out what they want and adequately deliver. Know who you are talking to and determine what it is that they wish to see from you.


Instagram is your new friend

When it comes to fashion blogging, pictures do more than your descriptions. After all, this is an incredibly visual niche so you can expect your followers to peruse your photos and maybe even completely disregard your captions—unless they are trying to find out where you got the ensemble from. In this industry, the adage that a picture says a thousand words truly holds water and makes sense. With this in mind, if you want a quick way to establish a name in the industry, you might as well start with Instagram as it the quickest way to get noticed and the fastest way to build your brand. In fact, some would say that blogs are dying because Instagram is spearheading the game and is totally changing the rules of fashion blogging. Moreover, Instagram is an excellent social platform to explore and discover new blogs and fashion inspiration.


High-Quality content is still the most important thing

Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because pictures are dominating the fashion blogging niche, you can completely overlook making high-quality content. Regardless of what social media platform is popular at the moment, content will always remain king. If you continue producing high-quality work, you can expect to always have a platform. Just focus on creating excellent content when you are just starting out and brands will come knocking. However, it is imperative to first figure out your point of view. Sure, there is a myriad of steps involved in being successful in this niche, but to break ground in this niche, ensure that you produce not only good but amazing content.


Know yourself well so that you can build your brand

One thing you have to keep in mind that what is right for you might not be necessarily what someone else is doing. In this regard, know that this niche involves a smidgen of taking risks. Keep in mind that sure, establishing relationships with brands is an excellent avenue for generating profit. But this should not be purely about what brands are paying you, but rather more on the fact in focusing how you become a brand yourself—in a truthful and organic way. Know what works for you and be adeptly discriminating about what consists your personal style and what you wish to pursue professionally. Do not make the oversight of diluting your vision in an attempt to do what others wish you to do.


Starting your own fashion blog might lead you to encounter a lot of bumps down the road. However, do not let this deter you. Just keep the five tips above in mind and complement that with the right attitude (a combination of persistent, determination and commitment) and you will be on the road to success.


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