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Fashion in Focus: Five Trends You Can Forget About in 2018


“The customer is the final filter. What survives the whole process is what people wear. I am not interested in making clothes that end up in some dusty museum.” –Marc Jacobs


There has never been any doubt that a new year brings with it a fresh new set of fashion trends that would soon become worthy and classic staples in women’s closets. However, while back in the day it took weeks (and some even months) for a trend to take off, today it is only a matter of days. As a result, trends stuck around for quite some time before they totally fade into obscurity.

But with the rise and raging popularity of social media, the rise and fall of trends are more rapid than ever—big thanks to social media platforms such as Instragram and online influencer marketing. Years back trends were dictated only by what fashion pundits think are fashionable and what people mainly see on the runway. Today, that still remains a relevant concept but ordinary people with a huge following can leverage what is also considered fashionable and stylish by promoting those same trends on their pages. Unfortunately, with trends rising faster than ever comes with the consequence of them being obsolete much faster than ever—not that it is a bad thing. After all, these are trends, not classics, obsolescence is practically synonymous to them.

Each year we hoard these by the numbers and stock our closets up only to pack them up and ship them off to consignment stores or donate them at the end of the year. As a fashion forward individual, it is imperative to understand that these fashion trends are nothing more than mere patterns that come and go. In this regard, you should develop and cultivate a fashion sense that is more of what styles speak to you rather than follow what everyone else is wearing—regardless of whether this is the latest trend in streetwear clothing or not. In any case, for you to enhance your closet curation skills, here is a list of the fashion trends you should probably forget about this year. If you have any of these lingering in your closets, it is finally time to pack them up and let them go.


Statement Shirts

While this trend saw a major rise and finally hit several spotlights in 2017, it looks incredibly dated this year. After all, if you think about it, the tee is nothing really special aside from it being a canvass for a combination of words. In any case, this year would see a serious upgrade in this basic statement shirt. With the sense of empowerment on the incline, you can soon expect people to wear their feelings on their shirts. And clothes would more or less have a voice.

Corset belts

Introduced and sensationalized by none other than Kylie Jenner herself, women have started wearing corset belts as a trend in the previous year. It initially baffled me as corsets were not meant to be concealed underneath your ensembles and not blatantly displayed for many to see. However, it caught on and everyone was suddenly sporting a corset belt. While they are all the rage, this trend is not here to stay and is probably one trend we are all happy to say goodbye too. Sure, they give your body more of an hourglass shape when you are wearing loose dress, but they can be rather expensive. Furthermore, you can achieve the same silhouette with practically any other chunky belt.

Painful shoes

Over the years, painful shoes have given women all over the world better leverage on their height and made them look a lot more sophisticated and elegant when walking. Unfortunately, these shoes did nothing to improve their gait and only caused them pain and agony at the end of the day. As a result, podiatrists and footwear designers have seen a reduction in the demand for these shoes. In fact, women are gravitating away from these painful shoes and are selecting styles that will not cramp their style instead. In this year, you do not have to needlessly and incessantly suffer if you wish to look great and sexy. This year choose fashion that harmoniously coexists with function without causing you any pain at all.


Pompoms were seen practically everywhere–from your sartorial choices, shoes to even accessories such as bags. However, while pompoms might be an excellent accent to add a little panache to your accessories and ensembles, they are woefully obsolete and retired this 2018. Much like chokers, patches, furry slides and tassels, pompoms do not make the cut this year. This is because runway trends tend to convert to fast fashion. Fast fashion items are seen almost everywhere that after a while, it can get rather easy to become weary of them—even before you have the chance of wearing them a little more often than you already have. However, no one is stopping you if you wish not to let go of these trendy items. Just ensure that you do not overly invest in them—both financially and emotionally.

Male Rompers

Let us face it, this trend was more of a gag than a serious trend. While the male romper made several waves in the fashion industry last year, it was probably more on men poking fun at the ludicrous idea and design. In any case, the trend craze cannot continue seeing as how this is more likely to end up in someone’s list of regrets soon after. Today, men are foregoing trends altogether and are opting for more traditional and less in-the-moment styles. Similarly, the lumberjack look which took the fashion industry by storm last year would be supplanted by the always superior and classic suit. The latter is a timeless style after all while the former is just a trend.



Of course, this year is going to be no different when it comes to fashion trends. However, as a stylish individual, it is your responsibility not to overly invest in them. In any case, it is also a great opportunity for you to edit your wardrobes and reevaluate your fashion choices. After all, if your mentality has always been the “buy now and dispose later” kind, you would soon find yourself wasting a lot of resources on trends alone.


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