Better Style: Seven Everyday Habits for a Better Dressed You

“Women want to look sexy. They want to look stylish, and there is no reason why you cannot be just as sexy and stylish in a size 16 as you can be in a size 2.” –Daisy Fuentes


Style has always been a universal aspect known to fashion.

Women who are incredibly put-together seem to possess it in abundance. While there are some of us who struggle to put a sartorial ensemble every morning, there are those who seem to breeze through their wardrobes with the best-looking clothes assembled for them. Sure, style may be a very personal thing and it is uniquely different to each individual, but there are just some women who seem to look effortlessly chic and sophisticated no matter what day it is. Most of us may have wondered where these women seemingly get their energy to dress immaculately and elegantly every day and at times it leaves us baffled as to what their secrets are. Well, you might be surprised to find out that there is no secret really—just that these women have adhered to well-formulated style habits that in effect make them dress and look better.

While there is no universal edict or code on how women should dress, there are certainly a few select habits that would assist you in refining the way you dress. After all, it is not just about choosing the ideal clothes nor doing your makeup as perfectly as you can. Little things such as maintaining a proper closure, routinely editing your closet and a myriad of others things would definitely aid you in the process of assembling a put-together outfit every day. So, if you wish to look and feel as chic and stylish as you wish to be, incorporate some of these daily habits into your routine to wake up feeling positively fresh and fashionable each day. After all, style is never about whether you wear wholesale clothing or branded retail buys, it is how you wear your clothes that matter.


Keep your closet organized

An organized closet helps you choose better outfits every single day. Moreover, keeping it organized would encourage you to edit it as much as you can and prevents you from holding on to outfits you no longer need (and are just taking up valuable space). Sure, some women (Cher Horowitz as an example) may be able to put together a highly fashionable outfit from a pile of clothes scattered on the floor. But this enviable feat is not exactly easy to do for mere mortals. So, give your closets a little TLC by folding your clothes and putting them away. Incidentally, if you are trying on things from your closet, put them back in if you are not going to wear them. A well-organized closet will definitely speed up the process of selecting your outfit and editing your look as it will help you see the pieces you are working with.

Practice good posture

Whether you are wearing a particularly good outfit or not, it always pays to have good posture—so, stand tall and erect at all times. In fact, it may even be argued that posture plays a pivotal role in making our outfits stand out. After all, you should think of yourself as the backdrop of your clothes, so do not slouch and showcase it to the world. Not only does it help you exude confidence, it makes you look better and gives you a variety of health benefits as well.

Plan your outfits ahead of time

Instead of standing in front of your closet every morning and bemoaning the fact that you have nothing to wear, why not plan your outfits ahead of time? In this way, you would not spend so much time in the morning what you would wear for that day. Sure, it is nice to inject a little spontaneity into your lives every once in a while, but planning ensures that you would be able to put together an outfit that looks great. Planning as you go tends to make you look like you just wore the first thing you have seen in your closets and rushed out of your homes.

Mix and low fashion

There is no absolute need for you to drape yourself in everything designer just to be considered fashionable. In fact, affordable trendy sartorial items can just be as stylish and chic as designer ones, but you do need to have a keen eye for when you can mix and match high and low fashion. For best results, invest in a few classic but quality fashion pieces and pair them with some of your trendier sets and come up with a surprisingly fresh and fashionable ensemble.

Wear clothes that fit you appropriately

If you are in denial about your size, maybe now is the time to accept the fact that you would no longer fit into the jeans you once wore when you were in high school. Take note, if you wish to be as fashionable and chic as you should be, you should start wearing clothes that fit you well and would have a tailor to tweak your pieces to fit you perfectly. Remember, you do not have to be a certain size to be considered fashionable and stylish, but you do need to wear clothes that fit you.

Take some time to get ready in the morning

While not all of us are gifted with the unique prowess of being chirpy in the morning, it bodes you well to wake up a little earlier than usual to get ready for the day ahead. Not all of us possess the skill of putting together an outfit in five minutes, so give yourself a little extra time to do so. Ignore that snooze button and give yourself some time to focus on your look.

Have a go-to uniform for back up

Apart from being a back-up, consider this ensemble as your signature look—one that you can always rely on to make you look and feel good. These can be various assortments of clothes—so long as when you wear it, you can feel confidently stylish and beautiful.



While style is not a thing everyone might possess, there are certain ways to help you develop or at refine it. In this regard, it would be best if you took to heart the practices stated above so that you can work your way to a more stylish you. As they say, style is not only an aspect in fashion, but a lifestyle.


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