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Fashion in Focus: The Biggest Trends of 2018 to Watch Out For!

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” –Coco Chanel

There has never been any doubt that the brand new year gives every individual to look forward to—particularly members of the fairer sex.

Apart from making New Year’s resolutions and resolving to commit in incorporating them into their daily routine, the brand new year is also an avenue for a total fashion overhaul. While you are not exactly going to strip down your closets and do a complete revamp of your sartorial ensembles, the New Year is definitely an ideal opportunity for you to reevaluate your fashion style and preference. Consequently, this will encourage you to soon refine your fashion taste and make better sartorial choices. Style is a universal aspect, and although it is personal to the wearer, it still has unique aspects about it to be considered, fashion-forward. Furthermore, fashion never stays stagnant; it is elastic and continues to evolve each year and each day. As such, the fashion industry then comes up with either recalled trends from the yesteryears or give classics a contemporary spin which would resultantly be considered that particular year’s chicest and coolest trends. After all, you cannot expect to sport trends from way back and be considered elegant and sophisticated.

Fashion consequently updates itself, and as a result, you should give your wardrobes the necessary update as well. So, regardless of whether your choice of accessories and, sartorial items are primarily retail or http://www.sevenwholesale.com/wholesale clothing, here are some of the fashion and trends you should definitely look out for this year:

1.) Lavender

Sure, 2018’s color might be Pantone—the “Ultra Violet” declared by fashion pundits to be the official color of this year. However, this does not mean that you should ignore and discard all other shades of purple altogether. Sure, they might not be considered 2018’s color of the year, but they still have a smidgen of Pantone about them. Moreover, the Pantone shade is much too intense that it can be a little hard to mix and match it with some (or even most) of your existing outfits. To give it a subtler and more feminine flair, incorporate lavender instead that is a pretty pastel shade that works wonders on women. The color tone is just the right mix of romantic and vibrant—and also makes for a lovely hue on your social media feed.

2.) Sartorial Art

Art is no longer constrained to being hung on your bedroom walls as paintings or the like. This year, art can even be found on your clothes. Create waves, be a trendsetter and make a fashion statement by donning some of the most vibrant and zaniest sartorial creations that have been injected with art. 2018 is predicted to be the year where art and fashion intersect to make way for the incredibly colorful pieces on the runway. In 2018, art is wearable—so choose your selections well.

3.) The New Trench

While trench coats have always been somewhat of a classic staple in most women’s closets, 2018’s fashion has given them a modern and fresh upgrade. Traditional trench coats were all about being sleek, formal and sophisticated—so much so that what is inside them is usually more interesting than the coat itself. This year, however, trench coats are given the chic update of having new cuts to feathers and ruffles—definitely something new for the colder seasons.

4.) Plaid Domination

Plaid will be seen in just about any women’s sartorial garment or accessory this year. From jackets, trench coats to even your boots. The trend is somewhat predictably popular—after all, grey checked blazers have already dominated the street style scene, and various social media feeds in the past season. However, do not mistake this for fizzling out as this trend is probably just getting started. The print largely dominates not only the runways but casual wear as well outside of fashion shows. Moreover, the trend is incredibly versatile that it is rather easy to work it with the existing pieces in your wardrobe as there is a myriad of ways you can style it.

5.) Fanny packs

Alternatively known as belt bags, this trend has long been forgotten ever since women started favoring clutches or oversized bags. At some point, it was even considered as a taboo accessory trend as it tended to look tacky. However, it is making its comeback this year, and sporting one is now considered the height of cool. Skeptical about this claim? Well, A-list celebrities such as Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner have been seen sporting the fanny pack, and it is definitely going to be all over the runways which means this recall is definitely on its way to be a mainstay.

6.) Fringe Addiction

Although this trend is reminiscent of the twenties, it is making a splash this year making it one of the most fun trends of this fashion season. In the latter part of 2017, fringe can definitely be seen making a comeback, but this year, it is going to be even more dramatic and more over-the-top than ever. In fact, fringe is not just limited to clothes but can also be found surfacing on bags, shoes, some skirts, and playfully trimmed tops. Fringe is an excellent way to create movement in your clothes and definitely adds a feminine charm to your ensembles.

7.) Plastic Wear

When the world’s first pair of transparent boots was introduced to the masses, people were baffled as to how to react. Some thought of it as a joke while the rest seemingly saw it as a clever marketing ploy, but only a few were convinced that it would actually become a full-fledged fashion trend. However, here we are in 2018 and plastic material is not only limited to shoes and boots. Today, it is considered as the trendiest material for outerwear which means it is definitely something you should try. While most people are still on the hedge as regards the trend, clear plastic outerwear is evidently more fashionable than the standard ones. Moreover, it is also an excellent avenue for showcasing what you are wearing underneath your coat.


Aptly usher in this brand new year by incorporating some of this year’s biggest fashion trends. After all, the new year is not only about the new you, but the new clothes as well.

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