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Fashion for Fall: Ten Basic Essentials for Your Autumn Wardrobe

“Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.” –Coco Chanel

Leaves start falling and fading into orange, the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes fill the air, individuals are beginning to wrap themselves in thick scarves, and the scenery paints a terracotta hue –what other season could it be other than fall? With vivid burnt orange hues brightening up your surroundings, there can be no other season more appropriate for fresh starts than fall. Although the year might be drawing to a close, this is the best time for you to survey the contents of your closet and take a long hard look at the basics you are already in possession of. However, before you start carting off and dispensing all the outdated and off-season clothes than you have and go nuts with new purchases, it is imperative to assess your wardrobes first. Clothing stores might be teeming with the latest trendy pieces for fall, but you need to be a little particular when it comes to your upgrades. Take note, the wisest tack in refreshing your wardrobe is to favor new staples that would give you endless options—not only for autumn but the rest of the year as well.

Your basics should be upgraded to look fresh and appropriate for the season. Furthermore, they should be versatile enough to pair with any other garments you have in your wardrobe. In this way, you would look chic and fashion-forward regardless of whether these staples are for casual wear such as streetwear clothing or a more formal setting such as corporate events. In any case, here are some of the excellent basics for updating your wardrobe this season:

1.) Dressy Shoes

If there is one mantra that stays true for every generation, it is that a girl can never have too many shoes. Update your wardrobes with pairs of dressy shoes in varying heel heights. These shoes would help you feel sophisticated and would instantly bring any outfit up to a notch. Purchase shoes of varying heel heights to diversify and spice up your ensembles—those that you can comfortably wear out to the streets as well as rock in nightclubs or offices. Minimalist sandals with average heels can be comfortably worn to the office and can easily elevate a formal outfit.

2.) A sleek bag for every occasion

Some girls would content with just having a single bag for any occasion. Unfortunately, for fashion-forward individuals, relying on a single satchel is unimaginable. To complete your wardrobes, have a sleek bag you can use for every occasion. This piece should be versatile enough to hold all your clothes for the gym plus your lunch. On weekends, you should have a casual bag that is neither too small nor too big. It should be enough to carry your essentials yet casual enough to look great with any outfit.

3.) Sensible flat boots

Autumn will inevitably have wet and colder days wherein you need to be appropriately wrapped up. While leather boots would look fabulous paired with your denim jeans, it would not be much help in protecting you from inclement weather. Furthermore, persistently wearing it during rainstorms and the like would cause the leather to deteriorate after a while. Instead, go for a pair of rain boots. They are sleek and just as fashionable as a traditional leather pair and would go with your best jeans or favorite skirt.

4.) Bright Work-Friendly Sheaths

Add to the beautiful colors of autumn by investing in bright and colorful sheaths as well. These sheaths must be conservative enough to pass for corporate wear but fun enough to elevate your style. Stun onlookers by investing on a red piece where you can just throw in a blazer, and you are good to go.

5.) Unique Blazer

A woman with a flair for putting together ensembles knows that any tailored blazer can instantly make an outfit ten times more elegant—no matter how casual or formal. Choose a menswear-inspired blazer that would flatter your silhouette which you can easily slip into during the workdays. The simple addition would make you look professional, and on casual days, it looks excellent with just a tee and a pair of shorts or jeans.

6.) A Parka to keep you warm

Autumn is the season in anticipation of winter, so chilly days are ahead. To keep yourself warm and comfortable, have a trendy and ultra warm parka in your closets. Ensure that the piece has a thick liner which is detachable so you can easily remove it should the weather call for fabrics that are less thick.

7.) A simple black dress

You have probably come across innumerable articles preaching the need for a multipurpose little black dress. But beyond having just a little black dress, have a black dress that saves you time as well. This would be especially useful on days wherein you cannot be bothered to pull on a top-notch outfit. Furthermore, this dress would be great for occasions wherein you are pressed for time and would need to be dressed in a snap.

8.) Updated jeans

Boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans have become an all-around staple that you see them almost everywhere. If you do not wish to fall into this common trend, try a fresh alternative and go for styles that are high-waisted and are cropped well above the ankle. To truly set it apart, go for a style that has a flare.

9.) Overcoats

Let us face it; you have been itching to wear your overcoats for a long time now. However, as this would most probably be your staple wear for the season, it would only be fair for you to wear something that is worth showing off. Go for the classic camel color or a bit more drama and flair, go for the crisp and clean white wrap styles.

10.) Tunics with interesting details

Tunics need not be dull, and you would certainly need one that is equally stylish as it is comfortable and warm. Choose a tunic that has slits up the sides and on the sleeves. This design will prove to be more interesting than your regular top and would be just as comfortable.
Let the fall season serve as a fresh start for you and your wardrobe. Update your classic pieces and standard staples with something that is not only befitting for the season but all year-round as well.

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Fashion in Focus: Six Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Style

“Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps me define me as a man to whom details matter.”-Gay Talese (Author)

Dressing forms part of our daily routine regardless of where we might be going. At times, it might be something that we do several times a day—depending on the occasion and the venue. However, how much consideration really goes into dressing up? Do you dress with deliberate thought and care? Or have you seen this part of your everyday routine as something negligible? After all, how hard can it be just to choose an ensemble of clothes and be on your merry way? For some individuals with a devil-may-care attitude as regards fashion, this may be the case. But for people who have a penchant for all things stylish and a flair for looking sophisticatedly fashion-forward, assembling a collection of clothes to wear might just be the most significant highlight of their everyday routine.

Some individuals relish the idea of taking hours just to find the perfect outfit while there are some who wish to do just the minimum requirement it takes to look presentable. You might think there is no other merit to contemplating so much about what to wear and working on your appearance other than a sense of personal satisfaction. But, you might just be surprised at how advantageous this can turn out to be. If you steered some of your endeavors into looking good and being fashionably stylish, you would immediately see how it can impact your life significantly. It improves your life and would even go as far as help you boost your career. You might be skeptical, but before you dismiss the idea and favor your existing clothing over more stylish and urban clothing, here are reasons that might convince you otherwise:

1.) Feel more confident

This one is a no-brainer and needs no further elaboration but to illustrate here is a brief example: Deliberately choosing what you wear means you like the choices you come up with. In a sense, it would mean that the clothing you have selected makes you feel good about yourself. From that aspect alone, a boost in your confidence ensues. Taking a positive approach to fashion and style can encourage you to discover what looks good on you as well. You might be surprised, but sometimes, fashion is all you need for a better and brighter day ahead.

2.) Improve self-care

An often overlooked but pivotal aspect in fashion is personal care and grooming. While a myriad of clothes might be the solitary focus for some, how you care for yourself actually plays a role on how good clothes will look on you. In this regard, taking deliberate care in dressing up would consequently make you care about yourself and your appearance better.

3.) Stand out more

You might not exactly be itching to get yourself in the spotlight, and that is totally okay. If you take particular joy in blending it, you might not necessarily think about how your clothing selections would make you more noticeable. However, there will be times in your life wherein your desire to get noticed would be inevitable. Regardless of whether this might stem from a professional or personal endeavor, the truth is your choices in fashion are excellent avenues of you getting noticed. In the workforce, you might want to stand out because you are competing against another individual for a promotion or the like. In this regard, a well-tailored suit or simply power dressing can be of assistance to you. Furthermore, if you are weary of getting washed out in the crowd, improving your style and changing up your fashion choices can drastically change that.

4.) Discover more about yourself

Dressing with deliberate care largely involves knowing what you want and why you want it. In this aspect alone, you are given the opportunity to explore your personal style deeper and discover more about your personality and who you truly are. Looks may not be everything, but there are various hints of your character and personality in the way you dress. After all, how you present yourself to the world in terms of clothing style, makeup and the like, forms part of how you express yourself. If you are a bit uncertain about what you like and what you do not like, try to explore different fashion choices. From here, you can determine what looks good on you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

5.) Connect with others over style and fashion

Having a keen interest in fashion and style is an excellent opportunity for you to make friends with individuals who have a similar interest with you. People with a proclivity for trends and the latest fashion can give you sagely advice as well. This does not mean you have to be absolutely obsessed with fashion just to talk about it with others, however. Even the simplest passing interest can already give you an opening for connecting with others who share this interest. Your social stratosphere is not limited to individuals you can physically interact with, as you can communicate and connect with people online as well. You might want to read fashion blogs and interact with people in the comments or start your very own if you so wish.

6.) Learn from mistakes

Making mistakes is inevitability—especially if you are refining your style and changing your fashion choices. If you do not see yourself committing any errors, that in itself is already a mistake as you are playing it too safe. However, do not fret, mistakes are pivotal to learning after all. You might dismiss them as just clothes, but these are lessons you can apply in other areas of your life as well. Apart from teaching you about the certain styles that look great on you, it teaches you how people would react to a particular style and would help you learn about who you are as well.


You might see clothes, style, and fashion as negligible aspects of life, but just give it a try, and you will be surprised at the many benefits it has attached to it. Simply improving your style or changing the way you dress can already make an impact on your daily life and you will feel much better about yourself overall as well. Dress deliberately and with care, and soon enough you would be wondering why you neglected to do it sooner.

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Psychology of Clothes: Six Ways Your Clothes Affects the Way You Think

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression—there are hints about who you are in what you wear.”-Marc Jacobs

What really goes into choosing clothes?

How do we end up with the final ensemble we choose to garb ourselves in?

Well, more often than not what wear depends largely on the sort of occasion we dress ourselves for. Most of us take a little extra time and effort in making ourselves look good for special occasions and certain events. However, it has also been posited that our moods play a pivotal role in our choices in clothes. In fact, various studies have been conducted showcasing the different ways clothing color would affect our emotions and the way we think. It has also been acknowledged that the way we dress tend to affect how we are perceived by other people. But, science now suggests that how we choose our ensembles may be that one significant difference when it comes to giving ourselves that extra edge in our professional and personal lives—regardless of whether you are male or female. After all, the adage that says we should dress for the job we want and not the one we have does not actually stem from nowhere.

Most people might dismiss clothes as something negligible, and something overlooked, but as research has suggested, the impact of clothes does have a direct effect on behavior. Through extensive research, science has shown that something as simple and easily overlooked as clothes affect personality, confidence, attitudes, and behavior and even how you interact with others socially—even somewhat subtly. So, the next time you casually throw on some casual streetwear clothing, think of what you are trying to convey and know that what you choose to wear affects your choice of behavior. Here are the various ways clothes affect the way you think:

1.) Casual Clothing = Makes us friendlier

While sophisticated and chic clothing would command not only attention but also respect in the workplace, it comes with a consequence: It would make you seem unapproachable and unfriendly. If you want to socialize with your colleagues, wearing rigidly strict corporate wear is not the best way to do it. Furthermore, studies have shown that wearing formal clothing tends to make you stiffer and a lot less open. As a result, you would have a harder time in trying to relax. Meanwhile, casual clothing makes you friendlier and a lot more creative—meaning that a good balance between a corporate and relaxed dress code at the office would be incredibly beneficial.

2.) Power Suits=Dominance and Confidence

There is a reason why individuals who want to be perceived as successful always wear suits and a well-tailored jacket or blazer. In fact, most people would see the traditional suit as the typical uniform of a CEO, and this is because it is primarily associated with being “dressed for success”. As research has found, structured clothing and well-tailored clothing would actually put us in the right state of mind to conduct business. In a sense, wearing power clothing would also make us feel confident and would consequently make us abstract thinkers and better negotiators.

3.) Uniforms =Conscious diligence in performing job better

There is a reason why some offices and jobs would require their employees to wear uniforms to work. Typically, this is to foster and cultivate an environment of orderliness and organization as employees wearing uniform clothing tend to be less of an eyesore than those who came in choosing their work clothes. Subtly, however, this is because from a psychological standpoint, wearing any kind of clothing that is associated with a specific job or role tends to encourage us to emulate how the people wearing that particular uniform should behave. Wearing clothing associated with a particular profession or job would activate our expectations and knowledge of how those people should act and behave. An example of this is how people wearing their coats and uniforms would make them more meticulous and conscious about their duties. In a sense, this is because they know it is expected of them. Likewise, school children who have uniforms to wear tend to perform better as perhaps it made school work more valuable and real.

4.) Gym Clothes=Motivation to work out

Much like how you should dress for the job you want and not the one you have, you should also dress for the activity you want to do. Studies have shown that wearing gym clothes increases the likelihood of you actually exercising. It might be incredibly subtle, but the simple act of wearing working gear would actually prompt you into thinking you should make healthier choices and would serve as a reminder that you should exercise. So, if you feel unmotivated to exercise daily, wear your active wear or at least have them with you.

5.) Luxurious and Designer Clothes= Political Ideologies

It might seem far-fetched, but studies have shown that clothes would not only affect our perceived social status but would have a tendency to modify our political attitudes and views. As an example, a study that asked women to carry a Prada handbag tend to identify with more conservative and capitalist values as opposed to those who have been invited to carry a generic one non-designer and non-luxury one. Furthermore, it has been shown that these ladies were less likely to help others in general unless it improved their status. In conclusion, researchers believe that people have an unconscious but uncanny ability to act in such a way that is consistent with their look. From this ideology, it can be safely assumed that if we do dress for the role, we will inevitably start to live it.

6.) Lingerie =Exude confidence and sexiness

For the most part, underwear is mostly hidden and as a consequence should bear no significance on the impact of our clothes on our moods and line of thinking. Contrary to that, however, studies have shown that something that rarely sees the light of the day can actually affect the way we feel about ourselves. Clothes that are concealed under a layer of clothes such as socks and underwear influence our confidence levels and self-perception. The simple act of wearing something sexy would make us feel more confident, self-assured and powerful. So, if you need an extra boost of confidence for that job interview, consider wearing sexy lingerie underneath the smart and corporate ensemble.


As shown in the article above, clothes are not merely sartorial garments in which we garb, clothe and cover ourselves. But rather, they transcend their necessary purpose by being an avenue not only for self-expression but psychological processes as well. Seeing as different characteristics are ascribed to different clothes, it would then be wise to be a lot more selective and discerning when it comes to what we wear. After all, not only does it affect how we are perceived, but how we think as well.

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Retail Therapy: Five Failsafe Shopping Tips to Buy Clothes That Last

“Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping.”-Oscar Wilde

Oniochalasia (n.): Buying or shopping as a method of stress relief or relaxation

It is without a doubt that shopping is one of the best avenues for allaying stress and it has also been known to be an effective method of lifting one’s mood whenever one is down in the dumps. Although hardly considered economic, this fact is especially so for women who have a unique affinity for sartorial items and a penchant for retail therapy. After all, a rather popular sentiment when it comes to shopping is wishing it was covered by health insurance as is it considered an excellent alternative to having a therapist. However, considering that to dispel the blues away and alleviate stress, you need to fork over some cash, you need to be extra meticulous and careful about the purchases you make. Before giving in to your shopping impulses take a look and survey your closets first? Are they filling to the brim with clothes you never wear? Or are they otherwise clothes you do wear but would wear out quickly? Regardless of whether you indulge your shopping with desires with retail buys or wholesale clothing, the fact remains that when it comes to shopping, you need to come up with a strategy in order to select only the best clothes that would last you for years and not months alone.

After all, nothing is more infuriating than seeing a brand new sartorial purchase look aged after a single wash, or having holes appear on it after several uses. While there are some clothes that are not made to last, this does not mean they should be disposable either. This fact coupled with the quality of clothes on the decline should give you a sense of urgency to be a bit more thorough in selecting the clothes you buy. Here are a few tried and trusted tips to ensure you do not make the mistake of buying easily worn-out clothes:

1.) Check the label

No, this does not mean the brand tag that your clothes come with, but rather it means the tag which indicates what the fabric content is. Regardless of where you bought your clothes, the fabric content would matter. These may come from a lot of sources such as plants and animals which would yield linen, cotton, silk, and wool. But in order not to over exhaust that limited supply, some of our clothes might be made from synthetic materials such as acrylic, spandex, rayon and the like which are spun from petrochemicals and plastics. These synthetic fabrics are made to feel a lot like natural fibers albeit, a lot less sturdy. These materials cannot withstand repeated laundering the way natural fibers can and would eventually break down in the wash or the dryer. For this reason, you need to be a bit particular about the type of fabric your clothes are made of, and consequently, it is advisable to learn what good quality feels and looks like.

2.) Use your sense of touch

There is no doubt that the singular best way to know and judge a fabric’s quality whether it is knit or woven is to touch it. In this way, you would have a better idea of whether the fabric feels soft, smooth or substantial or brittle, thin and rough. If you want a garment to last long, then you need to go for fabrics of substantial fiber as this would mean it is more likely to last longer. It does not necessarily have to be heavy, just ensure that the yarns and threads are tightly packed and observe the density. A good way to establish a sense of what fabrics will hold up well is to start with the clothes in your closet. Observe your clothes and determine which ones have stood up to the test of time and which have not. Get a feel of your own clothes in order to have a sense of what it is that made some of your garments age well.

3.) Hold it up to the light and stretch it

Sometimes, reading the label and touching a garment’s fabric just does not cut it. More often than not, if you truly want to ensure you are buying quality clothes that would last you long, you need to hold it up against the light and stretch it a bit. Touch alone would not be an excellent indicator of quality as there are some manufacturers who may add chemicals to make a cloth seem smoother and feel heftier. Holding up a particular garment against the light would give you a better sense of its weight and the density of its weave. Make sure you pay attention to the yarns as well. And remember, the more tightly spun they appear, the better.

4.) Look at the seams, inside and outside

While fabric quality is paramount to determining a piece of clothing’s quality, it is not the sole element that matters. Apart from the fabric itself, it would be wise to check what is holding your garment together. This means you have to pay particular attention the seams and see to it that the stitches should be closely spaced, even and lying flat on the fabric. Do not limit your scrutiny to the outer layer of the garment and check the insides as well. Avoid purchasing seams that look sloppy or garments that have spots where they appear loose or stitched over multiple times. Checking stitches and seams is imperative as this is what holds a garment together and ensures that it would not fall apart with movement or washing.

5.) Good quality will probably cost you

The bottom line here is: If you want your clothes to last, you need to pay a premium for it. Good quality means a lot more attention is given to detail and other aspects where manufacturers offering cheaper alternatives would overlook or even neglect. If you wish your garments and clothing to last, you must be prepared to spending money for it. However, a word of caution though: While cheap clothing can be readily dismissed as low-quality, a hefty price tag does not necessarily mean high quality. As indicated above, it recommended that you check first and know what to look for.


When it comes to shopping for clothes, it is always advisable that you buy those that would last you quite a long time. Hopefully, the tips written above would serve as a guide in helping you make better choices and purchases. As a result, you can have the best value for your money. Lastly, should your clothes seem to be breaking down, do not immediately resort to dispensing or giving them away, you can always choose to repair them and have them good as new. Choose your clothes well and avoid shopping on impulse, and you will have a wardrobe filled with clothes that would last you not only for months but for years to come.

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Fashion 101: Eight Style Terms Every Self-Confessed Fashionista Must Know

“Fashion is more than just how many colors and patterns you can put on at once. Being a great dresser is not necessarily about the colors you put on. It is about putting things together in the right way and then trying different things.” -Dwayne Wade

Self-confessed fashionistas live, breathe and figuratively eat fashion. They do not only strive to look fashion forward and sophisticated, but they try to keep themselves constantly updated with the new styles and trends that come out every season. However, what distinguishes a self-confessed fashionista from a true blue fashionista? What sets a real fashionista apart? Well, they similarly love fashion, but while the former loves to shop and just try out a myriad of clothes, the latter’s view of fashion extends beyond what they can see in clothes, bags, and shoes. For true fashionistas, fashion is an art form whose various details and aspects are translated into what we see in various fashion items. True fashionistas have this distinct propensity to be a little more meticulous on the details than their self-confessed counterparts. Style details such as sleeve styles, embellishments, hems and the like are of paramount importance to them—far more than the label that merely created it. In their eyes, fashion is the physical manifestation of a designer’s creative eye.

These are the individuals who have spent extra time and went the extra mile to do some extra studying as regards fashion. Unfortunately, while we all do love fashion, a lot of the style and fashion terminology will sound a lot like jargon if you have never been to fashion or designer school—or at least brushed up on a fashion course. There is no reason to fret, however, as this article has collected some of the most common and often used terms in the fashion world which you could start using today.

1.) Balloon Sleeves

Balloon sleeves have been around for quite a while, and today, they have been making waves in the fashion world—both in wholesale clothing and in retail branded buys. Ballon sleeves are sleeves of any length that have a bulbous and exquisite effect. If you are looking for an absolute fashion forward look, go for this season’s hottest trend and flaunt your balloon sleeves.

2.) Knife Pleat

Knife pleats can be seen anywhere from long skirts to ankle-cut culottes. In one way or another, you can see it as a type of fold on the fabric itself which creates a unique texture on the clothing itself. Knife pleats are sharp and narrow folds which are formed by doubling the material back upon itself. If you want more dimension to your clothing, adding knife pleats to your full ensemble would be your best bet.

3.) Choker Tops

As of late, choker tops have been all the rage, and almost every major celebrity was seen sporting it. However, why not take it up a notch and go for choker tops instead. Let go of that choker necklace and don on a choker top which closely resembles a top combined with a choker sans the choker necklace’s many details. If you are pressed for time, then skip the accessorizing part of your dressing routine and combine your clothes with your accessories with a simple choker top.

4.) Bustle

Skirts that flare out are incredibly chic and girlish. Unfortunately, not every one of us has the time to insert a petticoat underneath our skirts nor do we want to contend with the persistent itchiness of the fabric and material used. So, instead of the usual and rather outdated petticoats, women can now alternatively use a bustle which functions much like a petticoat. However, while petticoats would usually pouf out the entire skirt, bustles are frames or pads designed to support and expand the fullness of the back of a woman’s skirt. Regardless, however, the wearer can still achieve mainly the same effect of a fuller and flared out skirt.

5.) Dress Gloves

Dress gloves are appropriate for any formal functions and wherein the dress code is designated as formal or gowns for the ladies. These are gloves that extend way beyond the wrist and would give your formal ensemble a bit of glamor. Although they can be used casually, they look more at home and appropriate in a formal setting. Audrey Hepburn was an iconic person who popularized the use of dress gloves in her movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

6.) Epaulet

Epaulets more mostly reserved for high-ranking individuals in the military, navy or aviation service. Otherwise, they are famously seen in many costumes and dress pieces singers would wear on stage. Today, most individuals would wear them as a fashion statement. An epaulet is an ornamental shoulder piece characterized by its many tassels that dangle over a wearer’s shoulder. It is typically seen in a military-style coat or jacket.

7.) Fanny Pack

Several years ago, a lot of individuals who swear by fashion would not be caught dead wearing a fanny pack. Fanny packs were considered as an absurd and obsolete piece of fashion mostly worn by merchants selling wares as it is a convenient storage room for their profit sales. However, fashion is circuitous, and just now it has come in a complete circle. Fanny packs are no longer considered unfashionable, and they are given even better and modern upgrades that fashionistas would no longer snub them on the aisles. Fanny packs are convenient alternatives to small purses which tie around your waist. It is both a functional and stylish accessory ideal for carrying daily essentials and going hands-free. Lastly, a well-designed fanny pack cinches the waist and can do wonders to your silhouette.

8.) Minaudiere

While small purses are chic and cute, minaudieres are all the rage now. Their function is mostly decorative as they are small and without handles and straps, but they give any outfit that extra oomph with its elegant design. Minaudieres are characterized by the heavily embellished designs which are mostly made of metals or rhinestones and fancy stones.
So, whether you are going from chic to casual fashion term, here are some of the most common fashion terminologies you can now finally add to your vocabulary so that you can finally say that you are a real and genuine fashionista.


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Fashion Hacks 101: Eight Failsafe Tips to Look Great in Clothes

“Beware the old man in young guy’s clothes. If he is over 35 and comes to pick you up looking as though he is headed for a skateboarding competition while you are dressed to go to a nice restaurant, this is not a good sign.” –Merrill Markoe

Fashion has always been a hit or miss thing when it comes to looking great and spectacular. More often than not, it seems as if the clothes we have our tailored for our old bodies—when we were at least ten pounds lighter and had more curves in places where they were needed. Unfortunately, as it is in life, it is hard to maintain the kind of body that would serve as an appropriate foundation for fashion and look best in most clothes. However, what most people are not aware of is that looking great in clothes would depend less on your body type and more of your choice in clothing and how you go about mixing and matching it.

Clothing brands, designer labels—all these are extraneous factors that would do little to contribute how great you would look in clothes and wearing generic branded clothing or wholesale clothing is a testament to that. When it comes to dressing well, it all comes down to choosing the right clothes and combining them with other clothing elements that make them look great. It matters not if you have a sizable budget, are using your existing wardrobe or are looking for a change of fashion taste; all you need is a keen eye for what looks great on you and what does not. Here are some of the failsafe tricks that would make you look like you overhauled your existing wardrobe:

1.) When it comes to skirts, opt for A-line

If you have a penchant for wearing skirts more than any other clothing, show your fashion flair by opting for A-line skirts which have been long thought to be one of the most flattering cuts for skirts. This is because unlike any other skirt, the A-lines nipped waist and full bottom creates the illusion of a smaller waist. Additionally, it cinches the waist with its boxy upper area and would make your legs look great with its billowing bottom.

2.) Do not overdo fashion. Stay simple

The fashion adage of simplicity is beauty does ring true as simplicity is key in sophistication and elegance. Keep this in mind whenever you are shopping for new clothes. Steer clear from affordable clothing items that have gaudy embellishments on them. Chances are they will fall off after consistent use and washing. Instead, look for items that are simpler but require a bit more skill to make such as pleated tops, embroidered pieces, tapered pants and the like.

3.) Wear your clothes in rotation and do less laundry

A true mark of an individual who dresses well is one who knows how to plan his fashion options in rotation. This is because planning what you wear for the week in advance means you would have to wash your clothes less making them preserve their natural color. If it is not particularly hot or if your clothes are not especially dirty, there is no need to wash your clothes every single time you wear them. Just sponge it with water and a bit of soap, cleanse and then air dry it.

4.) Go for stretch materials

Looking for clothes that fit can be a bit hard if you pack a bit of extra weight. This is particularly the case for women who carry their weight in their hips and thighs. Finding a pair of jeans that would flatter their body would often be a challenge, so instead of conventional fabrics, go for stretch instead. Jeans that are made of a combination of spandex, polyester, and Lycra would allow the fabric to hug every part of your body—which would flatter it from any angle. However, a word of caution as the material is meant to be worn snug, not tight.

5.) Buy more black

Black may seem like a somber color, but it flatters everyone and would look excellent on almost everybody. Not only is it slimming, but the neutral shade makes it easier for you to pair it with anything you might have sitting in your closet. Black is a classic color that would always look great, and it conceals any of your imperfections and problem areas easily. So, invest in a few choice pieces as well as some staples and basics in this dark hue to add to your wardrobe.

6.) Your hair matters as much as your outfit

Going to a big event extends beyond investing in the proper and best dress for the occasion—it also means doing your hair appropriately to look great with your outfit. Remember, when it comes to formal events, it is always best to treat your tresses and have it look different than on an ordinary day. Have it professionally styled or get a blowout to complement your outfit and make it look put together.

7.) Focus on fit

No matter what you wear, how the clothes fit you will always be paramount. Do not wear ill-fitting clothes—even if they do fit you (once you have managed to squeeze yourself into it). You may think you look thinner and more svelte by cramming yourself to a smaller size. But that does not mean you should. Remember, in forcing yourself to a smaller size, you will be creating more bulges that are an unflattering sight, so it is best to stick with clothes that fit you comfortably.

8.) Buy basic pieces in bulk

You can never go wrong with basic pieces. These are the clothing staples your wardrobe truly needs. Its versatility would make it ideal for everyday casual wear and would even make excellent complements to dressy clothes. With this in mind, do not invest in pieces that you know would easily get disintegrated. Take note, these are clothes you are going to be wearing quite a lot so do not bother investing in items that are easily worn out.


When it comes to dressing well, there is no absolute need to drain your monthly finances, just have a good eye for knowing what works well for you and your body type. Additionally, try not to constrain yourself into one fashion style—venture out and try new pieces, you might not know it, but the style you try on next might flatter your better than your existing one.

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Fashion Overhaul: Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid of ASAP!

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.” -Carolina Hererra

Women are known for their love and penchant for fashion and style that more often that not, most women would feel the need to update their wardrobes at least every once a month. Though hoarding innumerable clothes and countless fashion items is not necessarily a bad thing (most especially if you have a steep budget to accommodate this fancy), running out of closet space is. Women are exceptionally notorious for staring into closets filled to the brim with clothing yet proclaiming helplessly that they have nothing to wear. But the reality is, the predicament lies not in the shortage of clothes, but rather in the shortage of clothes they actually want to wear. Unfortunately, most women think that the only way to address this fashion conundrum is to acquire even more clothes but shopping for more should be the last thing you do. What you need to do is pare down the items of your closet to a realistic number of clothing which you know you would be wearing.

Women often need a little encouragement when it comes to letting go of their clothes which is why quite a lot of fashion articles are penned to proclaim and laud the art of minimalist dressing and clothing ensembles. These articles have become rather popular and has been causing quite a stir in the fashion community. Similarly, this article would echo the same advice—that is to eradicate your closet of all the excess clothing and make room only for those that you would wear. But instead of enumerating the fashion items whether wholesale clothing or retail you should be getting rid of, this article will instead give you a set of general characteristics of the clothes you should be tossing out. Make a mental list, take stock, assess the clothes inside your closet and then begin your purging journey.

1.) Clothes that you have in multiples of

While there is nothing necessarily wrong in having at least two or three clothes of the same style (so long as they are in different colors), it is an entirely different story if your closet is overrun and dominated by clothes that are basically just clones of each other. The point of having a closet is to at have a variety of clothes inside them, and frankly if you own five bodycon dresses of different colors, it defeats the point. Take them out and lay then out in your bed. If you find yourself favoring one or two pieces above the others, then you should start thinking about what made these items so different to begin with. Identify what compelled you to buy this piece and realize what your mistake is to hopefully avoid repeating the same mistake.

2.) Clothing you have never used

We have all been guilty of buying clothes we do not necessarily need but looked pretty in the rack at least once in our lives. While we are idly milling about in the mall, sometimes a piece of clothing would just catch our eye and would seemingly beckon us to buy it. We would then wait and wait for the perfect opportunity to wear it until the piece is finally forgotten and when it is remembered, it has been long out of style. Determine why you bought them in the first place—did you think they looked pretty? Was there a sale? Did it make your chest look bigger than usual? In any case, identifying the traits that drove you to buy the piece would help you understand what sort of impulse purchases you should be steering clear from in the future.

3.) House clothes you wear for comfort on your lazy days

In general, house clothes are not a bad thing. Oversized sweaters, T-shirts riddled with holes, too loose yoga pants and the like—these are the things you would never want to wear outside the house. And although every girl should have a handful of them, if it takes too much space in your closet then that is a red flag. However, it would significantly impact your self-confidence and your overall well-being if you got rid of all of your house exclusive clothes altogether and replace them with clothes you can wear in the house as well as out of the house. In this way, you would not only be saving closet space, but are fashion ready even when you are just in the house.

4.) Old clothes that you used to love but now hate

Is there really any point to keeping these items? They may have a tinge of nostalgic feel about them, but other than that, they are really just occupying valuable space in your closet. If you want a closet full of clothes that you know you will love wearing, then perhaps it is time to make peace with your old style habits and learn from them. Additionally, do some reflection as to why you bought these items in the first place—you once loved them, what happened? Were these just passing trends? Did you celebrity idol rock the very same outfit? See if anything clouded your judgment when you bought it before and avoid it from happening again.

5.) Clothes that used to fit

We are all notorious for clinging on to pieces that no longer fit us in the dire hopes that when we finally lose enough weight (or gain enough), we would be able to rock them again. It can be a particular piece that you may have splurged on or as once an integral component of an excellent and stylish clothing ensemble. But all these would be for naught if the clothing piece no longer fits you anyhow. If you are having a hard time letting go of pieces such as these, perhaps selling them or loaning them to a friend would make it much easier.



You might be overwhelmed at how many clothes you have to get rid off when it comes to paring down your closet, and you might feel that you have nothing to wear, but on the contrarty, you actually have more to wear. By paring down your closet, you would not have to needlessly cycle the same outfit every two weeks or so. This is because your clothes are now within sight and you can now easily mix and match them. So, adopt a minimalist strategy—not only as a means of lifetyle, but as a means of organizing your closet as well.


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Style Review: The Biggest Trends of 2016!

“Do not be into trends. Do not make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” –Gianni Versace

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” –Karl Lagerfeld

Without a doubt, fashion is one of the most fickle things in the world imaginable. What is trendy today may not be so in the next year but might have the potential to be stylish again in five years or so. It is an unpredictable and cyclical phenomenon that keeps an individual’s manner and state of dress perpetually riveting and interesting. Because fashion changes every year, it means that as we usher in 2017, we all have a lot of new trends and styles to look forward to. In the same vein, this gives you a chance to give your wardrobe that much needed overhaul and update with this year’s predicted potential styles and trends.

But before going into that, let us review some of 2016’s biggest and most fashionable trends that have dominated almost every nook and cranny in the fashion world. After all, these are the trends that would help engender 2017’s biggest styles and potential fashion ensembles, so it is only right that they be given their appropriate recognition. From the ever omnipresent perfected eyebrows which women of every age sported down to off-shoulder everything trend (tops, cropped tops, dresses, etc.)—whether bought from retail or wholesale clothing, here are some of 2016’s definitive contributions to fashion:

  1. Chokers

In mid to late 2016, chokers made waves in the fashion industry and almost every style icon and celebrity was seen wearing it—from the likes of Kendall Jenner to Ariana Grande, this was one trend that was imperceptibly creeping on to everyone’s fashion ensembles. There was a wide range of styles as well from velvet, classic black, lace, diamonds and even nameplates and DIY shoelace chokers. Though almost everyone seemed to be sporting this accessory, there were innumerable ways of personalizing it which made it the most “lit” fashion accessory of 2016 that came in almost every fabric, width and color last year.


  1. Off-shoulder apparel

Off-shouldered apparels may have looked more at home in music festivals, boho and beach themed parties, but in 2016, almost every top possible was reimagined as an off-shouldered top and a myriad of styles were then conceived. From blousy boho tops to stomach-baring cropped tops, the variety of off-shouldered tops made it possible for women of every age to find one that was appropriate to their personal style. Bare shoulders feel sexy and flirty yet they do not give too much away which explains why this trend continues to be a dominant part of a woman’s ensemble this year.


  1. Vintage Band Tees

Although some of them were no longer relevant or even remotely popular or have disbanded, vintage band tees were a huge thing in 2016. It seemed that sporting one was the ticket to being considered cool and was considered the height of casual yet hip fashion. It was the ultimate streetwear and suddenly everyone was having a bit of rock and roll touch to their clothes last year—even if they do not necessarily recognize the band emblazoned on their shirts or jackets. As long as Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Slayer or Metallica was emblazoned conspicuously in any part of your clothing—nothing else mattered. Hopefully, this trend will die with the year. Though the appeal of rock and roll is undeniably palpable, it does not bode well for the wearer to be wearing the tees of a band he or she knows nothing about just to be considered hip and cool.


  1. Velvet

Although it was hardly practical to wear anything velvet during the hotter and more humid seasons, that fact did not stop people from buying into the velvet-anything trend. It seemed like the love for velvet has transcended that of any fabric as in 2016, it seemed like everything was made out of velvet. It did not matter whether they were booties, a one-piece suit, a dress or a top—velvet rarely goes unnoticed and the lush fabric which is the very definition of luxurious elegance can be found anywhere and everywhere.


  1. Tour Merchandise

Beyond the significant rise of vintage band tees was also the rise of tour merchandise. What was once a clothing item you can buy exclusively on concert venues became a more expansive clothing line in 2016 all thanks to Kanye West and Justin Bieber. Last year, celebrities and some of the biggest names in rap and pop business have leveraged their personal brands to create concern merchandise that seemed to be more of full-fledged labels than one-time souvenirs. Many celebrities soon exploited this trend with celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian creating their own merchandise despite not actually going on tour.


  1. Slip Dresses

Is it bedroom wear or can I appropriately wear this when going out to buy groceries? This seems to be the dominant question in everyone’s heads when slip dresses became a thing. Women started sporting dresses that look more at home in the bedroom than out of it. Although, some women gave it an ultra 90’s vibe by layering it over a shirt which compensated for its lack of material. The slip dress came in a variety of materials and came in a range of lengths and styles which made it perfect for the daytime and nighttime scene.


  1. Over the knee boots

Last year, the trend of wearing over the knees pair of boots became phenomenal. What seemed to be a signature style of Ariana Grande became an apparent trend amongst celebrities with Taylor Swift riding on in the trend. It was certainly one way to compensate for short dresses and mini-skirts and though they hid much of our legs, it gave them the illusion of sexier and svelte legs.


After reviewing 2016’s biggest trends, it is up to you to decide which ones of these trends should stay and which ones should go. But always make room for the new trends that are about to be welcome by this year so that you can stay relevantly stylish.


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Fashion 101: Seven Must-Know Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss!

“Clothes are not going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” –Anne Klein

“Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” –Yves Saint Laurent

Almost every woman of any age has gone through the quintessential scenario of sifting through piles and piles of clothing without finding a single one that would complete her style ensemble. Magazines have proffered countless pieces of fashion advice and style maxims over the years, yet women all over the world still experience this style predicament. Although this is the kind of fashion affliction most women are more familiar and can contend with, it does not necessarily have to put a damper on your enthusiasm for dressing up. All of your fashion endeavors would be a lot easier if you took to heart some of the niftiest fashion tips engendered by style pundits and authorities this article has collated. It matters not whether your clothes are bought from retail or wholesale clothing stores, these tips will allow you to look your very best for any occasion there is. These tips will work for any woman out there; just adjust according to your preference or personal style.

1.) Old things must go

If you want to commit to making a conscious fashion change, then this is where you should appropriately start. Without a doubt, over the years you would inevitably have accumulated a lot of clothes whether through one of your shopping excursions or as closet loans from your friends. Start by opening your closets and take a good hard look at it and then, ask yourself this pivotal question, “If I were in a clothing store right now, which items would I pick?” By asking yourself this question, you would effectively know which clothes you would keep and which ones to discard. Remember, if you do not want to take a long while to decide on a style ensemble, your closet needs to be smartly organized—and hoarding clothes would only aggravate your existing problem.

2.) Shop with a plan

Certain events of the year will compel us to shop for new clothes. However, this should be no reason for you to eschew good shopping strategies and plans altogether. Regardless of whether you are attending your office Christmas party, are attending a formal event or are about to get married, it is important to consider preparing for the right outfit. In order to be truly satisfied with your choice, go shopping with the hairstyle, makeup and shoes you have in mind to go with the ensemble as it would make you see the entire effect. Lastly, it pays to wear the appropriate underwear as you would not want to dismiss a dress that looks good but shows a visible panty line.

3.) Painlessly stretch your new shoes

One of the negative aspects of buying new shoes is that a new pair would always seemingly cause you to develop calluses over time. A pair of high heels is especially notorious for causing this which can be quite a hassle if your job requires you to dress in heels most of the time. There are various workarounds to address this dilemma; however one of the most effective ones that truly deliver results utilizes a freezer. Just fill a couple of bags with water, place them in your shoes and leave them in the freezer to stay overnight. By morning, you will notice a significant difference in your shoes.

4.) Dress up any outfit in seconds

More often than not, there are days when we do not have the luxury of time in dressing ourselves for a certain occasion. As this is a common occurrence, it would be apt for one to use any kind of tricks and tips or even one’s ingenious creativity to dress up a rather simple ensemble quickly. Some of the most elegant touches would only require the addition of accessories such as a bow tie which would work with almost anything, a sophisticated and elegant belt finished off with some classy jewelry. If you do not have heels, dress up your simple flats with clip on earrings.

5.) There are rules in showing skin

When it comes to baring skin, certain fashion rules must be observed. But if there is one rule you must absolutely not forget, it is to remember than in showing skin; you should bare skin only in one area at a time. This is so you do not appear as if you are trying too hard as well as not to offend the sensibilities of onlookers. As an example, whenever you are wearing a number that would show a generous amount of cleavage, make sure it leaves your legs covered. Remember, one’s degree of nakedness is never a standard of measure for attractiveness. A little bit of mystery adds drama and flair after all.

6.) Deodorant and makeup stains are a no-no

Some of your clothes will inevitably fall victim to either deodorant or make-up stains. These stains are incredibly difficult to wash and are pretty unattractive which makes it a bit of a damper when they get on our favorite clothes. No matter how meticulous we are in avoiding them, they still have the tendency to appear. To make sure that you would not have to chuck all of the clothing items you have with these stains, were the stained party with warm water or dampen the garment in water with some detergent. If a stain is particularly new, it will come off easily with baby wipes on oil base.

7.) A fun night out starts with a comfortable outfit

You may want to look alluring, sophisticated and elegant but if you are spending every half an hour trying to fix the hem of your skirt or tugging your blouse down, then chances are you are not going to have much fun at all. Even for a Friday night out, it is important to wear clothes that you are comfortable with. Sure, you may want to rock a pair of heels for the night but do make sure you have brought a backup pair of flats in case your feet gets tired. Additionally, make sure all of your clothing items fit you well so that nothing would slip out and lastly, walk around in them, dance with them and if it makes you feel great without compromising your comfort, go for it.
Selecting, shopping for and wearing clothes remain to be some of the women’s beloved hobbies. So, these tips above are sure to come in handy for the fashionista in them. Keep this in mind for a more stress and hassle-free fashion excursion.


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Fashion 101: A Breakdown of The Do’s and Don’ts of Every Dress Code

Modern fashion might have taken the world by storm and may have introduced innumerable concepts that might have been considered outrageous or even ridiculous in the past. But, regardless of these, the classical system of labeling invites to events with particular and strict dress codes is still very much a thing.

It has been no question that the concept of dress codes has been engendered in order to bring a semblance of uniformity and order into every person’s attire during a particular function—whether that may be a glamorous one or a more laidback and casual one. In a way, a dress code is akin to a theme and it brings harmony to the venue and the invitees and guests corresponding ensemble. This would have been all well and good if the rules of fashion remained rigidly unyielding to the changes and more updated additions through time. Yet, modern fashion would dictate otherwise as it has seen various evolutions no fashion pundit could ever have predicted or even envisioned. Who would have thought that beautiful dresses would go so well with sneakers, and last but certainly not least is who would have thought it would make an acceptable dinner attire? But, this in no way means that the few holdovers from orderly fashion have been rendered obsolete. They may be old, but they remain relevant today. Unfortunately, modern women may have a bit of a hard time trying to navigate the myriad of rules associated with each dress code (black tie, creative black tie, etc.). To help you address this area, this article has deconstructed and decoded seven of the oft-used dress codes so that when it comes to dressing up, you would not have to worry about looking overdressed or inappropriate.


Without a doubt, black tie events are the epitome of formal events. In a sense, it has defined and shaped the way formal events are today and has given rise to several similar but more laid-back dress codes. In fact, a black tie event is the reason why dress codes are invented is considered an ideal event for floor-length gowns. Considering that a black tie event is a formal event, it is a fashion faux pas to wear cocktail dresses unless they are extremely dressy and sleek. So, if you want to be safe, best keep the short cocktail dress inside the closet and opt for the long gown instead. To elevate the overall look, opt to finish off the entire ensemble with dazzling accessories such as fancy jewelry and beautiful shoes—especially if your gown allows them to peep through. Breakout, those brand new pair of wholesale steve Madden heels and give them a ball night.


Though not far off from a black tie event, a black tie optional affair does allow you to wear less dressy cocktail dresses without getting any looks of disapproval. In a way, it is less stuffy than a black tie event which has rigid rules when it comes to your manner of dress. It is the perfect casual event for a tux-style pantsuit, a cocktail dress which you could dress up with accessories, or a long black dress. And the best part of it is, if you do want to go with your floor-length gown, you could do so, and no one would send you any looks either.


The business casual dress code is perfect for those individuals who would still want to dress up but without so much of the fuss and less the hassle. Business casual embodies the professional look without the necessity of it being too dressy. In a sense, it is more or less a corporate look—something you would want to wear at the office and a business meeting, but it should not be severely austere. Think of an outfit that you can wear to grab a drink during after-office hours as well. Dresses are perfectly acceptable so long as they are conservative and not overtly provocative (plunging necklines are an absolute no-no!). For a more appropriate look, pair an open-collar shirt or sweater with trousers or a pencil skirt.


On the other hand, business formal attires are much more rigid compared to its more laidback counterpart. Essentially, business formal attires are ensembles you would wear when you are about to hold an important meeting or discuss a pivotal presentation at the office. Polished dresses and pantsuits are two ideal choices for this kind of dress code and are sure to finish it off with the appropriate heels (No flats or fire-engine red stilettos!)


Casual attires are perfect for brunches or picnic lunches. It is the most relaxed dress code of this list, but that in no way means you can instantly sport flip flops, tattered shorts a blouse and be on with it. Casual means relaxed, but not lazy. For a more appropriate look, choose your favorite cotton sundress or a skirt with a plain tee, or a pair of jeans you love with your favorite blouse. Finish off the entire look with flats, and you are good to go.


The creative black tie is essentially a formal black tie event with a hint of quirkiness thrown into the mix for a more playful affair. In a sense, it is like a black tie event with a bit of breathing room–still formal, but not as equally stuffy as the black tie event is. Your dressy cocktail dresses and evening gowns are perfect for creative black tie occasions and dress codes. Just be sure to add a smidge of creativity into your ensemble by incorporating unique and fun accessories into the mix such as a statement necklace, a pair of colorful pumps and the like.


For the final dress code, dressy casual is a look that strikes the perfect balance between casual and dressy. It is not overtly formal nor is it too casual for an event. It is all about looking relaxed and laidback without looking lazy or frumpy. An appropriate look for this dress code is a dressy blouse with jeans and heels, an ensemble of a skirt and a top or a cute dress. Flats are fine so long as they are not too casual (Absolutely no sneakers!)


Dress codes may be a bit hard to decipher and may even feel a bit stifling to our personal style. But with the various tips above, you should be able to find a look that is both appropriate for every occasion–that would channel your inner creativity while conforming to the appropriate manner of dress.

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