Fashion for Fall: Ten Basic Essentials for Your Autumn Wardrobe

“Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.” –Coco Chanel

Leaves start falling and fading into orange, the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes fill the air, individuals are beginning to wrap themselves in thick scarves, and the scenery paints a terracotta hue –what other season could it be other than fall? With vivid burnt orange hues brightening up your surroundings, there can be no other season more appropriate for fresh starts than fall. Although the year might be drawing to a close, this is the best time for you to survey the contents of your closet and take a long hard look at the basics you are already in possession of. However, before you start carting off and dispensing all the outdated and off-season clothes than you have and go nuts with new purchases, it is imperative to assess your wardrobes first. Clothing stores might be teeming with the latest trendy pieces for fall, but you need to be a little particular when it comes to your upgrades. Take note, the wisest tack in refreshing your wardrobe is to favor new staples that would give you endless options—not only for autumn but the rest of the year as well.

Your basics should be upgraded to look fresh and appropriate for the season. Furthermore, they should be versatile enough to pair with any other garments you have in your wardrobe. In this way, you would look chic and fashion-forward regardless of whether these staples are for casual wear such as streetwear clothing or a more formal setting such as corporate events. In any case, here are some of the excellent basics for updating your wardrobe this season:

1.) Dressy Shoes

If there is one mantra that stays true for every generation, it is that a girl can never have too many shoes. Update your wardrobes with pairs of dressy shoes in varying heel heights. These shoes would help you feel sophisticated and would instantly bring any outfit up to a notch. Purchase shoes of varying heel heights to diversify and spice up your ensembles—those that you can comfortably wear out to the streets as well as rock in nightclubs or offices. Minimalist sandals with average heels can be comfortably worn to the office and can easily elevate a formal outfit.

2.) A sleek bag for every occasion

Some girls would content with just having a single bag for any occasion. Unfortunately, for fashion-forward individuals, relying on a single satchel is unimaginable. To complete your wardrobes, have a sleek bag you can use for every occasion. This piece should be versatile enough to hold all your clothes for the gym plus your lunch. On weekends, you should have a casual bag that is neither too small nor too big. It should be enough to carry your essentials yet casual enough to look great with any outfit.

3.) Sensible flat boots

Autumn will inevitably have wet and colder days wherein you need to be appropriately wrapped up. While leather boots would look fabulous paired with your denim jeans, it would not be much help in protecting you from inclement weather. Furthermore, persistently wearing it during rainstorms and the like would cause the leather to deteriorate after a while. Instead, go for a pair of rain boots. They are sleek and just as fashionable as a traditional leather pair and would go with your best jeans or favorite skirt.

4.) Bright Work-Friendly Sheaths

Add to the beautiful colors of autumn by investing in bright and colorful sheaths as well. These sheaths must be conservative enough to pass for corporate wear but fun enough to elevate your style. Stun onlookers by investing on a red piece where you can just throw in a blazer, and you are good to go.

5.) Unique Blazer

A woman with a flair for putting together ensembles knows that any tailored blazer can instantly make an outfit ten times more elegant—no matter how casual or formal. Choose a menswear-inspired blazer that would flatter your silhouette which you can easily slip into during the workdays. The simple addition would make you look professional, and on casual days, it looks excellent with just a tee and a pair of shorts or jeans.

6.) A Parka to keep you warm

Autumn is the season in anticipation of winter, so chilly days are ahead. To keep yourself warm and comfortable, have a trendy and ultra warm parka in your closets. Ensure that the piece has a thick liner which is detachable so you can easily remove it should the weather call for fabrics that are less thick.

7.) A simple black dress

You have probably come across innumerable articles preaching the need for a multipurpose little black dress. But beyond having just a little black dress, have a black dress that saves you time as well. This would be especially useful on days wherein you cannot be bothered to pull on a top-notch outfit. Furthermore, this dress would be great for occasions wherein you are pressed for time and would need to be dressed in a snap.

8.) Updated jeans

Boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans have become an all-around staple that you see them almost everywhere. If you do not wish to fall into this common trend, try a fresh alternative and go for styles that are high-waisted and are cropped well above the ankle. To truly set it apart, go for a style that has a flare.

9.) Overcoats

Let us face it; you have been itching to wear your overcoats for a long time now. However, as this would most probably be your staple wear for the season, it would only be fair for you to wear something that is worth showing off. Go for the classic camel color or a bit more drama and flair, go for the crisp and clean white wrap styles.

10.) Tunics with interesting details

Tunics need not be dull, and you would certainly need one that is equally stylish as it is comfortable and warm. Choose a tunic that has slits up the sides and on the sleeves. This design will prove to be more interesting than your regular top and would be just as comfortable.
Let the fall season serve as a fresh start for you and your wardrobe. Update your classic pieces and standard staples with something that is not only befitting for the season but all year-round as well.

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