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Fashion 101: Eight Style Terms Every Self-Confessed Fashionista Must Know

“Fashion is more than just how many colors and patterns you can put on at once. Being a great dresser is not necessarily about the colors you put on. It is about putting things together in the right way and then trying different things.” -Dwayne Wade

Self-confessed fashionistas live, breathe and figuratively eat fashion. They do not only strive to look fashion forward and sophisticated, but they try to keep themselves constantly updated with the new styles and trends that come out every season. However, what distinguishes a self-confessed fashionista from a true blue fashionista? What sets a real fashionista apart? Well, they similarly love fashion, but while the former loves to shop and just try out a myriad of clothes, the latter’s view of fashion extends beyond what they can see in clothes, bags, and shoes. For true fashionistas, fashion is an art form whose various details and aspects are translated into what we see in various fashion items. True fashionistas have this distinct propensity to be a little more meticulous on the details than their self-confessed counterparts. Style details such as sleeve styles, embellishments, hems and the like are of paramount importance to them—far more than the label that merely created it. In their eyes, fashion is the physical manifestation of a designer’s creative eye.

These are the individuals who have spent extra time and went the extra mile to do some extra studying as regards fashion. Unfortunately, while we all do love fashion, a lot of the style and fashion terminology will sound a lot like jargon if you have never been to fashion or designer school—or at least brushed up on a fashion course. There is no reason to fret, however, as this article has collected some of the most common and often used terms in the fashion world which you could start using today.

1.) Balloon Sleeves

Balloon sleeves have been around for quite a while, and today, they have been making waves in the fashion world—both in wholesale clothing and in retail branded buys. Ballon sleeves are sleeves of any length that have a bulbous and exquisite effect. If you are looking for an absolute fashion forward look, go for this season’s hottest trend and flaunt your balloon sleeves.

2.) Knife Pleat

Knife pleats can be seen anywhere from long skirts to ankle-cut culottes. In one way or another, you can see it as a type of fold on the fabric itself which creates a unique texture on the clothing itself. Knife pleats are sharp and narrow folds which are formed by doubling the material back upon itself. If you want more dimension to your clothing, adding knife pleats to your full ensemble would be your best bet.

3.) Choker Tops

As of late, choker tops have been all the rage, and almost every major celebrity was seen sporting it. However, why not take it up a notch and go for choker tops instead. Let go of that choker necklace and don on a choker top which closely resembles a top combined with a choker sans the choker necklace’s many details. If you are pressed for time, then skip the accessorizing part of your dressing routine and combine your clothes with your accessories with a simple choker top.

4.) Bustle

Skirts that flare out are incredibly chic and girlish. Unfortunately, not every one of us has the time to insert a petticoat underneath our skirts nor do we want to contend with the persistent itchiness of the fabric and material used. So, instead of the usual and rather outdated petticoats, women can now alternatively use a bustle which functions much like a petticoat. However, while petticoats would usually pouf out the entire skirt, bustles are frames or pads designed to support and expand the fullness of the back of a woman’s skirt. Regardless, however, the wearer can still achieve mainly the same effect of a fuller and flared out skirt.

5.) Dress Gloves

Dress gloves are appropriate for any formal functions and wherein the dress code is designated as formal or gowns for the ladies. These are gloves that extend way beyond the wrist and would give your formal ensemble a bit of glamor. Although they can be used casually, they look more at home and appropriate in a formal setting. Audrey Hepburn was an iconic person who popularized the use of dress gloves in her movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

6.) Epaulet

Epaulets more mostly reserved for high-ranking individuals in the military, navy or aviation service. Otherwise, they are famously seen in many costumes and dress pieces singers would wear on stage. Today, most individuals would wear them as a fashion statement. An epaulet is an ornamental shoulder piece characterized by its many tassels that dangle over a wearer’s shoulder. It is typically seen in a military-style coat or jacket.

7.) Fanny Pack

Several years ago, a lot of individuals who swear by fashion would not be caught dead wearing a fanny pack. Fanny packs were considered as an absurd and obsolete piece of fashion mostly worn by merchants selling wares as it is a convenient storage room for their profit sales. However, fashion is circuitous, and just now it has come in a complete circle. Fanny packs are no longer considered unfashionable, and they are given even better and modern upgrades that fashionistas would no longer snub them on the aisles. Fanny packs are convenient alternatives to small purses which tie around your waist. It is both a functional and stylish accessory ideal for carrying daily essentials and going hands-free. Lastly, a well-designed fanny pack cinches the waist and can do wonders to your silhouette.

8.) Minaudiere

While small purses are chic and cute, minaudieres are all the rage now. Their function is mostly decorative as they are small and without handles and straps, but they give any outfit that extra oomph with its elegant design. Minaudieres are characterized by the heavily embellished designs which are mostly made of metals or rhinestones and fancy stones.
So, whether you are going from chic to casual fashion term, here are some of the most common fashion terminologies you can now finally add to your vocabulary so that you can finally say that you are a real and genuine fashionista.


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Six Ways Your Clothing Can Affect Your Mood

“Without a word, your clothes tell a story of who you are. Say something interesting.” –Author Unknown


Every single day, we think of choosing clothes as a mindless and perfunctory activity that is almost negligible as it is a part of our routine, but this should not be the case. Unless we are incredibly fashion forward individuals who have a keen eye for fashion ensembles, there are only a handful of special days wherein we are a bit more meticulous as to what we wear. Otherwise, we think of dressing up as another essential part of our regular everyday habit we have to get on with. However, this should not be the case as your clothes—trifling as they may seem—actually play a pivotal role in affecting your mood. In fact, this is readily seen as to how you will instantly get a confident boost from loving what you are wearing—so, indeed, dressing for your mood is indeed a thing and is actually a real concept. If you are unconvinced, wear the best ensemble you have sitting in your closet among the assortment of clothes and take a gander at yourself in the mirror. If it makes you look good then it would inevitably make you feel good—regardless of whether these clothes are branded retail buys, thrifted clothes or even wholesale clothing. So, the next time you head out to the office, you might want to ponder on these points and make a more deliberate choice in selecting your office tie or work shoes:


  1. What you wear can make you feel powerful

One study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science took a number of volunteers to wear formal business attires and perform a series of experiments that would challenge their cognitive processing abilities. It has been shown that people who dressed up and more deliberately felt more powerful and in control of the situation than their under dressed counterparts. From this, we can readily assume that power dressing is indeed a thing as evidenced from this successful study and experiment.


  1. What you wear can make you fitter and healthier

While it seems like a far fetched concept, what you wear actually contributes to a fitter lifestyle by making you exercise harder sans the difficulty that entails. In a sense, what you wear can actually make arduous and strenuous exercises feel easier. This has been backed up by the observation made in the 2004 Olympic games where athletes in red clothing won more events than their competitors who wore blue. This phenomena prompted researchers to see if there was a relation between the clothing and the success in sport. It has been found in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology that people who exercised in red clothing could actually lift heavier weights and had higher average heart rates (meaning they worked harder than those in blue). It might seem like there should be no correlation between the two, but considering how this study has backed up the theory, wearing red indeed contributes to success in sports.


  1. What you wear helps you think better

Apart from feeling empowered and more powerful, it has also been shown that subjects who dressed in business formal clothing can come up with better and more creative ideas on their feet than their underdressed peers. It has been speculated that the way you dress plays a role in your perception of objects, events and people around you which would prompt a new point of view or fresh ideas

  1. What you wear helps you focus

Most jobs—especially those that are seen as a bit tedious and boring, require a lot of focus. Unfortunately, that is only half the battle and when it comes down right to it, focusing on something that is boring is not exactly easy. With this, a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology has found that people who wore smart looking doctor’s labs were able to focus longer and better than those who thought they were just wearing a painter’s smock. This phenomena as explained by authors is caused by a physician’s tendency to be rigorous, careful and meticulous when it comes to detail—so it would be as if like the wearer is embodying some of those qualities. In a sense, they are trying to live up to the expectations of the outfit.


  1. What you wear can make you smarter

Although the correlation is hardly evident, dressing in clothing that is associated with intelligence can not only make you look smarter but act smarter as well. In the same study conducted above, subjects were given doctor’s lab coats though none of them were physicians. They were then asked to perform a series of complex tasks. It has then been shown that people in white clothes made fewer mistakes than those who worked sans a physician’s lab coats. The same experiment was again performed but this time everyone was given lab coats. However. They told half of the participants they were given paint smocks while they told the rest that they were wearing doctor’s coats. Similarly, those who were told they were donning doctor’s coats performed better in the tests. This experiment shows that it is not just what you wear, but rather what you think of what you wear that matters more.


  1. What you wear can make you lose weight

While clothing can make you appear slimmer and svelte with ingenious slimming illusions, it can also provide an avenue for losing weight. An example would be wearing snug pants for example or tightening your belt more than usual which would give you a subconscious signal to stop eating the moment you are full. For this reason, a lot of French women have been known to tie a ribbon around their waist underneath their clothes whenever they are going out for a meal. It keeps them conscious of their waist—especially as the ribbon starts to feel a bit tighter in their midsection as the meal goes on.
And the last but not the least is that what you wear can cheer you up. If what you wear makes you look good, you will inevitably feel good as a result. In fatc, it has been show that more often than not, we dress how we would like to feel or how we want others to perceive how we are feeling. As a result, clothing can cheer us up wheneverwe are particularly feeling under the weather. So, the next time you assemble an assortment of clothes from your closet, remember that you are not only dressing to look good, but to feel good as well.


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Fashion Essentials: 7 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Needs

“Shoes are just a pedestal. What interests me is the power of the woman who wears them” –Christian Louboutin

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” –Marilyn Monroe

There are innumerable quotes regarding a woman’s distinct fascination with shoes which is clear evidence of just how much pivotal this piece to our everyday ensemble is. In fact, Cinderella herself is a testament to how a simple pair of shoes can change your life. This compounded with the belief that a woman only falls in love seven times in her life (with the six to various pairs of shoes), it can be safely assumed that womenfolk do have a particular affinity with shoes. With this in mind, it is important for each and every woman to cultivate an adult wardrobe which centers itself on sophistication and elegance and a good pair of shoes should not be left off.

To make sure you have a sartorial arsenal befitting that of a grown and sophisticated adult woman, be sure to have these essential shoes in your closet. Regardless of whether you are a career working woman, or a stay at home mom, these pairs should be present in your shoe collection.


Undoubtedly, the plain and nondescript white sneakers we used to neglect or draw on as teenagers have now become paramount to having a complete shoe collection. This casual pair of shoes work on everything and by everything, we mean everything. From demure and girly dresses, boyfriend jeans, overalls, midi skirts to casual shorts, this pair of shoes adds just the right amount of casualness to any outfit and a touch of cool towards any ensemble. However, be forewarned: This can easily be the most overworked pair in your closet seeing as they work so well with almost any fashion getup. So, be sure to purchase a pair that is crisp, stylish and sturdy.


It is a firm belief by many fashion experts everywhere that a woman should at least own one pair of party heels or stilettos in order to have a complete closet. A pair of heels would not only add to a woman’s height, but it gives her a sense of empowerment as well as a boost of confidence while wearing it. Though strutting in your favorite pair of wholesale Steve Madden stilettos may take a bit of getting used to, it would all be worth it in the end. Besides, any party outfit, no matter how plain, becomes immediately sexy with the prowess of a pair of stiletto’s finishing touch.


Your pair of 3-inch pumps can be anything, but they all need to have one universal characteristic: You should be able to walk in them comfortably. Your 4 or 5-inch pair of pumps can do you all sorts of favors when it comes to showing off your calves and toned legs, but it would not do your feet any favors and there is a likely incidence that you would not be able to walk in them for too long. This is why finding the perfect 3-inch pumps is imperative for any woman—especially for those who are in the corporate setting who wish to have a sophisticated outfit, minus the discomfort associated with wearing high heels for too long. Find a pair with a pointed toe and a slim heel—this will make the pair appear higher than it really is.


Choose a pair of platforms or wedge sandals that are comfortable enough to wear and at the same time, walk in and dance in for long periods. Considering this is the epitome of a summer staple, your choice should go beyond the traditional rope espadrille and should include options that would look appropriate and perfect with more formal ensembles. Break off the norm and push the boundaries of this trend with funky new platforms that would still achieve the same look or stick to the classics if you wish. Regardless of what style you choose, your outfit would be a sure winner when finished off with these shoes.


Chuck out your flip flops in favor of flat sandals as the latter adds more finesse and sophistication to your outfit than your flip flops would and they are just as comfortable. Find a good pair of chic leather sandals that go with just about any outfit you can think of. They are easy to slide into and are incredibly versatile and sophisticated as well. This neutral pair would look perfect with anything and everything from casual chic to elegant, fancy dresses. Go for simpler designs with so many embellishments as this will give the pair a muted elegance about it—besides, you run the risk of losing jeweled stones on embellished flats when worn too often.


Ballet flats are often regarded as emergency shoes after a night out, and no self-respecting woman would ever have a closet sans this pair. Apart from saving you from sore heels and aching toes, this pair is also perfect for casual wears whether you are sporting something chic and feminine or something a bit more boyish. The simple addition of this pair to any ensemble adds a chic and feminine factor to any outfit making it a must-have in any woman’s closet.


Do not opt for those tacky looking rain boots you would not want to be seen anywhere with. Instead, look for something stylish, chic and functional that you would wear even on ordinary days. Although it is important never to compromise comfort for style, when it is raining buckets it is important to have shoes that would keep your feet dry. This does not mean that you would have to sport an outlandish outfit, however. Just look for a pair of water-resistant boots that closely resemble everyday shoes and you are good to go.

Complete your shoe collection by making sure you have these seven essential shoes in your shoe closet. Give your outfits that much needed distinct personality and spice by finishing it off with the perfect pair of shoes.


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Denim Staples a Woman Should Have in Her Closet

“Denim has always been an everyday symbol for style” -Rita Kumar


Denim’s beauty has always been centered on its versatility as you can feel both comfortable and sexy while wearing it. In fact, no self-respecting fashionista should every go without this archetypal piece of laidback fashion wear. It has proven to be universally flattering and would suit just about anyone regardless of shape and body tape. This quintessential piece of clothing is pivotal to completing any woman’s wardrobe, and no woman should ever go without that perfect piece of skinny jeans that flatters her body type well and accentuates her curves. However, a woman should not constrain herself into owning just a single piece of denim clothing. Denim has been known to be incredibly adaptable that it has spanned across many clothing options which a discerning and a true fashionista must have.

From an assorted selection of denim pants such as skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans to dungaree, denim dresses to jackets, must have chambray blouses and so much more, take a gander at this article for the must-have denim collection in your closet. Regardless of whether these denim pieces are wholesale clothing or retail, one thing is for sure: If you do not have them, better update your closet with these denim staples!

1.) Denim Tunic/ Dress


We have seen denim everything so it is only natural that there would be a denim tunic or dress. This denim number is incredibly comfortable, sophisticated and girly. Plus, it is the perfect outfit that combines a casual wear and a hint of girlishness. It is ideal for all seasons, and all you would have to do is some mixing and matching the item accordingly to both occasion and season. It can be your go-to dress for a lunch picnic, a casual breakfast date over even an evening ensemble. This denim staple would never look out of place anywhere and is great for creating that stylish, chic and feminine look.

2.) Denim Chambray Shirt

What woman does not own a chambray denim shirt? If there is one standard denim piece, your closet should have apart from the renowned skinny jeans. This top is an essential piece as it works however it has been styled. Shredded, oversized, patch worked, beaded or even classic button-ups, Chambray shirts are lauded for their versatility and adaptability to any style. There are innumerable looks to sport with just one chambray shirt–you can wear it as a cardigan paired with your favorite sleeveless top or completely buttoned up with your standard white jeans. However you choose to style them, you are always guaranteed a polished and sophisticated look.

3.) Skinny Jeans

Without a doubt, a pair of skinny jeans is the epitomic piece for anything denim. In fact, this should definitely be your number one must-have among other denim. If you have pairs of these in your closet, then you might never need to get another pair of jeans in another style. These jeans are the perfect example of a denim style that is so incredibly versatile that it can be worn in a multitude of ways. Have it in primary colors such as black and blue and go bolder with brighter colors such as yellows, reds, and pinks. Pair these jeans with lighter tops such as subtle and straightforward white tops with fewer accessories to tone the vibrancy of the color down and achieve a more balanced look.

4.) Denim Jacket

This is one classic wardrobe staple that every woman should have as it can worn with literally anything. Despite its very casual and laidback look, the denim jacket can actually be dressed up a bit–depending on how you style it and if you need to tone down your dressy outfit, the addition of one can indeed work wonders. Depending on the jacket’s size, you can change the entire vibe of your ensemble. Classic oversized denim jackets can be draped over shoulders for a sophisticated finish while fitted and cropped ones are perfect for skirts and dresses as this elongates your legs and raises your waist. Considered as one of the most fashionable denim articles of clothing, you should never miss having one in your closet.

5.) Dungaree or Denim Overalls

It may seem so nineties or something you used to wear as a pre-teen in the nineties, but denim overalls or dungarees have been making trendy waves recently and for good reason: They are the perfect go-to casual outfit. Apart from that, sporting one gives your outfit that youthful and playful touch and can be styled in innumerable ways. Though dungarees are somewhat of a throwback outfit, most designs have been updated and are given a modern look which is perfect for creating that natural, bold and casual look.

6.) A pair of shorts

On a hot summer day, nothing spells comfort and style than a pair of shorts. Regardless of whether your style is casual and laidback or polished, sophisticated and put together, women of all shapes and sizes can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts, This fashion item comes in different colors, designs and is incredibly comfortable to wear. However, a distinct awareness of which pair looks the best on you would be best in selecting a pair of shorts. Complement your pair of shorts with your favorite pair of sneakers or flats for a casual look or even the classic wedge or pumps for a more dressed-up finish.

7.) Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfriend jeans did not make waves until recently, and when they did they took the fashion world by storm. It may be a bit masculine, but it does have a certain feminine edge to it which can be brought to its full potential if done just right. Experiment with different looks and try dressing it down or dressing it up. Pair them with your favorite tee, your favorite blouse and finish it off with your signature blazer for a classic look. For a more casual ensemble, pair it with a simple white tee and your favorite pair of white sneakers–whichever way you opt to style it, you are guaranteed to rock the look.


Expand your clothing options by adding this absolute must-haves to your closet. Go beyond your standard denim jeans and add dresses, overalls, chambray shirts of the same fabric into the mix for a more expansive wardrobe. Explore and experiment with the new various denim trends in cut, color, and styles!


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 Fashion through the Times: Inventions That Changed The World of Fashion Forever


“Good fashion is evolution, not revolution” -Pierre Balmain


If you take a closer look at how fashion has evolved throughout the ages, you would be surprised as to how much it has changed over time. It may be rather hard to believe how women were dressed in the historical era (with them constrained to wearing dresses and skirts all of the time), but it would give us a sense of appreciation to the liberty we have in fashion nowadays. Fashion has evolved in a sense where individuals are given a wider scope and variety in choosing what they wear. Apart from that, they are also allowed creative and artistic expression through their clothes. In the current state of fashion today, much can be said about style and it can be attributed to just how much fashion has evolved and matured over time.

However, there are some inventions and byproducts of fashion over the years that have managed to change the world of fashion forever. These are the articles of fashion which we could no longer imagine living without—they have become pivotal and essential pieces in our wardrobes or our individual ensembles.  These style inventions have become integral to fashion’s evolution and without them, some styles today may not even be possible to pull off. From the inception of the bra to the sudden popularity of denim, whether from a wholesale clothing store or a big retail brand, here are ten fashion inventions that changed the world of fashion forever.

1.)    THE BRA


If there is any fashion invention that had a monumental significance to women, it could be no other than the bra.  Where would women be without the bra? These bust supporters were already sold in the market as early as the 1880s. However, it was not until the year 1919 wherein they began to make a ripple in the fashion world. The most well-known bra was by Mary Phelps Jacobs, an American designer who created a brassiere out of strips of ribbon. They had an aesthetic appeal but were by no means functional. Today, lingerie has earned its permanent spot in the market with diverse and versatile styles to choose from in lingerie stores.



Way back in time women were constrained to wearing only two articles of clothing, and they were either skirts or dresses. Today, a quick observation of your daily surroundings in the mall would tell you that modern women wear a pair of trousers or jeans more than they don dresses and skirts.  Back in time, wearing a pair of trousers was exclusive to men, and it was frowned upon when a woman chose sport them. Donning a pair of trousers was not remotely acceptable for women until the 1920 were when women began to embrace sports activities such as horse riding and cycling. The inception of the female trousers was subtle at first with divided skirts or culottes commencing the trend. However, the trend failed to pick up until 1966 where it finally took off with the launch of “Le Smoking” by Yves Saint Laurent which is more or less a female tux.




Unlike today, women’s fashion was terribly limited and showing too much skin was either a cause for one to be scorned by society and be thought of as immodest. However, the bikini’s humble beginnings did try to test the waters in the early 1930s. The bikini was shaped differently way back then which was generally a halter top and a high waist and wide leg shorts—a far cry from today’s sultry and risqué two-piece bathing suit. However, by the end of the Second World War when rationing of fabric saw the removal of the superfluous fabrics of the bikini, European designers came up with a bikini that matches the liberated mood of that time.  America took longer to embrace the bikini, and it was not until the early 1960s where the swimsuit was bought by consumers en masse. Since then, it has been a popular beachwear and summer staple for every woman in the world.





Before mini-skirts were all the rage, women were a lot more hesitant and self-conscious in showing too much leg. But when the trend peaked in London in the 1960s, almost every woman in town can be seen sporting them.  Before miniskirts worked into a woman’s wardrobe as a casual staple, it was only seen as an outfit for sport and dance clothing such as the one you see worn by female figure skaters, cheerleaders, tennis players, and dancers.  The garment was created by UK fashion designer Mary Quant, however, designer John Bates and Parisian Andres Courreges have also been associated with the garment. The style first made waves when Jean Shrimpton, a British model wore a short dress to Derby Day in 1965 where it caused quite a stir. The furor has more to do with the model sporting a look sans accessories such as a hat, gloves or a pantyhose and less to do with the garment itself. In the 1960s, accessories were necessary in such a conservative society.


5.)    HOSIERY



In an era where miniskirts and short dresses were making waves, it is only natural for someone to come up with hosiery. A sheer pair of tights and stockings would be the perfect complement to any miniskirt or short dress and would make the ensemble look a lot less “bare” in a conservative society. However, the invention of the hosiery preceded that of the miniskirts were significant advancements were made during the advent of nylon in 1938. Prior to this,  a majority of the stockings were made of silk and since they were so popular, an overnight collapse of the Japanese silk market ensued. Things changed when the US joined the Second World War however as nylon stockings became rather hard to obtain as a result of the production of nylon going into war efforts. After the war, the demand for nylon stockings multiplied, but they were given a modern revamp with the new design having the pair of stockings attach directly to the panties which is now more popularly known as the pantyhose.



Undoubtedly, the passage of time has contributed much to how fashion has revolutionized. Today, individuals are allowed to make radical statements in their manner of dress whereas before they could be shunned by society. It is also through the evolution of fashion that the act of dressing up no longer seem liked a routine habit one had to do, but rather an avenue for self-expression and creative liberty. And because of this, fashionistas today can only thank their predecessors for the ingenuity of some versatile ensembles and staples and for allowing them a more unfettered view in style.


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Five Fashion Rules to Break

“It is a new era in fashion where there are no rules. It is all about the individual and personal style” -Alexander McQueen


We are all aware of how dynamic fashion can be and just how incredibly diverse one’s taste regarding it can be. Choosing one’s individual taste from an array of various selections is no daunting and difficult task, but as it is with fashion pundits and authoritative figures, we have learned to follow a set of fashion rules and edicts when we are donning our favorite sartorial pieces. Over the years–especially for those who rigidly and religiously follow fashion magazine advice, fashionable individuals were constrained to follow these rules that over time became a conventional thing to do.

Perhaps you may have been even aware of some such as “the no white” policy right after labor day, a certain restriction in wearing white to someone’s wedding event, always having to match every aspect in your ensemble including your accessories. All that is just a small fraction of the set of fashion policies we have grown accustomed to and yet here we are living in the modern century wherein some of these rules are not only considered unconventional and obsolete, but incredibly absurd as well. Personally, I am a firm believer in forgoing all of fashion’s issued statements and decrees and that real genuine style should come from you and not from what fashion editors tell you it should be. This says a lot more about your personality and style than sticking with the conventional rules.  However, some of you are more partial to having a bit more of an expert advice when it comes to dressing up and that’s where this article comes in. All the fashion rules may have been deeply ingrained in you by now but consider that regardless of whether you are wearing retail or wholesale clothing, some of these rules can be bent or event revised to allow for a bit more leverage and flexibility in our fashion choices. To give you a brief sample of what these bendable rules are, take a gander below.



Whoever devised this rule sounds like a boring and stiff individual with no such love for mixing and matching different colors and patterns and without any awareness of the other color schemes apart from monochromatic. We have all probably heard this snobby statement when someone is looking askance or aghast at our mismatched belts and sandals that you can always tell a lady by her coordinated belt, bag, and shoes. Although this was fairly true enough once, the coordinated sets are a thing of the past and currently, it is all about complementing colors as well as patterns.  Matching everything from your bag to your shoe down to your necklace would make you look dated while mixing it up a bit would add interest to your outfit making you look modern and polished.



In a modern era wherein people are investing hard-earned money for a few hours on a tanning bed or even some tanning lotions, this seems an unlikely rule but do not go on believing that you can totally forget about this rule. There is some truth to this rule, after all, sunscreens with high SPFs are invented for a very good reason. But instead of staying out of the sun completely, try to negotiate with this rule by staying protected while out in the sun instead. If you are to enjoy a day out in the beach or anywhere else for that matter wherein your skin would be exposed, do apply some sunscreen lotion liberally and this should be the primary thing that you apply. Remember that a sunscreen’s effect on your skin can be compromised when you apply it to other beauty products such as makeup or moisturized, so take caution in doing this as it may damage your skin.



Strict fashion rules would dictate that women should dress appropriately for their age. One of the known edicts of this rule is that a lady should wear a skirt that does not go over the knee. In this age, this rule seems no more than an absurd poppycock. Women ought to wear skirts based on their comfort level rather than conform to what society thinks looks good on them–no matter the age. However, there is a certain truth to wearing sartorial pieces that should be appropriate for your age for one: a hot pair of pants that would show a generous amount of your midriff is considered a no-no, but short skirts are relatively okay. You can wear a short dress and high heels as you get older, but to make the look age appropriate, layer it with a sweater or a jacket. If you are uncomfortable with showing leg, then you can always pair your short skirts with tights so you would not feel too overexposed.




Reading this rule constructs the image of guys wearing socks with their pair of Crocs or sandals, and though that is a very cringe-worthy image, the same does not hold true for women. We may have been under the mistaken belief that wearing open-toe sandals or peep-toe shoes would suggest–as their name goes, to show our toes but of course, we have also seen styles wherein these shoes would look spectacular paired with any elegant charcoal tights. Achieving the look may seem a bit tricky but with apt deliberation, anyone can pull it off. What you need to keep in mind is that you would need to find tights that do not have a reinforced toe or even a seam so that there would not be any creases at the edge. However, under no circumstance should tights should be paired with huge open toe sandals. It would look like you took your heels off and wore something else to be more comfortable.



In a simpler and more stifling time, it has been specified that jewelry–particularly those that come in silver and gold or bronze and silver or whatever, do not simply mix and under no circumstance should you ever do so. In fact, if we have to choose one metal then the rest of our jewelry should follow the color of the metal worn. Yet despite this rule, we have seen Cartier pieces that lump all three metals together and still manage to look stellar. The reality is, you can always choose to blend your bling as all of these metals are considered neutrals so mixing them is absolutely okay. You do, however, want to look like it has a purpose by keeping it in odd numbers (three if you are laying necklaces and cuffs) Uneven groupings give it a more modern and sophisticated look.


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Personal Style: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Own Personal Style

It is a new era in fashion—there are no rules. It is all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels and up-and-coming designers all together” –Alexander McQueen

Fashion is a very diverse subject. It has many different facets and aspects that would cater to every individual’s style palate. No matter what the trend or the current vogue is, your taste in fashion remains constant, classic and timeless; this is where you define your personal style. One of the best adages that would distinctly define personal style comes from a famous intellectual. To quote this, Gore Vidal explicitly said that “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”. In a simpler sense, it means finding a fashion statement that sits well with you and owning it with confidence.

However, as most of us are not fashion pundits, we would often find ourselves confused as to what we truly like and if our chosen style is suitable to us. This, complemented with a multitude of sartorial options to choose from, would make finding a personal style that sits well with us and is equally suitable for us can come across as not only a daunting task, but would pose a unique fashion challenge as well. However, no matter how intimidating this fashion task may be, it is very much possible. Fortunately for us, we have an array of fashion styles and trends at our disposal that all we really need is to do is choose a singular style for us. This can be achieved through these seven steps:


Humans do not come in a singular cookie-cutter shape wherein everyone can easily fit into uniformly styled clothing and look their best while sporting it. No, individuals come in all shapes and sizes and for every figure in existence; there is a corresponding manner of clothing or style that would suit them best. This is why; it is advantageous for you to know yours. Understand what kind of body you have and what works best for you. Understanding your body shape is the key to knowing your strengths and weaknesses and because of this; you can be more selective in choosing clothes and would purchase the right clothes to accentuate your best features.


Knowing what kind of personality you have (chic and dainty, street and grunge, elegant and modern, etc.) would help you identify the kind of style that would work best with you. Take a few minutes to do some self-introspection and write down some words that would best describe who you are. After identifying aspects of yourself, take a look at your style and see if it truly reflects your personality and then have a look at different styles and choose one that appeals to you most.


Though you do not necessarily have to dress in clothes that come only in a singular hue, knowing which colors appeal to you would largely influence your style and how you feel. Supposing you are an individual that prefers neutral and earth tones, introduce a bit of color into your current style by experimenting. This can be in the form of adding bits of color through various accessories and see if this sits well with you.


Most of us are guilty of keeping a cornucopia of clothes in various cuts and styles. If you have hoarded a superfluity of clothes over the years, it is time, to be honest with yourself. Take a long hard look at your closet and ask which of the garments inside it do you really like and how many of these sartorial pieces have not seen the light of day since? Note down those that did not work well for you and make sure never to purchase the same style again. Dispose of those styles by either donating or selling them. To you, they may be great pieces but if they do not suit you or your body type, you are only holding yourself from looking stylish.


When it comes to fashion, knowing what you like largely depends on what fashion influences you have. Should you see something that appeals to you, take a mental picture of it should it be impossible to take an actual one. If you do this for a certain period of time, you would notice a pattern in the kinds of style you are most receptive to and from there, you can introduce personal accents of yours in the form of accessories, slight improvisations or mild modifications to give the style a personal touch.


If there is one fashion rule every individual must abide, it is this one rule: Never buy and wear anything that is ill-fitting. Though fairly straightforward, almost all of us have been guilty of doing this at least once in our lives. Seeing a good outfit on the racks is incredibly tempting and it is rather easy to commit to the idea of losing weight in order to fit into it that more often than not, we often leave the selected piece neglected inside our teeming closets. Or we would compromise by wearing the piece altogether despite it looking off on us. This is one of the biggest fashion faux pas. Take note, no ill-fitting clothing would ever look good on you so buy only those that fit you well.


The only way you can have a crystal clear sense of what you do want and what suits you best is to have the basic essentials that are necessary for building your personal style. Basics can vary for each individual so go through your inspiration scrapbook and identify which basics you would absolutely need for your style. In the same vein, complete your closet by having a few choice statement pieces that are unique to you. Be creative and create a brand new style from mixing and matching all these items together and harmonize them in order to come up with a personal style.

We are all unique individuals and our taste in fashion can be vary from wearing wholesale pieces from English laundry to favoring pieces from retailers such as steve madden, but whatever your fashion palate may be, do make sure that it engenders a style that defines who you truly are.

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How to Make Bargain Clothes Look Elegant

Fashion is expensive. Style is not. Some of the most stylish girls I know are certainly not the wealthiest” –Nina Garcia

Fashionistas all over the world have one thing in common: they all love dressing up and most women would attest to the fact that they love playing with styles—especially when there are innumerable and versatile ways to assemble them. However, the path to look in vogue, presentable and highly stylish is not a clear path road, more often than not, this road is littered with little bumps along the way.
We have all experienced this fashion dilemma at least once in our lives: The strong desire to look elegant and stylish without breaking the bank.

Many times and at some point in our fashion endeavors, we have wanted to look absolutely sophisticated and refined yet the contents of our wallet would tell us that we can afford nothing a little more than a ragged dress. In this era where big brands with rather exorbitant prices such as Christian Louboutins and wholesale steve madden get lauded in various fashion magazines and are all the rage in many fashion blogs, it seems ludicrous that these fashion editors can expect most women to afford a top notch looking outfit with a hefty and ridiculous price tag. Let us face it, many of us do not exactly have a thousand dollars to spare just to look on point for a night. In fact, most of us would probably scoff at the impracticality of spending a month’s worth of grocery for a singular ensemble. This is why thrift stores and bargain hunts exist, so that women can find that happy compromise of looking just as great at a lesser and much affordable price. However, some novice fashionistas are under the misguided notion that anything less than haute couture could never look as sophisticated as their expensive counterparts. This article serves to debunk that perception and will show you various ways in dressing up your bargain clothes and making them look not only elegant, but a tad bit expensive as well.



Quite straightforward, am I right? The thing is, you can make a drastic change in your entire ensemble simply by having an outfit steamed, pressed or ironed. It may seem like a simple and direct process, but it is a reality that a piece of clothing can look so much different and more elegant when it is free from wrinkles. It would look more luxurious than it truly is and gives your overall look a sophisticated touch as without a doubt, wrinkles would look bad on anything–even on expensive clothing and on bargain ones? They look worse. Have your clothes pressed and see the difference for yourself.


Bargain and thrift sartorial items often come with the simplest and most basic fasteners as installing them with more expensive ones tend to make the overall price a bit more expensive than it should be. But that does not mean you have to contend with these simple buttons, you can replace them with something more sophisticated such as metal, mother of pearl or bone or even have buttons with intricate designs sewn on them. Ditch those basic looking buttons and replace them with sophisticated ones you can easily shop for online or any “trimmings” shops. If you want to be extra thrifty, you can harvest them from the old or tacky clothes you have grown out of.


Sure the bedazzling sequined top looks totally amazing underneath the frenetic lights at a disco club and the intricate beading of that dress certainly adds more to the detail. Yes, sparkle and luster are without a doubt attractive but you have to realize that this is also one way for your clothes to look amazingly cheap. As eye-catchy and attention grabbing as these pieces may be, you have to consider that these embellishments would wear over time which would translate what once looked like a style stunner would be a shameful unintended distressed item missing its beads of details. Another thing to consider is that embellishments do not last as long as a crisp and clean look trend wise. The same goes for logos, these various items may widely proclaim that they came from expensive shops through their logos but remember, you can find almost the same thing in thrift stores for about a hundred dollars cheaper.


Buying bargain or thrift clothes or purchasing second-hand items tend to have a drawback: they do not always fit you. This is why it is imperative to have a tailor you actually trust, and one you are assured has good workmanship. You may think that having your clothes tailored may seem counterintuitive seeing as you have bought bargain clothes for the sake of saving, but there are simple tailoring fixes such as letting down a hem or a nipping in the waist would not cost you so much and in effect, you would look like a million bucks. Have those clothes fit you right and wear them with an air of sophistication and you will see just how elegant it truly was.


Just because you are opting to buy bargain clothes and thrift items, it does not mean that the entirety of your item should consist solely of cheap finds. Your accessories can be rather expensive or pricey for one and these will immediately add sophistication to your look–elevating the entire ensemble. However, if you are having a hard time negotiating with your budget, then achieve the same by opting for pricey looking jewelry instead. Accessories do wonders to ordinary outfits and simply the addition of these can do wonders to an ordinary outfit. So, the next time you are bargain hunting for clothes, designate time to hunt for sophisticated and elegant accessories or jewelry as well.

In sum…

It does not matter whether you have allocated a thousand dollars for your outfit or simply a meager twenty for it, what matters is how you style it and how you rock it. Above all, it should be remembered that when people assess an outfit, they do not necessarily see the price tag but rather how it is worn so no matter how expensive a single outfit may be, at the end of the day how you wear it still matters more.


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Clothes You Don’t Need by the time You Reach 30


“Fashion is timeless”

While this famous adage may be true, this does not necessarily connote that thirty-something women can be seen prancing in clothing that is anything but appropriate for them. This does not necessarily mean that they cannot pull it off, they can–but there are certain things that do come as you mature, and dressing your age is one of them.

After all, you do not get the same responsibilities you do now as you did back when you were in your twenties. Where you used to spend Friday nights in random bars guzzling bottle after bottle of beer, you now spend meeting potential clients and business partners or perhaps, on dates with your significant other. Nonetheless, it is a crucial that at this point in our years that we dress appropriately and accordingly. After all, our manner of garb is incredibly telling of the kind of person that we are and it is inevitable that our ensembles would give people a brief perception and impression about the person that we are. However, in one way or another, we are all a little bit guilty or have been guilty of stashing clothing items that would seem a bit out of place on a thirty-year old’s place—a variety of colour in tube tops, body hugging dresses, little girl shoes—the list goes on. Chances are some of these items are still in your closet while you may have been none the wiser. But now is a vital time to be getting rid of them as in your twenties, you mature both biologically and psychologically and along with this, so should your style. So if you are still clinging to those fashion pieces (or God forbid—wearing them) then you are in luck as this article lists six clothing items (whether bought in wholesale clothing or retail) you may have sitting in your closet, adding to the clutter and taking up valuable space that you should dispose and apparel suggestions on what to replace them with.



In the era of sexy pop stars such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, super-duper low rise jeans made a splash and almost everyone who can pull it off would be seen sporting them. However, as much as we want to retain our svelte and hourglass figure back in our teenage years and our twenties, our bodies do mature with us and over the years, the jeans would become less and less of a viable option. So, dispose of them or give them to your teenaged sister and instead sport a pair of high-waist trousers or slouchy boyfriend jeans as they are flattering on any figure and are comfortable to wear as well.



We all had that tacky initial job interview suit (which would make the fashion god’s of the seventies smile) that we probably wore to every job interview we had before landing the job we have now. Some of them are less than fashionable and are incredibly distasteful yet for some reason, some of us still have them sitting in our closets. Or perhaps, some of us may have been sporting them to work while we were still in the begging stages of our careers and have little to no idea about how to look fashionably professional. Well, toss out the old thing and replace it with a modern pair of high-waist trousers which you can pair with any blouse. Sporting this style would mean it can double as smart casual wear which you can have on during after work dinner soirees.



Sure, tube tops can be worn when you are within the vicinity of your home or perhaps it can be your chosen sleepwear but you should never leave home sporting a clingy tube top. They may have looked chic and sexy back when you were in your teenage and college years and trying out for cheerleading competitions or sporting events, but wearing them when you are pushing thirty is just asking for a disaster to happen. Instead, try a slinky camisole—it is not as constricting as a tube top is and the delicate and light material would give you and overall chic effect.



Unless you are Kim Kardashian, you would not want to sport body-con dresses in or out of the club. As we age, so will our body and when we continue to insist on wearing body hugging dresses, we are at a risk of showing our less than a spectacular figure. If you are looking to ooze sex appeal for a night out in town, opt for a stylish cocktail dress with a low back and a high hem, preferably one that is backless. In this way, you would still look fun and dressed appropriately for the night without having to suck your stomach in for a majority of the time.




In our twenties, we invested a lot of cash on inexpensive jewelry—hey, the more we had, the better chances we had in diversifying our outfits and accessories. And though nothing is essentially wrong with inexpensive jewelry, some fancy jewelry may negatively impact your skin causing rashes and green skin. And nothing—I repeat, nothing is worth suffering for, not even fashion. In your 30’s and while you are a bit more advanced in your career, invest some of your well-earned money on affordable but quality jewelry from trusted brands and avoid plastic jewelry coated with gold or silver paint.



Festive tights and themed stockings are reserved for children or for costume parties only. Should you have any stockings or tights in your closet that is covered with Christmas trees, snowmen, Halloween jack-o-lanterns or any of the sorts, it is time to throw them out. Instead, try replacing them with swiss dot tights, the simple pattern and design give your entire ensemble a striking finish.

Some of these items may still be sitting in your closet and really, as you are pushing thirty (or perhaps already are) now is no better time than to purge your closet from these items. And while style evolution is something that happens naturally, clinging to the pieces you had in your teenage years or in your twenties is not a viable option for making fashionable choices. Give yourself a birthday gift or a belated one and make a fashion stance in dressing your age for the remainder of your years ahead.

Mix & Match Challenge: 7 Tips for Mixing Prints


One of the trickiest and most intimidating things to do when it comes to style is mixing and matching patterns and textures of your outfit. However, it can also be fun and overwhelming especially when you got the right and perfect clothes to match. This is a fabulous way to give your outfit a personal approach which may also bring an unexpected fashion twist.

The basic rule when you mix and match prints is always about having an elegant balance to your outfits – from the scales, colors, themes of the of the patterns, shapes and down to the silhouette of the outfit. All must be perfectly incorporated with each other. If you think that the balance is not right, perhaps, you are doing fashion in a wrong way.

Before you decide to wear a printed style outfit, there are things that you have to consider in order to pull off the look. If you are one of those people who don’t have any idea on how to mix and match and come up with a stylish outfit, suffer no more. Here are some tips to mix and match clothing items and accessories perfectly.

Match colors, not prints

If the color of your clothes looked good together, then the prints of your outfit will most likely look good together, too. Hopefully, you are not color blind. Nonetheless, if you are not sure which colors go best when combined, you can always ask someone to assess whether the colors match or not.

Moreover, if you are really particular about the color schemes yet you are not sure about it, you can always go for the black and white color combo. You can most likely pair this combination with anything.

The simpler and more graphic the prints, the easier they are to mix

There will always be an advantage when you go for a simple style of prints. It will be easier to come up with an idea on what kind of print would perfectly match the outfit. Let’s take stripes especially black and white stripes for example. It is rather easy to match it with anything. They are simple yet elegant to wear and look at.

There are some complicated prints that also look nice together. However, this won’t necessarily be easy to pull off unless you are known for mixing matching prints. Basically, it is important to remember and consider the color and the scale of your outfit.

Spread your prints out across your outfit

Prints all over your outfit are not a bad thing to have at all. However, too much print can overcrowd your outfit. And it might not be a good idea to wear something that is too busy to look at. Wearing overcrowded prints can be an eye sore, and it defeats the purpose of being stylish.

Of course, you can still wear a printed blazer over a printed top. However, you just have to make sure that the print is evenly distributed over your outfit.

Break up the look with solids

As mentioned above, too much print is downright irritating to the eyes. If you are planning to wear a print-on-print-on-print is just fine for as long as one outfit has a solid or plain color that can break overcrowded prints. This is to calm it down.

Besides, when you have one outfit that can stand out with the rest of the prints, it will make you look more stylish and elegant.

Combine patterns of different densities or sizes

Instead of mixing dense prints with other dense prints, which can cause a big trouble when it comes to styling, why not try mixing clothes with a dense print with clothes with a sparse print? The same goes for the larger prints and the smaller prints.

Generally, if you mix various kinds of densities and sizes, the prints would balance each other out. With that, it will be nicer to look at rather than looking at dense-on-dense print on both your top and bottom.

If you want to use the same pattern, invert the colors

A lot of you here might have the same kind of prints or patterns on their clothes. Perhaps, you did not notice when you bought it in the store. Well, fret not! You can still definitely wear that kind of outfit for as long as the color of the clothes that you are going to wear is not the same.

Having the same color and with the same print on your outfit is one of the no-nos in fashion. If you still wear such outfit, it might give you an awkward feeling.

Mix prints or patterns with accessories

There are times when mixing and matching prints is still not enough to pull off the right fashion style that suits you best. Sometimes, you also need to include some accessories to compliment with the prints that you are wearing. You can definitely play with the accessories based on the print or pattern in your outfit.

In choosing the right accessories, we are not only pertaining to wearing jewelry. Accessories may refer to anything that helps complete your style. You may combine printed attires with printed, bags, scarves, shoes, cardigans, etc. But be discreet about it.

In fashion, especially when it comes to mixing and matching your prints, the key rule is to make sure you don’t put too many prints altogether. Don’t have to worry too much because this is a matter of your personal preference. You’re good as long as it won’t terrorize fashion in general. Well, if you are not confident in wearing it, then, by all means, change your outfit into what you think looks good on you.