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Men’s Fashion 101: Five Pairs of Shoes Every Man Must Have

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”-Christian Louboutin

It has been said that a pair of shoes says quite a lot about the person wearing them. While most would think this sentiment would apply to women in general, there is no stopping from onlookers assessing a man’s character based on the footwear he prefers. Furthermore, it is an established reality that quite a majority of men do love shoes despite it going against the grain of a somewhat archaic gender stereotype. After all, when men are sporting mostly jeans, shorts and the like, they would certainly have an inclination for adding a bit more glamour and zest in their choice for shoes. In this regard, it would be best if men invested in some choice pieces when it comes to shoes as when it comes to sartorial pieces, it is in shoes where men would find the most variety above all. You cannot expect to keep on sporting sneakers for every single day of your life after all.

However, there is no reason for you to acquire just about every shoe style possible—there are quite a few styles that are a cut above the rest and these are the ones that are worthy of your attention as well as your investment. In any case, here are some of the best pairs of shoes you should include in your closet. You can be assured that they go with everything from any urban streetwear clothing to your most formal ensembles.

1.) Loafers

Loafers are the ultimate go-to shoes that no man should ever have a shoe closet sans them. In fact, even the man with even just the slightest bit of proclivity for fashion would still have a trusty pair of loafers in his closet, and this is because loafers are the perfect shoes that strike a balance between casual and formal wear. The shoe style is incredibly versatile that you can wear it for a stroll to the park or to your best friend’s wedding. Moreover, loafers are excellent alternatives to boat shoes, plus they do not make you look too casual. There are plenty of variations of the shoe to choose from as well—from the plain leather ones to those that come with buckles, tassels and the like.

2.) Work Boots

Of course, if you do any type of manual labor, a pair of boots should always be an automatic addition to your closet. But even if you do not do any heavy lifting or any sort of outdoor activities, there are still merits to having this shoe style as a staple. A pair of work boots in your arsenal would ensure that you can rough it up whenever possible and get as dirty as you can without giving any second thought. Moreover, it affords your feet and toes ample protection that you can drop something incredibly heavy on your toes without any fear of fracturing any of your bones. They also provide proper sole traction for digging your feet in the ground which makes them an indispensable shoewear for heavy rains and muddy landscapes as it ensures that you do not slip. Regardless of whether you use them frequently or as seldom as you want, every man needs them as you will never know when you might be called to do some heavy manual labor work to do.

3.) Chukkas

A pair of chukkas is a pair of boots more business casual relative. They look formal without being pretentious and are exceptionally comfortable to wear. You would be surprised how well they would go with most of your business outfits and would make you look sharp and dapper enough for most social functions. Indeed, if you want to make an impression on someone without going through the lengthy hassle of donning fussy clothes and shoes, a pair of Chukkas would be an excellent choice. They would make you look polished, sophisticated and refined while remaining comfortable. Furthermore, despite the shoes’ incredibly casual appearance, it would not give you the demeanor of a slob but rather an elegant gentleman who knows how to choose stylish shoes without compromising comfort.

4.) Gym sneakers

If you frequently go to the gym and do routine workouts, it would be unimaginable for you not to have any gym shoes at your disposal. You might think that your casualwear sneakers would pass off as gym shoes, but you should never make this mistake. What you wear to the gym—especially your shoes, should never be worn casually on the streets. Your pair of gym shoes is the footwear you can sweat in and more often than not, it would bear most of the brunt of your workout regimes. In this regard, you want one that can support your body as well as do heavy workouts in. Just ensure that your gym sneakers stay fresh at all times.

5.) Casual Street Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, you should always have a pair you can easily put on and not give a second thought about—whether you are going to the mall or are picking up groceries. This is where brands such as New Balance, Keds, Sperry and Adidas Casuals come in handy and in this regard, they should be a staple in your closet. These shoes are not only stylish, but they are comfortable, sturdy and reliable and are excellent for casual day-to-day use. In fact, one might say these are to men what staple casual white sneakers are to men. These shoes are built mostly for comfort and style rather than speed and durability, so do not expect to do any of your workout routines while wearing them.
While your clothing ensembles might be something that is readily seen, it is your choice in shoes that speak the loudest so ensure that you choose them meticulously. Complete your shoe collection by referring to the list above and have a shoe appropriate for any occasion, social function or season. In this regard, not only will you have an incredibly versatile wardrobe, but a stylish one as well.


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Fashion Hacks 101: Eight Failsafe Tips to Look Great in Clothes

“Beware the old man in young guy’s clothes. If he is over 35 and comes to pick you up looking as though he is headed for a skateboarding competition while you are dressed to go to a nice restaurant, this is not a good sign.” –Merrill Markoe

Fashion has always been a hit or miss thing when it comes to looking great and spectacular. More often than not, it seems as if the clothes we have our tailored for our old bodies—when we were at least ten pounds lighter and had more curves in places where they were needed. Unfortunately, as it is in life, it is hard to maintain the kind of body that would serve as an appropriate foundation for fashion and look best in most clothes. However, what most people are not aware of is that looking great in clothes would depend less on your body type and more of your choice in clothing and how you go about mixing and matching it.

Clothing brands, designer labels—all these are extraneous factors that would do little to contribute how great you would look in clothes and wearing generic branded clothing or wholesale clothing is a testament to that. When it comes to dressing well, it all comes down to choosing the right clothes and combining them with other clothing elements that make them look great. It matters not if you have a sizable budget, are using your existing wardrobe or are looking for a change of fashion taste; all you need is a keen eye for what looks great on you and what does not. Here are some of the failsafe tricks that would make you look like you overhauled your existing wardrobe:

1.) When it comes to skirts, opt for A-line

If you have a penchant for wearing skirts more than any other clothing, show your fashion flair by opting for A-line skirts which have been long thought to be one of the most flattering cuts for skirts. This is because unlike any other skirt, the A-lines nipped waist and full bottom creates the illusion of a smaller waist. Additionally, it cinches the waist with its boxy upper area and would make your legs look great with its billowing bottom.

2.) Do not overdo fashion. Stay simple

The fashion adage of simplicity is beauty does ring true as simplicity is key in sophistication and elegance. Keep this in mind whenever you are shopping for new clothes. Steer clear from affordable clothing items that have gaudy embellishments on them. Chances are they will fall off after consistent use and washing. Instead, look for items that are simpler but require a bit more skill to make such as pleated tops, embroidered pieces, tapered pants and the like.

3.) Wear your clothes in rotation and do less laundry

A true mark of an individual who dresses well is one who knows how to plan his fashion options in rotation. This is because planning what you wear for the week in advance means you would have to wash your clothes less making them preserve their natural color. If it is not particularly hot or if your clothes are not especially dirty, there is no need to wash your clothes every single time you wear them. Just sponge it with water and a bit of soap, cleanse and then air dry it.

4.) Go for stretch materials

Looking for clothes that fit can be a bit hard if you pack a bit of extra weight. This is particularly the case for women who carry their weight in their hips and thighs. Finding a pair of jeans that would flatter their body would often be a challenge, so instead of conventional fabrics, go for stretch instead. Jeans that are made of a combination of spandex, polyester, and Lycra would allow the fabric to hug every part of your body—which would flatter it from any angle. However, a word of caution as the material is meant to be worn snug, not tight.

5.) Buy more black

Black may seem like a somber color, but it flatters everyone and would look excellent on almost everybody. Not only is it slimming, but the neutral shade makes it easier for you to pair it with anything you might have sitting in your closet. Black is a classic color that would always look great, and it conceals any of your imperfections and problem areas easily. So, invest in a few choice pieces as well as some staples and basics in this dark hue to add to your wardrobe.

6.) Your hair matters as much as your outfit

Going to a big event extends beyond investing in the proper and best dress for the occasion—it also means doing your hair appropriately to look great with your outfit. Remember, when it comes to formal events, it is always best to treat your tresses and have it look different than on an ordinary day. Have it professionally styled or get a blowout to complement your outfit and make it look put together.

7.) Focus on fit

No matter what you wear, how the clothes fit you will always be paramount. Do not wear ill-fitting clothes—even if they do fit you (once you have managed to squeeze yourself into it). You may think you look thinner and more svelte by cramming yourself to a smaller size. But that does not mean you should. Remember, in forcing yourself to a smaller size, you will be creating more bulges that are an unflattering sight, so it is best to stick with clothes that fit you comfortably.

8.) Buy basic pieces in bulk

You can never go wrong with basic pieces. These are the clothing staples your wardrobe truly needs. Its versatility would make it ideal for everyday casual wear and would even make excellent complements to dressy clothes. With this in mind, do not invest in pieces that you know would easily get disintegrated. Take note, these are clothes you are going to be wearing quite a lot so do not bother investing in items that are easily worn out.


When it comes to dressing well, there is no absolute need to drain your monthly finances, just have a good eye for knowing what works well for you and your body type. Additionally, try not to constrain yourself into one fashion style—venture out and try new pieces, you might not know it, but the style you try on next might flatter your better than your existing one.

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Five Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Purging Your Closet

“Playing dress up starts at age five and never really ends” -Kate Spade

One memorable line from the hit series of HBO was uttered by Carrie Bradshaw, a self-confessed fashionista and clothing hoarder. In the series, her unsurpassed love was evidenced by her perpetually full closet and her sentiments as regards clothes stating that she wants her money where she sees them, hanging in her closet. In the real world, fashion forward women are pretty much the same. Their love for clothes and penchant for anything stylish are both unmatched. In fact, fashionable women would say that their love for clothes is anything but a penchant. Instead, they would say it is something akin to passion. With their great love for sartorial items, it would come as no surprise to find their closets and wardrobes filled to the brim with the latest finds, classic staples and the like coming in varied colors and styles. Unfortunately, one ugly reality you need to content with is that you cannot hold on to these things forever and at some point in the future, you need to purge your closet from sartorial items that are taking up too much space.

Not only would you be clearing up that much-needed space to make way for new clothes, but you would be getting rid of items which have not even seen the light of day in the past years. While letting go of clothes you once loved may be hard, you can think of it as an opportunity for a fashion catharsis. Get rid of all the items that would serve you no purpose in your closets, and you will be surprised that it might just be the perfect precursor to redefining or enhancing your style. Once you have come to terms with the need for a closet purging, how do you know which ones to donate, toss or keep? Well, to make your wardrobe purging endeavor easier, here is a checklist of questions you need to ask yourself while going through each item in your closet. It is highly recommended that you pick and ponder every item as a quick a scan would not yield the same effective results and would not help you at arriving at a decision.

1.) Is it still in style?

Your wholesale Steve Madden boots may be your favorite pair, and it certainly has a way of elongating your legs when you are wearing minis. But your favorites may not exactly be in trend or even in season today. While you might not have any fashion items from the seventies hanging in your closet, you might not be aware of the subtle shifts in fashion that would cause you to throw out some trendy wardrobe pieces that may potentially become fashionable once more in the future. It is no secret that fashion is cyclical, so a good workaround to determining which items you should chuck out and which ones you can keep for storage is to see if these items still work well with your current wardrobe. If they do, stash them away until such time that they become fashionable again.

2.) Does it still fit you well?

Keeping an article of clothing in the hopes that it would fit you one day when you finally lose weight is only going to succeed in clogging up your clothes. If you have gained or lost a few pounds over the months or have stopped working out altogether, some of your clothes may still fit you but are not going to look quite the same as they did when you first purchased them. Be honest yourself when it comes to this matter, and if you feel that it would take some time before you would finally fit into that blouse, it is best to toss or give it away. Besides, it might not even be in style by the time it would finally fit you.

3.) Does it still have a place in your life?

Admit it, at some point in your life; you may have bought sartorial pieces that were appropriate to wear in your profession. But if black ties, suits, high heels, pencil skirts and the like no longer have a place in your current life (unless you like wearing them to work), then there is absolutely no reason for you to be holding on to them. Whether it may be a career shift or a simple matter of wanting to change the tune of your style, if your clothes no longer serve you its purpose, then either toss them or donate them. Whatever the case might be, there will always be a time in a woman’s life where you need to make a sartorial shift—and throwing away tacky clothes is just one step in the process. Decide if you want to go through this transition, and purge accordingly.

4.) Can you flip it?

Under any under circumstance, it would be hard to part with an item that once held an exorbitant price tag. While this might be true, you have to take into account that you need the extra space in your closet. And if having that space would require you to get rid of an expensive piece that is no longer trendy or ill-fitting, then, by all means, you should. If you are afraid of underselling it considering the premium you paid when you first bought it, then sell it at a local designer consignment work who might pay you more. You can then use that money to buy something that is in season and would fit you well.

5.) Do you have a lot of them?

There is a saying that goes that if you want a pair of shoes, you should buy it in every color. Unfortunately, this SHOULD NOT be the case when you are looking to trim a little extra fat in your closet. Look for styles that you have a tendency to buy in repetition and look for those in bad shape. Say for example you own eight plain colored tees, look for the ones that are in the worst shape or the ones you have worn the least. Look for those items that you would not lose sleep over losing and donate them to charity.
Parting with some of our clothes may present itself as a challenge—especially if you are a fashionista with a taste for variety. However, if your clothes are sitting ducks in your closets, then they are not really doing anything to help your style. On the contrary, keeping so many of these stocked in your closet can even preclude you from reaching your true style potential. So, ask yourself the questions stated above and start paring down the items in your closet.


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Style Review: The Biggest Trends of 2016!

“Do not be into trends. Do not make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” –Gianni Versace

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” –Karl Lagerfeld

Without a doubt, fashion is one of the most fickle things in the world imaginable. What is trendy today may not be so in the next year but might have the potential to be stylish again in five years or so. It is an unpredictable and cyclical phenomenon that keeps an individual’s manner and state of dress perpetually riveting and interesting. Because fashion changes every year, it means that as we usher in 2017, we all have a lot of new trends and styles to look forward to. In the same vein, this gives you a chance to give your wardrobe that much needed overhaul and update with this year’s predicted potential styles and trends.

But before going into that, let us review some of 2016’s biggest and most fashionable trends that have dominated almost every nook and cranny in the fashion world. After all, these are the trends that would help engender 2017’s biggest styles and potential fashion ensembles, so it is only right that they be given their appropriate recognition. From the ever omnipresent perfected eyebrows which women of every age sported down to off-shoulder everything trend (tops, cropped tops, dresses, etc.)—whether bought from retail or wholesale clothing, here are some of 2016’s definitive contributions to fashion:

  1. Chokers

In mid to late 2016, chokers made waves in the fashion industry and almost every style icon and celebrity was seen wearing it—from the likes of Kendall Jenner to Ariana Grande, this was one trend that was imperceptibly creeping on to everyone’s fashion ensembles. There was a wide range of styles as well from velvet, classic black, lace, diamonds and even nameplates and DIY shoelace chokers. Though almost everyone seemed to be sporting this accessory, there were innumerable ways of personalizing it which made it the most “lit” fashion accessory of 2016 that came in almost every fabric, width and color last year.


  1. Off-shoulder apparel

Off-shouldered apparels may have looked more at home in music festivals, boho and beach themed parties, but in 2016, almost every top possible was reimagined as an off-shouldered top and a myriad of styles were then conceived. From blousy boho tops to stomach-baring cropped tops, the variety of off-shouldered tops made it possible for women of every age to find one that was appropriate to their personal style. Bare shoulders feel sexy and flirty yet they do not give too much away which explains why this trend continues to be a dominant part of a woman’s ensemble this year.


  1. Vintage Band Tees

Although some of them were no longer relevant or even remotely popular or have disbanded, vintage band tees were a huge thing in 2016. It seemed that sporting one was the ticket to being considered cool and was considered the height of casual yet hip fashion. It was the ultimate streetwear and suddenly everyone was having a bit of rock and roll touch to their clothes last year—even if they do not necessarily recognize the band emblazoned on their shirts or jackets. As long as Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Slayer or Metallica was emblazoned conspicuously in any part of your clothing—nothing else mattered. Hopefully, this trend will die with the year. Though the appeal of rock and roll is undeniably palpable, it does not bode well for the wearer to be wearing the tees of a band he or she knows nothing about just to be considered hip and cool.


  1. Velvet

Although it was hardly practical to wear anything velvet during the hotter and more humid seasons, that fact did not stop people from buying into the velvet-anything trend. It seemed like the love for velvet has transcended that of any fabric as in 2016, it seemed like everything was made out of velvet. It did not matter whether they were booties, a one-piece suit, a dress or a top—velvet rarely goes unnoticed and the lush fabric which is the very definition of luxurious elegance can be found anywhere and everywhere.


  1. Tour Merchandise

Beyond the significant rise of vintage band tees was also the rise of tour merchandise. What was once a clothing item you can buy exclusively on concert venues became a more expansive clothing line in 2016 all thanks to Kanye West and Justin Bieber. Last year, celebrities and some of the biggest names in rap and pop business have leveraged their personal brands to create concern merchandise that seemed to be more of full-fledged labels than one-time souvenirs. Many celebrities soon exploited this trend with celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian creating their own merchandise despite not actually going on tour.


  1. Slip Dresses

Is it bedroom wear or can I appropriately wear this when going out to buy groceries? This seems to be the dominant question in everyone’s heads when slip dresses became a thing. Women started sporting dresses that look more at home in the bedroom than out of it. Although, some women gave it an ultra 90’s vibe by layering it over a shirt which compensated for its lack of material. The slip dress came in a variety of materials and came in a range of lengths and styles which made it perfect for the daytime and nighttime scene.


  1. Over the knee boots

Last year, the trend of wearing over the knees pair of boots became phenomenal. What seemed to be a signature style of Ariana Grande became an apparent trend amongst celebrities with Taylor Swift riding on in the trend. It was certainly one way to compensate for short dresses and mini-skirts and though they hid much of our legs, it gave them the illusion of sexier and svelte legs.


After reviewing 2016’s biggest trends, it is up to you to decide which ones of these trends should stay and which ones should go. But always make room for the new trends that are about to be welcome by this year so that you can stay relevantly stylish.


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Five Basic Steps to Building a Wardrobe


“Building a wardrobe is like building a circle of friends your whole life…Your own beauty is to be yourself, but of course we need tools and accessories.” Diane Von Furstenberg


Fashion can be a tad bit overwhelming especially for those of us who are novices to the fad or are fairly miserly when it comes to investing on durable, stylish and trendy looking clothes. But fashion is an integral part of life—it is a core matter as it fundamentally reflects how we perceive ourselves in our manner of dress. As a matter of fact, fashion can either work to our advantage or to our detriment, by dressing appropriately and relatively well, we give the people observing us a good impression of who we are while dressing poorly would tend to make them misjudge us. This is why those of us who are fashion enthusiasts would actively invest in building a good wardrobe, but building a great wardrobe with choice pieces is not exclusive to fashion forward individuals alone.

Building a great wardrobe is also for those who would want to create a personal style, for those who have lost or gained a significant amount of weight and want to remain fashion forward without cycling through the same pieces throughout the week and some may just want to incorporate big changes to their individual styles. These may just be some of the reasons why one would be trying to build or rebuild their wardrobe but what you need to keep in mind is that as your style evolves, so should the contents of your wardrobe. Fashion may be cyclical but there is a constant and imperative need for you update your wardrobe, clean out the contents that are outdated and keep rebuilding. Remember, building and rebuilding your wardrobe does not happen overnight as finding and defining your personal style would not happen in a single day, so be patient and start by having an awareness of what your style truly is—whether it be an eclectic mix between big retail brands and wholesale pieces or a dynamic fusion of vintage and classic styles, just be sure you are comfortable with it. Then, you can follow the simple steps below in commencing the structure of your personal wardrobe with great pieces that are uniquely you.

  • Assess your lifestyle

A very big factor in determining what kind of clothes you should be investing in to build your wardrobe, you need a closer look at the kind of lifestyle you have. An introspection into one’s kind of life is in order to structure the appropriate wardrobe for yourself and asking the right questions as regards yourself is integral to this. Determine whether you work in a professional environment, from home or are retired. Check if you have the lifestyle of an always on-the-go mother or a retired homemaker. Take a look at your surroundings and your environment; are you in the city more often? What is the weather like in the place you live in? What kind of things do you do during your free time? And lastly, consider how you want your wardrobe to be: Do you want a minimalist wardrobe free from all the complex decision-making processes? Or would you rather have a vast wardrobe with an array of options? These questions are pivotal in deciding which clothes to get when you are shopping as these are the questions you should ask whether a particular clothing would be something you would wear often or not.


  • Clean out your closet


A fundamental step when it comes to building a new wardrobe is to clean out your closet. As the adage would go, “Out with old and in the new” so should be the sentiment for your new wardrobe. Do not cling on to old, outdated and ill-fitting pieces in the hopes that you would don them again soon. Remember, you are introducing new clothes into your closet, so the chances of getting yourself to wear these old pieces once more are incredibly slim. And always remember the golden rule when it comes to closet cleanups: If you do not like them now, there is virtually no chance that you would like them in the future when you have accumulated more clothes. Do not be so cavalier with closet space–this is an important aspect in building your wardrobe after all and the more space you have, the chances of getting your style update are higher.


  • Create a list of your core pieces


Essentially, this list should contain all of the fundamental and basic pieces that should make up the foundation of your wardrobe. From these pieces, the rest of your clothing purchases will follow as these will be your workhorses. So, if your style is centered on having as much denim as you can in your closet, then stock up on wholesale dnine reserve staples by all means. Ideally, you should have at least ten to twelve items in this list and these items will be the most important and perhaps the most expensive items you will buy. Build the rest of your wardrobe around these pieces to have a style truly definitive of your taste and personality.


  • Determine your budget


To avoid unnecessary spending, it is a wise idea to figure out just how much you want to spend in building your wardrobe. If you have allocated a small budget for building your wardrobe, then you would be a lot more selective and aware of your spending. This would also significantly decrease any unnecessary clothing expenditures as you would be a lot more frugal and smart about where your money should go. If your budget is tight, cover the basics first and you can build from that.


  • Ditch the style rules


Fashion pundits may have issued so many fashion edicts but this is not to imply that you have to staunchly follow every single one of them. These fashion rules are not mandates, they are simply guidelines that one could choose to follow or not. After all, you are the master of your style and if you followed every rule they have decreed, you would end up looking essentially like everyone else—negating the sense of personal style in doing so. Let these fashion edicts serve as a guide not as a directive when it comes to building your wardrobe and feel free to explore your tastes in fashion to build the perfect wardrobe just for you. Do not be afraid to push the boundaries of fashion if that is what it takes to find your inner style.



Building or rebuilding a wardrobe does not have to be complex if you have an idea of what you do like and what you do not. This is that chance for your inner creativity to flow, so do not waste it by refusing to acknowledge some fatal fashion mishaps you have had the misfortune to encounter in the past. Learn from those and begin again. This time, try new colors and trends and add a few classic and vintage styles into the spin to revisit a style you once loved and altogether pull off a unique look!


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Finding Flattering Clothes for Your Body Type

Dressing up is fun. It makes you appear polished, neat, girly and trendy. However, no matter how hard we try, there are just some clothes that do not flatter our figure. Though we do try to make it work best to our advantage, we would all soon come to the conclusion that there are some clothes that don’t complement our body type. A reality is that no two women on earth have roughly the same shape. They might be in the same size, but never in the same shape. Such an understatement to compartmentalize body types into fat, normal and thin! Newsflash people, people are not manufactured in factories that we can categorize them into three extremely cookie-cutter body types.


People, particularly women, are built differently. Though men’s bodies are just as diverse as women’s, this article aims to focus on women solely. This is because between males and females, the latter gets more clothing options. As a result, women would have more variety in choosing what to wear and have a lot more fun in mixing and matching. It is a common knowledge that women all over the world have a lot more fun in dressing up much more than their male counterparts.


However, as fun as dressing up may seem, this can get rather disappointing and disheartening once you find the perfect dress only to find out it looks absolutely horrid on you. It is especially heartbreaking to discover that the dress you saved a lot of cash for turns out to be extremely unflattering to your figure. Not only do you have a dress which you would not be able to wear under any circumstances, but you have also managed to waste valuable monetary resources.


This article aims to eradicate that pressing predicament and help you keep a tighter hold on your buck. As though women may come in different shapes and sizes, there is always a dress appropriate for every shape as well as for every size. It is only a matter of finding out what size and shape your body is and selecting the suitable assortment of outfits for yourself. What this article would do is to help you select various apparel for the body type that you have. It also aims to tell you which type of clothes would work and the clothes that would not. Rounded, pear-shaped, hourglass, plump and etc., this article will surely help you find the perfect clothes that match you body and built.


For Pear Shaped Ladies


A body shaped like a pear has the characteristics of having a wider lower body than your upper body. In other words, you have wider hips than shoulders. Your bottom is also well rounded and your waist, well-defined. Perhaps your best assets would be your shoulders, your entire torso, and your flat stomach. A few notable celebrities who have pear shaped bodies are Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian, Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Your fashion goals should be to accentuate your waist and arms, give more volume to your shoulders and upper body and minimize or diminish your hips.


If you have a body shaped like a pear much like Katherine Heigl, then you would most likely want to minimize your lower half and draw the attention upward. So, the apparel which you should try are A-line skirts to camouflage your wide hips and pants skirts and dresses to balance your hips. Additionally, you can go for boat neck tops and square cowl necklines. You can also wear strapless dresses to show off your arms. Ruffles will complement your body type as well and so do jackets that hit right above the waist. As for your shoes, you would like to invest in footwear that are pointy-toed as this will give your legs the illusion of being long.


CARDINAL DON’T:  Do not wear clothing that would bring attention to the hips and thighs such as print skirts and cargo pants.


For wedge shaped women


A wedge-shaped body, also known as the inverted triangle, is defined by a broad chest and wide shoulders (in large proportions) and narrow waist and hips. Your best asset is most notably your legs. Thus, your fashion ideals should be to emphasize your lower body while softening your shoulders and upper body. Popular actresses with this type of body are Teri Hatcher, Demi Moore, and Renee Zellwegger. Having a wedge-shaped body mean you want attention drawn downward of your body to the narrower parts such as your hips and your waist. To achieve this, you should wear bright bottoms, full skirts, wide leg pants. Do wear tops that call attention to your waistline. Your body will also look absolutely fabulous with high-waisted styles and clothes that create the illusion of a waist.


CARDINAL DON’T: Do not wear boat neckline and spaghetti strap tops.


For females with rectangular shapes


Females with rectangular body shapes have waists, hips and shoulder widths that are similar. They are usually on the slimmer side and have an athletic look. Their notable assets are their arms and legs. They also do not have to downplay any body features. They do, however, need to create curves and show off their slender arms and legs. Actresses with this body type are Natalie Portman, Hilary Swank, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz.


Should you possess this type of body, you should invest in scoop necks and sweetheart tops in order to create curves. Additionally, wearing long jackets would give you a leaner look. Tops with collars and ruffles will add volume to your chest as well. Wearing a bra that will make you make the most of what you have is also a plus. Layering clothes will help you create dimensions. Hence, experiment with fun and colorful bottoms. Try to wear dresses with cinches on the sides.


CARDINAL DON’T: Do not wear something that overwhelms you.


For womenfolk with an hourglass frame


Women with this body shape boast sexy and alluring curves. Their shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and are accentuated by a tiny waist. Fashion goals for this type of body type should be to show off curves without exaggerating it too much. People in popular culture who have this body type are Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek and Beyonce.


If you have an hourglass body shape, wearing a good bra to showcase your bust is a good start. Wearing fitted dresses is also a good idea. Wearing a belt will help you draw attention to your hourglass shape. Moreover, wrap dresses, high-waisted skirts to show off hips, thin lightweight fabrics and skinny jeans and straight leg jeans work best for this body type.


CARDINAL DON’T: Do not hide your curves underneath baggy clothing. Show them off!


In essence, it does not really matter whether you have an hourglass body shape or a pear one, what matters is finding the perfect clothes that would complement your body type. You may invest in thousands of pesos in clothes that are in style and would still look frumpy in comparison to how you saw it worn by the model.


The key here is to accentuate your best features and downplay the rest. After all, when we are dressing up, don’t we all love to showcase our assets? So if you do, start finding the best clothes just for you!


Traveling In Style

If preparing for a trip is like a doomsday to you, hold up and never fear. We do not want you to be stressed out even before you start your weekend getaway, so we will be giving you some tips on how traveling in style can be so easy. Who says you can’t go places fashionably?

Traveling is always a pleasure everyone is meaning to do. And by this, it means one should savor the moment with more fun and less hassle. So then, let us start with making yourself comfortable and relaxed from knowing these simple yet helpful ideas about traveling and doing it with style.

Use a stylish luggage or designer travel bags.
More often than not, some of us will be traveling with a luggage at hand with almost everything and anything that we needed in it. Some of them may even vary in size depending on how long you will be traveling. What you can do before packing is to consider the length of your travel with the things you are going to need and how big of a luggage you will use for the whole trip.

Travel style tip: Choose a luggage that you think would reflect your personality considering the type of trip you would be in. You can even use a handbag if you prefer to match it with your classy outfit, but make sure to choose one that fits your style and the comfort you can get from it.

Use a comfy top that would allow you to move around freely.
Whenever ye travel, you often feel the discomfort from the clothes that we wear. Of course, it is a must that you wear something according to the activity, and that is you traveling and moving around. This also depends on the weather in time for your travels, which is to be considered.

Travel style tip: You can use fresh looking outfits such as tank tops in time for summer, or a plain V-neck shirt along with a blazer to match with. Men can also go with leather jackets as long as they fit. You can also look on some street wear from wholesale urban clothing if you want to go on some street adventures on the destination of your choice.



Jeans and shorts can come in handy.
Yes it is a fact. Wearing jeans and shorts can give you the comfort of roaming around the streets and at the same time can never go out of style, once you just know how to work with it. These outfits are among the best traveling companions you can have.

Travel style tip: Wear jeans and match it with a comfortable top. Denim shorts for women are also a go-to look, as well as comfortable cargo pants for men, topped with your favorite comfortable shirt if you sport a casual wear.

Shoes can take you places and can give you an impression.
“Give a girl the right shoe, and she can conquer the world.” Which is a fact since your footwear can also say anything about you. Of course, who would want to use a shoe that would not even fit them? Even Cinderella’s glass shoe mattered.

Travel style tip: As for women, you can go with stylish loafers to match your outfit, or even stylish sandals to go with. Men can also go with loafers if they want something classy to match with. But some men and women prefer kicks that show their personality while traveling but still not going out of style. One example is urban street shoes such as Zoo York, or sneakers if you prefer having these on your list as well.

Wearing a scarf can be a classy look too.
Scarves have been trending nowadays to complete a look of a chic and hip style.  These are not only used to protect your neck from cold, or as towel or a cover but scarves are now used to add an accent to your outfit. It can also help spruce a suffering wardrobe.


Travel style tip: Match a scarf to a plain top or with a similar tone of colors to add layer on your getup. You can also play along on how you tie the scarf around you, which will add creativity on your outfit of the day.

Hats can add a distinct look on your whole outfit.
Wandering around the streets, finding more adventures to do or a place to eat under the scorching heat of the sun is such a nightmare for your hair. While traveling, you can make use of hats to protect you from the heat but can also add a classy look to your outfit.

Travel style tip: Women can use summer hats to match with their dresses or just to add a style to your usual look. It may be simple but at least there is something that accentuates your whole outfit. As for men, fedoras are okay but don’t over do it. Sometimes these headgears are occasionally used for men who know how to wear them.

Sunglasses can complete the whole get up.


Not just to protect your eyes from the burning heat of the sun and its rays, sunglasses are now used to accentuate a getup by matching it with what you wear. Shades also come in various different shapes, which are tricky if you do not know which one to use.

Travel style tip: Match your look with sunglasses that is simple, yet stunning. Sunglasses also matter on the activity you are going to do, if you are in the beach, or hiking or are just wandering around the streets. It is nice to accentuate your outfit with these trusty gears to pair with from the outfit you desire for that day.

Gadgets can entertain you while on the way to your destination.

While traveling, some of us might want some entertainment, which is something popular among the people who are traveling these days. You cannot forget bringing your iPod around to listen to music, won’t you?

Travel style tip: Our gadgets should also match the activities that we are in, and this time, traveling. You can add an accent to your gadgets by personalizing its look, such as having a nice cover or case to protect it

Make-up can save the day.

For most women, traveling should also mean having a refreshing look. Which means having a handy dandy make-up kit is quite a must to bring. No matter where you are, what you do or whom you are with, it is important to still look fresh and relaxed despite the hours of spending your time traveling around.

Travel style tip: Try a fresh looking set of make-up. Use fresh looking colors that would suit your outfit as well, such as beige or natural to complete a simple yet unwary look. To top it off, use a blush that would add an accent to your cheeks, eye shadows to appealing eyes and mascara to win it. Always aim for a bright and simple look that would fit the features of your face and also your outfit to cap off the day.