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Tell-tale Signs You Need a Wardrobe Overhaul

“We women are so judged by the way we dress, and men are not. So style is part of developing your own brand.” – Mireille Guiliano

Style remains to be one of the evolutionary aspects in the world of fashion that does not stagnate and shows no signs of ever wearing down. As the years go by, it updates and modifies itself consistently to accommodate the modern world’s fashion demands. And though it may be something considered as cyclical, it is undeniable that most classic sartorial items have been given a modern revamp, a contemporary update or a complete overhaul once it makes a comeback.

Though fashion and style are not mutually exclusive, there are some aspects in fashion that become obsolete and outdated as time goes on. This is why a constant and consistent update of your wardrobe is called for. Though you may stick to a particular theme when it comes to choosing how you dress, there will be days you would wish like you had not dressed like a fashion recall from the seventies. Fashion pundits may laud personal preference when it comes to choosing a particular fashion style, but there is a fine line between personal style preference and using the former as an excuse for your style slump. The fact is, there are so many reasons for being in a style slump: You get far too busy with work, you have gained a lot of weight over the past few years, you just could not fit fashionable and trendy clothes into your budget—whatever it may be, you should never compromise looking good and feeling good to the point that you would start feeling comfortable in those unattractive clothes. When that sentiment starts to sink in, maybe this would be your catalyst for a complete wardrobe overhaul.

So, give your wardrobe tonight a complete once-over and try to look for some of these signs in it and in yourself. If you find that you can identify with one or some of the statements below, then perhaps this may be your wake-up call for a much-needed wardrobe update.

1.) You cannot remember the last time you went shopping

Regardless of whether this is online shopping or retail shopping or whether it is for wholesale clothing or retail branded clothes, the fact is, you cannot seem to remember when the last time you went to spend some cash for clothes. This is crucial because this signifies the last time you cared enough to update your look or at least, add to your closet. If you honestly cannot recall the last time you purchased clothing for yourself, then it is high time for an upgrade.

2.) You do not feel like yourself in your clothing

You may feel comfortable in your chosen clothes, but it is not necessarily that feeling of being neither yourself— nor does it give you any air and aura of confidence. You go through a lot of changes internally and more often than not, the outside changes along with it. Should you find yourself pioneering business group projects now or mentoring interns, yet you are still sporting the same clothes from back when you just started out as an intern yourself, then you do not really exemplify the position given to you. Nor is your clothes indicative of any authority and you probably do not feel like yourself in that wardrobe. It is important to take care of your outward appearance just as you do your inner appearance. Appropriately dress for the part, or better yet, dress for the next role you would like to play in life.

3.) Those “I have nothing to wear” moments are happening a little too frequently

Women, regardless of how abundant their wardrobes are with clothes, would always have that one off day wherein nothing in their closet seems to be appropriate for them to wear. It may be teeming with too many clothes, yet they would still find themselves falling short on one particular criterion on how the ensemble should look like. This is excusable, but if you find yourself constant having these moments (say at least thrice a week), then you may have a problem. Similarly, if you find yourself sporting the same “go-to” outfit, then it is time to admit that you are in dire need of getting yourself new clothes—in your case, it is definitely worth the investment.

4.) Your closet is quantity over quality

You may think having way too many clothes signifies a woman with a good sense of style—more variety options! Though this is not necessarily true, it would just signify her penchant for hoarding clothes. Today, with so many clothing temptations creeping on us everywhere—in the mall or even at our desks at work, it can be rather easy to fall fast into fashion trap and have our closets spilling over with fast fashion purchases which we have neglected to clean out for the past five years or so. However, if you find that your closet is filled with more cheap buys that do not really last the test of time and would easily break over than quality and timeless items, then it is time to tell yourself to invest in quality rather than quantity.

5.) You think getting dressed is a chore

What used to be a fun and exciting activity for you has now turned into a dreadful prospect and you liken it to a chore. You find the thought of dressing up and getting out of your trusty wooly pajamas tiresome and you honestly want to be unfettered by something as trivial as dressing up. If this is a similar or all-too-familiar notion you share, then perhaps it is time to introduce a very welcome change to your closets. Fashion is fun, and it should never have to feel like a chore as it is also very empowering. Remember, if you look great, you will feel great.

6.) It is almost impossible to find something in your closet that fits you

Weight gain can happen to anyone of us, but this should not excuse our dreadful manner of dress nor should this become the catalyst for being in a style rut. If you find yourself having to spend at least half an hour just to get into most of your clothes, then maybe it is time to face the truth that you no longer possess the svelte and lithe body you once had in your twenties and start investing in styles and sizes that do complement your body tip and more importantly, fit you.
Do not let a style rut or slump deter you from being fashionable. Fashionable should be something you can fully exploit to the fullest and use to your advantage, it should be something that augments and enhances your outward appearance and not contribute to its decline. Give yourself a reality check, and if you that you are indeed suffering from a style slump, then do yourself a favor and update your wardrobe.


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How to Wear Heels Without Injuring One’s Self

“When I wear heels, I have a great vocabulary and I speak in paragraphs. I am more eloquent. I plan to wear them more often.” -Meg Ryan

Without a doubt, high heels have been one of the fashion innovations that have been truly a boon to women. Any high-heeled pair would immediately bring any women closer to the sky and would give them that extra dose of sex appeal that would work easily in any outfit without so much of a fuss.

In fact, it has been said that a woman’s shoe closet is incomplete if she does not have that one pair of high-heeled shoes that would make her feel like she could take on the world. From this sentiment, it can be gleaned that no self-respecting woman would ever find her shoe closet sans her favorite and trusty pair of high-heeled shoes. These heels come in a variety of shapes and forms–there is an array of designs and styles from your stylish stilettos to your elegant and tasteful night out pumps. And you have innumerable shoe designers to choose from (from wholesale steve madden to Christian Louboutins) But if there is one fundamental and universal truth among all these high-heeled shoes, it is the fact that it grants whoever is wearing it an immediate boost in confidence. However, a boost in confidence and sex appeal do not come without a price as any woman would tell you that wearing a pair of high heels for long periods of time can be rather uncomfortable. The fact is, a multitude of foot related injuries are caused simply by the wearing of a pair of uncomfortable high heels. But, this is not to say that there is no compromise–women are after all not subjected to a “grin and bear” mentality and attitude in the name of looking stylish and amazing. An elegant pair of high-heels and pain-free feet are not mutually exclusive and here are eight tips for you to continue looking fabulous in sexy high-heels sans the pain and discomfort.

1.) Have a knowledge of what kind of foot type you have

Not all of us are born with a similar foot. Out feet, like our bodies come in different shapes and sizes and if you want to feel at ease wearing your favorite pair of pumps, it would greatly help you if you educated yourself on your personal foot type. The best way to find out is to visit a podiatrist but if this is out of the question, you are not out of options. One way to do it is to drench your foot and step onto a piece of construction paper, this would show you if your foot is flattening or how high your foot’s arch is.

2.) A thicker heel is generally preferable

A pair of stilettos may look sexy and great, but they would undoubtedly cause your feet major discomfort after a prolonged use. Apart from this, it causes your foot to wobble. Alleviate foot discomfort by opting for thicker heeled shoes which would give you that much-needed leverage. However, this is not to say that you should ditch wearing stilettos altogether. If a dress calls for a pair, then do so as long as it is not something you would wear every single day.

3.) Take breaks

Your feet are experiencing a lot of stress when you are wearing high-heeled shoes–all the more if you are walking around in them. To make sure you would not cause any lasting injuries, a simple break would be enough to assuage the pain and discomfort your feet are experiencing. So, whenever it calls for it, kick your shoes off for a bit and stretch your ankles and toes.

4.) Make sure you are wearing the right shoe size


A cardinal rule when it comes to shoe shopping is to know you are buying yourself the right size and fit for you–not just for a pair of high-heels, but for any pair of shoes for that matter. Women often make the mistake of wearing shoes that are ill-fitting and are hardly they are size, and this may be detrimental. Your feet supports your weight, so it is vital that you make them as comfortable as they can be. One thing to consider is that your foot size changes over the years–most especially after you have had kids. Have your feet sized at least once a year for width and length, then base your shoe shopping from these.

5.) Opt for platforms instead of thin soles

You are exerting a lot of pressure when you are walking, and wearing thin soles will only aggravate this pressure. Thin soles are almost always guaranteed to give you pain at the bottom of your foot which is why you need to opt for thicker soles. Choose one with a little bit of platform which would offset some of the pressure on your feet while you are walking. The material should preferably be rubbery so that it would be comfortable and would absorb the pressure.

6.) Opt for a shoe with more coverage on top


Wearing a pair of high-heeled boots would feel better than wearing a stiletto with hardly any coverage on top all day. This is because the more coverage you have on the top of your foot would feel a lot better. Alternatively, you can wear something with an ankle strap or big wide strap across the strap for the summer season. This is especially true for women who are prone to blisters and friction.

7.) Invest in over-the-counter shoe inserts

These products are really helpful to your feet and would alleviate the discomfort in your soles if you are a woman who has to wear high heels every single day. These products are often known as metatarsal or ball of the foot pads, are oval in shape, made from silicone and would usually go under the ball of the foot. It would ease the soreness under the ball of your foot and would help steady your foot in the shoe to prevent it from sliding forward so much. In effect, it would protect your toes from friction and blisters.


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Seven Indispensable Fashion Tips Every Woman Must Know


fashion tips

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” –Rachel Zoe


It is a Saturday night. You and your girlfriends are ready to hit the town and maybe a few bars on the way. You casually sift through your closet, trying dress after dress and assortments of clothing for over an hour with the staunch belief and confidence that you would be able to pull off the perfect weekend ensemble. And yet still, after a couple of hours, you are left in a convoluted mess of various apparels that do not seem to match.

This all too familiar fashion travesty is not uncommon but as not all of us are born with a keen eye for fashion, we tend to make style travails that are mostly a hit or miss scenario. The truth is, if fashion was as straightforward as simply putting on any ensemble and immediately looking straight out from a style magazine, perhaps none of us would be guilty of committing any cardinal fashion faux pas. But as it is, several times in our lives we may have tried out an unsightly fashion ensemble that would look better off inside the garbage bin rather than on us. This is the kind of fashion struggle most women are fairly acquainted with and regardless of how many fashion blogs they read authored by style pundits, fashion can still be an indecipherable conundrum. Though this may be the case, it does not necessarily have to be that complicated all the time. It can be made a lot easier with some of these timeless and classic indispensable tips.


  • Get rid of the old things sitting in your wardrobe

Before commencing any style changes, know that cleaning out your closet from any old and outdated fashion items is imperative to essentially make space for new ones. Take a long and hard long at the items contained inside your closet and ask yourself a question—should these items be in a store right now, which ones would make it to the checkout? This is a pivotal question that would help you determine which items would stay and which ones you should chuck out. So, if you have any old  buys from wholesale Steve Madden that has not seen the light of day in years, it is high time to take it out of your closet.


  • Always shop with a plan

Regardless of whether you are attending a wedding or your office’s corporate party event, you are well aware that you will be scouring store after store for the perfect outfit. Considering this to be the case, it is best to have a plan in mind beforehand before initiating any attempt on clothes shopping. For best results, shop with the proper makeup, shoes and style your hair the way you intend it to look come the day of the event. This would allow you to see the bigger picture and see how the entire outfit would look overall.


  • Stretch your new shoes with ease


If there is one takeaway when it comes to wearing new shoes, it is the fact that you are almost always guaranteed calluses and blisters on your feet. This can be rather difficult in corporate settings where you are required to wear high-heels for most of the time. Although there are various methods ensure a pain-free way to wear these shoes, the most effective way is to fill a couple of freezer bags with water and place them in your shoes. Finish it off by putting the pair of shoes in your freezer to stay overnight.  By the time morning comes, you will notice a huge difference.


  • Instantly dress up any outfit by adding a bow tie and clip on earrings on flats


Time constraint is one of the factors that would significantly affect how we would dress and because of this, there are days wherein we could not easily dress up the way we want to. This is why tricks and trips in dressing up quickly can come rather handy and one of the ways to accomplish that is to add a bow tie—which would almost always work with anything. Should you be in an outfit sans heels, amp your pair of flats by placing clip on earrings on them for an instant dress up effect.


  • Be wise when purchasing jackets


When it comes to buying jackets, it is best if you bought them in an actual store where you can fit them rather than online and risk buying something that would be ill-fitting on you. Purchasing jackets, blazers, and coats all have one universal rule: It needs to fit your shoulders. Should it be too wide or too tight, then it is best to forgo buying it. If there is one clothing piece that would be very difficult to alter, it is this regardless of how skilled your professional tailor is.



  • When showing skin in one part of the body, keep all other areas covered

The rules of showing skin are pretty much the same for every fashion expert: show one body part at the same time. This would effectively achieve a look that is both subtly sexy and classy without going overboard and tawdry. In essence, when you are trying to show a body part (cleavage for example) make sure you do not finish the outfit off with miniskirts and end up showing more skin than necessary. Remember, less is always not more and in this case, a little mystery and intrigue can still go a long way.


  • Invest in a good beauty regimen

All your fashion endeavors would be for naught if you did not work on making a good canvass. No matter how high-end or how powerful makeup can be, those are still no match for your natural glow that can only be achieved through adequate rest complemented by a beauty regimen that truly works. So, invest in your health and beauty and work on a natural canvas that is your body.



Fashion may be vague and can be a bit perplexing at times, but that does not mean it has to work against you all the time. Try to work with it and experiment with different styles and trends when you can and see which fits you and suits you appropriately. Additionally, try to find the outfit that would flatter you best and make you look exceptional. Utilize the various tips stated above if ever you find yourself at a loss as to how to navigate the trails of fashion and pitch in some of yours too.


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Five Basic Steps to Building a Wardrobe


“Building a wardrobe is like building a circle of friends your whole life…Your own beauty is to be yourself, but of course we need tools and accessories.” Diane Von Furstenberg


Fashion can be a tad bit overwhelming especially for those of us who are novices to the fad or are fairly miserly when it comes to investing on durable, stylish and trendy looking clothes. But fashion is an integral part of life—it is a core matter as it fundamentally reflects how we perceive ourselves in our manner of dress. As a matter of fact, fashion can either work to our advantage or to our detriment, by dressing appropriately and relatively well, we give the people observing us a good impression of who we are while dressing poorly would tend to make them misjudge us. This is why those of us who are fashion enthusiasts would actively invest in building a good wardrobe, but building a great wardrobe with choice pieces is not exclusive to fashion forward individuals alone.

Building a great wardrobe is also for those who would want to create a personal style, for those who have lost or gained a significant amount of weight and want to remain fashion forward without cycling through the same pieces throughout the week and some may just want to incorporate big changes to their individual styles. These may just be some of the reasons why one would be trying to build or rebuild their wardrobe but what you need to keep in mind is that as your style evolves, so should the contents of your wardrobe. Fashion may be cyclical but there is a constant and imperative need for you update your wardrobe, clean out the contents that are outdated and keep rebuilding. Remember, building and rebuilding your wardrobe does not happen overnight as finding and defining your personal style would not happen in a single day, so be patient and start by having an awareness of what your style truly is—whether it be an eclectic mix between big retail brands and wholesale pieces or a dynamic fusion of vintage and classic styles, just be sure you are comfortable with it. Then, you can follow the simple steps below in commencing the structure of your personal wardrobe with great pieces that are uniquely you.

  • Assess your lifestyle

A very big factor in determining what kind of clothes you should be investing in to build your wardrobe, you need a closer look at the kind of lifestyle you have. An introspection into one’s kind of life is in order to structure the appropriate wardrobe for yourself and asking the right questions as regards yourself is integral to this. Determine whether you work in a professional environment, from home or are retired. Check if you have the lifestyle of an always on-the-go mother or a retired homemaker. Take a look at your surroundings and your environment; are you in the city more often? What is the weather like in the place you live in? What kind of things do you do during your free time? And lastly, consider how you want your wardrobe to be: Do you want a minimalist wardrobe free from all the complex decision-making processes? Or would you rather have a vast wardrobe with an array of options? These questions are pivotal in deciding which clothes to get when you are shopping as these are the questions you should ask whether a particular clothing would be something you would wear often or not.


  • Clean out your closet


A fundamental step when it comes to building a new wardrobe is to clean out your closet. As the adage would go, “Out with old and in the new” so should be the sentiment for your new wardrobe. Do not cling on to old, outdated and ill-fitting pieces in the hopes that you would don them again soon. Remember, you are introducing new clothes into your closet, so the chances of getting yourself to wear these old pieces once more are incredibly slim. And always remember the golden rule when it comes to closet cleanups: If you do not like them now, there is virtually no chance that you would like them in the future when you have accumulated more clothes. Do not be so cavalier with closet space–this is an important aspect in building your wardrobe after all and the more space you have, the chances of getting your style update are higher.


  • Create a list of your core pieces


Essentially, this list should contain all of the fundamental and basic pieces that should make up the foundation of your wardrobe. From these pieces, the rest of your clothing purchases will follow as these will be your workhorses. So, if your style is centered on having as much denim as you can in your closet, then stock up on wholesale dnine reserve staples by all means. Ideally, you should have at least ten to twelve items in this list and these items will be the most important and perhaps the most expensive items you will buy. Build the rest of your wardrobe around these pieces to have a style truly definitive of your taste and personality.


  • Determine your budget


To avoid unnecessary spending, it is a wise idea to figure out just how much you want to spend in building your wardrobe. If you have allocated a small budget for building your wardrobe, then you would be a lot more selective and aware of your spending. This would also significantly decrease any unnecessary clothing expenditures as you would be a lot more frugal and smart about where your money should go. If your budget is tight, cover the basics first and you can build from that.


  • Ditch the style rules


Fashion pundits may have issued so many fashion edicts but this is not to imply that you have to staunchly follow every single one of them. These fashion rules are not mandates, they are simply guidelines that one could choose to follow or not. After all, you are the master of your style and if you followed every rule they have decreed, you would end up looking essentially like everyone else—negating the sense of personal style in doing so. Let these fashion edicts serve as a guide not as a directive when it comes to building your wardrobe and feel free to explore your tastes in fashion to build the perfect wardrobe just for you. Do not be afraid to push the boundaries of fashion if that is what it takes to find your inner style.



Building or rebuilding a wardrobe does not have to be complex if you have an idea of what you do like and what you do not. This is that chance for your inner creativity to flow, so do not waste it by refusing to acknowledge some fatal fashion mishaps you have had the misfortune to encounter in the past. Learn from those and begin again. This time, try new colors and trends and add a few classic and vintage styles into the spin to revisit a style you once loved and altogether pull off a unique look!


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How to Wear Denim on Denim


“Today’s denim on denim trend is a paragon of a casual chic” – Harper’s Bazaar Online


The presumption that wearing denim on denim is tacky has been long gone for quite a time now. As of today, fashion has evolved to be more flexible when it comes wearing same fabric combinations and the denim on denim trend is an epitome of just how far fashion has come. And although it can be a bit intimidating especially for fashion novices, it seems like a trend that is here to stay. With the right fashion ensemble and an incorporation of a few simple fashion rules, anyone can pull it off and look absolutely amazing. This is why this article aims to outline some precepts integral to the double denim trend that would make the look more polished, put-together and sophisticated rather than forced and tawdry.


Though double denim seems like a complex style ensemble, it is actually fairly straightforward and pretty easy. The rudimentary thing one has to remember is to make sure that the colors and washes are in contrast with each other to ensure that one does not look like a walking canvas. This means pairing dark blue, black or gray jeans with light washed denim shirts or jackets. It creates an interesting illusion to your proportions and would make you look svelte. Additionally, you have to make sure that each of the pieces would fit you perfectly as pairing a really great denim jacket with ill-fitting jeans would not give you the desired look you want. Strike the perfect balance between a skinny and baggy—especially when it comes to your jeans as double denim works better on skinny fits rather than loose jeans. These are just some of the fundamental guidelines when it comes to wearing denim on denim. For a more in-depth guide, take a look at some of the rules below.


1.) DO play with colors if you are still a total beginner

Neophytes in working the denim on denim trend should try a safer route by pairing different shades of denim together. Do not delve into the shades of double blue immediately and try to experiment with different shades for a more flexible wear and an easier way to style. Try on some white jeans and a blue denim jacket or perhaps a chambray shirt with black jeans. Give your favorite denim colors a fresh new spin by mixing and matching them and look for the look you find most appropriate for yourself.

2.) DO NOT wear a denim outfit that is all the same weight or wash

Denim on denim looks good, but too much denim would look tacky. You do not want to run the risk of looking unsophisticated by looking too matchy-matchy. Diversify your outfit by incorporating different weights and various washes into one outfit; do not stick to the same weight or same wash such as wearing baggy acid washed jeans with loose acid washed jackets. Keep the entire outfit interesting by adding more denim hues.

3.) DO use denim shades to flatter and conceal body parts

Generally, the lighter the shade of the denim the more attention it draws to the parts that they cover while darker washes create the illusion of a slimmer figure. Depending on how your body is built, use this knowledge to your advantage and play with shades and find out which ones would suit you and your physique best. Most women would opt for a darker shade of denim jeans complemented with a lighter denim top or jacket as this is the most flattering way to go.

4.) DO NOT wear denim accessories

The denim on denim trend looks fabulous but inundating your ensemble with too much denim by adding on denim accessories would make you look like you are a walking advertisement for wholesale English laundry for their jeans section. Just keep the denim confined to your apparel and keep it out of your shoes, hats, handbags, scarves or any other accessory lest you overwhelm your ensemble with too much denim.

5.) DO distress

Distressed and ripped jeans have been making waves over the past decade and it seems like it is not going to fade away anytime soon. The distressed or ripped denim trend certainly adds a bit more interest to what would seem like an assuming pair of jeans and it lends itself well to the denim on denim look. So, take that old pair of jeans for a ride once more by adding more tears and rips which you can do yourself.

6.) DO not look to Westerns for inspiration

The denim on denim trend certainly brings a common image to mind: cowboys. And though the look may widely work for them, it does not necessarily mean it would look great on you as well—you would not want to look like a walking caricature of a cartoon cowboy. With that in mind, it is best to keep away from accessories such as cowboy hats, cowboy boots, Western belts and bolo ties when you are sporting the all-denim outfit for a more sophisticated and fashion forward look.

7.) DO dress up your denim on denim ensemble

Add a bit more flair to this wide trend by sporting luxe-looking items such as statement handbags, designer heels, a tuxedo blazer or an arresting red lip color that is sure to be a stunner. Do not be afraid to add these lavish accessories as the double denim ensemble makes for an interesting backdrop and these lush fashion accompaniments would do wonders to elevate your otherwise simple outfit.

8.) DO NOT emulate the mistake Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake did way back then

When it comes to how the denim on denim trend can go disastrously wrong, a common image that comes to mind is one of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears back in the day. In fact, this has become a rather iconic image for everyone to see just how ridiculous this trend looks when not done right. With this mind, be mindful that when it does go wrong—it would be almost impossible for you to get it this wrong.

These are just some of the tips to create excellent denim on denim ensemble—chi, sophisticated and unforced. Start experimenting with some of these tips on your denim wardrobe and sport the one that looks best on you.


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Five Fashion Rules to Break

“It is a new era in fashion where there are no rules. It is all about the individual and personal style” -Alexander McQueen


We are all aware of how dynamic fashion can be and just how incredibly diverse one’s taste regarding it can be. Choosing one’s individual taste from an array of various selections is no daunting and difficult task, but as it is with fashion pundits and authoritative figures, we have learned to follow a set of fashion rules and edicts when we are donning our favorite sartorial pieces. Over the years–especially for those who rigidly and religiously follow fashion magazine advice, fashionable individuals were constrained to follow these rules that over time became a conventional thing to do.

Perhaps you may have been even aware of some such as “the no white” policy right after labor day, a certain restriction in wearing white to someone’s wedding event, always having to match every aspect in your ensemble including your accessories. All that is just a small fraction of the set of fashion policies we have grown accustomed to and yet here we are living in the modern century wherein some of these rules are not only considered unconventional and obsolete, but incredibly absurd as well. Personally, I am a firm believer in forgoing all of fashion’s issued statements and decrees and that real genuine style should come from you and not from what fashion editors tell you it should be. This says a lot more about your personality and style than sticking with the conventional rules.  However, some of you are more partial to having a bit more of an expert advice when it comes to dressing up and that’s where this article comes in. All the fashion rules may have been deeply ingrained in you by now but consider that regardless of whether you are wearing retail or wholesale clothing, some of these rules can be bent or event revised to allow for a bit more leverage and flexibility in our fashion choices. To give you a brief sample of what these bendable rules are, take a gander below.



Whoever devised this rule sounds like a boring and stiff individual with no such love for mixing and matching different colors and patterns and without any awareness of the other color schemes apart from monochromatic. We have all probably heard this snobby statement when someone is looking askance or aghast at our mismatched belts and sandals that you can always tell a lady by her coordinated belt, bag, and shoes. Although this was fairly true enough once, the coordinated sets are a thing of the past and currently, it is all about complementing colors as well as patterns.  Matching everything from your bag to your shoe down to your necklace would make you look dated while mixing it up a bit would add interest to your outfit making you look modern and polished.



In a modern era wherein people are investing hard-earned money for a few hours on a tanning bed or even some tanning lotions, this seems an unlikely rule but do not go on believing that you can totally forget about this rule. There is some truth to this rule, after all, sunscreens with high SPFs are invented for a very good reason. But instead of staying out of the sun completely, try to negotiate with this rule by staying protected while out in the sun instead. If you are to enjoy a day out in the beach or anywhere else for that matter wherein your skin would be exposed, do apply some sunscreen lotion liberally and this should be the primary thing that you apply. Remember that a sunscreen’s effect on your skin can be compromised when you apply it to other beauty products such as makeup or moisturized, so take caution in doing this as it may damage your skin.



Strict fashion rules would dictate that women should dress appropriately for their age. One of the known edicts of this rule is that a lady should wear a skirt that does not go over the knee. In this age, this rule seems no more than an absurd poppycock. Women ought to wear skirts based on their comfort level rather than conform to what society thinks looks good on them–no matter the age. However, there is a certain truth to wearing sartorial pieces that should be appropriate for your age for one: a hot pair of pants that would show a generous amount of your midriff is considered a no-no, but short skirts are relatively okay. You can wear a short dress and high heels as you get older, but to make the look age appropriate, layer it with a sweater or a jacket. If you are uncomfortable with showing leg, then you can always pair your short skirts with tights so you would not feel too overexposed.




Reading this rule constructs the image of guys wearing socks with their pair of Crocs or sandals, and though that is a very cringe-worthy image, the same does not hold true for women. We may have been under the mistaken belief that wearing open-toe sandals or peep-toe shoes would suggest–as their name goes, to show our toes but of course, we have also seen styles wherein these shoes would look spectacular paired with any elegant charcoal tights. Achieving the look may seem a bit tricky but with apt deliberation, anyone can pull it off. What you need to keep in mind is that you would need to find tights that do not have a reinforced toe or even a seam so that there would not be any creases at the edge. However, under no circumstance should tights should be paired with huge open toe sandals. It would look like you took your heels off and wore something else to be more comfortable.



In a simpler and more stifling time, it has been specified that jewelry–particularly those that come in silver and gold or bronze and silver or whatever, do not simply mix and under no circumstance should you ever do so. In fact, if we have to choose one metal then the rest of our jewelry should follow the color of the metal worn. Yet despite this rule, we have seen Cartier pieces that lump all three metals together and still manage to look stellar. The reality is, you can always choose to blend your bling as all of these metals are considered neutrals so mixing them is absolutely okay. You do, however, want to look like it has a purpose by keeping it in odd numbers (three if you are laying necklaces and cuffs) Uneven groupings give it a more modern and sophisticated look.


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How to Take Care of Expensive Clothing


“Clothes are expensive. You have to buy them, and to buy them, you have to believe in them.” -Jean Paul Gaultier

Though Jean Paul Gaultier is right in context, there is also a certain truth about clothes being expensive in the literal sense. As it is, clothes come in a wide array of shapes, colors, styles and even price. For some of us, expensive clothes are unnecessary expenditures that do not essentially need personal investment. But for fashionistas and modish individuals, this luxury is a small price to pay to look and feel their best at all times.

However, amidst all of your other innumerable assortment of clothes, these expensive clothes can either get neglected or forgotten only to be discovered the next time you do a closet clean out in a condition no longer fit for wearing. As these are incredibly expensive (not only in price but also quality), this can be quite a letdown and the realization that your big financial (as well as emotional) investment in clothing has gone to waste is nothing short of devastating. Considering this to be the case, it is best to be well aware on the best ways and techniques in preserving the quality of these exorbitant purchases–something that extends beyond the traditional gentle hand washing and storage (Although those are incredibly imperative points as well!). Below are some of the best tips and techniques in preserving your expensive clothing because whether you bought them in a retail store or a wholesale clothing shop, if you have invested quite a large sum for it, it deserves to be properly cared for.


1.) Follow the Laundry Instructions

Those little nondescript tags on your clothes may look like inconsequential appendages but they are there for a very good reason. These are the most basic instructions regarding the best care and in essence, these are the little additions to your clothes that would ensure you would render effective care for it to last longer and ensures it stays in great shape. According to experts, paying attention to the laundering instructions is probably the one of single most important things you can do when trying to maintain your clothes over time. So, instead of finding those little things annoying and cutting them off, take a look at them and follow the instructions written.

2.) Limit the number of times you wear a particular clothing

Yes, it may be one of your most expensive investments and you may have fallen in love with it but this would no way mean that you can wear that particular sartorial piece at least five times a week. You may be thinking that this major investment of yours would need maximum exposure–after all, it cost you an arm and a leg. However, like everything else you own your clothes go through ordinary wear and tear–even the expensive ones and constantly wearing it would only speed it up the process. Your designer piece may look stellar, but with too much usage you run the risk of weakening the fiber of its garments. Have a realistic cycle of how often you should wear your more luxurious pieces and cycle them with your other clothes to keep in pristine condition for longer.

3.) Know Your Iron

If you regularly do self-care for your own clothes, it is important to know and be familiar with your iron and more particularly, its settings. Every iron comes with different heat settings or levels that would vary accordingly for different fabric types and it is your duty to know which heat type is appropriate for a particular clothing. Ironing your clothes causes you to use heat for loosening fabric fibers and pressing them flat but if you are not doing this properly, you may end up burning your clothes or yellowing the fabric. Using too much heat on delicate fabrics tend to damage them or can even completely ruin them so it is imperative to know your iron’s heat settings and the appropriate level of heat for your clothing.

4. Take care of stains right away

Some of us tend to neglect stains and leave them for later but these are emergency calls considering that the passage of time stains would not only get stringent but a lot more difficult to take care of. Inspect your garment piece and see what type of stain it has as oil stains can be easily removed by applying a generous amount of talcum powder while cold water is used to remove organic stains. An awareness of the different types of stains as wells as the measures you can undertake in order to handle it is a great way to keep your expensive clothes in tip top shape should they ever get stained. After all, these expensive clothes should never a permanent mark you would not want on them.

5.) Invest in a steamer

If you already have spent quite a fortune of expensive clothing, chances are you would want them in perfect condition and considering that you already have quite a lot of them, you might as well invest in a steamer if you do self-care for them. This is a better and gentler albeit, more expensive alternative to ironing but consider it as a one-time expense in order to better preserve your more expensive clothes.

6.) Hand wash and air dry your clothes whenever possible

Amidst all the machines we have for washing our clothes, it is only quite natural to opt for a more convenient way such as washing and drying them in bulk in machines. However, this may seem convenient but they can also cause your clothes to break down a lot more easily.

Additionally, hand washing clothes is a better alternative to machine washing them–most especially if you are washing delicate garments or are trying to target stains. Air drying your clothes ensures longevity as your dryer causes wear and tear with each use even with a gentler setting. Air dry your clothes and make sure they are flat when wet so as to preserve their shape.

7.) Take extra precautions when you are flaunting your clothes

There is a certain joy and feeling of pride when it comes to flaunting that one expensive designer piece you have in your closet, but remember to take extra care when doing so. Do not put yourself and your designer piece in a precarious situation where anything can happen (from staining to tearing the delicate piece). Make sure the surfaces you sit on are clean and take extra precautions while you are eating or drinking.


Taking care of your luxurious investments is paramount to ensuring their longevity, so now that you have glossed over the important guidelines in taking better care of your more expensive garments, you would be able to purchase more without feeling overly fussy and particular when it comes to wearing it.


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 Failsafe Ways to Shop for Online Clothes That Would Fit

In this digital era, everything can be done online—even something as nonsensical and inconsequential such as clothes shopping.  But for all the flair it supposedly holds, there is an equally great risk in investing in online clothes and have them turn out less than your stellar expectations—or have it never turn up at all. Yet today, though a fraction of people are still unsure or are hedging as regards the disadvantages and advantages of online apparel clothes shopping; it is undeniable that there is a certain beauty about its overall convenience and maximum scope when it comes to an assortment of clothing. After all, disregarding all potential risks, there are still some of us who favor convenience over certainty when it comes to shopping.

As it is, those of us who have treaded the waters of online shopping have already heard the proverbial wonders of such. In fact, most of us have done it at one point in our lives as there will always be a sartorial item or a clothing preference that can only be found through the pages of the Internet.

Besides, there is a certain accomplishment in purchasing a unique find that can only be found online. Discovering it is just half the fun, the other is getting it delivered to your home and receiving it– as the famous anecdote goes: There is nothing quite like online shopping as it is like waiting for a gift to come that I have bought myself. However, all your sartorial shopping endeavors would be for naught if these items should not fit you by the time they reach you and seeing as you would not be able to do the actual fitting yourself; there is a possibility for this precarious situation to happen. But do not fret; your online shopping need not be fraught with this possibility if you are well prepared beforehand. So, the next time you are about to peruse some clothes online, follow the guidelines below before finally checking out your online order.




This is self-explanatory. After all, there is no sense in purchasing clothes without knowing your body measurements beforehand (Just how are you going to select a proper size for yourself?). Once you have established a size for yourself such as “small” or “size 4” or a “25 waist”, shopping online will be a lot less daunting. However, this does not mean that all clothing companies uniformly carry a size 4 that would all come in the same size. Consider that one company’s size 4 may be vastly different from another company’s size 4 and may even be regarded as a size 5 in another company. This is why the best way to be prepared against these is to have your measurements taken accurately and update it from time to time. To ascertain that you have your accurate body measurements, have a professional take them for you as they would most certainly know what they are doing.



Your body measurements and the sizing chart go hand in hand. If you have taken your body measurements accurately, shopping for clothes online will be a whole lot easier. Sizing charts will take away the ambiguity from the words “small, medium and large” and would instead replace them with approximates such as waistlines 24-25, bust areas of 34-36 and the like. This is useful as a size chart is explicitly specific which would make your accurate body measurements vital to clothes shopping. Size charts are even more common in online clothing shops that provide made to order services, however, whether retail or wholesale clothing, it is always important to compare your body measurements to the size chart if getting the right fit is of paramount importance to you.



If your goal is to have every sartorial piece you purchase online fit you right then it might be best to opt for clothing shops that would do made to order designs. In this way, you would not have to worry about your clothes being ill-fitting by the time they arrive on your doorstep. Although, as these clothes are made to order, it is imperative that you give these online makers accurate measurements as possible and after which, you would not have to worry about anything at all (Apart from gaining or losing weight for that matter before getting to fit your custom-made clothing). However, considering these online clothing shops are top notch, should the clothes not fit you, you can easily send them back to have them altered.



Shopping online gives you a wide array of clothing options that are normally not available to you when you are shopping in a single outlet or even out in the mall. This ensures that you have the freedom to explore as many shops as possible—all with the click of a finger. Seeing as this is the case, dive deeper into the shops, look over their size charts and compare. Once you have seen a particular style that is to your liking and would come in your size, then it is time to start shopping. After getting and fitting the end product of what you have ordered online, keep notes regarding it –the size and how well it fits.

This may seem like an extraneous task but it is incredibly important.  If you have managed to find a brand, cut or style that would really work for you, finding it again would be a lot easier. It is also in this manner that you would find out whether a specific brand is cut a certain way and would fit you well. Doing this regularly will render the brand’s label size unnecessary as after accumulating clothes from a certain retailer or brand, you would know whether you feel more comfortable in a size 4 or a size 6 or would look better in a size 4 than a size 6.



Online shopping may seem like a daunting task to many considering how you would never get to see the actual product until it is delivered to you, but with the failsafe ways mentioned above, online clothing shopping can be made easier and more enjoyable. Who knows? It may be your chosen method of shopping after seeing how it would work for you.


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Six Ways to Sell and Profit from Your Used Clothes

“It is like recycling: Selling old clothes to help make new ones.” –Erin OConnor

There comes a certain point in every year wherein we, ourselves would resign to the fact that we have hoarded too many clothes over the last decade. As we accumulate more clothes over the months—or years even, we may have noticed how we no longer have the designated space allocated for new clothes in our closets. For fashionistas, this is as close as they can get to a fashion travesty as that highly prized closet space is equated to precious real estate space wherein every square meter matters. So much so, that old clothes tend to eat up the precious and valuable space in our closets that could have been otherwise allocated for newer, fresh and trendier clothes. Fortunately for us, there are innumerable ways of getting rid of these yesteryear’s trends and purchases and one of them is to make a huge profit out of them. And in this time and age of technology, selling used clothes online guarantees you not only some results but convenience as well. Getting rid of your old sartorial items this way hits two birds with one stone: It allows you to declutter your closet from the plethora of clothing you own and make money out of it as well.

However, as you peruse your old buys from a multitude of clothing shops whether wholesale or retail, branded or generic, either wholesale coogi or retail bought Louis Vuitton, you inwardly cringe at some of the choices you have bought previously– from that tacky fringed crop top to that pair of bell-bottom jeans you used to be so fond of. But, what you need to keep in mind is that regardless of how eclectic or eccentric your fashion choices may be (as evidenced by the salad of clothes you own), there is always someone out there who would buy it—provided that you would upload it to the right platform which could be an avenue for buyers seeking for the same. There is a very diverse bunch of buyers out there (from brand collectors to bargain hunters) and surely, there is one of them that would find your item worth the price you might have given it. However, to make these items sell faster or get a firm traction over this type of business ; here are guidelines to assist you with that.


A golden rule that remains to be true online until today is that the cheaper an item is, the more receptive a person would be to buying that particular item—most especially if it comes preloved (an online slang for used items). The truth is, if you price your clothes at a reasonable amount, you would still get inquiries regarding your item, but pricing them lower by a percent than what you intended initially would make it sell even faster. The truth is, there is no way you would sell your used clothes within a margin of how much you originally paid for it if you want to sell it fast enough. You need to keep in mind that you need to lower your expectations and unless there is a very specific demand for your particular item or brand, you cannot exactly dictate the price and your profit margin will be relatively slim.


If you do not want clothes that are missing their buttons or have faulty zippers, chances are your potential buyers would not want to buy them either. When you are advertising used clothes online, you need to factor in the presentation of your clothes and how it would look as opposed to clothes that are off the rack. For one, it should be at least presentable so, in essence, it should be washed and pressed. Essentially, you would need to make the necessary repairs as well so as to make it look its very best.


If this is your first time to venture into the world of online selling and business, the chances of getting your items seen are relatively slim. Seeing as this is the case, offer your preloved clothes to family and friends first and sell them those that they want. Of course, considering the close ties of your relationship, they may ask to haggle with your asking price. Do not be a scrooge by denying them this instead come up with a compromise wherein you would sell them the piece for less provided that they promote your online shop in their respective social media platforms or tell their other friends about this. In this way, you get to reach more potential customers with minimal effort.


The logistics to becoming an online seller are not always the same and it largely depends on which platform you choose to post your items and the process of getting paid. However, if you want to give your online shop a professional veneer, it is best if you tied up with websites such as PayPal. However, if you want to give it a more personal tone, you can always tie it up with a separate bank account or your own—whichever you prefer.


One of the many faux pas online sellers commit when selling used clothes is to present them as they are: strewn across or laid on a bed or photographed from a hanger. Additionally, lighting and photography are of minimal value to them as well. But take note: You want your used product to sell and you need to make it convincing enough to buy. So, keeping this in mind, like capturing photographs of people, it is best to take a photo of your used clothes from the best angle. Apart from that, most people would want to see your used clothes on an actual model and worn rather than see them hanged from a hanger as it gives them an idea how it would look like when they would be the one donning your used clothes.


You may think of this superfluous as an extraneous description could hardly achieve what your photo already could. But the reality is, your potential buyers would want a bit more insight about the item you are trying to sell. For one, giving it a brief description by essentially stating what size it is, and how many times it has been used and in what condition you are selling it in would help you a lot. It would give your buyers an idea of what to expect when they do get the item. Lastly, giving them suggestions of which clothes would look best with your used clothes and where and what occasions it would look perfect for would give you a lot of bonus points.

In conclusion…

Considering how easy it is to set up an online clothes shop nowadays, competition may be a little stiff when it comes to selling used clothes. However, it does come with its perks as for one; you do not necessarily need to pay the rental a retail store does but it certainly affords you the convenience of selling your used clothes from wherever without the need for a physical store. So, when you are planning to sell your used clothes online, keep the six things above in mind to make the process easier for you and your potential buyers.


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Fashion 101: Style Habits that Age You

“Nothing makes a woman look so old, as trying desperately to look so young” -Coco Chanel


We all have our very diverse preferences for a multitude of fashion styles and options. It is both personal and unique to each individual and one style may be more subtle than the other. And then there are some choices that may be more pronounced, loud and eclectic than some. These are the fashion choices that are definitive of our own particular styles and would showcase our individuality and uniqueness. However, this can work both ways: either to our advantage and inimitable fashion panache or to our fashion disadvantage and detriment. Fashion pundits would always advocate the importance of selecting sartorial pieces that would be age appropriate for us and fashion bloggers would likely parrot this belief–regardless of whether you shop for wholesale clothing or retail. Relatively, this can be rather boring, after all, we would all want to look youthful, sprightly and exuberant as we don on the latest trends.

Apart from that, this could also feel a bit restrictive for those of us who are already beyond our years as we find more and more trendy styles that seem more appropriate for our nubile counterparts that are decades younger. That in itself takes away all of the fun in dressing up. But the reality is, there are certain clothing options that would make you look older than you truly are if you continued sporting them. This is not to say that you should commence pruning your wardrobe of the leggings, miniskirts, and bikinis. No, this means that there are certain styles such as graphic tees, statement tees and silly shirts that would look out of place on you if you are a certain age.

This article emphasizes the beauty and importance of age-appropriate styling, this would mean a multitude of dressing up options wherein you take a few choice fashion pieces of your liking and make them look chic, comfy and sexy without being messy and overt–most especially if you are dressing up for a corporate setting. This would not mean that you would have to limit your clothing options, but rather refine them to the pieces that suit you best. As this article is in the interest of looking our absolute best, here are some of the worst fashion habits women have that would make them look older or would make their age more apparent than it seems and likewise, this article has provided straightforward and simple ways to fix them immediately.


Fashion may be cyclical but that does not mean that it does not evolve. Sure, everything comes back once in a while but this is absolutely no excuse to continue wearing the clothes you had back in the sixties or seventies. If you are guilty of this, you run the risk of looking like you are in costume and it would seemingly age you in decades. If you have an eclectic taste for eighties neon wear, finish it up with a pair of super-sleek skinny jeans and finish it off with a pair of ankle boots. If you are more of a girly girl and would prefer wearing swingy midi-skirts, style it with a cropped leather jacket and pointy heels.
Give your retro looks a modern spin and sport a more contemporary look that is sure to turn heads and would make you stand out.


Over the years, you may have packed a few pounds and found it necessary to dress yourself up like a tent. You may not possess the curves back then when you were in your twenties, but that in no way means you should go around looking like you draped curtain after curtain on yourself. Should you be guilty of this fashion faux pas, you would only be successful in making yourself seem bigger than you originally are. You may be under the impression that the deluge of clothes would conceal your figure, but you are only achieving the contrary. Opt for something that follows your curves instead of hiding them, make your hourglass silhouette shine through by picking a few choice clothes that would emphasize curvy areas instead of hiding them altogether.


There is no shame in sporting reading glasses. After all, geeky and nerdy looks are all the rage. However, there is a big difference between wearing glasses that were tailor fit for you and buying readymade ones from the drugstore. These pairs are not the most youthful, and they are hardly stylish. Find and purchase yourself a pair from boutiques and choose one that would suit you best. Additionally, purchasing a pair from a boutique would necessitate an eye exam making it even better for you.


While a few choice fashion and classic pieces never go wrong, you would need to mix it up once in a while and try new fashion pieces as well for a more updated look. Expand your fashion taste to include fashion pieces that would look age-appropriate as well as trendy and choose the style best suited for you and your body type. If you are not into shopping or fashion, then you are probably just looking to be presentable, so there is absolutely no harm in updating those shoes that you have been wearing since your very first job interview. Replace a few old and worn pieces in your closet


It is either you dress way too young, too sexy or too trendy. The thing is, as we get older, certain style choices would be obsolete for us and it may be best to leave these behind. When you are in your twenties, you may not be that old, but you are certainly older than your fifteen-year-old sister who is still currently sporting silly graphic tees, light-up shoes and pink studded jeans. Take it down a notch and make it a bit more elegant with an age-appropriate tee, basic skinny jeans and finish off the entire ensemble with a pair of comfortable sneakers and a sweater as well. This would make you hip and cool without trying so hard to look like a teenager. In the same vein, dressing up in flashy and sexy clothes such as skin-tight dresses, sequined clothes, low cut tops would make you look like you are desperate t look young which would only achieve the opposite.


A key thing to consider when you are styling yourself is to own it regardless of your age. If you lace your sartorial choices with doubt or slouch when you walk, chances are you would be detracting onlookers from the fashion ensemble you have out up and may look older than you truly are. Keep your chin up, and own your outfit with confidence.


There is a multitude of styles you can choose from and there is certainly a style that is most suitable for you. You just need to find the right sort of apparel that would look great on you without committing the fashion faux pas of looking way too old for your age. Besides, there is a certain beauty and grace in someone wearing age-appropriate clothes and owning it with confidence.


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