Tell-tale Signs You Need a Wardrobe Overhaul

“We women are so judged by the way we dress, and men are not. So style is part of developing your own brand.” – Mireille Guiliano

Style remains to be one of the evolutionary aspects in the world of fashion that does not stagnate and shows no signs of ever wearing down. As the years go by, it updates and modifies itself consistently to accommodate the modern world’s fashion demands. And though it may be something considered as cyclical, it is undeniable that most classic sartorial items have been given a modern revamp, a contemporary update or a complete overhaul once it makes a comeback.

Though fashion and style are not mutually exclusive, there are some aspects in fashion that become obsolete and outdated as time goes on. This is why a constant and consistent update of your wardrobe is called for. Though you may stick to a particular theme when it comes to choosing how you dress, there will be days you would wish like you had not dressed like a fashion recall from the seventies. Fashion pundits may laud personal preference when it comes to choosing a particular fashion style, but there is a fine line between personal style preference and using the former as an excuse for your style slump. The fact is, there are so many reasons for being in a style slump: You get far too busy with work, you have gained a lot of weight over the past few years, you just could not fit fashionable and trendy clothes into your budget—whatever it may be, you should never compromise looking good and feeling good to the point that you would start feeling comfortable in those unattractive clothes. When that sentiment starts to sink in, maybe this would be your catalyst for a complete wardrobe overhaul.

So, give your wardrobe tonight a complete once-over and try to look for some of these signs in it and in yourself. If you find that you can identify with one or some of the statements below, then perhaps this may be your wake-up call for a much-needed wardrobe update.

1.) You cannot remember the last time you went shopping

Regardless of whether this is online shopping or retail shopping or whether it is for wholesale clothing or retail branded clothes, the fact is, you cannot seem to remember when the last time you went to spend some cash for clothes. This is crucial because this signifies the last time you cared enough to update your look or at least, add to your closet. If you honestly cannot recall the last time you purchased clothing for yourself, then it is high time for an upgrade.

2.) You do not feel like yourself in your clothing

You may feel comfortable in your chosen clothes, but it is not necessarily that feeling of being neither yourself— nor does it give you any air and aura of confidence. You go through a lot of changes internally and more often than not, the outside changes along with it. Should you find yourself pioneering business group projects now or mentoring interns, yet you are still sporting the same clothes from back when you just started out as an intern yourself, then you do not really exemplify the position given to you. Nor is your clothes indicative of any authority and you probably do not feel like yourself in that wardrobe. It is important to take care of your outward appearance just as you do your inner appearance. Appropriately dress for the part, or better yet, dress for the next role you would like to play in life.

3.) Those “I have nothing to wear” moments are happening a little too frequently

Women, regardless of how abundant their wardrobes are with clothes, would always have that one off day wherein nothing in their closet seems to be appropriate for them to wear. It may be teeming with too many clothes, yet they would still find themselves falling short on one particular criterion on how the ensemble should look like. This is excusable, but if you find yourself constant having these moments (say at least thrice a week), then you may have a problem. Similarly, if you find yourself sporting the same “go-to” outfit, then it is time to admit that you are in dire need of getting yourself new clothes—in your case, it is definitely worth the investment.

4.) Your closet is quantity over quality

You may think having way too many clothes signifies a woman with a good sense of style—more variety options! Though this is not necessarily true, it would just signify her penchant for hoarding clothes. Today, with so many clothing temptations creeping on us everywhere—in the mall or even at our desks at work, it can be rather easy to fall fast into fashion trap and have our closets spilling over with fast fashion purchases which we have neglected to clean out for the past five years or so. However, if you find that your closet is filled with more cheap buys that do not really last the test of time and would easily break over than quality and timeless items, then it is time to tell yourself to invest in quality rather than quantity.

5.) You think getting dressed is a chore

What used to be a fun and exciting activity for you has now turned into a dreadful prospect and you liken it to a chore. You find the thought of dressing up and getting out of your trusty wooly pajamas tiresome and you honestly want to be unfettered by something as trivial as dressing up. If this is a similar or all-too-familiar notion you share, then perhaps it is time to introduce a very welcome change to your closets. Fashion is fun, and it should never have to feel like a chore as it is also very empowering. Remember, if you look great, you will feel great.

6.) It is almost impossible to find something in your closet that fits you

Weight gain can happen to anyone of us, but this should not excuse our dreadful manner of dress nor should this become the catalyst for being in a style rut. If you find yourself having to spend at least half an hour just to get into most of your clothes, then maybe it is time to face the truth that you no longer possess the svelte and lithe body you once had in your twenties and start investing in styles and sizes that do complement your body tip and more importantly, fit you.
Do not let a style rut or slump deter you from being fashionable. Fashionable should be something you can fully exploit to the fullest and use to your advantage, it should be something that augments and enhances your outward appearance and not contribute to its decline. Give yourself a reality check, and if you that you are indeed suffering from a style slump, then do yourself a favor and update your wardrobe.


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