Seven Indispensable Fashion Tips Every Woman Must Know


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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” –Rachel Zoe


It is a Saturday night. You and your girlfriends are ready to hit the town and maybe a few bars on the way. You casually sift through your closet, trying dress after dress and assortments of clothing for over an hour with the staunch belief and confidence that you would be able to pull off the perfect weekend ensemble. And yet still, after a couple of hours, you are left in a convoluted mess of various apparels that do not seem to match.

This all too familiar fashion travesty is not uncommon but as not all of us are born with a keen eye for fashion, we tend to make style travails that are mostly a hit or miss scenario. The truth is, if fashion was as straightforward as simply putting on any ensemble and immediately looking straight out from a style magazine, perhaps none of us would be guilty of committing any cardinal fashion faux pas. But as it is, several times in our lives we may have tried out an unsightly fashion ensemble that would look better off inside the garbage bin rather than on us. This is the kind of fashion struggle most women are fairly acquainted with and regardless of how many fashion blogs they read authored by style pundits, fashion can still be an indecipherable conundrum. Though this may be the case, it does not necessarily have to be that complicated all the time. It can be made a lot easier with some of these timeless and classic indispensable tips.


  • Get rid of the old things sitting in your wardrobe

Before commencing any style changes, know that cleaning out your closet from any old and outdated fashion items is imperative to essentially make space for new ones. Take a long and hard long at the items contained inside your closet and ask yourself a question—should these items be in a store right now, which ones would make it to the checkout? This is a pivotal question that would help you determine which items would stay and which ones you should chuck out. So, if you have any old  buys from wholesale Steve Madden that has not seen the light of day in years, it is high time to take it out of your closet.


  • Always shop with a plan

Regardless of whether you are attending a wedding or your office’s corporate party event, you are well aware that you will be scouring store after store for the perfect outfit. Considering this to be the case, it is best to have a plan in mind beforehand before initiating any attempt on clothes shopping. For best results, shop with the proper makeup, shoes and style your hair the way you intend it to look come the day of the event. This would allow you to see the bigger picture and see how the entire outfit would look overall.


  • Stretch your new shoes with ease


If there is one takeaway when it comes to wearing new shoes, it is the fact that you are almost always guaranteed calluses and blisters on your feet. This can be rather difficult in corporate settings where you are required to wear high-heels for most of the time. Although there are various methods ensure a pain-free way to wear these shoes, the most effective way is to fill a couple of freezer bags with water and place them in your shoes. Finish it off by putting the pair of shoes in your freezer to stay overnight.  By the time morning comes, you will notice a huge difference.


  • Instantly dress up any outfit by adding a bow tie and clip on earrings on flats


Time constraint is one of the factors that would significantly affect how we would dress and because of this, there are days wherein we could not easily dress up the way we want to. This is why tricks and trips in dressing up quickly can come rather handy and one of the ways to accomplish that is to add a bow tie—which would almost always work with anything. Should you be in an outfit sans heels, amp your pair of flats by placing clip on earrings on them for an instant dress up effect.


  • Be wise when purchasing jackets


When it comes to buying jackets, it is best if you bought them in an actual store where you can fit them rather than online and risk buying something that would be ill-fitting on you. Purchasing jackets, blazers, and coats all have one universal rule: It needs to fit your shoulders. Should it be too wide or too tight, then it is best to forgo buying it. If there is one clothing piece that would be very difficult to alter, it is this regardless of how skilled your professional tailor is.



  • When showing skin in one part of the body, keep all other areas covered

The rules of showing skin are pretty much the same for every fashion expert: show one body part at the same time. This would effectively achieve a look that is both subtly sexy and classy without going overboard and tawdry. In essence, when you are trying to show a body part (cleavage for example) make sure you do not finish the outfit off with miniskirts and end up showing more skin than necessary. Remember, less is always not more and in this case, a little mystery and intrigue can still go a long way.


  • Invest in a good beauty regimen

All your fashion endeavors would be for naught if you did not work on making a good canvass. No matter how high-end or how powerful makeup can be, those are still no match for your natural glow that can only be achieved through adequate rest complemented by a beauty regimen that truly works. So, invest in your health and beauty and work on a natural canvas that is your body.



Fashion may be vague and can be a bit perplexing at times, but that does not mean it has to work against you all the time. Try to work with it and experiment with different styles and trends when you can and see which fits you and suits you appropriately. Additionally, try to find the outfit that would flatter you best and make you look exceptional. Utilize the various tips stated above if ever you find yourself at a loss as to how to navigate the trails of fashion and pitch in some of yours too.


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