Fashion 101: Style Habits that Age You

“Nothing makes a woman look so old, as trying desperately to look so young” -Coco Chanel


We all have our very diverse preferences for a multitude of fashion styles and options. It is both personal and unique to each individual and one style may be more subtle than the other. And then there are some choices that may be more pronounced, loud and eclectic than some. These are the fashion choices that are definitive of our own particular styles and would showcase our individuality and uniqueness. However, this can work both ways: either to our advantage and inimitable fashion panache or to our fashion disadvantage and detriment. Fashion pundits would always advocate the importance of selecting sartorial pieces that would be age appropriate for us and fashion bloggers would likely parrot this belief–regardless of whether you shop for wholesale clothing or retail. Relatively, this can be rather boring, after all, we would all want to look youthful, sprightly and exuberant as we don on the latest trends.

Apart from that, this could also feel a bit restrictive for those of us who are already beyond our years as we find more and more trendy styles that seem more appropriate for our nubile counterparts that are decades younger. That in itself takes away all of the fun in dressing up. But the reality is, there are certain clothing options that would make you look older than you truly are if you continued sporting them. This is not to say that you should commence pruning your wardrobe of the leggings, miniskirts, and bikinis. No, this means that there are certain styles such as graphic tees, statement tees and silly shirts that would look out of place on you if you are a certain age.

This article emphasizes the beauty and importance of age-appropriate styling, this would mean a multitude of dressing up options wherein you take a few choice fashion pieces of your liking and make them look chic, comfy and sexy without being messy and overt–most especially if you are dressing up for a corporate setting. This would not mean that you would have to limit your clothing options, but rather refine them to the pieces that suit you best. As this article is in the interest of looking our absolute best, here are some of the worst fashion habits women have that would make them look older or would make their age more apparent than it seems and likewise, this article has provided straightforward and simple ways to fix them immediately.


Fashion may be cyclical but that does not mean that it does not evolve. Sure, everything comes back once in a while but this is absolutely no excuse to continue wearing the clothes you had back in the sixties or seventies. If you are guilty of this, you run the risk of looking like you are in costume and it would seemingly age you in decades. If you have an eclectic taste for eighties neon wear, finish it up with a pair of super-sleek skinny jeans and finish it off with a pair of ankle boots. If you are more of a girly girl and would prefer wearing swingy midi-skirts, style it with a cropped leather jacket and pointy heels.
Give your retro looks a modern spin and sport a more contemporary look that is sure to turn heads and would make you stand out.


Over the years, you may have packed a few pounds and found it necessary to dress yourself up like a tent. You may not possess the curves back then when you were in your twenties, but that in no way means you should go around looking like you draped curtain after curtain on yourself. Should you be guilty of this fashion faux pas, you would only be successful in making yourself seem bigger than you originally are. You may be under the impression that the deluge of clothes would conceal your figure, but you are only achieving the contrary. Opt for something that follows your curves instead of hiding them, make your hourglass silhouette shine through by picking a few choice clothes that would emphasize curvy areas instead of hiding them altogether.


There is no shame in sporting reading glasses. After all, geeky and nerdy looks are all the rage. However, there is a big difference between wearing glasses that were tailor fit for you and buying readymade ones from the drugstore. These pairs are not the most youthful, and they are hardly stylish. Find and purchase yourself a pair from boutiques and choose one that would suit you best. Additionally, purchasing a pair from a boutique would necessitate an eye exam making it even better for you.


While a few choice fashion and classic pieces never go wrong, you would need to mix it up once in a while and try new fashion pieces as well for a more updated look. Expand your fashion taste to include fashion pieces that would look age-appropriate as well as trendy and choose the style best suited for you and your body type. If you are not into shopping or fashion, then you are probably just looking to be presentable, so there is absolutely no harm in updating those shoes that you have been wearing since your very first job interview. Replace a few old and worn pieces in your closet


It is either you dress way too young, too sexy or too trendy. The thing is, as we get older, certain style choices would be obsolete for us and it may be best to leave these behind. When you are in your twenties, you may not be that old, but you are certainly older than your fifteen-year-old sister who is still currently sporting silly graphic tees, light-up shoes and pink studded jeans. Take it down a notch and make it a bit more elegant with an age-appropriate tee, basic skinny jeans and finish off the entire ensemble with a pair of comfortable sneakers and a sweater as well. This would make you hip and cool without trying so hard to look like a teenager. In the same vein, dressing up in flashy and sexy clothes such as skin-tight dresses, sequined clothes, low cut tops would make you look like you are desperate t look young which would only achieve the opposite.


A key thing to consider when you are styling yourself is to own it regardless of your age. If you lace your sartorial choices with doubt or slouch when you walk, chances are you would be detracting onlookers from the fashion ensemble you have out up and may look older than you truly are. Keep your chin up, and own your outfit with confidence.


There is a multitude of styles you can choose from and there is certainly a style that is most suitable for you. You just need to find the right sort of apparel that would look great on you without committing the fashion faux pas of looking way too old for your age. Besides, there is a certain beauty and grace in someone wearing age-appropriate clothes and owning it with confidence.


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