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Personal Style: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Own Personal Style

It is a new era in fashion—there are no rules. It is all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels and up-and-coming designers all together” –Alexander McQueen

Fashion is a very diverse subject. It has many different facets and aspects that would cater to every individual’s style palate. No matter what the trend or the current vogue is, your taste in fashion remains constant, classic and timeless; this is where you define your personal style. One of the best adages that would distinctly define personal style comes from a famous intellectual. To quote this, Gore Vidal explicitly said that “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”. In a simpler sense, it means finding a fashion statement that sits well with you and owning it with confidence.

However, as most of us are not fashion pundits, we would often find ourselves confused as to what we truly like and if our chosen style is suitable to us. This, complemented with a multitude of sartorial options to choose from, would make finding a personal style that sits well with us and is equally suitable for us can come across as not only a daunting task, but would pose a unique fashion challenge as well. However, no matter how intimidating this fashion task may be, it is very much possible. Fortunately for us, we have an array of fashion styles and trends at our disposal that all we really need is to do is choose a singular style for us. This can be achieved through these seven steps:


Humans do not come in a singular cookie-cutter shape wherein everyone can easily fit into uniformly styled clothing and look their best while sporting it. No, individuals come in all shapes and sizes and for every figure in existence; there is a corresponding manner of clothing or style that would suit them best. This is why; it is advantageous for you to know yours. Understand what kind of body you have and what works best for you. Understanding your body shape is the key to knowing your strengths and weaknesses and because of this; you can be more selective in choosing clothes and would purchase the right clothes to accentuate your best features.


Knowing what kind of personality you have (chic and dainty, street and grunge, elegant and modern, etc.) would help you identify the kind of style that would work best with you. Take a few minutes to do some self-introspection and write down some words that would best describe who you are. After identifying aspects of yourself, take a look at your style and see if it truly reflects your personality and then have a look at different styles and choose one that appeals to you most.


Though you do not necessarily have to dress in clothes that come only in a singular hue, knowing which colors appeal to you would largely influence your style and how you feel. Supposing you are an individual that prefers neutral and earth tones, introduce a bit of color into your current style by experimenting. This can be in the form of adding bits of color through various accessories and see if this sits well with you.


Most of us are guilty of keeping a cornucopia of clothes in various cuts and styles. If you have hoarded a superfluity of clothes over the years, it is time, to be honest with yourself. Take a long hard look at your closet and ask which of the garments inside it do you really like and how many of these sartorial pieces have not seen the light of day since? Note down those that did not work well for you and make sure never to purchase the same style again. Dispose of those styles by either donating or selling them. To you, they may be great pieces but if they do not suit you or your body type, you are only holding yourself from looking stylish.


When it comes to fashion, knowing what you like largely depends on what fashion influences you have. Should you see something that appeals to you, take a mental picture of it should it be impossible to take an actual one. If you do this for a certain period of time, you would notice a pattern in the kinds of style you are most receptive to and from there, you can introduce personal accents of yours in the form of accessories, slight improvisations or mild modifications to give the style a personal touch.


If there is one fashion rule every individual must abide, it is this one rule: Never buy and wear anything that is ill-fitting. Though fairly straightforward, almost all of us have been guilty of doing this at least once in our lives. Seeing a good outfit on the racks is incredibly tempting and it is rather easy to commit to the idea of losing weight in order to fit into it that more often than not, we often leave the selected piece neglected inside our teeming closets. Or we would compromise by wearing the piece altogether despite it looking off on us. This is one of the biggest fashion faux pas. Take note, no ill-fitting clothing would ever look good on you so buy only those that fit you well.


The only way you can have a crystal clear sense of what you do want and what suits you best is to have the basic essentials that are necessary for building your personal style. Basics can vary for each individual so go through your inspiration scrapbook and identify which basics you would absolutely need for your style. In the same vein, complete your closet by having a few choice statement pieces that are unique to you. Be creative and create a brand new style from mixing and matching all these items together and harmonize them in order to come up with a personal style.

We are all unique individuals and our taste in fashion can be vary from wearing wholesale pieces from English laundry to favoring pieces from retailers such as steve madden, but whatever your fashion palate may be, do make sure that it engenders a style that defines who you truly are.

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How to Make Bargain Clothes Look Elegant

Fashion is expensive. Style is not. Some of the most stylish girls I know are certainly not the wealthiest” –Nina Garcia

Fashionistas all over the world have one thing in common: they all love dressing up and most women would attest to the fact that they love playing with styles—especially when there are innumerable and versatile ways to assemble them. However, the path to look in vogue, presentable and highly stylish is not a clear path road, more often than not, this road is littered with little bumps along the way.
We have all experienced this fashion dilemma at least once in our lives: The strong desire to look elegant and stylish without breaking the bank.

Many times and at some point in our fashion endeavors, we have wanted to look absolutely sophisticated and refined yet the contents of our wallet would tell us that we can afford nothing a little more than a ragged dress. In this era where big brands with rather exorbitant prices such as Christian Louboutins and wholesale steve madden get lauded in various fashion magazines and are all the rage in many fashion blogs, it seems ludicrous that these fashion editors can expect most women to afford a top notch looking outfit with a hefty and ridiculous price tag. Let us face it, many of us do not exactly have a thousand dollars to spare just to look on point for a night. In fact, most of us would probably scoff at the impracticality of spending a month’s worth of grocery for a singular ensemble. This is why thrift stores and bargain hunts exist, so that women can find that happy compromise of looking just as great at a lesser and much affordable price. However, some novice fashionistas are under the misguided notion that anything less than haute couture could never look as sophisticated as their expensive counterparts. This article serves to debunk that perception and will show you various ways in dressing up your bargain clothes and making them look not only elegant, but a tad bit expensive as well.



Quite straightforward, am I right? The thing is, you can make a drastic change in your entire ensemble simply by having an outfit steamed, pressed or ironed. It may seem like a simple and direct process, but it is a reality that a piece of clothing can look so much different and more elegant when it is free from wrinkles. It would look more luxurious than it truly is and gives your overall look a sophisticated touch as without a doubt, wrinkles would look bad on anything–even on expensive clothing and on bargain ones? They look worse. Have your clothes pressed and see the difference for yourself.


Bargain and thrift sartorial items often come with the simplest and most basic fasteners as installing them with more expensive ones tend to make the overall price a bit more expensive than it should be. But that does not mean you have to contend with these simple buttons, you can replace them with something more sophisticated such as metal, mother of pearl or bone or even have buttons with intricate designs sewn on them. Ditch those basic looking buttons and replace them with sophisticated ones you can easily shop for online or any “trimmings” shops. If you want to be extra thrifty, you can harvest them from the old or tacky clothes you have grown out of.


Sure the bedazzling sequined top looks totally amazing underneath the frenetic lights at a disco club and the intricate beading of that dress certainly adds more to the detail. Yes, sparkle and luster are without a doubt attractive but you have to realize that this is also one way for your clothes to look amazingly cheap. As eye-catchy and attention grabbing as these pieces may be, you have to consider that these embellishments would wear over time which would translate what once looked like a style stunner would be a shameful unintended distressed item missing its beads of details. Another thing to consider is that embellishments do not last as long as a crisp and clean look trend wise. The same goes for logos, these various items may widely proclaim that they came from expensive shops through their logos but remember, you can find almost the same thing in thrift stores for about a hundred dollars cheaper.


Buying bargain or thrift clothes or purchasing second-hand items tend to have a drawback: they do not always fit you. This is why it is imperative to have a tailor you actually trust, and one you are assured has good workmanship. You may think that having your clothes tailored may seem counterintuitive seeing as you have bought bargain clothes for the sake of saving, but there are simple tailoring fixes such as letting down a hem or a nipping in the waist would not cost you so much and in effect, you would look like a million bucks. Have those clothes fit you right and wear them with an air of sophistication and you will see just how elegant it truly was.


Just because you are opting to buy bargain clothes and thrift items, it does not mean that the entirety of your item should consist solely of cheap finds. Your accessories can be rather expensive or pricey for one and these will immediately add sophistication to your look–elevating the entire ensemble. However, if you are having a hard time negotiating with your budget, then achieve the same by opting for pricey looking jewelry instead. Accessories do wonders to ordinary outfits and simply the addition of these can do wonders to an ordinary outfit. So, the next time you are bargain hunting for clothes, designate time to hunt for sophisticated and elegant accessories or jewelry as well.

In sum…

It does not matter whether you have allocated a thousand dollars for your outfit or simply a meager twenty for it, what matters is how you style it and how you rock it. Above all, it should be remembered that when people assess an outfit, they do not necessarily see the price tag but rather how it is worn so no matter how expensive a single outfit may be, at the end of the day how you wear it still matters more.


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Street Chic 101: Six Essential Pieces for the Elegant Street Chic in You!

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly while style is forever” –Ralph Lauren


Every woman old enough to have a personal preference for fashion tastes and styles has her own preference when it comes to how she dons a variety of sartorial pieces. She may have developed an acquired taste for fashion through years and years of browsing magazines or from closely scrutinizing the personal styles of celebrities or has developed one completely on her own.

As fashion pundits would say: conformity is the number one killer of personal style. When one is truly into fashion and is enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries of a particular style, they do not conform to what is trendy and what is in vogue, instead, they develop their own sense of sartorial bravura that would soon become their signature staple look or incorporate personal accents into existing styles. Whichever of the two it may be, one thing is for sure: it is definitive of a woman’s fashion taste and preference. In a fashion epoch where we have reached new heights in clothing styles and fashion, we have seen so many trends and styles and have a multitude of these to choose from. From glam, chic to grunge wears, we have seen a plethora of signature styles on women and none of them more beautiful than the other—they are all equally unique and stunning in their own way.

To build a personal wardrobe that is definitive of your personal style and signature sartorial preference, you would need to know what kind of style you find yourself wearing most often, which clothes you have a sort of affinity to and then you build on that. From there, you can have a selection of go-to basics that would define your style. This article focuses on one of the rather neglected fashion known to women and that is the street-chic trend that has been making waves recently. This style is perfect for women who want to sport edgy fashion with a hint of girlishness. For those who have wanted to build their closet based on street-chic basics, think of this article as your start-up list with essential street-chic staples listed within.


Whether you may shop for one in wholesale street wear or popular retail stores, your closet would definitely need at least one staple go-to flannel button shirt. These plaid button-downs are extremely versatile as they work well left as is or paired with an inner basic tee. This is one of the styles that you could style in a multitude of ways such as western, hipster-esque or grungy.

A classic take in wearing this staple is to pair it with denim shorts, a pair of comfortable and trusty sneakers. Finish the entire look with a hippie headband for a girlish effect.




Leather jackets already make a statement by themselves. They are bold edgy and they are incredibly versatile and when it comes to street wear fashion, the black leather jacket is the height of cool. If you are building your streetwear closet, you should begin by investing in this piece.
One of the failsafe ways to sport this streetwear staple is to give your summer dresses a bit of flair and edge by finishing it off with a leather jacket. You will achieve the right balance between being edgy and feminine at the same time by sporting this unique look.



There is something infinitely attractive about having a dress made of flimsy material paired off with something that will give it a slight edge. Girly dresses are fun and chic and you definitely need one if you are planning to build on your wardrobe. Look for dresses that are made from delicate fabric such as lace, tulle, silk or a combination of these textures and choose a color suitable for your skin color.

To wear these fashion staples, wear it with a chambray top to turn a simple dress into a versatile piece.


It does not matter whether your footwear of choice is from Steve Madden, Dr. Martens, Converse, Valentino Heels or thigh high boots from wherever—the point is, you need to have at least one pair of “it” shoes that would finish off the outfit for you and could make any drab outfit look stellar simply by the addition of the shoe.

A style tip would be to wear these shoes with your favorite quick and easy outfit such as a pair of denim jeans with a basic tee. Finishing this ensemble off with your pair of “it” shoes would highlight your pair of shoes and give the overall outfit a dramatic effect.



This is a must for every woman’s closet and not just for those looking to sport an edgier or streetwear style. Look for a basic printed tee that you could identify with—it could be something as nondescript as a simple logo or something with witty phrases or famous people. Just choose one that sits well with you.

This style staple works well when tucked into a bandage skirt and finished off with a pair of Dr. Martens or Converse all Stars. Top the ensemble off with a bowler hat or a turban and you are all set.



Accessories are indispensable accents to what would otherwise be a great, but boring outfit. They add a bit of sparkle as well as garner enough interest to make the entire outfit arresting enough to onlookers. To give your outfit a bit of spice and edgy tone, add jewelry to it. As there is a wide array to choose from, you will have no trouble in determining which one is your signature piece.

To make your button-down shirts or blouses with deep necklines more interesting, finish it off with a statement bib necklace and you will see how much cooler and stylish it is with it than without it. The necklace increases the aesthetic value of your ensemble dramatically.

Street-chic fashion may not be as straightforward as some of us want it to be. It is a combination of grunge and elegance with a hint of girlish panache that gives an overall effect of being truly one of a kind. However, this does not mean that it would be impossible to pull off. If you have the essential pieces stated in the above article, you have already covered a base and you are well on your way to building a personalized closet filled with essential streetwear pieces.


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Trends to Invest In According to Your Age


“Fashion is timeless”

Although, genuine and voguish fashion never goes out of style, the same cannot be said for sporting sartorial choices that would look more at home when donned by your eighteen-year-old daughter. And while we want to look youthful and sprightly, it would be immensely tacky to wear clothing options that would otherwise make an apparent statement of our desperation for “holding off the age”. The reality is, as much as we want to feel young with whatever statement wears and trendy options the youth are getting into nowadays, it rarely compliments us when we have reached an age wherein sporting these wears would get us censorious looks from onlookers. If you want to look young and feel young, or, at least, sport the kind of fashion appropriate for your age, it is rather imperative that you dispose of those clingy, snug and tight-fitting short clothes and those other current trends that would do nothing to enhance your youthfulness or complement your age gracefully.

After all, there is genuine beauty in dressing according to our age and believe it or not, even some of the styles appropriate for various age brackets would take years away from you if done right, just as some of the youthful styles will age you if you continue sporting such. And whether you like it or not, we all age and are entering new phases in our lives. It may seem like it was just yesterday when you applied for your very first job, and now you are well on your way to climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. Everyone experiences different stages and memorable moments in life and as they walk through these stages, they would need to be appropriately dressed for it and these sartorial items should be as chic and elegant as possible.

In this article, we have categorized trends and items according to your age and which styles you should best invest in. You would various suggestions for a specific age group from versatile retail buys to wholesale clothing; there is something for everyone in here.



Slip Dresses


A woman in her twenties would be wise to invest in slip dresses as this fashion piece is incredibly adaptable and flexible. These pieces can be worn as corporate attire to the office if appropriately complemented by an office coat, and should you want to go on a night out, you could easily take the jacket off and you are all set. Your twenties mark a significant and decisive point in your life where you are starting to look for jobs, finishing off school or perhaps are establishing your independence and for this you would need a versatile piece that would accommodate a particular lifestyle where you are constantly jetting off from one place to another. This is where a slip dress would come in ideal as with minimal accents, accessories and slight improvements (depending on the occasion) they would fit whatever setting there is.




Pleated Midi Skirts


Throw in a bit of girlish panache and style into your everyday mix by purchasing pleated midi skirt as opposed to an ordinary looking A-line skirt. These skirts are incredibly awesome to wear, not only because they are in vogue but the length would be appropriate for all ages. In the workplace, you would find that the skirt’s silhouette is incredibly handy which is an imperative consideration seeing as it is in your thirties where you seem to find yourself working the most.



Bell Sleeves


Bell sleeves are an awesome sartorial investment in your thirties whether you are in a love-hate relationship with your arms or not. This fashion choice offers an extremely flattering silhouette of your arms and shoulders and would seemingly complement any outfit. The distinctive structure of the bell sleeve would add to any look with minimal effort on your part. This is incredibly handy—most especially if you are a woman with kids and would have to run around with them. Having this in your wardrobe would significantly diminish the time you would need to meticulously plan out a killer an appropriate outfit.



Cutout Shoulder Pieces

Who says that women in their fifties cannot show a little skin every now and then? If there is one part they should flaunt, the shoulders would fit the mold as this is one area of the body which seemingly is unable to age. Show a bit of skin and flaunt those great shoulder tops by donning cutout shoulder tops or dresses as in this way, you get to display a bit of flesh without being inappropriate and revealing. Donning these pieces will give you the right balance of being chic and elegant at the same time.



Flat Side Shoes

As much as we would want to deny it when we are about to enter our geriatric age, we would want maximum comfort as much as possible. However, for extremely fashionable women who are well on their way to their mid-sixties to their seventies, it could be rather hard to compromise fashion for comfort. So, to address this dilemma, women in this age bracket should have a trusty pair of flat side shoes where it offers an equal amount of fashion edge as well as maximum comfort for those of you who could no longer rock a pair of stilettos. This trendy style keeps you low to the ground while being fashionable and would have you looking polished all throughout the day without encumbering your feet with discomfort.



Being fashionable and trendy should not be limited to the young and sprightly, as it is earlier said that fashion is timeless. Being stylish can span across all ages and would be very much possible at whatever stage of life you are, the key is to dress and pull off an outfit which would be appropriate for your age and would be fashionable on you as well. These pieces should give you an extra oomph and would let you rock the ensemble with full confidence as these pieces would truly make you shine—no matter your age.


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Failsafe Ways to Appear Slimmer without Hitting the Gym

They say it is the ultimate girl’s dream to have the perfect man and have the ultimate romantic love story… how incredibly misguided the world must be as this notion could not be more erroneous.

The fact is, what most, if not all women want out of life is to eat as much as they can without the impending threat of getting fat…ever. However, as this is not a likelihood for most females—especially for women whose metabolism is quite sub-par and whose bodies are not quite as adept in burning calories as the rest, we can rely on the next best thing: creating illusions.  Though gorging on food may make us look a bit more rotund than we would like, that does not necessarily mean that the clothes we dress ourselves in should make us look like a singular and circular shape.  The beauty of fashion lies in the fact that it allows all sorts of bodies–whether big or small, round or curvy to look beautiful when complemented with the appropriate kind of garb.

Apart from that, it also allows the wearers to create the simple illusion of appearing thinner and slimmer than they originally are. Though the highly coveted svelte figure is what most women want for themselves, it is not exactly easy to attain or achieve. This is where fashion becomes your friend and where it paves the way to granting you a slimmer figure at least for a while. Additionally, it grants you instantaneous results and does not even take an exorbitant and hefty gym membership to achieve. Though nothing can truly replace a good foundation formed by months or years of enduring workout, compromise comes in the form of a multitude of sartorial options. And whether you usually shop for retail clothing or wholesale clothing, these various options are still very much possible to do. So, for those of you looking for ways to complement your fuller figure with fashionable options and conceal the little bumps and the excess flab then this article is for you as it offers you various failsafe options to appear slimmer without ever hitting the gym.


You can never go wrong with looking a bit slimmer just by wearing tights. Sure, you may not want to make the commitment of wearing full-on spanx every single day but consider that tights with a bit of Lycra will smooth out all the excess bumps and flabs of your body. Additionally, this is a material that does not feel excessively stuffy and does not feel as if you are wearing any sort of “surgical underwear”.

And a bonus tip: If you are between sizes, go up one size bigger so as to eliminate the waist dimples and ripples.


Color blocking and breakings may create an illusion of length, and mixing and matching this in different fabrics and textures will create interesting shapes. However, if done incorrectly, you may be putting yourself at a precarious situation of showcasing what you are trying to hide instead of concealing them. You can achieve roughly the same effect of creating an illusion simply by opting for a monochromatic ensemble and as it is when it comes to shades, dark works best.

And a bonus tip: If there are areas you want to minimize, utilize matte fabrics.


Your lingerie or your underwear is supposed to serve as the foundation of what a good outfit looks like. It may be concealed through layers and layers of clothes, but they are the ones that hold everything in place—your girls or fun pair for an example. Should your breasts be a bit saggy, less that perky or bulging with the underwear you have been sporting, that may be a nod towards cleaning out your underwear drawer. In any case, you should never wear underwear that is ill-fitting, whether it is a size too big or a size too small for you. Wear the size perfect for you and you will see that your blouses would fit you better.

And a bonus tip: If you want to look less voluptuous, a minimizer bra will do the trick or try sporting a slightly padded bra to bring balance to your hips.


Every woman past the age of twenty one should be aware of the necessity in learning to walk in heels. Not only do they give the illusion of elongated legs and toned calves, but they compel women into standing and walking in a more flattering stature. Additionally, wearing heels would make your behind look more prominent and thus, drawing more attention to your curves rather than elsewhere. Do not go overboard with the type of heels though (Never attempt walking in five inched heels if you think you cannot handle it) as you will only be priming yourself for an accident. Instead, find the perfect pair that would look elegant and proportionate to your figure.


Layering creates proportions. It is actually a spin on playing it.

Be cautious when layering though as you would not want to sport a look that will make you seem like you wore your entire closet for the day. Micro layers do not add as much bulk and will add visual interest. Apart from that, it would move the eye around the body so with this in mind; you can highlight the areas where you want attention drawn and conceal the places you do not want to draw attention to.


One failsafe way to make the face look a lot less puffy is to try on a haircut that best complements the face. Ask for expert advice from your professional hairstylist, make sure he or she considers your entire frame and not just how your hair looks sitting atop your face. Apart from that, cosmetics does wonders as contouring can highlight your cheekbones and jawlines giving you a more pronounced and sculpted face effect. If you are unsure where to start contouring, there are innumerable video tutorials in Youtube you can check out.


Just because you have things you would want to conceal does not mean you can no longer enjoy dressing up. The key is to strike the perfect balance between concealing all the parts you do not want attention drawn to and to highlight all the areas you want to be more pronounced. If you have successfully done that, you will find that you would look great in almost any type of clothing and look fashion forward while at that. Remember, it is not only about going on a nutritional diet, sometimes a fashion diet works just as great too.   


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Reasons Why the Minimalist Trend is Making Waves


 “Fashion is Architecture: It is a matter of proportions” –Coco Chanel


Following this line of thinking would lead us to believe that the capsule wardrobe movement (a technique that endeavors to reduce the number of items inside our closets) has been gaining enough momentum to stir some waves in today’s current trends and styles. As Coco Chanel would have us believe, fashion is all about building a worthy ensemble—an arresting outfit if you may, that speaks volumes of your personal style. However, though building our sartorial preference and our personal voguish taste requires raw materials, there does not need to be a superfluity of it and as a hackneyed phrase would have it, “Simplicity is beauty” or “less is more”. These platitudes have never been truer than in today’s fickle and rather finicky fashion scene where sartorial pundits would nitpick almost everything in an outfit.

However, this capsule wardrobe movement is far from mainstream. And considering how fashionable people love a plethora of clothing varieties, it seems like it would take a while for this movement to be embraced by everyone.  Though this may be the case, the movement has caught the attention of some high-profile personalities who chose to apply this movement into their minimalist lifestyle. Of course, this raises a lot of eyebrows from dubious naysayers who could not fathom the idea of limiting yourself to a few fashion pieces when your financial resources could very much allow you to splurge. Those who are not privy to the movement will be rather skeptical and would find the rather limiting concept rather suspect as they could not envisage a lifestyle of wearing approximately twenty to thirty pieces of clothes and rotating those clothes all year round.  Well, for those of you who are wondering just why this minimalist trend is causing a small furor among some members of the elite then read on as this article will aptly provide insights as to how this seemingly little experiment garnered so much attention.




An array of various clothes would lead an individual to stay in front of their closets for a prolonged period of time trying to come up with a final fashion ensemble for the day.  Unfortunately, this would lead to individuals experiencing decision fatigue which refers to the poor quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making. For highly successful people who make pivotal decisions day to day, this is one less decision to make. Something that may be as inconsequential such as deftly and swiftly choosing what to wear from a small number of clothes will leave you more mental space and better productivity throughout the day.




Possessions are indeed a burden—a fact we tend to overlook and only realize once we begin to remove them. But when we do sort them out, we would discover a life of freedom and opportunity. So pare your closet down and try to be meticulous when doing so. Sift through years and years of collected wholesale clothing or ones bought from retail that you have been relentless holding on to and keep only those that still suit you and discard the ones that do not. Try an experimental number such as 38 articles of clothing to keep. If this seems a bit too much for you, adjust until you can find a reasonable number. Try not to go beyond fifty though, remember the goal is to lead an uncluttered and minimalistic lifestyle.




Large wardrobes requires a very specific skill in decision making—one wherein you choose the right kind of ensemble that you have not worn in quite a while and looks stylish as well as appropriate for you. When this becomes a daily routine, energy that could have been allocated to more important stuff gets wasted in something as frivolous as deciding what to wear. Additionally, larger wardrobes would require you to do more organization, frequent updates, more maintenance and more shuffling around. A big wardrobe would also lead you to neglect some of the clothes you do not readily see. Lastly, big wardrobes tend to give you a harder pile in laundry and storage.




When you have a variety of your clothes at your disposal, the sheer number of it all can be a bit overwhelming. Some of your clothing options and decisions when put together just do not fit right, would not look right or might be something that does not sit well with you. If you have a minimal wardrobe of various versatile choice pieces, you may have fewer options but you are guaranteed of better choices. A pared down closet does not leave you so much legroom into choosing from a salad of clothes, and since you only leave the best among your clothes, your ensembles will almost always be amazing. You will look and feel better.




It is undeniable that the more you sport a singular style, that look would tend to become your signature look leaving you with a fashion prowess for making iconic statements. By having a singular fashion style, you are essentially forming your own personal uniform which is a brief nod and an insinuation that your priorities have shifted with age and that dressing in a minimalistic manner gives you better leverage on other matters in your life.




There is a really big chance that someone who has not pared down their closet has some items sitting in their wardrobes which have not seen the light of day in months or for some…years. Our closets are teeming with clothes and shoes purchased but these are rarely worn, if you put all those expenses together, you would find just how much you actually splurged and how much you could have saved had you refrained from buying more. It was shown that in the year 1930, the average woman owned at least nine outfits. Today, it is a whopping thirty which roughly translates one outfit for every single day of the month. Should you switch to a minimalistic approach towards your clothing preferences, you will find that the waste and expense from trial and error clothing purchases will be significantly diminished.



We live in a materialistic world inundated by worldly possessions. This should be controlled before it fully takes over our lives, apply the minimalistic lifestyle today and start decluttering your life and you will see it drastically change in ways you have never imagined. Adopt minimalist principles, start with your wardrobe and discover a life or more productivity, less stress, less expense and less distraction. Give it a try and it might just work for you.


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A Guide to Wearing What Shoes with What Outfit

“Give a girl the right shoes. And she can conquer the world”

This is quite an enigmatic line from none other than a fashion and style icon herself, Marilyn Monroe. But no matter how inscrutable it may be to rule the world with a single pair of great footwear if anything, this one great fashion tenet speaks volumes about a fashionable woman’s relationship and obsession with the footwear that covers her soles: shoes.

It has been said that a woman falls in love seven times in her life, and six times out of seven, it is with shoes. In fact, no woman on earth can have too many pairs of shoes as a great ensemble is often tied together with a beautiful pair of shoes, and more often than not you can wear the plainest and most nondescript assortment of clothing and still look stunning simply by wearing an elegant pair. And with a variety of footwear to choose from (loafers, pumps, kitten heels, doll shoes, flip-flops, etc.), the average fashion forward woman is never at an immediate style emergency of having a dearth of shoes to choose from. But though this may seem like it presents a stylish advantage, results can rather be disastrous if women are not discerning enough on which shoes to pair with what outfit.

True enough, with a multitude of shoes to select from, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the appropriate ones that would complement your outfit and tie it all up. Often, women commit the fatal fashion error of choosing a pair that would compete with their outfit instead of completing it and a clashing of too many styles and colors would ensue. This is because many women are guilty of having too much going on with their outfits (Note: Printed dresses and embellished shoes will clash) and if you have a slight inclination towards being culpable of committing this fashion faux pas as well, then you might want to take a look at the guide below. So that whether you are wearing either wholesale fashion clothing or retail ones, you will still be able to pull off a stunning cohesive getup.


Some of us womenfolk are guilty of impulse buying and there are times wherein we buy pairs and pairs of shoes with no visible occasion or event for them in mind. Because of this, some of us have the propensity of throwing them on without at least considering the kind of occasion or event we are going to and if the selected shoes are appropriate giving their overall look a tacky finish. To avoid this, when you are out shoe shopping the first thing you must consider is if you have a designated event for the specific pair and if you do not, do not buy them despite the fact that they are stylish or discounted. Then consider the type of occasion or environment you are going to be wearing those shoes in, casual shoes such as loafers, ballet flats are best for casual events while classic pumps look great for anything a bit dressier and more formal but this seems rather formulaic and predictable.

To spice up a simple office-day outfit, consider wearing kitten heels with a bit more embellishment such as a chic buckle or other accent (but nothing too over the top, make sure it retains its corporate feel), you can also achieve this by choosing a different colour other than neutrals such as bright red or stunning green. However, it is imperative to consider the day’s activities and locations and if the pair of shoes you are wearing is appropriate—or comfortable enough to last you the day. To illustrate, it would be rather taxing to walk in kitten heels if your job at the office requires you to be on your feet most of the time and it is rather you would look like you lack fashion and social panache if you wore flats to an elegant gala or formal dinner affair.


Above all, comfort should come first before style although it is still highly possible to be comfortably stylish. However, when the grounds are covered with snow outside, it might be best to break in your new snow boots instead of wearing shoes that may leave your feet precariously cold. In essence, it is like saying that you should dress for the season but this time, you should choose shoes that are appropriate for the season. For an instance, a pair of brocade pumps will look more at home with a classic evening suit than a pair of strappy or skimpy sandals ever will and those suede beloved boots you have that looked best paired with your heavy coats should be stowed away when the summer season comes.

Although, it is worthy to note that there are some shoe styles such as leather pumps that can be worn through whatever season and weather permitting, just make sure your soles are comfortable enough when you do traipse outside in whatever weather.


When it comes to shoes there is a multitude of colors that sometimes choosing the right color to go with an outfit is a hit or miss thing. However, it should also be noted that when it comes to selecting a color that best complements or goes with an outfit, there is no blanket or cookie-cutter answer but rather a combination of various elements that mesh together in harmony that will make you look great. There is a variety of factors to consider such as textures, hues, patterns, design, cut and shades that will help you determine what the “appropriate” color should be. If you already have an outfit in mind, try it out with your shoes and if it goes well together then go for it but if you have trouble in determining which goes which then the brief guide below will assist you.

Classic Black: Undoubtedly, black goes with anything whether they are open-toe, pointy toe, ankle strap or platforms, they will work with any outfit and would look almost at home with any desired outfit and is the ultimate wear-anywhere option. There is never a scarcity when it comes to the options you can pair black with as they look great with any clothing hues which invariably include denim.

Any Shades of White: White sneakers should be a staple in every woman’s shoe closet as you can never go wrong with it in just about anything. Recently, they have looked rather trendy when paired with skater dresses and girly skirts. Just keep in mind that the proportions of your outfit should be in balance to your shoes.

Brown/Russet: Whether they are neutrals or animal prints, brown shoes should be a closet staple. When you are pairing them with something darker however, stick to moodier shades such as finishing off a pair of crisp black trousers with luggage brown pumps as darker colored clothing highlights wear and tear on lighter footwear.

Taupe/Gray: This neutral color goes with anything as long as you keep in mind how the details of your shoe affect the look. If you have a pair that looks simple enough then it is best to keep them dressed down in jeans or denim but if you own a more polished pair, then they will look great in addition to pastel, berry and black looks.

Nude colors: The more open a nude pair of shoes is the more feminine or flirty an outfit should be. For your guidance, choose a pair that would work best with your skin and would flawlessly blend with it.

Metallics: When it comes to metallic shoes, the most vital aspect you should consider is the design. Detailed metallic pairs are strictly to be used only for night outs and special occasions while simple and laid back metallic flats can work anywhere. They work well with any color so you can have fun experimenting with that.


Now that you have successfully read this guide through, try experimenting with different outfits and pairing them off with shoes and see what works well and what does not.

Clothes You Don’t Need by the time You Reach 30


“Fashion is timeless”

While this famous adage may be true, this does not necessarily connote that thirty-something women can be seen prancing in clothing that is anything but appropriate for them. This does not necessarily mean that they cannot pull it off, they can–but there are certain things that do come as you mature, and dressing your age is one of them.

After all, you do not get the same responsibilities you do now as you did back when you were in your twenties. Where you used to spend Friday nights in random bars guzzling bottle after bottle of beer, you now spend meeting potential clients and business partners or perhaps, on dates with your significant other. Nonetheless, it is a crucial that at this point in our years that we dress appropriately and accordingly. After all, our manner of garb is incredibly telling of the kind of person that we are and it is inevitable that our ensembles would give people a brief perception and impression about the person that we are. However, in one way or another, we are all a little bit guilty or have been guilty of stashing clothing items that would seem a bit out of place on a thirty-year old’s place—a variety of colour in tube tops, body hugging dresses, little girl shoes—the list goes on. Chances are some of these items are still in your closet while you may have been none the wiser. But now is a vital time to be getting rid of them as in your twenties, you mature both biologically and psychologically and along with this, so should your style. So if you are still clinging to those fashion pieces (or God forbid—wearing them) then you are in luck as this article lists six clothing items (whether bought in wholesale clothing or retail) you may have sitting in your closet, adding to the clutter and taking up valuable space that you should dispose and apparel suggestions on what to replace them with.



In the era of sexy pop stars such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, super-duper low rise jeans made a splash and almost everyone who can pull it off would be seen sporting them. However, as much as we want to retain our svelte and hourglass figure back in our teenage years and our twenties, our bodies do mature with us and over the years, the jeans would become less and less of a viable option. So, dispose of them or give them to your teenaged sister and instead sport a pair of high-waist trousers or slouchy boyfriend jeans as they are flattering on any figure and are comfortable to wear as well.



We all had that tacky initial job interview suit (which would make the fashion god’s of the seventies smile) that we probably wore to every job interview we had before landing the job we have now. Some of them are less than fashionable and are incredibly distasteful yet for some reason, some of us still have them sitting in our closets. Or perhaps, some of us may have been sporting them to work while we were still in the begging stages of our careers and have little to no idea about how to look fashionably professional. Well, toss out the old thing and replace it with a modern pair of high-waist trousers which you can pair with any blouse. Sporting this style would mean it can double as smart casual wear which you can have on during after work dinner soirees.



Sure, tube tops can be worn when you are within the vicinity of your home or perhaps it can be your chosen sleepwear but you should never leave home sporting a clingy tube top. They may have looked chic and sexy back when you were in your teenage and college years and trying out for cheerleading competitions or sporting events, but wearing them when you are pushing thirty is just asking for a disaster to happen. Instead, try a slinky camisole—it is not as constricting as a tube top is and the delicate and light material would give you and overall chic effect.



Unless you are Kim Kardashian, you would not want to sport body-con dresses in or out of the club. As we age, so will our body and when we continue to insist on wearing body hugging dresses, we are at a risk of showing our less than a spectacular figure. If you are looking to ooze sex appeal for a night out in town, opt for a stylish cocktail dress with a low back and a high hem, preferably one that is backless. In this way, you would still look fun and dressed appropriately for the night without having to suck your stomach in for a majority of the time.




In our twenties, we invested a lot of cash on inexpensive jewelry—hey, the more we had, the better chances we had in diversifying our outfits and accessories. And though nothing is essentially wrong with inexpensive jewelry, some fancy jewelry may negatively impact your skin causing rashes and green skin. And nothing—I repeat, nothing is worth suffering for, not even fashion. In your 30’s and while you are a bit more advanced in your career, invest some of your well-earned money on affordable but quality jewelry from trusted brands and avoid plastic jewelry coated with gold or silver paint.



Festive tights and themed stockings are reserved for children or for costume parties only. Should you have any stockings or tights in your closet that is covered with Christmas trees, snowmen, Halloween jack-o-lanterns or any of the sorts, it is time to throw them out. Instead, try replacing them with swiss dot tights, the simple pattern and design give your entire ensemble a striking finish.

Some of these items may still be sitting in your closet and really, as you are pushing thirty (or perhaps already are) now is no better time than to purge your closet from these items. And while style evolution is something that happens naturally, clinging to the pieces you had in your teenage years or in your twenties is not a viable option for making fashionable choices. Give yourself a birthday gift or a belated one and make a fashion stance in dressing your age for the remainder of your years ahead.

How to have the Ultimate Closet Clean Out

Let us be honest here.


How many times have you sifted through the clothes in your closet and saw outdated pieces? Those apparel that in no way would fit you or those clothes you have never worn? Probably a lot more times than you can count. When you do sort these clothing pieces in clearing out your wardrobe, how many times have the following sentiments below crossed your mind?


“Oh, I can probably lose the extra weight I have put on and wear that slinky pink halter top again.”


“…but I have only worn this once in my life. EVER!” 


“This was such an expensive piece when I bought it. It would be a waste to throw it away.”


Well, I am quite sure you have been guilty of using those views to pass off as your rational excuse for not disposing of the extra clothes that you do no longer need. Quite ironic indeed for someone who would stare in the closet for half an hour and bemoan the lack of clothes. Read: I have no clothes to wear!


Nothing to worry about, though, women and people who have a flair for fashion are as equally guilty of this as you are. Though your eclectic taste for fashion may seem reasonable, the hoarding of clothes is not. But like many women especially those who are big on retail therapy, you would probably have a hard time parting with some of the clothes in your closet. Even the ones that are no longer necessarily fashionable, are too tight or too loose for you or have simply been sitting in your closet for years without ever being worn again.


Well, fret not, if you are reading this article now, then it means you have made a conscious commitment to at least try and sort your closet out from a superfluity of clothing. So, my dear apparel hoarders, whether it may be that fashionable wholesale clothing you have found online or that piece on sale you found four years ago, this article will assist you step-by-step in having the ultimate closet clean out.


Cleaning out your closet requires a quick assessment of what you are going to be working with. This can range from the limited closet space you have that is teeming with clothes, the perpetually unused chair filled with freshly washed and pressed clothes, the shoe rack that is filled to the brim with shoes, the floor space that could no longer be seen from being covered by all of your closet clutter. Really, it could be anything. This is imperative as it would give you an idea where to start and how to go about your sorting.



Now that you have evaluated the extent of sorting and cleaning out you have to do, it is time to get started with the clearing out and the organizing.  A great start would be to collect the disregarded or neglected boxes you have sitting in your homes. If you do not have a sufficient supply of these, you can always opt to buy them from stores that do sell them. Separate the clothes you would want to donate to goodwill and charity and those clothes you would like to sell. Preferably, those that are still stylish but would no longer fit you and those pieces that were expensive when you bought it. The thought of profiting from the clothes you once loved makes it easier to let go of these pieces especially if you know that the people they are going to actually want them. Selling used clothes online has been an ongoing trend recently, and it would not be long before someone takes a notice of yours and purchase them.



This will make the logistics of closet cleaning faster and easier. Do not mill about from your shoe rack to your closet; instead, focus on one are first. The best way to start is to find the primary source of all the mess and clutter. Your closet perhaps. Go through each rack and drawer carefully and start taking out things you have not worn in six months or so. This is also the perfect opportunity to inspect some of the clothes you do have but forgotten about. Then, you might want to decide whether you want to keep them to wear once more or not.




It is easy to fall off track when you are throwing things away. A good tip to keep in mind is to keep things that “spark joy” in your life and get rid of those that do not. When you have seen old pieces in your closet, an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia will creep up on you. It would be easy to convince yourself to keep something and more difficult to throw it out. But remember, if you have not worn a piece of clothing in the past several months, it is likely you are not going to wear it anytime soon. You do need the space, and it will make room for current and more fashionable additions. So, stop keeping stuff for sentimental reasons!


When you do buy hangers, at least, buy them all in the same style or color or, have them in the same material and make. This makes the inside of your closet look organized. Really, nothing would look worse than mismatched hangers. They will just add to the existing noise of your closet. Having ones from the same make will help you have a closet that looks tidier. Dispose of the hangers that do not fit in with the rest or place them somewhere that is not your closet like a clothing rack for recently pressed clothes perhaps.



When you have carefully followed through this guide, you will have a cleaner and more organized closet. When you do, do give yourself a pat on the back for succeeding what may be a grueling and daunting task for some – hey, you actually made it! Perfection is not necessarily the end goal here as closet space is relatively different for everyone. The important thing is, you have successfully lessened the clutter in your closet, in your room and perhaps, in your life. Essentially, this is what you need to have a bit of positive energy to your personal space as you would not feel so overwhelmed and suffocated. Additionally, being charitable by donating clothes and earning money from the pieces used to love are bonuses to the extra space you already have.



Having too many clothes is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it starts to take up so much space without you even wearing some of the pieces for several months or years even, then recognize that you do have a problem and an urgent need to purge your closet. Sure, this may be an intimidating task, but could you really afford to keep all of those clothes when you know it is taking so much personal space already? Free upthe space. Clean out!

CAPSULE WARDROBE: Reducing Your Closet to 37 Pieces


If there is anything true and verifiable about fashion, it is that it is cyclical and dynamic. As the years went by, we have noticed fashion evolve yet somehow retain some of its earlier predecessor’s characteristics and qualities. Only that it is updated to have a more modern look. These recurring trends are without a doubt the reason we tend to hog so much space inside our closets because why throw something that may be trendy again?

Considering fashion is cyclical albeit repetitive at times, we can be absolutely certain that one day, the neglected vintage puffy skirt we have at the back of our closet will make an updated comeback. Because of this, it can be a bit hard to part ways with it. However, this seems to do more harm than good and is actually consuming valuable closet space.

Consider this. With so many clothes you are accumulating over the years that outdated puffy skirt you are neglecting to throw out is occupying priceless closet space that could be reserved for a newer and trendier item. Seeing how indispensable that precious space is, regard it as real estate space if you may.
Additionally, while the minimalist lifestyle may have been making waves in other aspects of your life, it has been glaringly lacking and absent when it comes to the area you hold dear to your heart: the closet. Let us face it, whether it may be that inexpensive wholesale clothing you have purchased from a Euro trip back in the nineties or that branded top you luckily scored from the flea market, you have found yourself guilty of hoarding a superfluity of clothes.
And while this may give you an avenue for a wide variety of outfits, an ideal closet would only consist of approximately 200 clothes of different styles. Statistics would show that the average woman would have so much more than that. So for this brand new year, make “reducing my closet size” or “incorporating the minimalist lifestyle into my wardrobe” as one of your resolutions.

To begin your wardrobe reduction journey, you can utilize one closet-reducing program that has been generating a lot of buzz recently, and that is the capsule wardrobe. So before you start purging your closet of clothes, take a gander below at this simplified version of reducing the items in your closet.

So how does capsule wardrobe work?

Succinctly put, the capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe made up of versatile pieces that may be your favorites or are pieces that you would sport more often than the others. For some people, the sweet spot is thirty-seven items, but it varies with every season. A capsule collection consists of a combination of elements you already possess and love to wear as well as a few items you can shop for at least once a season. For each season (spring, summer, winter and fall), you take out some clothes except for a few pieces that should still be in your capsule wardrobe.

Additionally, even if our closet is teeming to the brim with innumerable garments, we still have that unfathomable reason of having nothing to wear. This is particularly nifty as some of us do buy trendy new clothes but end up wearing some of our old favorites.

With a capsule wardrobe, this is something readily achievable as it represents more time and energy on the clothes that really matter to you. The idea essentially translates to less time deciding on what to wear, less time doing laundry and less time doing shopping. Lastly, this would give you the welcome opportunity to utilize the clothes that you may not have been using for quite some time because you have not found the right time, reason or season to use it.

What are some of the advantages?

Considering that a capsule wardrobe would represent more time, more money and more energy for the things in life that matter, which may not only include your clothes, you would be spending more time and energy on other aspects of your life apart from only trying to look your best.
In addition, a capsule closet allows you to shop at least only once a season that would make you save a whole lot on frivolous expenses and unnecessary expenditures that can add up by the end of the month. Believe me, your credit card would thank you for changing this aspect in your life.

It has also been shown that by narrowing your wardrobe and by purging a bit of the clothes you find to be a bit excessive, you would understand your style better and have a definite personal style. Lastly, you are guaranteed to look like you always have something awesome and stylish to put on. It’d give you an overall great feeling as every single item hanging in your closet is something you would want to wear right at that moment.

So how do I start building my capsule wardrobe? When it comes to building your capsule wardrobe, there are five essential rules you have to keep in mind and take into the heart if you want to see some results.

RULE 1: Strip down your clothes to thirty-seven items.

Pare down your current closet situation into as little as 37 pieces. Thirty-seven is the golden number as according to, it already feels like a generous number yet somehow retains a minimalist feel. But if you feel a bit limited with 37, try to find a number you are comfortable with as long as you do not go overboard.

This happy number should include your favorite tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, and shoes. However, it should not include your workout clothes, purses, swimsuits, pajamas, purses, and your underwear. Last to note is that accessories are not included in your capsule wardrobe, so play it up and mix them up to your heart’s content.

RULE 2: Wear ONLY these 37 items for three months (or per season)

These thirty-seven items are the only things you should be sporting per three months or per season. Split up your seasons in this way: Winter (Jan-March), Spring (April-June), Summer (July-September), and Fall (October-December).

By utilizing this unique pattern in switching up your wardrobe, you are guaranteed to have an updated style per season and have the appropriate wear for it.

RULE 3: Put all frivolous shopping on hold

Enjoy your capsule closet as the season lasts and do not go hoarding more clothes by shopping for more during the three-month season – like never at all. That is until you get to the next rule.

RULE 4: During the last two weeks, plan and shop for your next capsule

Of course, the inherent fashionistas in us would panic at the thought of absolutely no shopping. So, to compromise, you can do some shopping during the last two weeks of the capsule’s season.

However, do note that you cannot simply hoard whatever styles you do want. Consider the shopping you do something akin to strategic shopping. While you are out purchasing new clothes, be mindful of the clothes you think would be an appropriate addition to your next capsule’s set.

RULE 5: “Less is more.”

Though technically, the number of clothes you do purchase for your next capsule is up to you, keep in mind that “less is more.” That and the entire point of having a capsule wardrobe is to reduce our closet. Remember, this is a minimalist challenge and in essence, less is more. The styles you pick out should be fun and trendy.

Although, this rule may feel a bit limiting, it can be advantageous considering that you are constrained to use the new items you have bought. Unlike buying clothes you find cute but end up not using anyhow.


So paring your closet may seem a little daunting – impossible even considering our inner fashionista would want to have an array of clothes at our disposal.

But do consider this change for the brand new year and you might find your clothing ensemble looking a bit more dapper and appropriate for the various seasons. Do not think of the capsule wardrobe as something that would limit your choices. Remember, you are not throwing out the apparel you do not use for the season, but rather a welcome opportunity to utilize all the clothes you have for each season there is.