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Dressing Up For a First Date (Girls)



We have all been there. The butterflies and the anticipation, the feeling of being totally overwhelmed by our emotions – our first date. We have spent almost majority of our time trying to get this particular guy to notice us. Now here we are, we finally scored that much-coveted date with that all the more coveted guy. You are finally getting the chance to hang out and spend time with the guy you have set your eyes on and you want to make sure nothing ever goes wrong.


You want to make a lasting impression on him. To do just that, you practiced hour after hour in front of your floor length mirror, making sure you laughed just right and you did not squeak when you talk. You rehashed topics to talk about in your head and you have made a list on the potential places you might want to hang out. Now that you have fine-tuned the supposed complicated logistics of your first date, all that is left for you to decide on is the most pivotal aspect of your date – what clothes to wear on this momentous occasion.


As you open the cabinet doors of your wardrobe, you start contemplating your options.  You do not want to intimidate him, so you do not want to appear too dressy. But you do not want to blend into the crowd either, you want to stand out. You want to keep things casual but at the same time you want to look sleek, chic and stylish. You want to look beautiful and stunning, but you do not want to cake your face with makeup. You want to appear laid-back and approachable but at the same time girly and fashionable. Wow. It seems like you are in for a real dilemma.


While you are sorting out  the clothes inside your closet, your thoughts wander. You want to make an impression with your choice of clothes, but you are not exactly sure as to how to go about it. Well, look no further. This article aims to assist you in making that impression, dressing well and looking fabulous without committing any of the cardinal faux pas in dressing up for a first date. Girls, take heed!


  • Be comfortable in what you are wearing


Choose an outfit that you are comfortable in. This outfit should make you feel confident and fabulous; this should make you feel good in your own skin. When you are comfortable with yourself and with what you are wearing, your date will feel it. And it is one of the greatest and best ways to make a good impression. Wear heels if you feel comfortable in them, but forgo them if you feel like you are more comfortable in your flats or sneakers. Never forgo comfort for the sake of dressing to the nines. Not only will you be obviously uncomfortable, you will  be visibly fidgeting as well. This would cause the guy to think you are not comfortable around him and would ruin your chances for a second date.


  • Dress for the occasion and the place of your date


Try to find out where your date is taking you if you did not decide on a location yet so that you will know what sort of clothes will be appropriate. You do not want to appear overdressed nor underdressed. If you are visiting the theme park and taking rides, it would be best to wear jeans, shorts and perhaps, an ordinary t-shirt. Whereas, visiting a luxe and posh restaurant for dinner calls for a more formal attire.


  • Never overdo it


This is self-explanatory. You do not want to appear on your date looking like an over-decorated Christmas tree. Not only will you look largely out of place, but your date will think he is dating someone who is extremely high maintenance. Save the glam, flashy and red carpet looks for when they are appropriate. Your outfit can still look both elegant and attractive and even sexy, but two things – it should not be skimpy and trashy. Opt for something cute and something that defines you. Look like you dressed up for a day with your date, not like you dressed with a team of helpers to get you ready.


  • Never show too much skin


Showing your legs or a little bit of your shoulder or a little peek of your cleavage is all fine and dandy. Just make sure you do not show all three at the same time. You want to look classy and sophisticated; intelligent and fun and alluring as well. You want to look like someone he wants to be seen with and someone who he will be proud to have by his side. However, if you show too much, it would break the allure and leave him looking like he went out with a rather promiscuous girl. Moreover, if you dress this way, you will most likely be sending him the wrong signal. This is not to say that you should cover up all of your valuable physical assets but keep him interested by revealing just enough to keep the mystery and the allure alive.  First dates are all about impressions, and you do not want him to leave having the wrong one of you.


  • Be yourself


No matter what article of clothing you wear, you would not impress your date so much if you end up being a pretentious girl. Do not try to dress like someone else on your first date. Remember he asked YOU out, so that should count for something. If you are the jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, do not go for tight dresses, frilly skirts or floral prints. Go with whatever makes you comfortable with yourself and feels the most like you. In this way, he would see you as the real you and would leave him with the right impression of you instead of misplaced assumptions.


BONUS TIP: Always wear a smile


Your smile can work wonders on your date. It will make your date feel at ease and it would make you more approachable and friendly. Besides, you look more appealing when you smile. Lastly, should you not be happy that you at least scored this date with him?


In sum…


Appearance and beauty are in the eye of the beholder. Though it may seem shallow for some, how you dress for you first date will speak volumes about you. Remember, this is the stage wherein both of you are still getting to know each other and are still trying to discover more about the aspects of each other. So, do not ruin your chances of a second date by dressing up poorly on your first one. Keep in mind that how you dress and how you present yourself on your first date is like giving him a sneak preview on the type of person you really are. It may not always be accurate and for most, first impressions rarely last, but at least make yours count. Who knows? You might just score a second date!