Street Chic 101: Six Essential Pieces for the Elegant Street Chic in You!

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly while style is forever” –Ralph Lauren


Every woman old enough to have a personal preference for fashion tastes and styles has her own preference when it comes to how she dons a variety of sartorial pieces. She may have developed an acquired taste for fashion through years and years of browsing magazines or from closely scrutinizing the personal styles of celebrities or has developed one completely on her own.

As fashion pundits would say: conformity is the number one killer of personal style. When one is truly into fashion and is enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries of a particular style, they do not conform to what is trendy and what is in vogue, instead, they develop their own sense of sartorial bravura that would soon become their signature staple look or incorporate personal accents into existing styles. Whichever of the two it may be, one thing is for sure: it is definitive of a woman’s fashion taste and preference. In a fashion epoch where we have reached new heights in clothing styles and fashion, we have seen so many trends and styles and have a multitude of these to choose from. From glam, chic to grunge wears, we have seen a plethora of signature styles on women and none of them more beautiful than the other—they are all equally unique and stunning in their own way.

To build a personal wardrobe that is definitive of your personal style and signature sartorial preference, you would need to know what kind of style you find yourself wearing most often, which clothes you have a sort of affinity to and then you build on that. From there, you can have a selection of go-to basics that would define your style. This article focuses on one of the rather neglected fashion known to women and that is the street-chic trend that has been making waves recently. This style is perfect for women who want to sport edgy fashion with a hint of girlishness. For those who have wanted to build their closet based on street-chic basics, think of this article as your start-up list with essential street-chic staples listed within.


Whether you may shop for one in wholesale street wear or popular retail stores, your closet would definitely need at least one staple go-to flannel button shirt. These plaid button-downs are extremely versatile as they work well left as is or paired with an inner basic tee. This is one of the styles that you could style in a multitude of ways such as western, hipster-esque or grungy.

A classic take in wearing this staple is to pair it with denim shorts, a pair of comfortable and trusty sneakers. Finish the entire look with a hippie headband for a girlish effect.




Leather jackets already make a statement by themselves. They are bold edgy and they are incredibly versatile and when it comes to street wear fashion, the black leather jacket is the height of cool. If you are building your streetwear closet, you should begin by investing in this piece.
One of the failsafe ways to sport this streetwear staple is to give your summer dresses a bit of flair and edge by finishing it off with a leather jacket. You will achieve the right balance between being edgy and feminine at the same time by sporting this unique look.



There is something infinitely attractive about having a dress made of flimsy material paired off with something that will give it a slight edge. Girly dresses are fun and chic and you definitely need one if you are planning to build on your wardrobe. Look for dresses that are made from delicate fabric such as lace, tulle, silk or a combination of these textures and choose a color suitable for your skin color.

To wear these fashion staples, wear it with a chambray top to turn a simple dress into a versatile piece.


It does not matter whether your footwear of choice is from Steve Madden, Dr. Martens, Converse, Valentino Heels or thigh high boots from wherever—the point is, you need to have at least one pair of “it” shoes that would finish off the outfit for you and could make any drab outfit look stellar simply by the addition of the shoe.

A style tip would be to wear these shoes with your favorite quick and easy outfit such as a pair of denim jeans with a basic tee. Finishing this ensemble off with your pair of “it” shoes would highlight your pair of shoes and give the overall outfit a dramatic effect.



This is a must for every woman’s closet and not just for those looking to sport an edgier or streetwear style. Look for a basic printed tee that you could identify with—it could be something as nondescript as a simple logo or something with witty phrases or famous people. Just choose one that sits well with you.

This style staple works well when tucked into a bandage skirt and finished off with a pair of Dr. Martens or Converse all Stars. Top the ensemble off with a bowler hat or a turban and you are all set.



Accessories are indispensable accents to what would otherwise be a great, but boring outfit. They add a bit of sparkle as well as garner enough interest to make the entire outfit arresting enough to onlookers. To give your outfit a bit of spice and edgy tone, add jewelry to it. As there is a wide array to choose from, you will have no trouble in determining which one is your signature piece.

To make your button-down shirts or blouses with deep necklines more interesting, finish it off with a statement bib necklace and you will see how much cooler and stylish it is with it than without it. The necklace increases the aesthetic value of your ensemble dramatically.

Street-chic fashion may not be as straightforward as some of us want it to be. It is a combination of grunge and elegance with a hint of girlish panache that gives an overall effect of being truly one of a kind. However, this does not mean that it would be impossible to pull off. If you have the essential pieces stated in the above article, you have already covered a base and you are well on your way to building a personalized closet filled with essential streetwear pieces.


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