Fashion Hacks: Six Styling and Clothing Tips to Instantly Elevate Your Outfits


“Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style” –Author Unknown


For some, wearing clothes might be a negligible aspect of their daily routine, but to fashion-forward individuals, dressing impeccably is not only a form of courtesy and manners, but a lifestyle. With this in mind, the latter individuals would give their best endeavors in ensuring that they are dressed appropriately (and stylishly, if I might add) in every single day in their lives. However, no matter what kind of affinity we have with fashion and clothes, there are just some days where our sartorial ensembles would work for us and other days wherein they seemingly work against us. Considering the latter, it would only be understandable for men and women alike to consult online fashion and style articles as to how to make their clothes work for them best.

After all, fashion can be rather confusing at times—especially when you see a myriad of outfits that look great and yet when you try them on, they do not seem to complement and flatter your curves the way they did on the mannequin. Fashion, albeit easy on the eyes, can be a bit difficult to work out and it is in this regard that fashion hacks; tips and tricks can become rather indispensable. You might be surprised at how fairly easy and straightforward some of these tips are, but once you try them, you will immediately see a significant difference—regardless of whether you favor wholesale clothing over retail. So, if you want to elevate your sartorial game and make your clothes seem more stylish, here are some tips you might want to keep in mind:

1.) Knot a button-down shirt to show off your waist

Take a simple outfit to the next level by tying a knot at the waist. Your button-down plaid polo blouses would look so much better when you tie them into a knot at the waist instead of having them simply laying flat. While there is nothing wrong with having them hang by your waist, the knot at your waist tends to show off your shape rather than conceal it. Furthermore, the look is more sophisticated and polished compared to the rather dull and conventional way of wearing it. To make the perfect knot, undo the last three buttons of the blouse and tie those shirt tails into a knot. Make them tight and straighten the ends for a more refined look.

2.) Belt Layers

Layering clothes is an excellent avenue for giving your outfit more dimension and your fashion taste more definition. However, when you tend to pile too many clothes at once, the end result can easily look sloppy and bulky and would do no favors to flattering your silhouette. However, this does not mean you should put off layering altogether but for a more polished and less bulky look, let a belt pull the whole look together. Moreover, the belt carves your figure out from underneath all those clothes so the layers would not overwhelm you.

3.) Cuff your jeans

Although there is nothing wrong with donning your jeans as it is, cuffing it at the ankles is the simplest way to give it a more sophisticated and polished look. This easy upgrade is an easy style trick that would immediately make your entire ensemble more depth and elegance. Moreover, it gives a unique look to an outfit that you have probably worn a lot of times before and it gives you the opportunity to show off whatever footwear you have on. Choose the right technique based on the style of jeans you are wearing. It looks best when it is smaller as it keeps in touch with the streamlined look of the fitted pants. Roll them twice over each other and make sure they are only about half an inch wide. Bigger jeans present a bit of a challenge as the technique is to roll them instead of cuffing them. Should you be wearing baggier styles such as boyfriend jeans, keep the casual vibe of the pair of pants intact by rolling the jeans about three times with just an inch cuffs. For the final touch, mess it up so it does not look too perfect which would be in complete contrast to the rest of pants’ look.

4.) Stack your rings

Accessories are great for amplifying your style and rings are an excellent source for this. However, how do you execute the technique without looking like a prepubescent girl who is overly fond of showing off her jewelry collection? Make it look cool and edgy by strategically placing the rings on your fingers and stacking the different styles appropriately. The biggest and boldest ring should go on your index finger while the smaller styles on your ring finger. For a layered look, mix regular rings and midi styles and finish it off by stacking a couple or three midi rings for contrast. Be careful not to overdo it and stack your fingers with so many rings lest your hands look like a horror show.

5.) Cinch a simple dress

Boxy shift dresses are great fashion statements but they can easily hide your shape and more often than not, it would make you look a size bigger than you originally are. Make a knot in the middle and gather the extra fabric so that you can transform a shapeless dress into a form-fitting one that would complement your physique. Simply turn the dress inside out and gather two inches of the section in the middle. Twist the first later and tie it into a knot, flip the dress right side out and you are done.

6.) Add a scarf

Let us face it, some of the items in our wardrobes are far too basic that they could use a little touch me up to be considered stylish. In this regard, accessories such as statement necklaces would come in handy. However, if you are sick of wearing all your necklaces or simply want another alternative, a handkerchief scarf and bandana can easily be utilized to take a boring outfit up a notch. The great thing about handkerchiefs and scarves is that it is incredibly versatile that the ways of styling it are practically limitless.


Whether we like or not, we have a daily relationship with our clothes seeing it as we wear it every single day. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to have a few clothing tips and tricks up our sleeves to ensure that we look our polished best no matter the occasion. Upgrade your everyday casual ensembles with the tips and techniques above and see your outfits transform from fine to fabulous.


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