Failsafe Ways to Appear Slimmer without Hitting the Gym

They say it is the ultimate girl’s dream to have the perfect man and have the ultimate romantic love story… how incredibly misguided the world must be as this notion could not be more erroneous.

The fact is, what most, if not all women want out of life is to eat as much as they can without the impending threat of getting fat…ever. However, as this is not a likelihood for most females—especially for women whose metabolism is quite sub-par and whose bodies are not quite as adept in burning calories as the rest, we can rely on the next best thing: creating illusions.  Though gorging on food may make us look a bit more rotund than we would like, that does not necessarily mean that the clothes we dress ourselves in should make us look like a singular and circular shape.  The beauty of fashion lies in the fact that it allows all sorts of bodies–whether big or small, round or curvy to look beautiful when complemented with the appropriate kind of garb.

Apart from that, it also allows the wearers to create the simple illusion of appearing thinner and slimmer than they originally are. Though the highly coveted svelte figure is what most women want for themselves, it is not exactly easy to attain or achieve. This is where fashion becomes your friend and where it paves the way to granting you a slimmer figure at least for a while. Additionally, it grants you instantaneous results and does not even take an exorbitant and hefty gym membership to achieve. Though nothing can truly replace a good foundation formed by months or years of enduring workout, compromise comes in the form of a multitude of sartorial options. And whether you usually shop for retail clothing or wholesale clothing, these various options are still very much possible to do. So, for those of you looking for ways to complement your fuller figure with fashionable options and conceal the little bumps and the excess flab then this article is for you as it offers you various failsafe options to appear slimmer without ever hitting the gym.


You can never go wrong with looking a bit slimmer just by wearing tights. Sure, you may not want to make the commitment of wearing full-on spanx every single day but consider that tights with a bit of Lycra will smooth out all the excess bumps and flabs of your body. Additionally, this is a material that does not feel excessively stuffy and does not feel as if you are wearing any sort of “surgical underwear”.

And a bonus tip: If you are between sizes, go up one size bigger so as to eliminate the waist dimples and ripples.


Color blocking and breakings may create an illusion of length, and mixing and matching this in different fabrics and textures will create interesting shapes. However, if done incorrectly, you may be putting yourself at a precarious situation of showcasing what you are trying to hide instead of concealing them. You can achieve roughly the same effect of creating an illusion simply by opting for a monochromatic ensemble and as it is when it comes to shades, dark works best.

And a bonus tip: If there are areas you want to minimize, utilize matte fabrics.


Your lingerie or your underwear is supposed to serve as the foundation of what a good outfit looks like. It may be concealed through layers and layers of clothes, but they are the ones that hold everything in place—your girls or fun pair for an example. Should your breasts be a bit saggy, less that perky or bulging with the underwear you have been sporting, that may be a nod towards cleaning out your underwear drawer. In any case, you should never wear underwear that is ill-fitting, whether it is a size too big or a size too small for you. Wear the size perfect for you and you will see that your blouses would fit you better.

And a bonus tip: If you want to look less voluptuous, a minimizer bra will do the trick or try sporting a slightly padded bra to bring balance to your hips.


Every woman past the age of twenty one should be aware of the necessity in learning to walk in heels. Not only do they give the illusion of elongated legs and toned calves, but they compel women into standing and walking in a more flattering stature. Additionally, wearing heels would make your behind look more prominent and thus, drawing more attention to your curves rather than elsewhere. Do not go overboard with the type of heels though (Never attempt walking in five inched heels if you think you cannot handle it) as you will only be priming yourself for an accident. Instead, find the perfect pair that would look elegant and proportionate to your figure.


Layering creates proportions. It is actually a spin on playing it.

Be cautious when layering though as you would not want to sport a look that will make you seem like you wore your entire closet for the day. Micro layers do not add as much bulk and will add visual interest. Apart from that, it would move the eye around the body so with this in mind; you can highlight the areas where you want attention drawn and conceal the places you do not want to draw attention to.


One failsafe way to make the face look a lot less puffy is to try on a haircut that best complements the face. Ask for expert advice from your professional hairstylist, make sure he or she considers your entire frame and not just how your hair looks sitting atop your face. Apart from that, cosmetics does wonders as contouring can highlight your cheekbones and jawlines giving you a more pronounced and sculpted face effect. If you are unsure where to start contouring, there are innumerable video tutorials in Youtube you can check out.


Just because you have things you would want to conceal does not mean you can no longer enjoy dressing up. The key is to strike the perfect balance between concealing all the parts you do not want attention drawn to and to highlight all the areas you want to be more pronounced. If you have successfully done that, you will find that you would look great in almost any type of clothing and look fashion forward while at that. Remember, it is not only about going on a nutritional diet, sometimes a fashion diet works just as great too.   


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