7 Important Lessons Learned from a Fashion Expert

Can you tell wants on your mind whenever you do styles on your outfits? Can you determine what’s in and what’s not? You might have heard and/or know a little bit of fashion and tried doing it on your own. But, are you sure you’re doing the right thing without compromising its sense of style? Yes, doing fashion may sometimes be demanding on our end, especially when we don’t know anything about doing the right fashion that suits our lifestyle. Well, buying fashionable clothes from wholesale clothing is also a good idea for more chooses to make.


Sometimes, certain clothes in our closet might seem just a little bit worn out. Who would want to wear faded clothes, or even clothes that are already not fit for you anymore? Even you too can feel tired wearing those clothes without any life at all. Well, if you want to do some refreshments when it comes to your fashion senses, then you might as well try to seek help from the fashion experts.

It sure won’t hurt you when somebody will tell you that you are a fashion terrorist, for as long as you are willing to change for the better. The change might be different for you, but styles will come out from you eventually. Well, if you are still stuck wondering what the ins and outs of fashion, then here are some important lessons you can learn from a fashion expert. Mind you, these lessons might change the way you look and your approach towards fashion.

1. Trends are not worth stressing about

Some of you here might be obsessed about following what’s new and trendy. Always remember that the trend cycle is so fast that there is nothing that is ever “in” or “out” for that long. The style of clothes might be popular and trendy for a couple of months, then gone the next month. The trend doesn’t stay for so long, certainly not worth your time stressing about.

Following the trend is not a bad thing at all. However, it doesn’t mean that you are going loco if you don’t have that kind of style. Moreover, there are a lot and various fashion stores that are available for you to choose from. Of course, it is up to you to make an effort finding the right clothing and style for your outfit.

2. Your “body type” does not dictate what trends look good on you

Although it might be true that your body type also matters when it comes to choosing the right outfit for you, however, this is not always be the case when it comes to fashion. Well, if the fit, proportion, and styling are on point, then it doesn’t matter what size or shape your body is. You definitely can still pull off the right fashion without even worrying about the type of body that you have.

Also, you have to stop assuming that those mid skirts, crop tops, wide-leg pants, maxi dresses and/or any other trendy styles are only good for someone who is tall and/or skinny women. You can definitely wear those kinds of clothes even if you are a plus size. Well, you just have to make sure that you wear it properly for you to look good on it.

3.  Confidence – plus polish – really can sell any outfit

It is a big yes that the kind of style that you choose for your outfit can achieve whatever fashion that you want to do. However, if you don’t have any confidence in wearing it at all, then it might be useless, since you cannot pull off the total package of the desirable outcome. Even when you wear a beautiful dress, if you don’t look satisfied and pleased at all, then it is still not going to look good on you generally.

When it comes to fashion, the style of clothes that you should wear is not just the only thing that you have to consider. Your smile, poise and the attitude towards your dress should also matter. Well, take time to think whether the clothes that you choose can give you some smiles, and if not, you better change and find a new one.

4. People will only know your clothes is cheap if you tell them

In fashion, it doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap your clothes are, for as long as it is nice and stylish enough for you to proudly wear it. Of course, people will definitely not know whether you bought your clothes at the flea market and how cheap it is, unless you tell them all the details on how you got those clothes. There will always be surprises when they know that you had bought it in an affordable price without compromising its style and quality of the clothes.

5. Logos and other prominent branding will cheapen a look more often than not

One of the most common behaviour of some people, if not all, they tend to choose signature brands over real fashion. Perhaps they think that whenever they got an expensive brand, they are already doing fashion, when in fact they end up looking like a walking advertisement. Well, definitely a no-no. Like having your clothes cheap or not, people cannot identify which brand that you have, unless you intend to flaunt it to them. Wearing of fashionable clothes and/or any other products should not be some sort of a status symbol, you wear stylish clothes because you love to wear them and it shows of what and who you are.

6. Shopping is not the answer

Successful people who can pull of real fashion are not dependent on shopping. Although shopping is one way to have the clothes that you want to wear, however, you can definitely have stylish clothes without even spending too much of your money.  You can have pretty clothes out of your old and used clothes by doing DIY hacks and improvising it the way you wanted it to look like. Well, it is a good idea when you are on a tight budget yet you still want to look fashionable in any other possible ways.

7.  You can completely change the way people see you by changing the way you dress

We all know that dressing up speaks of what and who you are. Well, if you think that your previous fashion style demerits the overall package of your personality, then you better think again about how you dress yourself up. Of course, we cannot avoid judgemental people around us and judge us based on how we look. People might see you as a sloppy and unorganized person since perhaps, you dress like one.

Yes. We don’t care what they think about us, since they don’t know who we really are. But it also doesn’t mean that you are going to continue dressing up like a sloppy and unorganized person. You always have to remember that people will definitely change the way they treat and look at you if you know the ins and outs in the fashion world.

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