15 Unfashionable Items to Purge From Your Closet NOW

It’s gift-giving once again. You’d surely pile up more stuff once more. Make room for the new stuff by cleaning out your closet. Literally! Having a hard time deciding which stuff to keep and throw. Here’s a simple list.

1) Stained shirts

stained shirts

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All stained clothes must not be worn anymore especially those sweat-stained shirts. You’d definitely agree with me that sweat stains are an eye sore. No one wants to be seen wearing any of these shirts.

2) Laddered tights

laddered tights

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Unless it is purposely ripped, you should not be wearing it. Let’s admit it, but it is really embarrassing when someone points out to you that you are wearing ripped tights especially if you are wearing a formal or office attire.

3) Old shoes

Shoes, especially those that have seen the best of better days, must be thrown away now. They’ll no longer add value to your attire. And, those shoes are so yesterday.

old shoes

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4) Unkempt bras

Brassieres that no longer stay up the way they should be discarded as well. Again, they can ruin an otherwise attractive, smooth-flowing attire. Unkempt bras or those bras with loose straps are often very visible despite being underneath the top or dress.

unkempt bras

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5) Pilling shirts

Pilling shirts and sweat shirts that are beyond quick fixes and DIY solutions should be ditched as well. It would only be a waste of time shaving off the pilling. Better yet, when you see your clothes started to pill, address the problem immediately. Don’t wait for the problem to escalate into a bigger problem before you start looking for a solution.

pilling shirts

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6) Cheap pieces of jewelry

Blame it on your acidity level, but cheap (low-quality, not inexpensive that is) pieces of jewelry can turn your skin green. Not so good to look at definitely! And please, refrain from buying low-grade pieces of jewelry.

cheap pieces of jewelry

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7) Too tight jeans

Got a pair of jeans you bought from a wholesale clothing online store that you can no longer wear? These are the pair of jeans that took you forever to slip on and even if you do, you are seeing bulges in very specific places such as your mid-part. Save yourself from the headache; make some money selling them to your friends.

too tight jeans

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8) See through tops

Displaying too much skin is okay on editorials and runways (even this is arguable), but seeing women wear tops that leave nothing to the imagination on the streets is awkward. Put simply, it is difficult to find an occasion or venue to wear see through shirts.

see through

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9) Worn hats

Again, if you got worn, tired hats especially those you use during the younger years, maybe it is high time to get rid of them. Not all of us can pull off wearing a fedora hat, so give it up.

old hats

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10) Smelly clothes

Any clothes that have a smell that wouldn’t go away after washing it several times must be thrown away as well. Again, it is not worth every penny spent on cleaning them. And you don’t want to be the ‘culprit’ all the time if you know what I mean.

smelly clothes

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11) Old scarves

Old scarves that can no longer be re-purposed should go to the bin. Some scarves look so outdated that you can no longer wear them. Thus, just throw them or give them to other people who may use it for their DIY projects.

old scarves

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12) Ill-fitting skirts

Skirts that leave you are constantly pulling on the hemline just so they stay in place are no good either. Just let them go, will you?

ill fitting skirt

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13) “Clingy” leggings

Wearing leggings that cling too much on the vajayjay are the biggest fashion no-nos. Don’t let yourself get caught wearing this. There is a certain top length requirement when wearing a pair of leggings. Learn about it.

clingy leggings

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14) “Interview” pants

All those smart casual attires you hoard when finding your first job must go now, too. You won’t be wearing them anytime soon, or you might not be wearing them at all. So, just discard them.

interview pants

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15) Counterfeit handbags

Do yourself a favor. With fashion so cheap, you aren’t fooling anyone. Just throw it away if it screams, “I’m a fake! I’m a fake!” Why did you buy it in the first place? Now, that’s really something debatable.

counterfeit handbags

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Further, there are basic rules for purging.

If it’s too big or loose on you, purge it.
If it’s too tight on you, purge it.
If it fits poorly, purge it.
If it looks unflattering on you, purge it.
If it is outdated, purge it.
If the colors are bad on you, purge it.
If you no longer like it, purge it.
If it belongs to somebody else, was never reclaimed and cannot be used in any way, purge it.
If it is good for clubbing, you aren’t clubbing anymore, purge it.
If it is made from crappy materials, purge it.
If it only causes itchiness, purge it.
If it is a party dress in the 90s, purge it.
If it screams of wear and tear, purge it.
If it hurts wearing it, purge it.

Purge, purge, purge. It’s no use keeping an item that you are not going to use anymore or is no longer relevant to your fashion sense or fashion in general. And hey, did we mention that it is the season of giving. So, why don’t you just group those that need tossing away and those that can be used by others. A charity, perhaps? If it’s its time to go, then just let it go.

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