Crooks n Castles is a unique clothing brand that roots for the villains and villainous lifestyle. While most had adapted to the gangsta environment, there are those who channel their wits into somewhat lucrative business. The crooks are now building their castles!
Crooks n Castles, by design, was one of the more difficult brands for us to acquire for off price wholesale. Prior to 2017, we have not been able to offer Crooks since 2012. There’s a fair chance once this lot is gone we may not be able to offer it for quite some time. Unfortunately for the consumer, there is plenty of FAKE Crooks N Castles in the market. How do you know ours is real? For one, we do not sell it assorted, you can order the design you wish. Secondly, all of our Crooks is individually polybagged and has woven labels, which are extremely difficult to counterfeit. Buy with confidence!