Most of these days, especially that fashion is evidently varying from one person to another’s preference, there has been a context as to what has been usually trending. One may prefer casual clothes or urban type of clothing. And some wholesale street wear manufacturers are always on the lookout for something good and new to keep their customers’ satisfaction.


Street wear clothing basically refers to designs coming from the street, and what is usually known as the “comfortable approach to fashion” with pieces such as jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps and sneakers as the usual trademarks. These are produced to respond on the pop-culture mainstream brands that are usually sold on retail outlets.


There are wholesale street wear stores that are actually catering to these kinds of outfits, not mentioning that this originated from the west coast of the America by a small group of entrepreneurs who were on their twenties. They thought of a movement that develops fashion that reflects their lifestyles such as skateboarding, surfing and hip-hop.


Inspired from street bands that are often seen selling out their DIY t-shirts and mix tapes to their fans during small shindigs, this became an eye-opener for these lads to come up with ‘design your own shirts’ for a more personalized clothing style that soon became a part of the world market trading.


Shawn Stussy, who was a local surfboard designer, along with his friends from the skate/surf community, began an incredible experiment with melding hip-hop sensibilities with the surf and skate styled clothes. Taking from elements of music, art and street theaters, they produced handmade designed clothes, which were then noticed by the community they are in. Encouraging their fans to combing preppy skate wear and hip-hop or rock clothes, Stussy was able to set a standard for this brand of clothing to be recognized. Then became the emergence of brands that popped-up this time and the look began to spread across the US.


In the late 90s, street wear began to look west to Japan for inspiration. Stussy came in friends with various Japanese designers that took the street wear clothing to the next level. It was during this time that adding pop culture influences such as toys, games and anime was associated.


Soon enough, street wear became its own brand. By the 2000s, the concept of street wear clothing took off commercially, making everyone being part of the game. Europeans have been interested into creating their own labels of street wear and money began to be the driving force for the brands. With an ascending interest to producing street wear fashion, a lot of fashion houses are now into it and have been in new directions acquiring their own tastes, however, not all of them were pretty enough to maintain a delightful approach to street wear styling.


As the fashion industry grows, street wear styling has been picked-up around and across the globe and has become a global inspiration for fashion enthusiasts who want to come up with new and emerging statements. As how most people notably acclaimed this, street wear clothing is notoriously difficult to define. Judging from each and everyone’s taste, it becomes a fun and at the same, tricky styling approach because it evolves, making it a very personal fashion to define.


With the emergence of this style, a lot of fashion houses are always keeping up with the demands of the public, and not just being stagnant in producing designs that are the same, which makes people accustomed with. With the fact that street wear movement is constantly evolving, so is the demand to newer pieces. Brands are then purchased in wholesale street wear, which are emerging to make it easier for consumers to attain, especially to those who are pretty much consumed in this kind of fashion statement.


And with the evolution that never ceases to stop, so is the street style developing into more intricate fashion styles and mixture. Casual comfortable basics such as t-shirts, jeans, sneakers or baseball caps are so easy to find, but achieving a look that would define you as a person, makes it more challenging to attain a creative fashion statement.


Street wear fashion is thought of as a movement of the people that has no strict rules and is always changing. It is known to be a freestyle and independent term of branding that is why manufacturers produce items that are ready yet can be tweaked by their users in order to achieve a very personal approach to styling. That is why wholesale street wear brands exist, to make every consumer’s life easy.


However, these democratic associations do not translate to affordable clothes. There are lists of brands that are of hefty price tags of which are of really good quality. And perhaps purchasing and wearing such difficult-to-obtain pieces helps street wear clothing enthusiasts display individuality and avoid looking like a member of the masses, which is definitely the goal.


The point being is that, street style can be achieved else where and by anyone. It is the look that counts and how one matters to keep that fashion statement.

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