Traveling In Style

If preparing for a trip is like a doomsday to you, hold up and never fear. We do not want you to be stressed out even before you start your weekend getaway, so we will be giving you some tips on how traveling in style can be so easy. Who says you can’t go places fashionably?

Traveling is always a pleasure everyone is meaning to do. And by this, it means one should savor the moment with more fun and less hassle. So then, let us start with making yourself comfortable and relaxed from knowing these simple yet helpful ideas about traveling and doing it with style.

Use a stylish luggage or designer travel bags.
More often than not, some of us will be traveling with a luggage at hand with almost everything and anything that we needed in it. Some of them may even vary in size depending on how long you will be traveling. What you can do before packing is to consider the length of your travel with the things you are going to need and how big of a luggage you will use for the whole trip.

Travel style tip: Choose a luggage that you think would reflect your personality considering the type of trip you would be in. You can even use a handbag if you prefer to match it with your classy outfit, but make sure to choose one that fits your style and the comfort you can get from it.

Use a comfy top that would allow you to move around freely.
Whenever ye travel, you often feel the discomfort from the clothes that we wear. Of course, it is a must that you wear something according to the activity, and that is you traveling and moving around. This also depends on the weather in time for your travels, which is to be considered.

Travel style tip: You can use fresh looking outfits such as tank tops in time for summer, or a plain V-neck shirt along with a blazer to match with. Men can also go with leather jackets as long as they fit. You can also look on some street wear from wholesale urban clothing if you want to go on some street adventures on the destination of your choice.



Jeans and shorts can come in handy.
Yes it is a fact. Wearing jeans and shorts can give you the comfort of roaming around the streets and at the same time can never go out of style, once you just know how to work with it. These outfits are among the best traveling companions you can have.

Travel style tip: Wear jeans and match it with a comfortable top. Denim shorts for women are also a go-to look, as well as comfortable cargo pants for men, topped with your favorite comfortable shirt if you sport a casual wear.

Shoes can take you places and can give you an impression.
“Give a girl the right shoe, and she can conquer the world.” Which is a fact since your footwear can also say anything about you. Of course, who would want to use a shoe that would not even fit them? Even Cinderella’s glass shoe mattered.

Travel style tip: As for women, you can go with stylish loafers to match your outfit, or even stylish sandals to go with. Men can also go with loafers if they want something classy to match with. But some men and women prefer kicks that show their personality while traveling but still not going out of style. One example is urban street shoes such as Zoo York, or sneakers if you prefer having these on your list as well.

Wearing a scarf can be a classy look too.
Scarves have been trending nowadays to complete a look of a chic and hip style.  These are not only used to protect your neck from cold, or as towel or a cover but scarves are now used to add an accent to your outfit. It can also help spruce a suffering wardrobe.


Travel style tip: Match a scarf to a plain top or with a similar tone of colors to add layer on your getup. You can also play along on how you tie the scarf around you, which will add creativity on your outfit of the day.

Hats can add a distinct look on your whole outfit.
Wandering around the streets, finding more adventures to do or a place to eat under the scorching heat of the sun is such a nightmare for your hair. While traveling, you can make use of hats to protect you from the heat but can also add a classy look to your outfit.

Travel style tip: Women can use summer hats to match with their dresses or just to add a style to your usual look. It may be simple but at least there is something that accentuates your whole outfit. As for men, fedoras are okay but don’t over do it. Sometimes these headgears are occasionally used for men who know how to wear them.

Sunglasses can complete the whole get up.


Not just to protect your eyes from the burning heat of the sun and its rays, sunglasses are now used to accentuate a getup by matching it with what you wear. Shades also come in various different shapes, which are tricky if you do not know which one to use.

Travel style tip: Match your look with sunglasses that is simple, yet stunning. Sunglasses also matter on the activity you are going to do, if you are in the beach, or hiking or are just wandering around the streets. It is nice to accentuate your outfit with these trusty gears to pair with from the outfit you desire for that day.

Gadgets can entertain you while on the way to your destination.

While traveling, some of us might want some entertainment, which is something popular among the people who are traveling these days. You cannot forget bringing your iPod around to listen to music, won’t you?

Travel style tip: Our gadgets should also match the activities that we are in, and this time, traveling. You can add an accent to your gadgets by personalizing its look, such as having a nice cover or case to protect it

Make-up can save the day.

For most women, traveling should also mean having a refreshing look. Which means having a handy dandy make-up kit is quite a must to bring. No matter where you are, what you do or whom you are with, it is important to still look fresh and relaxed despite the hours of spending your time traveling around.

Travel style tip: Try a fresh looking set of make-up. Use fresh looking colors that would suit your outfit as well, such as beige or natural to complete a simple yet unwary look. To top it off, use a blush that would add an accent to your cheeks, eye shadows to appealing eyes and mascara to win it. Always aim for a bright and simple look that would fit the features of your face and also your outfit to cap off the day.

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