Tips on How to Work Along with Jeans and Sneakers

Sporting a pair of sneakers and jeans might be a bit odd for some because of its too common look. But this common look also happens to be a comfortable and hip style for its very laid-back approach to dressing up. If you are a person who is into wearing jeans and sneakers but has a dilemma on how to make the look more fascinating, then you have gone to the right place!

There are a lot of very interesting fine brands of sneakers and jeans that are on the market right now and it helps if you know how to match-make these outfits alongside with each other! Here are a few tips on how to achieve a trendy look that you would have always wanted to have.

Pair it with a light button-down top.

This works really well especially that denim jeans always go along with white-collar or light-colored  tops. It can add a refreshing matching look with your jeans because it complements to the color. Most retail stores are keeping up with the demand on bulk jeans stocks because a lot of wholesalers are obliged to follow through the requests of their clients. Wholesale clothing are often stocked by retailers for their customers who are more interested in buying bulk in order to save up more!


When it comes to your shoes, you can pair up your slim-fitting trousers with slip-on sneakers to achieve a slicker, sportier take on menswear.

V-neck shirts. 

One can never go wrong with wearing this simple yet artistic type of tee. It is because V-neck shirts are really in today and can go well with jeans. If you are sporting a simple casual look, go for those V-neck shirts that are plain and comfy. Plain tees may be a bit overrated but these suit in everyone’s style. You can always tweak and add some accessories to make it more interesting. Topping it off with a pair of awesome kicks such as your favorite Converse sneakers and you are ready to go!

Cool designer bags.

This is an awesome accessory to complete your whole style. Bags are one of the best add-ons to ample up your OOTD for the day, not mentioning the sleek design you have to match that eye-catching outfit. They can also go along with your sneakers and jeans, depending on what occasion you are into. Vintage-inspired bags are always in because of its timeless look. You can match it up with vintage-inspired shoes too if you are sporting a gym class look from circa 1975. Pairing it up with more modern pieces of apparels such as button-downs and cuffed denims if you want to keep the throwback feel in check.

Rolled-up cuffs.

These are modish styling of your own clothes by rolling up your cuffs to achieve a more casual and rad look. These are often achieved when you use your boyfriend jeans that are also rolled-up to show a looser look yet allowing room for your sneakers to be visible. Straight jeans are also fine to match with, it totally depends on how you would want to look but what is more important is the comfort that you must have.


Rolled-up cuffs are a basic type of styling, which is commonly done to long sleeved-tops. Men and women who often use this styling approach are more of into the laidback and casual look. To complete the whole style, you can pair it up with your laidback casual sneakers as well.

Stylish sneakers.

There are a few types of sneakers and not just the usual boring ones you commonly see. These kicks are often the sought after pairs next to classic shoes that depicts a fashion statement. Sneakers can be stylish too, you know. Such as wedge sneakers, you can ramp your way out the street in style. Pairing it up with your favorite ripped off jeans or the skinnies, can add to a more distinct chicness. You can have it tucked inside your shoes if you want it to be completely hidden.


Boyfriend jeans. 

These jeans are quite a trend now. Most women are now sporting this kind of denims because of the comfort it gives, not mentioning the easy-to-wear feature it projects. Boyfriend jeans is an emerging trend nowadays and it has been worn by so many, not mentioning the celebrities that prefer this kind of get-up whenever they walk around outside Hollywood. Surely it is a comfort of sorts especially if you match it with sneakers that are also comfortable for you. You can go for Keds, which are totally cute.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.48.14 AM

Often, retail stores are now stocking up with this kind of jeans on wholesale clothing especially if customers are looking for bulk finds.

Blazers can pull it off.

While sporting your very comfy jeans and sneakers, comes a gem that makes the fashion style more gorgeous. Blazers are classic styling outfits that are emerging again, on top of those basic clothes you have, like a plain shirt. It adds a more distinct punch on your style. You may have a simple dress under but blazers can pull it off, if you add it up on your list.


These tweaklings are perfect for outfits that lack details on them, such as a necklace or a set of armparty bands to jazz it up. Accessories like belts can also add frills to your get-up, which transforms it into a more hip style.

Eye-catching accessories can make a very strong style statement. Even just a watch, a scarf or a hat, it can totally make an outfit more fabulous. By all means, try to sport many accessories and maximize your styling preferences. As much as possible, make it to a point that your accessories also match your kicks so as not to ruin your OOTD. Of course, you can play along with anything, mix and match stuff and see if it looks good. There is nothing wrong with experimenting. It really is up to you whether you want to keep it toned down or you want to go more.


Leather jacket.

These are just like cardigans and blazers. But the difference is that leather jackets appeal to have a more rockstar-ish look, as what people think it is. Sporting leather jackets over sneaks and a pair of jeans is fine; just make sure not to overdo it. Best jeans that match up with this are ripped off denims.

Among other things, there are still loads of style approaches everyone encounters and are into experimentation. Aside from up keeping fashion, make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

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