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Looking Your Best without Upstaging the Bride


Everyone loves weddings. It generally gives everyone this feeling of euphoria. You get to witness two people deeply in love tie the knot. The food is almost always extremely top notch and superb. And finally, the ladies are afforded the chance to get dolled up and don a fancy dress for a day.


When I was in my late teens, I always viewed dressing up for weddings as something akin to Cinderella going to her first ball. From our fancy dresses to our pretty shoes we painstakingly picked out from thousands of others because it matched our outfits perfectly and down to the makeup done professionally and tastefully — it is certainly an event where a girl would feel and look her best.


Unattached ladies may feel particularly antsy for this event. As not only will they be having that feeling of attending a ball. But they are also given the chance to have the complete Cinderella experience should they meet their personal prince charming over wine and drinks during the reception.


However, when dinner is over and everyone’s personal social lubricant has already seeped in their blood, most of the ladies will getting towed off with a much fancier accessory on their arm than an expensive handbag. What else could it be, but *cough* a man *cough.* And should you be left on the table nursing more wine, you would look so glaringly single.


If there is anything single ladies loathe more — most especially ladies in their mid-twenties, it is the prospect of looking very obviously single. And the reason, you might ask, is the fact that it invites rather rude and prying questions from relatives, inquiring as to whether you intend on getting hitched or not at all. This is a particular dilemma most single womenfolk do not want to encounter on a frivolous night that was not supposed to be about her, but the couple sharing a bite from the wedding cake.


Thereby, it would be certainly helpful should a prospective man save her from all these queries simply by being her arm candy. Which is why, women all over the world find it imperative to dress to the nines during weddings.


True as this may, it would be in bad taste if you committed the ultimate wedding fashion faux pas if you showed up in a dress that very visibly upstaging the bride. Though wedding receptions or weddings generally are great mediums and events to meet the potential love of our lives and are certainly great occasions for dressing up, you have to take note that this day is all about the couple. Not you.


And though you were given the worthy invitation of witnessing their joyous celebration, it does not excuse you from stealing the spotlight away from them more so the bride.

So if you are feeling a bit uncertain as to how to proceed in looking fancy yet simple enough so as not to throw some shade to the bride, this article will serve as your guide as to how appear fashionable, chic and sexy during weddings without upstaging the star of the night.


  • Stick to the dress code given


This needs no further elaboration. However, most ladies overlook this tiny little detail in favor of looking what they deem as their personal best. Invitations usually spell out the dress code for the guests. If none was given at all, clue in to the subtle hints given by the couple in their invitation. Take note of the time and location of their wedding, for instance.


In deciphering these hints, follow this cardinal rule: “casual” means a day dress, pretty skirts, and blouses or a cute sundress. Whereas, when it is stated that it is a “cocktail” or “semi-formal” event, a cocktail dress would do. However, if it states in the invitation that it is strictly formal, a floor length dress or formal cocktail dress will do. If the invite specifies the event as a “black tie” affair, it means you would have to opt for a luxe cocktail dress or an evening gown.


  • White is an absolute no-no


It may seem a little bit archaic and old fashioned considering this is the modern times, but this is us neither playing safe nor not taking risky, fashion-forward choices. You cannot wear white to a wedding ever. Well, unless you are the bride. It would not matter either if the bride is rather easy going or that your dress is a variant of white such as cream, eggshell or ecru. No. Just don’t.


Remember how this article spelled out that weddings are supposed to be about the couple and not about you? Yes. That’s it. This is me reminding you of that. Bottom line: Don’t do it. There is absolutely no excuse for this.


  • Skin is okay, but do not overexpose yourself


Weddings normally have extended family and relatives invited. This translates that family is present — the grandparents, the nieces and nephews, the uncles and aunts and you get my drift.


The point is, you do not want to make an impression as being the friend who looked like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. You do not want to be the guest who flashed too much skin in front of the family or the groomsmen with her way too short skin tight dress and generous cleavage. Keep it simple and save those skimpy dresses for the bachelorette party.


  • Give your heels a test drive BEFORE the wedding


Do not under, under any circumstance, break your new gorgeous heels in on the day of the wedding. Should you do so, you will not only be giving yourself an uncomfortable time when you do stand up. Certainly, you will also not be able to dance during the reception and the after-party.


Do this before the wedding day and always be prepared with bandages in your purse in case of blisters. However, if you are carrying a rather large clutch or should you be driving to the destination, it would be best to pack a flat pair of shoes.


  • Pretty details and jewelry will amp any outfit


Though you should steer clear from extreme dresses, the same should not be applied in your choice of accessories. Feel free to utilize bold jewels and intricate details. Although you are a strong believer of bold is beautiful, make sure they go well with your dress and would not clash. This will help you make any plain outfit look simply fabulous and fashionable.


To wrap this up, there are various ways in dressing up for a wedding depending on the theme or the place of the event. Even if you are not the event’s star of the day, it does not mean you have to disappear into the crowd. You can still stand out as one of the fabulously dressed guests, but be extra careful not to tread on the shoes of the bride. On the couple’s special day, be fashion-forward without being a limelight stealer.