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Summer Fashion: 7 Ways of Faking A Hot Body When You Are Not Summer-Ready!

“People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.” -Salma Hayek

Kate Moss was once quoted to say a highly controversial maxim when it comes to body positivity. According to her, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels—a politically charged statement in a world that has learned to embrace curves. Although she may have gotten innumerable flak for this rather skewed notion when it comes to embracing bodies of all shapes and sizes, there is no doubt that even the better of us would agree with her—particularly when the summer season rolls around. While proper diet and adequate exercise are keystones to weight loss and healthy living which inevitably results to a hotter body, it can requires diligence and strict discipline which to be honest are rather hard to commit to. In the summer however, it is an entirely different story—especially if you have not been working out as it would feel like you are pressed for time to get that summer bod just in time to strut in form-fitting clothes while traipsing in the mall.

Indeed, our endeavors towards having a better and sexier body are fraught with many trials and occassionally a lot of temptations (desserts, anyone?) that would often cause us to fall off the wagon. Fortunately, there are sneaky ways of presenting the illusion of a hot body and though they may be a bit deceptive, they do work and are effective. These tricks are incredibly versatile too as they work on most women and most clothes, whether they may be bought in wholesale clothing or retail. So, if you are not yet entirely committed to ending your love affair with food or are simply too busy to commit to going to the gym five times a week, here are a few ingenious hacks, tricks and tips to seemingly having a hot body.

1.) Invest in shapewear

A good shapewear is a girl’s bestfriend because it truly and effectively works. If you need something that would immediately give anyone looking at you the illusion of a svelte and curvaceous body then you need to look no further than a good shapewear. By now, you would have probably heard of the magical prowess of a sartorial item called Spanx which a significant number of women swear by. Spanx and other stretchy apparel devices promise to shave off pounds and they really do deliver. By regularly wearing them underneath your regular clothes, you are effectively distributing bulges while it smoothes you out and holds you in. If you want the illusion of a svleter body, it pays to invest in a seamless pair of slenderizing briefs, camis or full body pieces that would suck all of your bulges in. As a result, you would be able to wear bodycon dresses, tight pants and clingy skirts sans the visible body rolls.

2.) Work with your tailor

More often than not, the problem is not your body or weight per se, but rather the fact that you are constantly wearing ill-fitting clothes. When it comes to giving a thinner silhouette and svelter shape, your tailore will be your most important asset. A skilled professional tailor would be able to alter anything in your closet to fit you as it should. Though the clothes in retail stores may come in a myriad of sizes, a size 6 or 12 is not universally true for all women, so it is curcial that your clothes not only fit you, but fit you well. After all, you should know by now that when it comes to sporting a better shape, the right fit is everything.

3.) Buy a new bra

You might think that something that stays concelaed inside clothes would be a negligible factor when it comes to contributing to giving you a better shape. However, the wrong bra can make you a look significantly larger as your breasts would appear to sag. Know your proper measurements and buy a bra that is the correct size. Appearing leaner starts with the proper space between your waist and chest, so invest in a bra that not only lifts your breasts but gives it adequate and comfortable support as well.

4.) Skip the weightlifting

If you are pressed for time and are allowed only a few days to slim down before an occasion, steer clear away from weighlifting as it will only achieve the opposite of your desired results. A temporary buildup of lactic acid will cause your body to swell which is caused by lifting weights, so instead of pumping iron at the gym, stick to exercises such as yoga and pilates instead.

5.) Practice your posture

You might consider it as a hackneyed notion, but a good posture is everything when it comes to appearing svelter and leaner. Apart from making a significant difference to how you look, a good posture would elongate your body and gives you an aura of confidence and strength. So, avoid slouching and as much as you can, keep your chin high and your back straight, not only will you seem more confident, but it smoothes out any bulges that you might have caused from slouching.

6.) Cinch your midsection with skinny belts

Immediately give off the illusion of an hourglass figure or a smaller waist by cinching dresses and tunics with the use of skinny belts. Not only will they define your waist in a flattering way, but they enhance how your figure looks. Skip the chunky belts as they tend to make you look stumpy and would draw more attention to a rounded midsection. Instead, use thinner ones with a minimalistic design for a more classic approach.

7.) Look for illusion dresses

There is quite a number of apparel that are uniquely designed to give the wearer the illusion of a svelter and leaner figure. It is a stylish way to address a common woman’s problem as these dresses flatters everyone. Look for dresses and clothing that have unique prints such as black and navy panel sides. It creates the illusion of a cinched waist and would give you the illusion of a well-defined figured.

So, while your summer bikini body is still under construction, try this fashion tricks and hacks out and see immediate results.

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