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Men’s Fashion 101: Five Pairs of Shoes Every Man Must Have

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”-Christian Louboutin

It has been said that a pair of shoes says quite a lot about the person wearing them. While most would think this sentiment would apply to women in general, there is no stopping from onlookers assessing a man’s character based on the footwear he prefers. Furthermore, it is an established reality that quite a majority of men do love shoes despite it going against the grain of a somewhat archaic gender stereotype. After all, when men are sporting mostly jeans, shorts and the like, they would certainly have an inclination for adding a bit more glamour and zest in their choice for shoes. In this regard, it would be best if men invested in some choice pieces when it comes to shoes as when it comes to sartorial pieces, it is in shoes where men would find the most variety above all. You cannot expect to keep on sporting sneakers for every single day of your life after all.

However, there is no reason for you to acquire just about every shoe style possible—there are quite a few styles that are a cut above the rest and these are the ones that are worthy of your attention as well as your investment. In any case, here are some of the best pairs of shoes you should include in your closet. You can be assured that they go with everything from any urban streetwear clothing to your most formal ensembles.

1.) Loafers

Loafers are the ultimate go-to shoes that no man should ever have a shoe closet sans them. In fact, even the man with even just the slightest bit of proclivity for fashion would still have a trusty pair of loafers in his closet, and this is because loafers are the perfect shoes that strike a balance between casual and formal wear. The shoe style is incredibly versatile that you can wear it for a stroll to the park or to your best friend’s wedding. Moreover, loafers are excellent alternatives to boat shoes, plus they do not make you look too casual. There are plenty of variations of the shoe to choose from as well—from the plain leather ones to those that come with buckles, tassels and the like.

2.) Work Boots

Of course, if you do any type of manual labor, a pair of boots should always be an automatic addition to your closet. But even if you do not do any heavy lifting or any sort of outdoor activities, there are still merits to having this shoe style as a staple. A pair of work boots in your arsenal would ensure that you can rough it up whenever possible and get as dirty as you can without giving any second thought. Moreover, it affords your feet and toes ample protection that you can drop something incredibly heavy on your toes without any fear of fracturing any of your bones. They also provide proper sole traction for digging your feet in the ground which makes them an indispensable shoewear for heavy rains and muddy landscapes as it ensures that you do not slip. Regardless of whether you use them frequently or as seldom as you want, every man needs them as you will never know when you might be called to do some heavy manual labor work to do.

3.) Chukkas

A pair of chukkas is a pair of boots more business casual relative. They look formal without being pretentious and are exceptionally comfortable to wear. You would be surprised how well they would go with most of your business outfits and would make you look sharp and dapper enough for most social functions. Indeed, if you want to make an impression on someone without going through the lengthy hassle of donning fussy clothes and shoes, a pair of Chukkas would be an excellent choice. They would make you look polished, sophisticated and refined while remaining comfortable. Furthermore, despite the shoes’ incredibly casual appearance, it would not give you the demeanor of a slob but rather an elegant gentleman who knows how to choose stylish shoes without compromising comfort.

4.) Gym sneakers

If you frequently go to the gym and do routine workouts, it would be unimaginable for you not to have any gym shoes at your disposal. You might think that your casualwear sneakers would pass off as gym shoes, but you should never make this mistake. What you wear to the gym—especially your shoes, should never be worn casually on the streets. Your pair of gym shoes is the footwear you can sweat in and more often than not, it would bear most of the brunt of your workout regimes. In this regard, you want one that can support your body as well as do heavy workouts in. Just ensure that your gym sneakers stay fresh at all times.

5.) Casual Street Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, you should always have a pair you can easily put on and not give a second thought about—whether you are going to the mall or are picking up groceries. This is where brands such as New Balance, Keds, Sperry and Adidas Casuals come in handy and in this regard, they should be a staple in your closet. These shoes are not only stylish, but they are comfortable, sturdy and reliable and are excellent for casual day-to-day use. In fact, one might say these are to men what staple casual white sneakers are to men. These shoes are built mostly for comfort and style rather than speed and durability, so do not expect to do any of your workout routines while wearing them.
While your clothing ensembles might be something that is readily seen, it is your choice in shoes that speak the loudest so ensure that you choose them meticulously. Complete your shoe collection by referring to the list above and have a shoe appropriate for any occasion, social function or season. In this regard, not only will you have an incredibly versatile wardrobe, but a stylish one as well.


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