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 Pocket-Friendly Fashion Tips for Shopping Plus-Size on a Budget

“Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it will not suit your shape. Try it on—you may be surprised” –Betty Bee


One of the many reasons why plus-sized women feel oppressed by the fashion industry is because of the sheer lack of affordable plus-sized clothing available. Women with a bit more heft would be constrained to choose from the largest sizes of the regular clothing or shop at a regular retailer but have a very limited choice of apparel in the plus-sized section—both options hardly practical for a plus-sized fashionista.

Indeed, shopping for plus-sized clothing on a budget may present a daunting challenge, but it is not impossible to do. Additionally, plus-sized clothes are priced a bit more exorbitantly than regular sized clothes owing to the extra garments used, and the additional embellishments attached. Among other things, higher prices on plus-sized clothes could mean that the sartorial item you have chosen is associated with an exclusive haute couture brand or is of premium fabric. Considering most plus-sized clothing is priced at a premium, it may be a bit hard to stay within your budget when you are out shopping. Compounding this fact with a limited selection of sartorial items can spell a shopping difficulty. Regardless of this aspect, your choices on plus-sized clothing should not be limited or constrained to what is offered in the mall’s diminutive plus size section. There are a lot of various creative alternatives that would not hurt your pockets, nor obliterate your budget—even if you do wear plus size. Whether you choose to sport retail or wholesale clothing that is plus-sized, here are a few tips to live by to save on cash and avoid spending too much when shopping for these types of clothes.



Many women—whether plus-sized or not—make a fashion oversight when it comes to shopping for clothes by disregarding all the potential gems they can find in thrift stores and elsewhere and exclusively acquiring sartorial purchases from the mall. While the mall is teeming with a variety of retail stores selling clothes, the choices they have for plus-sized women may be limited, and if they do, they are either outdated or even unfashionable. Explore some startup shops in the corner or even some bargain hunts in garage sales; you may end up finding something exquisite at a more pocket-friendly price.


There are many benefits associated with signing up at a store website that most individuals overlook—a couple of them are the great deals you can avail of monthly and the huge birthday discounts you get once a year. Store websites would often offer you excellent deals and even some coupons that the physical store would not. In a sense, this is not only an excellent and convenient alternative to buying clothes but when lumped with the bargain deals and discounts, it is also the more affordable tack.



You might think that getting a tailor is counterintuitive when it comes to shopping on a budget, but investing in a good tailor could potentially save you a lot more money in the long run. Typically, tailors would usually charge more than their retail counterparts, but if you put them in comparison to designer labels, you would find that getting a tailor is actually much cheaper. Additionally, some mall purchases may be rather ill-fitting on you—where it looks great on your torso, but a bit snug on the arms. To address this problem, customize your clothes and have a tailor build a basic wardrobe for you consisting of a few blazers, some slacks, and jeans. It may cost you a bit more than what you would have spent had you bought it at the mall, but having the clothes look perfect on you (as if it was specifically designed with your body in mind) is more than worth the extra expense.



Some hardcore fashionistas may scoff at the idea of shopping at the thrift store, but you would be surprised at the items you may find at this store. More often than not, you would discover rare gems such as designer labels along with your bargain hunts and at a more affordable price too! However, it requires a great deal of patience and determination on your part to find something that you would truly like or come across something that is rare. But your persistence would eventually pay off, finding a precious designer label or something that would complement you would often be just around under five dollars—a true steal.


5.)    RECYCLE

There are a lot of benefits associated with plus-sized clothing, but one of them would garner you some extra profit. Your unused and unwanted plus-sized clothes are actually considered as a hot commodity, so instead of tossing them out, recycle them, sell them and use the profit to buy yourself new clothes. A lot of consignment shops would pay you premium for your used (not abused) brand name items. If a consignment shop is nowhere in your proximity, an alternative is to set up an online shop and start posting your items for sale, or sign up in an online eBay consignment shop—it is easier and more convenient and less the hassle.



Shopping online means that you have a wide array of choices when it comes to purchasing clothes whether used or brand new. Surf the web, and you would find that there are a lot of online shops that do not have a physical store and surprisingly these are where the cute and exquisite pieces are usually lurking. Similarly, there are women out there who have excellent taste in clothes and would wish to dispose of the same and profit from it. The latter is more affordable than the former, but the choice is up to you. At least, in this way you would not have to limit yourself to shopping in the mall and find more cute selections online.



Do not wait to lose weight before looking great when you can look great now. Hopefully, with the tips given above you can pare down your shopping costs and have an excellent ensemble without the exorbitant expense.


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