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Delighting Your Clients Through Proper Customer Relations

There are instances in your business where demands of clients should be prioritized. You may be dealing with a business in wholesale urban clothing and the like, it is important to keep in mind your clients’ needs. May it be managing their orders, making them as accurate as possible or by simply dealing with them with ease, patience and comfort. Truth be told, in a business, customer needs are the top most priority.



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Why do you need to excel with your customer relations?


It is important to excel in this field because of the following reasons:


  • Clients look for trustworthy retailers/suppliers.


Tell me if I’m wrong but if you buy yourself a pair of jeans, you would likely want to be assisted by those who are in the store and perhaps, give you some tidbits of what looks good or not. After all you are the customer. You buy clothes from them because you trust their brand and perhaps their service too.


To retailers and suppliers, it is your job to make your clients’ experience satisfying and fulfilling. This would not only mean keeping up with their demands but also letting them know how much you care for them by creating a valuable service and customer relations. Clients trust you because, from the first place, they know you can help them with their dilemmas.


  • Clients are keen with easy dealerships and processing.


For entrepreneurs, it is important to make ease at transactions with your clients. Dealing with client orders (especially those who are running online stores), it is important that you deal with your clients properly. They are not only paying for the trust that they have for you as a seller but also, they want proper service from you.


And as a resource, and perhaps, the solution to their problems, you must keep up with them and guide them every step of the way. From purchasing an item to payment terms; shipping, and of course, to the feedback part. It is important to know this portion because it is what runs your business too. As long as your client feedbacks are okay, for sure the business will also flourish.


  • Clients are stakeholders and they have a say with what you are.


Whenever a customer buys things from you or asks for your services, it is important to keep in mind that in way or another, they are your stakeholders. Why? It’s because of the client feedback. This means they have a say about how well your services are. With this, it is clear to say that they have an interest in your products and/or services. If they feel you are doing well with your services and that your products are all right, then it would be good points for you and your business because that would mean more customers and deals and collaborations to come.


  • Clients are brand influencers.


Take for example, when a customer comes into your retail store or visits your shop online, and buys merchandise from you, and they have been satisfied with what they got, eventually they will have the chance to recommend and endorse you and your store to their friends.


Much more effect would come if say for example, a known person gets your attention and likes your products too, and by chance would tweet or make a status out of it on their social media accounts. This would create fuss (and traffic to your site), which happens to become a result from the instant advert. This happens because of the impact that influenced a lot of people through social media and the like.


By knowing what matters, how should you relate to your customers?


This time, ask yourself: how to make that ‘customer relations’ a success? Perhaps there have been various insights that you have researched to enable this goal a notable success. And for the record, the following are the common facts about customers and ways a business must attain to serve the purpose of pursuing that dream that is customer relations.


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  • Anticipate Customer Needs


By anticipating your customers’ needs, it would mean being able to keep ahead of them. Research on what they will need according to what is trending and what their usual demands are. Anticipating is a key for a consistent customer satisfaction because without it, you would not know what to sell in the first place, right?


Putting up a business (say a fashion business) is not only about making and earning money for your self. It would also mean being able to help alleviate your customers’ simple (and often difficult) problems.


  • Be On Their Shoes


Always place yourself in their shoes. This goes hand in hand with anticipating what your clients’ needs are. You may ask questions like, “What can help them improve their lives?” or to be specific (if you are a fashion brand), “What new can I offer my customers?” Think about your competitors too, you can’t control them if they will find more options. In fact, your customers have the say which is which, but if you know what to offer and what would benefit them from choosing you instead of your competitors, then that is a good start.


  • Take A Good Look To What They’re Buying


This would not entirely mean stalking, but make it to a point that you will know what they are interested in. One example of this is when the ‘selfie’ trend boomed. It gave an opportunity for a lot of sellers to take on what their customers want. And so the ‘selfie stick’ emerged. This was a very huge craze as it fits the lifestyle of the many especially that smartphones are hip right now.


From the example, it is important to learn what they are into and perhaps, another idea from what they have right now will emerge. Be innovative and always make your collection interesting.


Creating a feedback or survey would also help to know what they want to expect from you and what they can buy from you since there is already the notion of trust in your relationship.


  • Understand Their Demands


By this, it would mean making an effort to get into the core of their needs. Understanding would not only mean keeping up with them, but also accepting their requests, which can be beneficial to everyone.


Going beyond your limits is also something your customers would be amazed to know about you. This would make the relationship with your customers more intact because simply, they are happy and satisfied customers.


  • Learn With Them


A business has its own set of ways to learn and acquire knowledge and techniques. But what makes it more interesting is that when a business is open to new ideas from their customers. Suggestions are often keys to attaining this goal. Learning from and with your customers is somewhat a healthy practice because it shows that you are a transparent and open-minded business.


However, in a business, there are criticisms that may arise yet make these as opportunities for you to grasp what they are trying to tell you. Make this an advantage for you to improve and never forget thanking them for letting you know. After that and if you have called to their suggestions, perhaps they will be able to see the improvements and ideas that came from them for the betterment of your business.