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Fashion 101: All about Leggings!

“Fashion as we used to know it, does not exist. The dress as we know it today—it is dead. The dress has become so short; it is really a tunic worn with leggings. Fashion is a fantasy; it is a child’s game. Now, I am going to be this, and then I am going to be something else.” Rudi Gernreich

There is no other apparel that is more coveted nor more controversial than the ever-prevalent leggings. Indeed, this adaptable fashion-piece has become more than just a fad and a seasonal trend. Over the years, it has reigned supreme and has cemented its rightful claim as a permanent staple in every woman’s closet. What used to be an article of clothing worn exclusively inside the confines of a gym room, or a standard yoga or Zumba session, has now evolved into a fashionable piece one can wear to the streets—or in some cases, even the office.

This form-fitting and elastic versatile piece of garment has been almost every woman’s go-to pair for whether she is in a rush or when she prioritizes comfort over style. This is not to say that leggings can never be stylish, as in innumerable ways, the potential of a pair of leggings is practically limitless. Indeed, a pair of leggings has been the epitome of stylish comfort when it comes to modern fashion and pulling off just the right look without looking a tad bit too basic, nor too deliberate, is an art. Whether your choice of leggings came from a wholesale clothing store or a brand retailer, it is paramount to come up ways to make it look fresh and exciting. So, as an ode to this incredible fashion piece, this article is solely dedicated to the ways every type of woman can dress it up.

1.) How to wear leggings when you are plus-sized?

One aspect that should be incredibly important when it comes to plus-size leggings, is to find and choose the correct size, so as not to appear as if you are bursting at the seams. Regardless of whether you are plus-sized or not, a squeezed in look is never a great look for anyone. Choose the right size and make sure they fit you just right and that they are not too snug. An excellent indicator for this is to make sure that when you have pulled them over your leg, they do not result in creating a muffin top in your midsection. True enough, leggings may give you the appearance of looking more svelte, but sporting a straining paunch will certainly give that away.

2.) How to wear leggings to look stylish?

It has been said that in no case should your leggings serve as an alternative to your pair of trousers. But, creating a look where your pair of leggings would be used as the unifying element of your ensemble or as the finishing touch certainly gives your outfit a touch of class. Leggings would reveal all the curves of your legs, making it the best supportive element for the rest of your clothes rather than as the main garment. Choose a long stylish tunic or a short dress and wear it over your favorite pair of leggings. The effect you will create is both classic and sophisticated.

3.) What should you never wear with leggings when you are over forty?

Typically, it is not a good idea to wear leggings with cropped tops or tight fitting tops unless you want to look like you are heading out for a workout session, although younger women can pull it off and tend to get away with it. But as you age, it seems a lot less likely that you still can unless you have retained the same body figure you had twenty years ago. When you are over forty, things that you should never wear with leggings are tops that are higher than mid-thigh, tops that are too tight, leggings with animal prints or disco fabrics. Consider that the classier your top is, the more sophisticated your ensemble would look.

4.) What is the ideal length of leggings?

An excellent choice of length for leggings is a full-length pair of one. This pair creates the illusion of elongated and slimmer legs. Another great style would be ankle high leggings which create a sexy and classy look when they are paired with booties or heels. Short and rotund girls should be careful when wearing mid-calf and short leggings as these can make you appear smaller or rounder is some cases. Regardless, you can create a great look with leggings by using asymmetrical tops and various tunics of different fabrics. Do not forget to appropriately finish the outfit with the right pair of shoes to create a voguish look.

5.) Which shoes go with what leggings?

Ideally, a pair of shoes that are more or less of the same color as your leggings is a perfect choice. This will achieve the effect of elongating your legs even further. Likewise, flat boots, short booties, and even ballet flats would look superb when paired with leggings. Be careful when pairing stilettos or incredibly high boots, though. You would want to achieve a tasteful and elegant look so be careful that you choose appropriate high boots or stilettos that are not trashy.

6.) What about jeggings and skinny jeans?

Generally, a pair of jeggings or skinny jeans fall in the same family as your pair of leggings, so roughly the same rules should apply. However, with skinny jeans and jeggings, you can pull off a look that incorporates a shorter top than the one you would use for your leggings. Jeggings and skinny jeans are roomier and a bit thicker than leggings, so you do not run the risk of showing any visible panty lines.

7.) Can I wear tights instead of leggings?

In no circumstance should you wear tights in lieu of leggings. Tights, no matter how close they resemble leggings, are absolutely no substitute for a pair of leggings. Tights tend to be a bit sheer, and under bright light, they would not only show your panty line but your panties itself. Make sure never to commit this cardinal fashion faux pas and wear tights only when you have a long dress over them.


Leggings are indeed, a versatile addition to the modern fashion world. With this staple fashion piece, a lot of looks can be achieved from classy, trendy to casual and comfortable. Experiment with different looks utilizing some of the techniques and tips stated above, and you might just be able to find your signature look.


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