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Fashion 101: Seven Ways You Are Ruining a Good Outfit

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas…but what makes it new is the way you put it together.” –Author Unknown

STYLE: Because your personality is not the first thing people can see.

Facing the day with a stylish ensemble is more of less a hit or miss thing. You may be sporting the latest style, but are inadvertently doing something to your clothes that could potentially ruin its wow factor. More often than not, great style is not always about the clothes nor its brand; it is in the way a woman combines fashion pieces together and pull off an outfit. Some people are also under the mistaken impression that having a perfect, neat and elegant style is leveraged in your monthly salary on clothes. This is hardly the case as there are a lot of affordable pieces that would look incredibly stylish when complemented with the right accessories and shoe wear.

However, this does not mean you should discount the importance of having a few expensive but quality and impressive investment sartorial pieces in your closet that is actually worth spending the extra savings for. But, make no mistake; just because you have put down a lot of money on a particular kind of clothing, it does not mean that you are always guaranteed to look chic and stylish whenever you are wearing it. You might be ruining the entire outfit by committing any of the fashion faux pas and mistakes below. To make sure your outfit would always reach its style potential, be careful and meticulous about how you wear them. Here are some fashion mistakes you may be unconsciously committing:

1.) You think sweatshirts are strictly sport wear

Given that sweatshirts are designed for workout and athletics, it is easy to mistake them as clothing solely reserved for strenuous activities. However, they are not as they can be paired with stylish jeans, shorts and even skirts. Conquer your reluctance to wear sweatshirts as a part of a casual outfit by incorporating them into your everyday regular and routine outfits. If you are hesitant about being too casual or appearing too sporty, you have a myriad of sweatshirts to choose from in shops that are embellished and printed and made of non-sporty materials such as faux leather and chiffon. These sweatshirts would go really well with statement necklaces and skinny pants.

2.) Dirty shoes

You may be wearing a pair of the latest wholesale steve madden shoes, but all of that will be for naught if they are not even clean and presentable to look at. While dust and dirt are inevitable consequences for everyday wear, this is no excuse for you to continue sporting a pair of shoes that no longer look neat. It does not matter if they are high heels, sneakers or a pair of boots, if they are unclean, they would largely diminish the overall effect of your outfit (and they will seemingly make you look like a slob). After a day out wearing your shoes, make sure to take some time to clean them with baby wipes or a smooth cloth when you arrive home.

3.) You never get anything tailored

You have seen a cute dress and bought it off the rack at your favorite store despite it not fitting you well enough. To you, this might be a compromise on style. The dress may not exactly be tailored to fit you, but it is a small price to pay considering that it is a killer outfit after all. However, this is where you are wrong. People come in all shapes and sizes, and mass-produced clothing does not always fit us all the same way. While the clothes may fit your torso well, it might look loose on your arms and shoulders. Having a tailor fix this for you will address this sartorial predicament. Take note, taking it too-wide, too-loose or too-fitting can spell the difference between looking alright and looking impeccable all the time.

4.) You think clutches are reserved only for nighttime activities

You have a collection of cute clutches that you only use for a ladies’ night out or to fancy dinners, and you sorely wish you could take them out more often. Never fear, if you do not have to bring a lot of things with you, chances are wearing a clutch instead of a big bag would be the most reasonable choice. Even your dressy clutches would work well with a pair of skinny jeans on daytime. So, break out those clutches and let them see the light of day.

5.) You have a penchant for logos

Looking like a walking advert for a particular clothing brand is in no way stylish nor elegant. That, and there are seemingly a lot of fake ones that can imitate the original rather well. Instead of sporting tacky pieces that have brands emblazoned over the front of the shirts or dresses, go for neutral and basic pieces that look good and are versatile enough to be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe.

6.) You think sexy means showing a lot of skin

Let us be clear: There is a significant difference between wearing a sultry top that showcases a hint of cleavage and one that shows off a generous amount of cleavage and bares your stomach. You want to look elegant and sophisticated while being sexy and showing too much skin is definitely not the way to do it. Strike a balance between how much skin you want to show on top and the bottom of your outfit. A good rule of thumb is to determine what you are showing more whether it is skin or clothes. If your answer is the former, then you should definitely reconsider what you are wearing. Remember, nothing is sexier than a hint of mystery surrounding a woman.

7.) You hardly take care of your clothes

Some clothes are made of delicate material and would not stand the heavy washing of a washing machine. If you do not want to end up with clothes that would cotton up after a few sessions in the laundromat, read the care tag and do the appropriate type of washing your clothes would need.

Dressing up does not have to be an arduous task, especially if you are committing sartorial flubs that are easy to rectify such as the ones enumerated above. The next time you are dressing up, make a mental assessment of what you are wearing before heading out and see if you are committing any of these mistakes. Remember, a stylish outfit almost has nothing to do with what you wear, but rather how you are wearing it.


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