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Five Fashion Rules to Break

“It is a new era in fashion where there are no rules. It is all about the individual and personal style” -Alexander McQueen


We are all aware of how dynamic fashion can be and just how incredibly diverse one’s taste regarding it can be. Choosing one’s individual taste from an array of various selections is no daunting and difficult task, but as it is with fashion pundits and authoritative figures, we have learned to follow a set of fashion rules and edicts when we are donning our favorite sartorial pieces. Over the years–especially for those who rigidly and religiously follow fashion magazine advice, fashionable individuals were constrained to follow these rules that over time became a conventional thing to do.

Perhaps you may have been even aware of some such as “the no white” policy right after labor day, a certain restriction in wearing white to someone’s wedding event, always having to match every aspect in your ensemble including your accessories. All that is just a small fraction of the set of fashion policies we have grown accustomed to and yet here we are living in the modern century wherein some of these rules are not only considered unconventional and obsolete, but incredibly absurd as well. Personally, I am a firm believer in forgoing all of fashion’s issued statements and decrees and that real genuine style should come from you and not from what fashion editors tell you it should be. This says a lot more about your personality and style than sticking with the conventional rules.  However, some of you are more partial to having a bit more of an expert advice when it comes to dressing up and that’s where this article comes in. All the fashion rules may have been deeply ingrained in you by now but consider that regardless of whether you are wearing retail or wholesale clothing, some of these rules can be bent or event revised to allow for a bit more leverage and flexibility in our fashion choices. To give you a brief sample of what these bendable rules are, take a gander below.



Whoever devised this rule sounds like a boring and stiff individual with no such love for mixing and matching different colors and patterns and without any awareness of the other color schemes apart from monochromatic. We have all probably heard this snobby statement when someone is looking askance or aghast at our mismatched belts and sandals that you can always tell a lady by her coordinated belt, bag, and shoes. Although this was fairly true enough once, the coordinated sets are a thing of the past and currently, it is all about complementing colors as well as patterns.  Matching everything from your bag to your shoe down to your necklace would make you look dated while mixing it up a bit would add interest to your outfit making you look modern and polished.



In a modern era wherein people are investing hard-earned money for a few hours on a tanning bed or even some tanning lotions, this seems an unlikely rule but do not go on believing that you can totally forget about this rule. There is some truth to this rule, after all, sunscreens with high SPFs are invented for a very good reason. But instead of staying out of the sun completely, try to negotiate with this rule by staying protected while out in the sun instead. If you are to enjoy a day out in the beach or anywhere else for that matter wherein your skin would be exposed, do apply some sunscreen lotion liberally and this should be the primary thing that you apply. Remember that a sunscreen’s effect on your skin can be compromised when you apply it to other beauty products such as makeup or moisturized, so take caution in doing this as it may damage your skin.



Strict fashion rules would dictate that women should dress appropriately for their age. One of the known edicts of this rule is that a lady should wear a skirt that does not go over the knee. In this age, this rule seems no more than an absurd poppycock. Women ought to wear skirts based on their comfort level rather than conform to what society thinks looks good on them–no matter the age. However, there is a certain truth to wearing sartorial pieces that should be appropriate for your age for one: a hot pair of pants that would show a generous amount of your midriff is considered a no-no, but short skirts are relatively okay. You can wear a short dress and high heels as you get older, but to make the look age appropriate, layer it with a sweater or a jacket. If you are uncomfortable with showing leg, then you can always pair your short skirts with tights so you would not feel too overexposed.




Reading this rule constructs the image of guys wearing socks with their pair of Crocs or sandals, and though that is a very cringe-worthy image, the same does not hold true for women. We may have been under the mistaken belief that wearing open-toe sandals or peep-toe shoes would suggest–as their name goes, to show our toes but of course, we have also seen styles wherein these shoes would look spectacular paired with any elegant charcoal tights. Achieving the look may seem a bit tricky but with apt deliberation, anyone can pull it off. What you need to keep in mind is that you would need to find tights that do not have a reinforced toe or even a seam so that there would not be any creases at the edge. However, under no circumstance should tights should be paired with huge open toe sandals. It would look like you took your heels off and wore something else to be more comfortable.



In a simpler and more stifling time, it has been specified that jewelry–particularly those that come in silver and gold or bronze and silver or whatever, do not simply mix and under no circumstance should you ever do so. In fact, if we have to choose one metal then the rest of our jewelry should follow the color of the metal worn. Yet despite this rule, we have seen Cartier pieces that lump all three metals together and still manage to look stellar. The reality is, you can always choose to blend your bling as all of these metals are considered neutrals so mixing them is absolutely okay. You do, however, want to look like it has a purpose by keeping it in odd numbers (three if you are laying necklaces and cuffs) Uneven groupings give it a more modern and sophisticated look.


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 Failsafe Ways to Shop for Online Clothes That Would Fit

In this digital era, everything can be done online—even something as nonsensical and inconsequential such as clothes shopping.  But for all the flair it supposedly holds, there is an equally great risk in investing in online clothes and have them turn out less than your stellar expectations—or have it never turn up at all. Yet today, though a fraction of people are still unsure or are hedging as regards the disadvantages and advantages of online apparel clothes shopping; it is undeniable that there is a certain beauty about its overall convenience and maximum scope when it comes to an assortment of clothing. After all, disregarding all potential risks, there are still some of us who favor convenience over certainty when it comes to shopping.

As it is, those of us who have treaded the waters of online shopping have already heard the proverbial wonders of such. In fact, most of us have done it at one point in our lives as there will always be a sartorial item or a clothing preference that can only be found through the pages of the Internet.

Besides, there is a certain accomplishment in purchasing a unique find that can only be found online. Discovering it is just half the fun, the other is getting it delivered to your home and receiving it– as the famous anecdote goes: There is nothing quite like online shopping as it is like waiting for a gift to come that I have bought myself. However, all your sartorial shopping endeavors would be for naught if these items should not fit you by the time they reach you and seeing as you would not be able to do the actual fitting yourself; there is a possibility for this precarious situation to happen. But do not fret; your online shopping need not be fraught with this possibility if you are well prepared beforehand. So, the next time you are about to peruse some clothes online, follow the guidelines below before finally checking out your online order.




This is self-explanatory. After all, there is no sense in purchasing clothes without knowing your body measurements beforehand (Just how are you going to select a proper size for yourself?). Once you have established a size for yourself such as “small” or “size 4” or a “25 waist”, shopping online will be a lot less daunting. However, this does not mean that all clothing companies uniformly carry a size 4 that would all come in the same size. Consider that one company’s size 4 may be vastly different from another company’s size 4 and may even be regarded as a size 5 in another company. This is why the best way to be prepared against these is to have your measurements taken accurately and update it from time to time. To ascertain that you have your accurate body measurements, have a professional take them for you as they would most certainly know what they are doing.



Your body measurements and the sizing chart go hand in hand. If you have taken your body measurements accurately, shopping for clothes online will be a whole lot easier. Sizing charts will take away the ambiguity from the words “small, medium and large” and would instead replace them with approximates such as waistlines 24-25, bust areas of 34-36 and the like. This is useful as a size chart is explicitly specific which would make your accurate body measurements vital to clothes shopping. Size charts are even more common in online clothing shops that provide made to order services, however, whether retail or wholesale clothing, it is always important to compare your body measurements to the size chart if getting the right fit is of paramount importance to you.



If your goal is to have every sartorial piece you purchase online fit you right then it might be best to opt for clothing shops that would do made to order designs. In this way, you would not have to worry about your clothes being ill-fitting by the time they arrive on your doorstep. Although, as these clothes are made to order, it is imperative that you give these online makers accurate measurements as possible and after which, you would not have to worry about anything at all (Apart from gaining or losing weight for that matter before getting to fit your custom-made clothing). However, considering these online clothing shops are top notch, should the clothes not fit you, you can easily send them back to have them altered.



Shopping online gives you a wide array of clothing options that are normally not available to you when you are shopping in a single outlet or even out in the mall. This ensures that you have the freedom to explore as many shops as possible—all with the click of a finger. Seeing as this is the case, dive deeper into the shops, look over their size charts and compare. Once you have seen a particular style that is to your liking and would come in your size, then it is time to start shopping. After getting and fitting the end product of what you have ordered online, keep notes regarding it –the size and how well it fits.

This may seem like an extraneous task but it is incredibly important.  If you have managed to find a brand, cut or style that would really work for you, finding it again would be a lot easier. It is also in this manner that you would find out whether a specific brand is cut a certain way and would fit you well. Doing this regularly will render the brand’s label size unnecessary as after accumulating clothes from a certain retailer or brand, you would know whether you feel more comfortable in a size 4 or a size 6 or would look better in a size 4 than a size 6.



Online shopping may seem like a daunting task to many considering how you would never get to see the actual product until it is delivered to you, but with the failsafe ways mentioned above, online clothing shopping can be made easier and more enjoyable. Who knows? It may be your chosen method of shopping after seeing how it would work for you.


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How to Make Bargain Clothes Look Elegant

Fashion is expensive. Style is not. Some of the most stylish girls I know are certainly not the wealthiest” –Nina Garcia

Fashionistas all over the world have one thing in common: they all love dressing up and most women would attest to the fact that they love playing with styles—especially when there are innumerable and versatile ways to assemble them. However, the path to look in vogue, presentable and highly stylish is not a clear path road, more often than not, this road is littered with little bumps along the way.
We have all experienced this fashion dilemma at least once in our lives: The strong desire to look elegant and stylish without breaking the bank.

Many times and at some point in our fashion endeavors, we have wanted to look absolutely sophisticated and refined yet the contents of our wallet would tell us that we can afford nothing a little more than a ragged dress. In this era where big brands with rather exorbitant prices such as Christian Louboutins and wholesale steve madden get lauded in various fashion magazines and are all the rage in many fashion blogs, it seems ludicrous that these fashion editors can expect most women to afford a top notch looking outfit with a hefty and ridiculous price tag. Let us face it, many of us do not exactly have a thousand dollars to spare just to look on point for a night. In fact, most of us would probably scoff at the impracticality of spending a month’s worth of grocery for a singular ensemble. This is why thrift stores and bargain hunts exist, so that women can find that happy compromise of looking just as great at a lesser and much affordable price. However, some novice fashionistas are under the misguided notion that anything less than haute couture could never look as sophisticated as their expensive counterparts. This article serves to debunk that perception and will show you various ways in dressing up your bargain clothes and making them look not only elegant, but a tad bit expensive as well.



Quite straightforward, am I right? The thing is, you can make a drastic change in your entire ensemble simply by having an outfit steamed, pressed or ironed. It may seem like a simple and direct process, but it is a reality that a piece of clothing can look so much different and more elegant when it is free from wrinkles. It would look more luxurious than it truly is and gives your overall look a sophisticated touch as without a doubt, wrinkles would look bad on anything–even on expensive clothing and on bargain ones? They look worse. Have your clothes pressed and see the difference for yourself.


Bargain and thrift sartorial items often come with the simplest and most basic fasteners as installing them with more expensive ones tend to make the overall price a bit more expensive than it should be. But that does not mean you have to contend with these simple buttons, you can replace them with something more sophisticated such as metal, mother of pearl or bone or even have buttons with intricate designs sewn on them. Ditch those basic looking buttons and replace them with sophisticated ones you can easily shop for online or any “trimmings” shops. If you want to be extra thrifty, you can harvest them from the old or tacky clothes you have grown out of.


Sure the bedazzling sequined top looks totally amazing underneath the frenetic lights at a disco club and the intricate beading of that dress certainly adds more to the detail. Yes, sparkle and luster are without a doubt attractive but you have to realize that this is also one way for your clothes to look amazingly cheap. As eye-catchy and attention grabbing as these pieces may be, you have to consider that these embellishments would wear over time which would translate what once looked like a style stunner would be a shameful unintended distressed item missing its beads of details. Another thing to consider is that embellishments do not last as long as a crisp and clean look trend wise. The same goes for logos, these various items may widely proclaim that they came from expensive shops through their logos but remember, you can find almost the same thing in thrift stores for about a hundred dollars cheaper.


Buying bargain or thrift clothes or purchasing second-hand items tend to have a drawback: they do not always fit you. This is why it is imperative to have a tailor you actually trust, and one you are assured has good workmanship. You may think that having your clothes tailored may seem counterintuitive seeing as you have bought bargain clothes for the sake of saving, but there are simple tailoring fixes such as letting down a hem or a nipping in the waist would not cost you so much and in effect, you would look like a million bucks. Have those clothes fit you right and wear them with an air of sophistication and you will see just how elegant it truly was.


Just because you are opting to buy bargain clothes and thrift items, it does not mean that the entirety of your item should consist solely of cheap finds. Your accessories can be rather expensive or pricey for one and these will immediately add sophistication to your look–elevating the entire ensemble. However, if you are having a hard time negotiating with your budget, then achieve the same by opting for pricey looking jewelry instead. Accessories do wonders to ordinary outfits and simply the addition of these can do wonders to an ordinary outfit. So, the next time you are bargain hunting for clothes, designate time to hunt for sophisticated and elegant accessories or jewelry as well.

In sum…

It does not matter whether you have allocated a thousand dollars for your outfit or simply a meager twenty for it, what matters is how you style it and how you rock it. Above all, it should be remembered that when people assess an outfit, they do not necessarily see the price tag but rather how it is worn so no matter how expensive a single outfit may be, at the end of the day how you wear it still matters more.


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A Guide to Wearing What Shoes with What Outfit

“Give a girl the right shoes. And she can conquer the world”

This is quite an enigmatic line from none other than a fashion and style icon herself, Marilyn Monroe. But no matter how inscrutable it may be to rule the world with a single pair of great footwear if anything, this one great fashion tenet speaks volumes about a fashionable woman’s relationship and obsession with the footwear that covers her soles: shoes.

It has been said that a woman falls in love seven times in her life, and six times out of seven, it is with shoes. In fact, no woman on earth can have too many pairs of shoes as a great ensemble is often tied together with a beautiful pair of shoes, and more often than not you can wear the plainest and most nondescript assortment of clothing and still look stunning simply by wearing an elegant pair. And with a variety of footwear to choose from (loafers, pumps, kitten heels, doll shoes, flip-flops, etc.), the average fashion forward woman is never at an immediate style emergency of having a dearth of shoes to choose from. But though this may seem like it presents a stylish advantage, results can rather be disastrous if women are not discerning enough on which shoes to pair with what outfit.

True enough, with a multitude of shoes to select from, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the appropriate ones that would complement your outfit and tie it all up. Often, women commit the fatal fashion error of choosing a pair that would compete with their outfit instead of completing it and a clashing of too many styles and colors would ensue. This is because many women are guilty of having too much going on with their outfits (Note: Printed dresses and embellished shoes will clash) and if you have a slight inclination towards being culpable of committing this fashion faux pas as well, then you might want to take a look at the guide below. So that whether you are wearing either wholesale fashion clothing or retail ones, you will still be able to pull off a stunning cohesive getup.


Some of us womenfolk are guilty of impulse buying and there are times wherein we buy pairs and pairs of shoes with no visible occasion or event for them in mind. Because of this, some of us have the propensity of throwing them on without at least considering the kind of occasion or event we are going to and if the selected shoes are appropriate giving their overall look a tacky finish. To avoid this, when you are out shoe shopping the first thing you must consider is if you have a designated event for the specific pair and if you do not, do not buy them despite the fact that they are stylish or discounted. Then consider the type of occasion or environment you are going to be wearing those shoes in, casual shoes such as loafers, ballet flats are best for casual events while classic pumps look great for anything a bit dressier and more formal but this seems rather formulaic and predictable.

To spice up a simple office-day outfit, consider wearing kitten heels with a bit more embellishment such as a chic buckle or other accent (but nothing too over the top, make sure it retains its corporate feel), you can also achieve this by choosing a different colour other than neutrals such as bright red or stunning green. However, it is imperative to consider the day’s activities and locations and if the pair of shoes you are wearing is appropriate—or comfortable enough to last you the day. To illustrate, it would be rather taxing to walk in kitten heels if your job at the office requires you to be on your feet most of the time and it is rather you would look like you lack fashion and social panache if you wore flats to an elegant gala or formal dinner affair.


Above all, comfort should come first before style although it is still highly possible to be comfortably stylish. However, when the grounds are covered with snow outside, it might be best to break in your new snow boots instead of wearing shoes that may leave your feet precariously cold. In essence, it is like saying that you should dress for the season but this time, you should choose shoes that are appropriate for the season. For an instance, a pair of brocade pumps will look more at home with a classic evening suit than a pair of strappy or skimpy sandals ever will and those suede beloved boots you have that looked best paired with your heavy coats should be stowed away when the summer season comes.

Although, it is worthy to note that there are some shoe styles such as leather pumps that can be worn through whatever season and weather permitting, just make sure your soles are comfortable enough when you do traipse outside in whatever weather.


When it comes to shoes there is a multitude of colors that sometimes choosing the right color to go with an outfit is a hit or miss thing. However, it should also be noted that when it comes to selecting a color that best complements or goes with an outfit, there is no blanket or cookie-cutter answer but rather a combination of various elements that mesh together in harmony that will make you look great. There is a variety of factors to consider such as textures, hues, patterns, design, cut and shades that will help you determine what the “appropriate” color should be. If you already have an outfit in mind, try it out with your shoes and if it goes well together then go for it but if you have trouble in determining which goes which then the brief guide below will assist you.

Classic Black: Undoubtedly, black goes with anything whether they are open-toe, pointy toe, ankle strap or platforms, they will work with any outfit and would look almost at home with any desired outfit and is the ultimate wear-anywhere option. There is never a scarcity when it comes to the options you can pair black with as they look great with any clothing hues which invariably include denim.

Any Shades of White: White sneakers should be a staple in every woman’s shoe closet as you can never go wrong with it in just about anything. Recently, they have looked rather trendy when paired with skater dresses and girly skirts. Just keep in mind that the proportions of your outfit should be in balance to your shoes.

Brown/Russet: Whether they are neutrals or animal prints, brown shoes should be a closet staple. When you are pairing them with something darker however, stick to moodier shades such as finishing off a pair of crisp black trousers with luggage brown pumps as darker colored clothing highlights wear and tear on lighter footwear.

Taupe/Gray: This neutral color goes with anything as long as you keep in mind how the details of your shoe affect the look. If you have a pair that looks simple enough then it is best to keep them dressed down in jeans or denim but if you own a more polished pair, then they will look great in addition to pastel, berry and black looks.

Nude colors: The more open a nude pair of shoes is the more feminine or flirty an outfit should be. For your guidance, choose a pair that would work best with your skin and would flawlessly blend with it.

Metallics: When it comes to metallic shoes, the most vital aspect you should consider is the design. Detailed metallic pairs are strictly to be used only for night outs and special occasions while simple and laid back metallic flats can work anywhere. They work well with any color so you can have fun experimenting with that.


Now that you have successfully read this guide through, try experimenting with different outfits and pairing them off with shoes and see what works well and what does not.

How to Dress in Denim Jeans in Formal Settings

fjeans in formal setting (2)

Ah, denim. A precious piece of clothing that has surpassed the test of time; it remained to be consistently trendy and fashionable throughout the years. After all, who among us does not own at least a pair of jeans? They are comfortable and when tastefully paired with other pieces of clothing, you can pull off a truly stylish and chic look.

However, over the years, denim has seen major overhauls and revamps to make it look more modern and quirky. What used to be a garment utilized mainly for skirts or a pair of pants and shorts had made its way to being a fabric utilized for tops making denim not only fabulously trendy, but very versatile as well.

Denim jeans are what we would all consider as go-to outfits, one we can reach for any time we are feeling lazy.
Denim jeans are also known for their comfort and timeless look which makes it the perfect staple of clothing for everyone. The denim pair of jeans, being the number one fundamental article clothing for any person out there, is a classic apparel that’s very indispensable.

This is precisely why denim jeans, at this point of time, can work on any setting. Yes, you read that absolutely right! Dressing up in denim jeans is quite possible and you can pull off the look even in posh and lavish affairs. This is even an outfit you can wear in going to a fancy formal dinner. The rules may seem slightly altered considering the theme of a certain affair. Nonetheless, showing up to a swanky soiree in denim jeans is something you can do.
Planning to go casual yet elegant on your next grand luxurious affair? Then look no further and let this article help you. It offers you tips and hints on how to make what would otherwise be a drab and boring looking pair of denim jeans into something that would look very much at home while in a posh party.


Who does not love a nice-looking belt? Not only will it emphasize your waist and make your curves more accentuated, but it will make your overall outfit look better simply with the addition of this accessory. Belts are not only for holding your denim jeans up. They are also used to give people the impression that you wanted a touch of glam to your outfit most especially if your belt looks stylish and elegant.

PRO TIP: Adding a luxe belt on a tucked in shirt will make what others would regard as an unfashionable attire look more elegant. Be sure to steer away from too much metal and glitter. It would only make you look like you stepped out of a country music video. Go for something a little more upscale, one that is a bit polished with a metal buckle.


Blazers would make a casual outfit into something that could pass on for formal and corporate settings. Even something as simple as the addition of a fitted blazer would make you look ready for a job interview granted that the type of blazer you donned is collared and tailored fit. Scarves, on the other hand, would bring a dash of color to your overall outfit and make you look visually appealing.

PRO TIP: Combine both a well-tailored blazer and a printed silk scarf looped casually on your neck for maximum effect. This will make you look chic enough for the lavish affair at the same time it will bring color and fun to your overall outfit.


Perhaps not a very well-known fashion tip but handbags or bags, in general, are an important part of your outfits. They bring attention to your overall look as well. Though what may be seen as a diversionary tactic rather than as an actual manner of dressing up, choosing the right bag for your outfit will work wonders for you.

PRO TIP: Look for a bag that complements the entirety of your outfit. If the bag commands the most attention (e.g. one with loud and patterned prints and colors) choose a subdued outfit for contrast otherwise the styles and patterns will clash.


Muted tones make your look more appealing and easy to look at. In contrast, loud colors will make you rather easy to spot aside from being ‘noisy’ on the eyes. Additionally, for formal affairs, muted and neutral tones would work best to your advantage as wearing casual denim jeans to a formal occasion is already a bold statement itself. Do not overdo it.

PRO TIP: Draw attention to your jeans by using subdued and muted tones for the rest of your outfit. Wear a minimalist palette such as black, beige, brown, gray, navy and white. Also, keep in mind that denim is not the best textile to pair with sequins, animal prints or feathers when your dress code strictly says formal and elegant. Remember, you are going to an elegant soiree not to a night out in a club.


Ripped denim jeans are in style and are extremely trendy right now. Almost every other person you meet on the street is sporting a pair. Though they look fun and chic, breaking them out on your next formal party is not such a wise idea. Save those denim jeans for a concert or summer garden affair instead.

PRO TIP: Stick to the classic cut of jeans and try a form-fitting pair. You can have fun in experimenting with the hues, opting for a deeper shade of indigo, a rich color like forest green to make your pair of jeans more at home at a formal party.

We have come a long way since the invention of denim jeans. And we have found ways to dress them up to suit almost every occasion there is. For your next formal event, bring out your best-looking pair of denim jeans and strut your stuff utilizing the tips the article has given you. Remember, jeans will never look out of place if the wearer knows how to take advantage of its versatility.

7 Important Lessons Learned from a Fashion Expert

Can you tell wants on your mind whenever you do styles on your outfits? Can you determine what’s in and what’s not? You might have heard and/or know a little bit of fashion and tried doing it on your own. But, are you sure you’re doing the right thing without compromising its sense of style? Yes, doing fashion may sometimes be demanding on our end, especially when we don’t know anything about doing the right fashion that suits our lifestyle. Well, buying fashionable clothes from wholesale clothing is also a good idea for more chooses to make.


Sometimes, certain clothes in our closet might seem just a little bit worn out. Who would want to wear faded clothes, or even clothes that are already not fit for you anymore? Even you too can feel tired wearing those clothes without any life at all. Well, if you want to do some refreshments when it comes to your fashion senses, then you might as well try to seek help from the fashion experts.

It sure won’t hurt you when somebody will tell you that you are a fashion terrorist, for as long as you are willing to change for the better. The change might be different for you, but styles will come out from you eventually. Well, if you are still stuck wondering what the ins and outs of fashion, then here are some important lessons you can learn from a fashion expert. Mind you, these lessons might change the way you look and your approach towards fashion.

1. Trends are not worth stressing about

Some of you here might be obsessed about following what’s new and trendy. Always remember that the trend cycle is so fast that there is nothing that is ever “in” or “out” for that long. The style of clothes might be popular and trendy for a couple of months, then gone the next month. The trend doesn’t stay for so long, certainly not worth your time stressing about.

Following the trend is not a bad thing at all. However, it doesn’t mean that you are going loco if you don’t have that kind of style. Moreover, there are a lot and various fashion stores that are available for you to choose from. Of course, it is up to you to make an effort finding the right clothing and style for your outfit.

2. Your “body type” does not dictate what trends look good on you

Although it might be true that your body type also matters when it comes to choosing the right outfit for you, however, this is not always be the case when it comes to fashion. Well, if the fit, proportion, and styling are on point, then it doesn’t matter what size or shape your body is. You definitely can still pull off the right fashion without even worrying about the type of body that you have.

Also, you have to stop assuming that those mid skirts, crop tops, wide-leg pants, maxi dresses and/or any other trendy styles are only good for someone who is tall and/or skinny women. You can definitely wear those kinds of clothes even if you are a plus size. Well, you just have to make sure that you wear it properly for you to look good on it.

3.  Confidence – plus polish – really can sell any outfit

It is a big yes that the kind of style that you choose for your outfit can achieve whatever fashion that you want to do. However, if you don’t have any confidence in wearing it at all, then it might be useless, since you cannot pull off the total package of the desirable outcome. Even when you wear a beautiful dress, if you don’t look satisfied and pleased at all, then it is still not going to look good on you generally.

When it comes to fashion, the style of clothes that you should wear is not just the only thing that you have to consider. Your smile, poise and the attitude towards your dress should also matter. Well, take time to think whether the clothes that you choose can give you some smiles, and if not, you better change and find a new one.

4. People will only know your clothes is cheap if you tell them

In fashion, it doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap your clothes are, for as long as it is nice and stylish enough for you to proudly wear it. Of course, people will definitely not know whether you bought your clothes at the flea market and how cheap it is, unless you tell them all the details on how you got those clothes. There will always be surprises when they know that you had bought it in an affordable price without compromising its style and quality of the clothes.

5. Logos and other prominent branding will cheapen a look more often than not

One of the most common behaviour of some people, if not all, they tend to choose signature brands over real fashion. Perhaps they think that whenever they got an expensive brand, they are already doing fashion, when in fact they end up looking like a walking advertisement. Well, definitely a no-no. Like having your clothes cheap or not, people cannot identify which brand that you have, unless you intend to flaunt it to them. Wearing of fashionable clothes and/or any other products should not be some sort of a status symbol, you wear stylish clothes because you love to wear them and it shows of what and who you are.

6. Shopping is not the answer

Successful people who can pull of real fashion are not dependent on shopping. Although shopping is one way to have the clothes that you want to wear, however, you can definitely have stylish clothes without even spending too much of your money.  You can have pretty clothes out of your old and used clothes by doing DIY hacks and improvising it the way you wanted it to look like. Well, it is a good idea when you are on a tight budget yet you still want to look fashionable in any other possible ways.

7.  You can completely change the way people see you by changing the way you dress

We all know that dressing up speaks of what and who you are. Well, if you think that your previous fashion style demerits the overall package of your personality, then you better think again about how you dress yourself up. Of course, we cannot avoid judgemental people around us and judge us based on how we look. People might see you as a sloppy and unorganized person since perhaps, you dress like one.

Yes. We don’t care what they think about us, since they don’t know who we really are. But it also doesn’t mean that you are going to continue dressing up like a sloppy and unorganized person. You always have to remember that people will definitely change the way they treat and look at you if you know the ins and outs in the fashion world.

Dressing Up For a First Date (Girls)



We have all been there. The butterflies and the anticipation, the feeling of being totally overwhelmed by our emotions – our first date. We have spent almost majority of our time trying to get this particular guy to notice us. Now here we are, we finally scored that much-coveted date with that all the more coveted guy. You are finally getting the chance to hang out and spend time with the guy you have set your eyes on and you want to make sure nothing ever goes wrong.


You want to make a lasting impression on him. To do just that, you practiced hour after hour in front of your floor length mirror, making sure you laughed just right and you did not squeak when you talk. You rehashed topics to talk about in your head and you have made a list on the potential places you might want to hang out. Now that you have fine-tuned the supposed complicated logistics of your first date, all that is left for you to decide on is the most pivotal aspect of your date – what clothes to wear on this momentous occasion.


As you open the cabinet doors of your wardrobe, you start contemplating your options.  You do not want to intimidate him, so you do not want to appear too dressy. But you do not want to blend into the crowd either, you want to stand out. You want to keep things casual but at the same time you want to look sleek, chic and stylish. You want to look beautiful and stunning, but you do not want to cake your face with makeup. You want to appear laid-back and approachable but at the same time girly and fashionable. Wow. It seems like you are in for a real dilemma.


While you are sorting out  the clothes inside your closet, your thoughts wander. You want to make an impression with your choice of clothes, but you are not exactly sure as to how to go about it. Well, look no further. This article aims to assist you in making that impression, dressing well and looking fabulous without committing any of the cardinal faux pas in dressing up for a first date. Girls, take heed!


  • Be comfortable in what you are wearing


Choose an outfit that you are comfortable in. This outfit should make you feel confident and fabulous; this should make you feel good in your own skin. When you are comfortable with yourself and with what you are wearing, your date will feel it. And it is one of the greatest and best ways to make a good impression. Wear heels if you feel comfortable in them, but forgo them if you feel like you are more comfortable in your flats or sneakers. Never forgo comfort for the sake of dressing to the nines. Not only will you be obviously uncomfortable, you will  be visibly fidgeting as well. This would cause the guy to think you are not comfortable around him and would ruin your chances for a second date.


  • Dress for the occasion and the place of your date


Try to find out where your date is taking you if you did not decide on a location yet so that you will know what sort of clothes will be appropriate. You do not want to appear overdressed nor underdressed. If you are visiting the theme park and taking rides, it would be best to wear jeans, shorts and perhaps, an ordinary t-shirt. Whereas, visiting a luxe and posh restaurant for dinner calls for a more formal attire.


  • Never overdo it


This is self-explanatory. You do not want to appear on your date looking like an over-decorated Christmas tree. Not only will you look largely out of place, but your date will think he is dating someone who is extremely high maintenance. Save the glam, flashy and red carpet looks for when they are appropriate. Your outfit can still look both elegant and attractive and even sexy, but two things – it should not be skimpy and trashy. Opt for something cute and something that defines you. Look like you dressed up for a day with your date, not like you dressed with a team of helpers to get you ready.


  • Never show too much skin


Showing your legs or a little bit of your shoulder or a little peek of your cleavage is all fine and dandy. Just make sure you do not show all three at the same time. You want to look classy and sophisticated; intelligent and fun and alluring as well. You want to look like someone he wants to be seen with and someone who he will be proud to have by his side. However, if you show too much, it would break the allure and leave him looking like he went out with a rather promiscuous girl. Moreover, if you dress this way, you will most likely be sending him the wrong signal. This is not to say that you should cover up all of your valuable physical assets but keep him interested by revealing just enough to keep the mystery and the allure alive.  First dates are all about impressions, and you do not want him to leave having the wrong one of you.


  • Be yourself


No matter what article of clothing you wear, you would not impress your date so much if you end up being a pretentious girl. Do not try to dress like someone else on your first date. Remember he asked YOU out, so that should count for something. If you are the jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, do not go for tight dresses, frilly skirts or floral prints. Go with whatever makes you comfortable with yourself and feels the most like you. In this way, he would see you as the real you and would leave him with the right impression of you instead of misplaced assumptions.


BONUS TIP: Always wear a smile


Your smile can work wonders on your date. It will make your date feel at ease and it would make you more approachable and friendly. Besides, you look more appealing when you smile. Lastly, should you not be happy that you at least scored this date with him?


In sum…


Appearance and beauty are in the eye of the beholder. Though it may seem shallow for some, how you dress for you first date will speak volumes about you. Remember, this is the stage wherein both of you are still getting to know each other and are still trying to discover more about the aspects of each other. So, do not ruin your chances of a second date by dressing up poorly on your first one. Keep in mind that how you dress and how you present yourself on your first date is like giving him a sneak preview on the type of person you really are. It may not always be accurate and for most, first impressions rarely last, but at least make yours count. Who knows? You might just score a second date!

Dress Code: 8 Outfits That Will Get You Fired

Office fashion can be the best thing and the worst thing that can happen to us. Thinking about what to wear can feel like a job itself. Dressing up is both a physical expression and nonverbal communication. Unless your company requires you to wear a corporate uniform, choosing what to wear can be one of our biggest hassles every morning.

Let’s face it! There are just times that we want to stand out, advocating our rights on how we should dress up.  However, there are certain guidelines that we need to follow for us to look professional, for instance. How you dress at work matters most even when the office standard is established as “corporate casual.”

Well, we (especially women) are talking about what to wear at work. Definitely, we will not going to choose an attire that we usually wear for parties. After all, your company needs your skill, not your outfits. But for the sake of your career, you better reconsider what you are wearing at work.

1. Any clothes that are too short


Thinking about wearing shorts, mini-skirts or even short dresses? You better think again. Technically, these outfits are very eye-catching people will notice you immediately. However, it might get you into trouble one day, and I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. Flaunting your skin is not a bad thing at all for as long you are wearing it at the proper place, and the office is not one of those places.

Unless you are going to have a company outing or other such activities, there might be the need to wear those kinds of clothes for you to feel comfortable moving around. When it comes to work, wearing such skimpy clothes is a no-no.

2.  Anything that has a plunging neckline, sheer, backless, strapless, spaghetti straps, halter tops, etc.


Like wearing too short clothes, these outfits are a no-no in the corporate world. These are the attires that show too much of your skin. Basically, there is no need for you to wear and flaunt your skin at the office since you are there for work and not for a fashion show.

These clothes will not help you look attractive at all. Instead, it will make you an easy target for office gossip from both men and women. This unfortunate incident will almost always overshadow your work.

3. Anything overly trendy or flashy


If you don’t want your workmates laughing at you for wearing otherworldly outfits, you better avoid wearing them. I’m sure you will definitely feel ashamed wearing 1980’s blingy sequin skirts paired with over-the-knee stiletto boots in this modern generation.

Even if you are working in a fashion industry where wearing such outfits might be a normal one, when it comes to an office attire, please, don’t! Moreover, wearing trendy clothes that don’t suit you at all is also not a good thing to do. If you really want to wear the latest styles, you might as well choose outfits that best suit you. There are tons of outfits that you can choose from and are still office-appropriate.

4.  Anything that you’d wear as part of a Halloween costume, wedding dress,  nightclub outfit or an outfit for a tropical vacation


Of course, these! Who would want to wear a costume or beach dress in the office? These are not welcome in the office environment and people will only think that you are craving for attention. Unless there is an activity that requires you to wear such (i.e. theme days), then you can wear them. Change back to your normal clothes the day after.

5.  Anything that is intended for the gym, music festival or college quad


These attires (e.g. ripped jeans, yoga pants and graphic tees) are also a no-go. Even if these clothes might look casual and appropriate for every person to wear, these clothes are still not the type that you should wear at work. You can definitely wear these kinds of outfits in the appropriate time and place, but not on your place of work.

6.  Anything ‘Working Girl’ looks


Just because we are now working girls, it does not mean that you are going to look like one. Stylish people usually say that the ‘working girl’ look (i.e. shoulder pads, loose trousers, etc.) is an old school way of doing fashion. I bet you will definitely agree with this one since we are now living in a modern world.

There are actually a lot of ways on how you can still achieve outfits that will make you look professional without pulling the nerdy, ‘working girl’ outfit. Try to be updated. Well, you have to know how to mix and match your clothes from your closet for you to pull off just the right corporate attire.

7.  Wearing flip-flops



When it comes to wearing the appropriate attire, choosing what to wear from the top to bottom should be considered properly. Wearing flip-flops at work is outrightly forbidden.  If you are not comfortable wearing closed shoes, try wearing an open-toe shoes or sandals that have straps. In this way, your overall attire will still be decent to look at.

8. Tattoos and Piercings


Choosing the right attire does not end up in choosing the right clothes. It also applies on how you present yourself, which should neat and clean. Wearing of visible tattoos and piercing at work is a sign of unprofessionalism. Although some of you here might consider these as an art, flaunting them at work is not necessary at all. If you have a tattoo, cover it with the appropriate attire when you are at work. Also, take your piercings off when you are at work.

We definitely understand that choosing the right office outfit is not that easy to do. There are certain things to consider before deciding what to wear at work. Despite the many outfits that you can choose from, know that each outfit must be worn at the right time and place. If you do not want to be a laughingstock, wear the desired and most appropriate office attire.

Finding Flattering Clothes for Your Body Type

Dressing up is fun. It makes you appear polished, neat, girly and trendy. However, no matter how hard we try, there are just some clothes that do not flatter our figure. Though we do try to make it work best to our advantage, we would all soon come to the conclusion that there are some clothes that don’t complement our body type. A reality is that no two women on earth have roughly the same shape. They might be in the same size, but never in the same shape. Such an understatement to compartmentalize body types into fat, normal and thin! Newsflash people, people are not manufactured in factories that we can categorize them into three extremely cookie-cutter body types.


People, particularly women, are built differently. Though men’s bodies are just as diverse as women’s, this article aims to focus on women solely. This is because between males and females, the latter gets more clothing options. As a result, women would have more variety in choosing what to wear and have a lot more fun in mixing and matching. It is a common knowledge that women all over the world have a lot more fun in dressing up much more than their male counterparts.


However, as fun as dressing up may seem, this can get rather disappointing and disheartening once you find the perfect dress only to find out it looks absolutely horrid on you. It is especially heartbreaking to discover that the dress you saved a lot of cash for turns out to be extremely unflattering to your figure. Not only do you have a dress which you would not be able to wear under any circumstances, but you have also managed to waste valuable monetary resources.


This article aims to eradicate that pressing predicament and help you keep a tighter hold on your buck. As though women may come in different shapes and sizes, there is always a dress appropriate for every shape as well as for every size. It is only a matter of finding out what size and shape your body is and selecting the suitable assortment of outfits for yourself. What this article would do is to help you select various apparel for the body type that you have. It also aims to tell you which type of clothes would work and the clothes that would not. Rounded, pear-shaped, hourglass, plump and etc., this article will surely help you find the perfect clothes that match you body and built.


For Pear Shaped Ladies


A body shaped like a pear has the characteristics of having a wider lower body than your upper body. In other words, you have wider hips than shoulders. Your bottom is also well rounded and your waist, well-defined. Perhaps your best assets would be your shoulders, your entire torso, and your flat stomach. A few notable celebrities who have pear shaped bodies are Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian, Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Your fashion goals should be to accentuate your waist and arms, give more volume to your shoulders and upper body and minimize or diminish your hips.


If you have a body shaped like a pear much like Katherine Heigl, then you would most likely want to minimize your lower half and draw the attention upward. So, the apparel which you should try are A-line skirts to camouflage your wide hips and pants skirts and dresses to balance your hips. Additionally, you can go for boat neck tops and square cowl necklines. You can also wear strapless dresses to show off your arms. Ruffles will complement your body type as well and so do jackets that hit right above the waist. As for your shoes, you would like to invest in footwear that are pointy-toed as this will give your legs the illusion of being long.


CARDINAL DON’T:  Do not wear clothing that would bring attention to the hips and thighs such as print skirts and cargo pants.


For wedge shaped women


A wedge-shaped body, also known as the inverted triangle, is defined by a broad chest and wide shoulders (in large proportions) and narrow waist and hips. Your best asset is most notably your legs. Thus, your fashion ideals should be to emphasize your lower body while softening your shoulders and upper body. Popular actresses with this type of body are Teri Hatcher, Demi Moore, and Renee Zellwegger. Having a wedge-shaped body mean you want attention drawn downward of your body to the narrower parts such as your hips and your waist. To achieve this, you should wear bright bottoms, full skirts, wide leg pants. Do wear tops that call attention to your waistline. Your body will also look absolutely fabulous with high-waisted styles and clothes that create the illusion of a waist.


CARDINAL DON’T: Do not wear boat neckline and spaghetti strap tops.


For females with rectangular shapes


Females with rectangular body shapes have waists, hips and shoulder widths that are similar. They are usually on the slimmer side and have an athletic look. Their notable assets are their arms and legs. They also do not have to downplay any body features. They do, however, need to create curves and show off their slender arms and legs. Actresses with this body type are Natalie Portman, Hilary Swank, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz.


Should you possess this type of body, you should invest in scoop necks and sweetheart tops in order to create curves. Additionally, wearing long jackets would give you a leaner look. Tops with collars and ruffles will add volume to your chest as well. Wearing a bra that will make you make the most of what you have is also a plus. Layering clothes will help you create dimensions. Hence, experiment with fun and colorful bottoms. Try to wear dresses with cinches on the sides.


CARDINAL DON’T: Do not wear something that overwhelms you.


For womenfolk with an hourglass frame


Women with this body shape boast sexy and alluring curves. Their shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and are accentuated by a tiny waist. Fashion goals for this type of body type should be to show off curves without exaggerating it too much. People in popular culture who have this body type are Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek and Beyonce.


If you have an hourglass body shape, wearing a good bra to showcase your bust is a good start. Wearing fitted dresses is also a good idea. Wearing a belt will help you draw attention to your hourglass shape. Moreover, wrap dresses, high-waisted skirts to show off hips, thin lightweight fabrics and skinny jeans and straight leg jeans work best for this body type.


CARDINAL DON’T: Do not hide your curves underneath baggy clothing. Show them off!


In essence, it does not really matter whether you have an hourglass body shape or a pear one, what matters is finding the perfect clothes that would complement your body type. You may invest in thousands of pesos in clothes that are in style and would still look frumpy in comparison to how you saw it worn by the model.


The key here is to accentuate your best features and downplay the rest. After all, when we are dressing up, don’t we all love to showcase our assets? So if you do, start finding the best clothes just for you!


Fall Season Is Out: Why Fall Is The Best Time To Switch On A New Look


You may be wondering why you should care about how you look every time the seasons change. Well perhaps because there is a need to do so since your body cannot adapt to the weather changes you will be experiencing when the time comes. On this light, fall season has just arrived and wearing appropriate clothes is an excellent idea, aside from the fact that you can make it as an excuse to wear clothes fashionably. There are a lot of fall fashion clothes that you can choose from wholesale clothing outlets around the corner and it is a tempting feat to start with.

Every season is an opportunity to try something new and different. This often results to, if not, a change of opinion. Nevertheless, there are reasons why fall is the best time to switch on a new look because, why not?

Simple fashion tips:


You can experiment on what suits you

If you are the type who experiments a lot with clothes even if it means thrifting or buying wholesale street wear apparels, then it is a good move. You cannot only save yourself from the impulse of buying and shopping new ones; it can also spark the creativity within you. Moreover, by experimenting during the fall season (and also during the other seasons) can create lots of opportunities for you to know more ideas.

There are online sites that will help you experiment properly in aiming that certain fashionable look you wanted, like Pinterest and Tumblr, among others. By this, you can also create a blog wherein you can share your thoughts and DIY projects on fashion. This won’t only help you keep a memorabilia of your fall fashion ideas, but it might be of good use for others who were struggling to find ways on how to modify their daily dress ups.


You can choose a color

Fall is a season to mix and match different tones. You may play with the colors that will suit your mood; from your shirt, sweater, and scarf to your jeans and shoes! Choosing the colors should, however, complement with each other. During fall season, earth colors are safe to use, or if you sport a minimalist approach, then you can also do so as long as it turns out all right.

Choosing vibrant colors is also fine, but a suggestion would be using pastel tones so as not to kill the mood and to keep the “fall” vibe on balance.


Try on different tops

Since you are on experimentation and switching to fall season wardrobe is also a fancy move to do, making the best out of the switch by trying on different tops, and matching them with some other elements such as cardigans or other accessories, will make your outfit more interesting. Safe tops like the normal, hip tees you can choose from wholesale tee shops won’t go wrong. V-neck tops are also appropriate for this kind of season since you can make do anything out of it.

Moreover, jackets, cardigans and the like can help keep the fashionable look for the fall season especially if you match it properly with your clothes.


Use different scarf designs

Scarfs look best during fall. They are very handy to bring and can be used in lots of ways. During fall season, scarves are often used to cover up especially the neck part, to protect it from cold. Scarfs on the other hand, can be used as fashion elements to complete a ready-to-go look. Using different types of scarves and of different designs, they will add an astonishing touch up to your outfit depending on your style.

Simple outfits like plain shirts can be accentuated by scarfs and makes the get-up interesting to look at. You can wear the scarf in any loop you like, adding a texture and dynamics into your outfit. There are different types of scarves: from skinny silk textures to the bulky hand-knitted ones, etc. You will still look fabulous anyway.


Sweater weather

Yes it’s sweater weather season, which makes it an excuse for many to feel cozy and cuddle up! Which also happens to be an advantage for people who are really fond of sweaters and are very much excited to wear their favorites sweaters on the appropriate time. Well, fall is one appropriate time to begin with, which is an entry to the winter season, and this season happens to become everyone’s favorite time of the year.

There are a lot of wholesale clothing stores who sell bulk sets of sweaters, that you can choose because of it’s variety. On that note, wearing sweaters can also be a fashion material. Trying on these items would mean making yourself open to possibilities and ideas.


Wear your favorite boots

Boots are comfortable kicks you can wear during the fall season and it is exciting to learn how you would manage to pull off these gems with your outfit-of-the-day. There are different types of boots that you can try on: stacked type, dressy, the stiletto type, riding boot, and many more that you can choose from.

By keeping your feet warm and cozy from the weather outside with those killer boots you’ve got, you can match it up with your favorite jeans and accessorize it to even out the elements. You are good for your fall season experience!


Layering is acceptable

Because it’s fall season, it is also an acceptable reason to layer your clothes! By doing so, make it an opportunity to try on new stuff and about the up and trending. Since it’s a habit to do this especially when the fall season comes in (and more during the winter time), dress yourself with fancy garments but make sure not to over do it. You can play with colors as long as they match and they go too showy.


Tips for yourself:


Be more confident with yourself

Show what you’ve got and be more confident to show it off. Knowing good fashion sense makes a person more confident and dashing because you know that you are doing it right.


Being able to learn more new fashion trends

With the Internet’s help, there is no excuse for you not to learn more and to try different patterns. Make use of the technology and knowledge that is given to you and make sure that it’s worth it.


How about you? Do you have any ideas to share? The comment section is pretty welcome for your thoughts!

Images courtesy of Google Images and Pinterest