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Fashion Faux Pas: Seven Style Mistakes Most Men are Guilty Of


“Fashion has the power to not only redefine our own industry, but become a role model for others to reinvent their practices.” –Timothy Ho

Iris Apfel has once famously said that the greatest fashion faux pas man can ever commit is to look in the mirror and see someone else. In this regard, individuals are then expected to dress as they see fit and as is appropriate to their personal style, taste, and preferences. As a result, people should garb themselves in ensembles they feel themselves gravitating to and which reflects their character and personality. Unfortunately, when such liberties remain unchecked, people would then think they can get away with fashion faux pas—a phenomenon wherein your assemblage of clothes would not make the remotest sense. Although being fashionably stylish is something that is largely associated with female fashion, it is undeniably an evident aspect of how men should dress as well. Regrettably, though, some men adopt a very devil-may-care attitude when it comes to their fashion choices and would often look like overgrown schoolboys as a result.

Although fashion’s definition has expanded to include more of what makes you feel comfortable and which styles define you, it does not mean that the styles you do choose look appropriate on you. In this regard, individuals—both male and female should make a better attempt in refining their fashion options and choosing only those that suit them best. While modern fashion today has more to do with what makes you feel good and less of what experts say is trendy, the fashion industry is not above labeling trends to follow and ones that you should avoid. Whether it is outdated streetwear clothing or apparel you used to rock during your fraternity days, here are some of the styles men should always avoid:

1.) Dressing well outside your age

You might think it is cute—being the middle-aged man wearing edgy statement shirts or college university jackets, but here is a well-deserved reality check: You do not. On the contrary, however, you would look like you are just trying too hard to blend in with the younger set by wearing garments that seem more appropriate on them than on you. Remember, while men’s style is a personal choice, there is a certain point in time where you need to start to shift the clothing choices you make and how you wear it. As you mature, so should your style as well.

2.) Choosing a style that does not fit you

Men are just as guilty as women are when it comes to sporting styles and ensembles that do not fit them. Sure, you can be in denial as much as you want about how much weight you have gained, but when you look like you are about to burst at the seams, then it would be pretty apparent that you are wearing clothes not meant for you. If you regularly wear clothes whose buttons you have a hard time closing or if you have to suck in your gut just to fit into a particular pair of jeans, it might be time to choose clothes that would suit you. Consequently, clothes that fit you would not only make you look your best, but you would feel comfortable wearing it as well. Similarly, men with thin frame should not wear baggy clothes as well if they do not wish their clothes to engulf and overwhelm them.

3.) Choosing colors that do not flatter your skin/eye tone/ hair

While choosing appropriate colors that would flatter your eye tone can be overlooked, having hues that clash with your natural coloring and your hair is much too noticeable to be neglected. Choosing colors that work well with your skin tone would make you appear more sophisticated and can do wonders in elevating your ensemble.

4.) Letting your trousers bunch up on your shoes

A well-tailored suit to a woman is what lingerie is to men. In this regard, your suits should not only fit you well but should flatter your silhouette. This means having a suit that fits you from head to toe—from your coat down to your trousers. You may look dapper and sophisticated in your suit, but you will be docked style points if you have an overflowing bunch of material that can be seen making a puddle at your shoes.

5.) Not paying attention to male’s style accessories

When it comes to committing a faux pas in wearing men’s style accessories, it can only be either of two things: Wearing too many and not wearing nearly enough. When it comes to wearing men’s style accessories, you have to apply it just right. There is no need to go overboard and adorn yourself like a Christmas tree or look like an up and coming famous rapper. Subtlety is key, a simple watch and some cufflinks would already do wonders.

6.) Wearing nipple-showing V-neck shirts

Wearing V-necks is considered sexy—particularly if you have a chiseled frame and a buffed out chest. Unfortunately, if you do not possess the physique for the V-neck shirt, it might not look as excellent as it would on others. V-necks are great to a fault. Sure, they function superbly as undershirts to a dapper blazer. But by themselves, they can be a hit or miss. If they show your nipples, then it is probably best if you chose something else.

7.) Refusing to keep up with the times

Sure, trends have a proper time and place, but if you are stubbornly wearing the same outdated and obsolete styles, then it might be time to reevaluate your style choices. While Fedora hats were once the modern in-thing, they have run their time. Consistently wearing dated trends and fads would not do your ensembles any favors. Chuck those in favor for styles that are classic and timeless.
If you wish to be taken a lot more seriously at your workplace or by your peers, more often than not, sometimes a change in your fashion choices is all you would need. At this point, if you have consistently committed any of the fashion faux pas above, it might be best to take a look at your wardrobes and see the various styles that are holding you back. From there, you can then reassess your style, update it and look every bit of a sophisticated and well-dressed man as you can be.

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