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Brand Recognition: Seven Ways Fashion Brands Can Work with Influencers

“A brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It is the sum of all the experiences you have with a company.” –Amir Kassaei

In the age of all things online, it would be quite unthinkable not to market your brand on the Internet.

Since its inception and the subsequent advent of digital marketing strategies, more and more brands have taken creative and ingenious measures to have their brand recognized not only locally, but worldwide. Indeed, investing in an excellent online marketing strategy would get you a broader scope in terms of audience and reach. In this regard, any brand would be able to achieve globalization. While this is a practical approach in almost every industry in the world, it makes the most waves and a significant impact on the fashion industry. Fashion has always been known to be visual inasmuch that clever advertising would require a presence on social media.

Regardless of what time it is of the day, you can always count on various people to be logged onto their social media accounts. And if you are an individual who possesses sound business acumen, you would do well to know that you should exploit that phenomenon. Whether you are a small brand specializing in wholesale urban clothing distributors or a well-known brand looking to capitalize on brand recognition, online advertising would really do wonders for you. However, how does one begin its endeavor in online advertising? With a myriad of tracks and routes at your disposal, it can be rather hard to pick out just one. In the fashion industry, however, leveraging on an influencer marketing strategy would be your best option. So, how do you go about this? Know that there are a lot more options for collaboration than simply uploading an Instagram image with a single, and lousy tag that states where the sartorial ensemble is from.

Incidentally, if that is your cringe-worthy strategy, then you would need to come up with better captions as well as online techniques. There are several different ways you can collaborate on a creative approach and work on a mutually beneficial campaign. If you have been searching for the best way for your fashion brand to work with influencers—either for short-term engagements or long-term partnerships across a range of platforms, here are some of the options you can utilize for your online marketing campaign:

1.) Gifting product for consideration

Known to be the most popular (and effective) strategy, gifting products is a technique that has been around for quite a while. In exchange for digital mentions as well as coverage, fashion brands would offer their products to style and fashion influencers—which, in a sense, is a win-win situation for both parties. Style influencers would seemingly get a freebie while fashion brands would get the kind of coverage and advertising they want. Think of gifting as more of a PR activity in a sense that it does not necessarily guarantee you the coverage you are aiming for. But, if you are an unrecognized brand, this would be an excellent opportunity to test the prowess of online advertising. Similarly, this would also be a good avenue to test the waters on what a working relationship between you and an influencer would look like. Not only would gifting be low cost, but the potential to spread rapid brand awareness and exposure are quite high. So, if you are looking to saturate the market with your brand, try this route.

2.) The Standard Outfit Post

Outfit posts would generally mean having style influencers utilize an item or items in a particular sartorial ensemble which would thereby promote the brand by creating compelling content using said product. More often than not, outfit posts are hinged on negotiated agreements between a fashion brand and a style influencer. Agreements would range from openly including garments from the brand to tagging said brand in an image that would be shared on a particular social media platform. Collaborations such as this one can either be paid in cash or exchanged for products depending on what the style influencer and the fashion brand has agreed upon.

3.) Try-on Haul Video

One of the most popular ways to advertise your brand is through a try-on haul video which can be particularly useful if you are sending an influencer a range of products for them to try on. Make sure to select a style influencer with an existing Youtube channel and who has a lot of followers as well. Ask them to do a try-on haul video on their channel for the influencer engagement. Moreover, give them the creative freedom to style your items the way they would naturally wear them without any suggestions from your end. In this regard, the video would not only have a more authentic feel to it, but it would also show their followers the genuine look and fit of the piece. Similarly, it would also show the viewers a more natural manner of assembling your products instead of the video feeling like an aggressive ad campaign. Most vloggers have an excellent relationship with their viewers as well as their audience because they create content that is engaging. With this in mind, try-on haul videos can be an effective collaboration strategy.

4.) Creating a Lookbook

Lookbooks have been around for quite some time and have been the most popular avenue for collaboration at one point. Lookbook creation in partnership with a fashion brand is an excellent avenue for bloggers and vloggers alike. This is because the production of a lookbook involves creating a series of clothing ensembles utilizing the products of the fashion brand. For a more effective approach, consider focusing on a singular style or theme so that the imagery would mesh well together. With this in mind, incorporate only those styles with harmonious elements all throughout. Alternatively, your lookbook themes could be seasonal such as creating a look for the summer or winter. You could also try focusing on a particular fashion trend that has been making waves in the world of fashion or a color palette that is rather popular.

5.) Style them for an event

If you are working with high-profile style and fashion influencers such as celebrities, this would be the most appropriate strategy for you to build brand recognition. Well-known and revered personalities would almost always get invited to local, national and even international fashion events such as fashion weeks and the like. To build your brand recognition, style an influencer for the event. Alternatively, you could send them products from your brand which they can consider wearing (make sure to include a lot of options!). As a result, their audience would no doubt see their clothing ensembles for the event when it gets posted across their platforms (not to mention the press coverage it gets). Do note that when you style an influencer or a celebrity for an event, you have to consider their personal aesthetic as well as their personal style—not only for a more authentic feel but for better results. While incorporating some style elements from your brand is recommended, be sure to include what the influencer thinks looks good as well.

6.) Engage them as a brand ambassador

Building a long-term relationship and partnership with an influencer requires them to be your brand ambassador. Contractual agreements may vary depending on the fashion brand, but more often than not, it includes sections on promotional activities as well as exclusivity. Having influencers as brand ambassadors would work well for authenticity. Moreover, it builds conversions fasters, and you will resultantly get quite a lot of referrals over time through an influencer’s genuine love for the brand or repetition. By extension of your long-term relationship with the influencer, you would also get to build a relationship with their audience as well as their followers which would then mean you can interact with your consumers at a more personal level.

7.) Employ influencers to be your product model

Most of the time, when people idolize a model or a celebrity, they think whatever they have on or are using is good by association. In the roughest sense, this is how product sponsorships work. In the same regard, you can employ the same strategy with your brand by selecting influencers who have a significant number of followers and inviting them to be your product models. No doubt, fashion brands would need product models for their catalogs, websites and social media content. Think of this as an avenue to share your brand organically with their followers as well as connect your brand with a well-known personality which would invite more consumers to your brand. In selecting a product model, look for an individual who you think would be an excellent fit for your brand’s style. Do not forget to take your target customers’ demographics into account as well.


If you have been looking to leverage your brand recognition, try the strategies enumerated above and let these influencers speak for your brand. However, consider being critical and meticulous in choosing your influencers—after all, you are choosing an individual who would not only promote your brand but by extension would also represent it as well.


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