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Fashion Faux Pas: Eight Fashion Mistakes You May be Unknowingly Committing

“I have so many fashion mistakes, but that is part of being in fashion. I think the people that you see make the most mistakes are usually the best dressers.” –Zac Posen


According to Donatella Versace, the three biggest fashion mistakes are cheap suits, shoes and shirts. She asserts that when it comes to fashion, people should spend their money on something good. Unfortunately, when it comes to fashion, the errors and faux pas committed extends way beyond cheap suits, shoes and shirts. In fact, women remain notorious for making these fashion errors. Whether these are hard ingrained style habits they have developed or fashion clichés and trends they tend to religiously follow, it does not matter.  Regardless of what the reasoning behind their fashion lapses may be, it does help them one bit in enhancing their style. Women who want to improve their fashion and reach their full style potential should break away from obsolete styles as well as adapt to modern fashion practices to avoid damaging their personal style. If you want to be a chic, sophisticated and fashion forward woman, you need to break away from the style errors you are constantly committing.

If your fashion choices have been largely questionable (regardless of whether they are retail or wholesale clothing), then you need to revisit your personal practices and choices when it comes to fashion. Here are some of the mistakes you might be unknowingly committing:


1.) Wearing retro clothes without giving it a modern spin

While wearing retro pieces is not necessarily a bad thing (nor is it even remotely considered tacky), donning them without giving them even the slightest modern twist is. Fashion is cyclical and the trends of tomorrow are sure to make a comeback anytime soon. However, this is absolutely no excuse to garb yourself from head to toe in a style reminiscent of the roaring sixties. Unless you are attending a costume party, dressing yourself from head to toe in another decade’s outfits is never acceptable. Instead, incorporate small pieces from another fashion era and combine them with modern fashion staples.

2.) You believe tall women do not need heels

Not only is this notion erroneous, but a bit silly as well. A pair of heels does not only serve to add to a woman’s height after all, it does wonders for her posture as well. This misconception stem from the sexist idea that women should not be abundantly tall as it is not considered feminine and would only accomplish in drawing more attention to herself. However, a tall woman would still look graceful and every bit as feminine and sultry in heels as any woman would. So, do not let this skewed perception on the rules of high heels deter you.

3.) You primarily shop for Instagram

Since the advent of social media, more and more women are a bit more particular on how they portray themselves online–even going as far as to showing off their branded buys on social media platforms in an effort to impress their friends and followers. While we hate to think that this would be your reasoning for buying that Kate Spade Bag, the reality is we live in a materialistic world obsessed with appearances. So, ask yourself: Are you buying that exorbitant branded purse because you love it? Or because you want others to know you bought it?

4.)You only wear one bold color at a time

More often than not, you wear apparel in bold colors only one at a time. You either match them with much subtler pieces or patterned ones with the idea that it would look tacky or a bit much when complemented with another piece of clothing in a bold color. However, you will find that bold saturated hues look better when paired with another bold saturated hue. The effect is simply stunning, chic and modern.

5.) You avoid wearing horizontal stripes

Most women have this deep-seated belief that wearing anything with horizontal stripes would make them look wider. Although this antiquated notion may be true for body-hugging pieces, they do not necessarily hold the same for clothing pieces that are made well and would fit you well. Try on a blazer with this pattern and pair it with your favorite dark skinny jeans and see the effect for yourself.

6.) You do not mix prints

It has been the belief of many women that mixing prints creates visual noise and as a result, what you are wearing would look too busy. But on the contrary however, mixing prints can elevate your look and make you look fresh. You would be surprised at what you can achieve by mixing stripes with florals or polka dots with Ikat. Start small and break into pattern mixing slowly. Start by treating camo and leopard prints as neutral and add a colored print to it.

7.) You are quick to buy on trends

While there is nothing wrong with a splurge or two on fashion trends, exclusively buying trends is. Every fashion purchase you make does not necessarily have to be a classic, but buying an excessively expensive trend that would potentially fade into a tacky fad within a year is nothing short of unwise. After the season is over and the panache your once so coveted fashion item fades, you are stuck with a very expensive item that would probably hold no value even when it is sold. So, before buying expensive trends, think twice and mull it over. Otherwise, you might want to purchase cheaper alternatives instead.

8.) You believe loose styles would flatter plus-sized women

You are under the impression that in hiding your imperfections, you are effectively concealing your wide frame from view. The truth is, you are only making yourself look wider than necessary and truly are. Instead of trying to hide your body underneath mountains of clothes in a couple of sizes bigger than yours, opt for clothes that are well-tailored and would fit you well instead.


Elevate your style by getting rid of outdated fashion practices and beliefs. Start with the eight most common listed above and reach your true fashion and style potential so that whatever the occasion may be, you will always be sophisticatedly chic and  fashionable.


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Fashion Faux Pas: Eight Style Errors that Make You Look Heavier

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression—there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” –Marc Jacobs

Clothes are meant to flatter your figure and are made to make you feel and look your best, regardless of whether you shop for them in retail stores or get them as wholesale clothing. But as great as clothes are, there are innumerable fashion errors one could commit that would be detrimental to one’s style. By now, we have all heard style pundits and self-proclaimed fashion experts proffer their take on how some sartorial items can make one age in years, but did you know that there are also some clothing items that would make one look heftier than one really is? If you are not careful and meticulous enough with what you wear, you may end up selecting clothing with design elements that can add visual poundage—a fashion blunder as well as a nightmare for most style enthusiasts.

To prevent this from happening, do not simply avoid these errors, instead purge your closets and wardrobes from these clothing items today and invest in something that is guaranteed to make you look fabulous instead.


1.) Wearing fitted pieces that do not fit

Sometimes, when women are in denial, they try to cram themselves into fitted pieces of clothing that once fit them perfectly but no longer do. Issues such as straining over the bust, puckering at the armholes and collapsing at the shoulders are nothing new to them, but these are cardinal signs of a clothing item that no longer fits. One way to make sure this does not happen is to get to know your local tailor and remember that if it looks bad on the model, it would probably look even worse in real life—and less likely to look great on you.


2.) Wearing poor quality pieces

They have sloppy finishes, lopsided cuts, and crappy trips or even substandard fabric—really, why would anyone even think of buying these poor-quality clothing pieces? You certainly do not need to buy any of these items. However, this kind of issues is not solely limited to cheap and affordable clothing. Even clothes with a hefty price tag would be poorly designed, so be sure to double check.


3.) Wearing Menswear made for men

Menswear clothing can be stylish and alluring—pieces such as pantsuits, hoodies, crew tees and button-downs are a staple for any closet after all. However, to flatter and complement your figure, it should be tailored appropriately for a woman’s shape and not for a man’s. You will immediately notice the glaring difference between how a woman’s body is built from a man’s once you have tried on one of their shirts. Wearing anything designed for our male counterparts would definitely add bulk and make us appear heavier than we truly are.


4.) Wearing Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans undoubtedly make anyone look a lot thinner hence the titular name. Perhaps this is the main reason why this fashion staple has become a mainstay in many women’s closets. However, while it looks great on some girls, unfortunately for some, the same cannot be said as it will only accentuate their large areas instead of making them appear svelte. One great rule to remember when wearing skinny jeans is, if you have to struggle to get into them, they are going to make you look bigger.


5.) Wearing puffy coats

Puffy coats are perfect for the winter and colder seasons that it would not come as a surprise that they do no favors for your figure. Unfortunately, in colder months, we do not have much of an option, but luckily there are puffy coats that would not conceal your figure. These coats are designed in a way that they are cinched at the waist so that wearing them would not only keep you warm but show off your figure as well.


6.) You layer too many clothes

Layering is a great fashion technique that would make any ensemble look instantly stylish and a lot more appealing. However, it must be done in such a way that the clothes would not engulf you and end up overwhelming your figure. Some ladies would rely on layering clothes to conceal unwanted and bulk areas, but this is counterintuitive as over-layering would only achieve in making you look bulkier. Instead, layer clothes wisely and choose clothes that would complement your figure.


7.) Wearing the wrong bra

Your undergarments serve as the foundation of your clothing and how they fit would be a significant contributor on how your complete ensemble would look. Naturally, choosing ill-fitting undergarments such as bras that are a size too small under a fitted blouse would add pounds to your look. Ill-fitting bras tend to make some of your fat or skin rolls spill out if they are a size too small and would not offer much support if they are a size too big. So, make sure to invest in undergarments that do fit you to avoid those muffin tops and fat rolls from being seen.


8.) Wearing too tight clothes

Tight clothes do nothing for your blood circulation but do wonders for highlighting your curves and making you appear sexier and more seductive. Unfortunately, for heavyset women or women with a little weight, tight clothes can be the bane of their existence as it will only draw attention to areas where you have extra weight. Do not commit the fashion blunder of forcing yourself into tight clothes when you know you are a bit on the heavy side as it will only make you look even more robust. One rule of thumb to remember as regards tight clothes is that when you start to see rolls and creases, then it is probably too tight for you.


Your clothes have a lot to say about you and your personality, so make sure you are making a good impression with what you have on. If you are aiming for a slender, cleaner and more polished look, avoid the style errors and above and stick to the pieces that you know would complement you best.


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