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Trends to Invest In According to Your Age


“Fashion is timeless”

Although, genuine and voguish fashion never goes out of style, the same cannot be said for sporting sartorial choices that would look more at home when donned by your eighteen-year-old daughter. And while we want to look youthful and sprightly, it would be immensely tacky to wear clothing options that would otherwise make an apparent statement of our desperation for “holding off the age”. The reality is, as much as we want to feel young with whatever statement wears and trendy options the youth are getting into nowadays, it rarely compliments us when we have reached an age wherein sporting these wears would get us censorious looks from onlookers. If you want to look young and feel young, or, at least, sport the kind of fashion appropriate for your age, it is rather imperative that you dispose of those clingy, snug and tight-fitting short clothes and those other current trends that would do nothing to enhance your youthfulness or complement your age gracefully.

After all, there is genuine beauty in dressing according to our age and believe it or not, even some of the styles appropriate for various age brackets would take years away from you if done right, just as some of the youthful styles will age you if you continue sporting such. And whether you like it or not, we all age and are entering new phases in our lives. It may seem like it was just yesterday when you applied for your very first job, and now you are well on your way to climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. Everyone experiences different stages and memorable moments in life and as they walk through these stages, they would need to be appropriately dressed for it and these sartorial items should be as chic and elegant as possible.

In this article, we have categorized trends and items according to your age and which styles you should best invest in. You would various suggestions for a specific age group from versatile retail buys to wholesale clothing; there is something for everyone in here.



Slip Dresses


A woman in her twenties would be wise to invest in slip dresses as this fashion piece is incredibly adaptable and flexible. These pieces can be worn as corporate attire to the office if appropriately complemented by an office coat, and should you want to go on a night out, you could easily take the jacket off and you are all set. Your twenties mark a significant and decisive point in your life where you are starting to look for jobs, finishing off school or perhaps are establishing your independence and for this you would need a versatile piece that would accommodate a particular lifestyle where you are constantly jetting off from one place to another. This is where a slip dress would come in ideal as with minimal accents, accessories and slight improvements (depending on the occasion) they would fit whatever setting there is.




Pleated Midi Skirts


Throw in a bit of girlish panache and style into your everyday mix by purchasing pleated midi skirt as opposed to an ordinary looking A-line skirt. These skirts are incredibly awesome to wear, not only because they are in vogue but the length would be appropriate for all ages. In the workplace, you would find that the skirt’s silhouette is incredibly handy which is an imperative consideration seeing as it is in your thirties where you seem to find yourself working the most.



Bell Sleeves


Bell sleeves are an awesome sartorial investment in your thirties whether you are in a love-hate relationship with your arms or not. This fashion choice offers an extremely flattering silhouette of your arms and shoulders and would seemingly complement any outfit. The distinctive structure of the bell sleeve would add to any look with minimal effort on your part. This is incredibly handy—most especially if you are a woman with kids and would have to run around with them. Having this in your wardrobe would significantly diminish the time you would need to meticulously plan out a killer an appropriate outfit.



Cutout Shoulder Pieces

Who says that women in their fifties cannot show a little skin every now and then? If there is one part they should flaunt, the shoulders would fit the mold as this is one area of the body which seemingly is unable to age. Show a bit of skin and flaunt those great shoulder tops by donning cutout shoulder tops or dresses as in this way, you get to display a bit of flesh without being inappropriate and revealing. Donning these pieces will give you the right balance of being chic and elegant at the same time.



Flat Side Shoes

As much as we would want to deny it when we are about to enter our geriatric age, we would want maximum comfort as much as possible. However, for extremely fashionable women who are well on their way to their mid-sixties to their seventies, it could be rather hard to compromise fashion for comfort. So, to address this dilemma, women in this age bracket should have a trusty pair of flat side shoes where it offers an equal amount of fashion edge as well as maximum comfort for those of you who could no longer rock a pair of stilettos. This trendy style keeps you low to the ground while being fashionable and would have you looking polished all throughout the day without encumbering your feet with discomfort.



Being fashionable and trendy should not be limited to the young and sprightly, as it is earlier said that fashion is timeless. Being stylish can span across all ages and would be very much possible at whatever stage of life you are, the key is to dress and pull off an outfit which would be appropriate for your age and would be fashionable on you as well. These pieces should give you an extra oomph and would let you rock the ensemble with full confidence as these pieces would truly make you shine—no matter your age.


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