Style on a Budget: Seven Ingenious Ways to Save More Money on Your Wardrobe

“Fashion is a statement, not a style. Fashion does not have to worn casually, nor outside the runway. Fashion is fit for all sizes for all people of all ages. Fashion is an art of personal self-expression, not an excuse to be pretty popular and charismatic.” –Author Unknown


Fashionable women are known to have a proclivity for shopping for new clothes and an affinity for clothing deals and bargain buys.

Unfortunately, while shopping for clothes does not necessarily pose a problem nor would it be considered inherently bad, if you constantly find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck then you might have a problem. Similarly, if your wardrobes are already bursting at the seams from all the clothes you have and yet you are constantly accumulating more, addressing this pressing concern should be one of your foremost considerations.Sure, being stylish can be commendable but when our sartorial preferences eat away the space in our closets and our budgets, then we need to reevaluate just what kind of clothing shopping habits we have. Indeed, clothes are fun and they can be an avenue for expressing ourselves and our creativity, but while these are all true, they can easily become a money pit for individuals with a penchant for shopping and fashion who do not know any better.  Remember, looking fashionable does not always have to mean overflowing closets and empty wallets. In this time and age, being stylish does not connote breaking the bank and there is a myriad of ways to come up with an affordable fashionable ensemble. So, if you have been looking to trim down your monthly expenses on clothing or for ways to come up with a stylish outfit sans the exorbitant cost, take a gander at the tips below:


Shop slightly out of season

Regardless of whether you shop at wholesale diamond supply or any other retailer, most shops would have a delivery of clothing at least every two weeks—depending on how big and how prominent the retailer is. In this regard, most shops would be constantly pressured to let go of their old merchandise to make room for new means. As a result, slightly out of season items that hit the shelves a month or a few weeks early are likely to be heavily discounted halfway through the season. It does not matter whether they are the latest trends or not, they would still be significantly marked down from their original price. With this in mind, try not to shop for the clothes you want for the coming season and instead, look out for them when they are given huge discounts.

Do not save your credit card details online

Some of us do our shopping online and in an effort to expedite the entire process, we save our credit card details online so that it would only take us one click to check out our purchases. However, while it might seem convenient at the time, saving your credit card details would increase the likelihood of you buying clothing items you do not really care for. When you do not see any actual money being transacted, you do not feel the compelling need to reevaluate your purchases. Furthermore, by saving your credit card details online, you are effectively robbing yourself of the precious time you need to contemplate whether or not you really need the item you are thinking of buying. With just one click, you can already make a purchase and in the same vein, you can already sink money into potential purchases you do not really need. Do yourself a favor and delete it.


Sell what you do not wear

An excellent way to make profit while you are organizing and decluttering your items is to sell the clothes you no longer have any use for. Examine the contents of your closet and separate the clothes that you still wear from the ones that you do not. Take these items then to a consignment shop or you might want to sell it on your own—whichever tack you choose, you are still making money either way. Take note: If there are things you have not worn for well over a year, you probably do not need them anymore. Do not find excuses to keep them.

Buy better basics

In building your wardrobe, remember to stock up on basics first. However, in doing so, choose quality basics that are sure to last you for a significant time instead of arbitrarily selecting sartorial basic items. Sure, you can easily find them in almost clothing retailer but you would want to be a little thorough in your selection. Why? Because these are the items you would be wearing over and over. In this regard, these will be the clothes that are likely to receive the full brunt of washing cycles, so it is best to invest in quality ones that you can wear for years. They might not look any different on the rack, but paying a little more now would eventually save you money than having to constantly replace cheaper versions.

Do not get sucked in by deals and sales

While sales are excellent avenues for buying marked down items, you should not get sucked into them. In this regard, do not feel compelled to shop just because it is sale season. Shop during a sale because you need to or want to and not because you think you are going to be saving money in doing so. Newsflash: You are not—especially if you are needlessly spending it on clothes you do not need. With this in mind, remove the marked dates you have in your calendar that would all indicate a shopping sale. Similarly, unsubscribe from newsletters that constantly barrage you with emails notifying you about a particular sale. Remember, even if it is on sale, you would still need to ask yourself if it is something you need and something of value. If you are buying it on account that it is on sale, you might not really need it in the first place.

Go easy on trends

It can be rather easy to fall for a current style trend when you see almost everyone—from your favorite celebrities and style icons to your friends–wearing it. However, while this item does not serve to deter you from shopping trends, it is telling you to go easy when you do so. Yes, it is okay to buy one sheer black mesh top, but it is an entirely different thing if a third of your closet is dedicated to them. Take note: Fashion is diverse and constantly changing. In this regard, you cannot expect these trendy items to be perpetually stylish for the entire year. At some point, they will be gone and what was once fashionable would now be considered a fad to be replaced by another trend. As a consequence, you would be left with a closet full of outdated items that you would no longer seemingly wear.


Expand your options with accessories

Sometimes, we feel compelled to shop owing to the fact that we feel like the options inside our closets are limited. However, just because you are constrained to the contents of your closet does not mean that your wardrobe is limited. There is a myriad of ways to spice up your ensembles and make them feel more exciting. Incorporate creativity into your dressing habits by sprucing up your outfits with inexpensive bracelets. There is a whole range you can choose from that can instantly make any ensemble look different. Switch it up every now and then and make the contents of your closet work for you. You do not necessarily need to shop when you think outside the box and creatively come up with a way to make your outfits look different.


Remember, being on a budget does not have to mean you have to look boring and dull. There is no need for you to cut new clothing out of your life for good. However, it does mean that you have to refine your clothing shopping habits in such a way that you can leverage your expenses to not fall on new clothes alone. Take note: There is a significant difference between loving to shop and loving to shop because it makes you feel better about yourself. If you are the latter, you might want to reevaluate your reasons for accumulating way too many clothes in a year.


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