Style Guide: Seven Overt Signs You Should Not Buy That Clothing You Have Been Eyeing

“My clothes have a story. They have an identity. They have a character and a purpose. That is why they become classics because they keep on telling a story. They are still telling it.” –Vivienne Westwood

Any woman can fool herself into thinking that she would no longer need to shop for clothes and that she has more than enough of them. But at the end of the day, as all womenfolk could attest to, she would succumb to the temptation of purchasing more apparel. Much like how one woman can never have enough shoes, the quest for building a perfect wardrobe is an endless endeavor. After all, the fashion industry is clever in their marketing pursuits and ploys. In this regard, unlike men whose wardrobes would primarily consist of pretty much the same kinds of clothes, women, on the other hand, are presented with a myriad of clothing possibilities. Complement that with the fact that clothing styles rarely stay in season (unless they are classics); then the fashion world has ingeniously created a phenomenon wherein women would feel compelled to update their closets with newer and fresher clothing pieces continually.

However, while this might be understandable, this pressing habit does have to be inevitable. Just take a look at the contents of your closet and ask yourself: How many clothes are here? And how often do I wear each and every single one of them? There is a likely chance that you have clothes that you have not seen the light of the day after you have worn them once. While you might think this is something you can easily overlook, just think of how much space those kinds of clothes have accumulated—not to mention the amount of money you have spent on them. More often than not, we tend to buy clothes even if we do not really like them. We either buy them because they are trendy, in season or because everyone seems to be wearing it. Because we feel a compelling need to have it, we make the significant oversight of making excuses for the clothes we do not really like so as to justify our purchase. It does not matter whether it is not our color or it does not look as great as we imagined it to be, so long as we perceive it to be stylish, it would be an immediate purchase.

This impulsive shopping nature of ours could potentially lead us to a closet full of unwanted clothes that we would no sooner have to purge off. If you find yourself hoarding clothes of wholesale urban fashion, luxury retail buys or the like that you do not necessarily see yourself wearing constantly, you might need to address the problem. Here are some of the disqualifying factors that you need to bear in mind whenever you buy clothes:

1.) You cannot wear it without Spanx

You find yourself staring at a really cute number, and you are more than willing to try it on. However, once you do, you would realize that it fits just a little too snug. Okay, maybe a lot more than just a little, but you convince yourself that you might be able to pull it off if you wear Spanx. At least in that way, attention would not be drawn to your protruding belly. Sometimes, a salesperson might encourage you to make the purchase telling you that it would look fabulous on you once you have Spanx on. You might think of the suggestion as well-intended, but really, they are just hoping to make a quick sale. The truth is the only clothing you should ever consider buying are those clothes that already fit you well without needing anything else. If it does not suit you just as it is (or if it looks off-putting), then it is probably not for you.

2.) Jackets/Blazers that do not button

Sure, jackets and blazers can look cute open, but if something has buttons, then it is meant to be closed as well. If you are not able to close it, then that is a cardinal sign that you should not be wearing or buying it. Unfortunately, if you are well endowed, it can be somewhat hard to find blazers and jackets that close over your boobs—unless you are incredibly lucky. Sure, you do not really have to button it up, but you should be able to button it.

3.) It needs tailoring

While tailoring your clothes to fit you best is recommended, it is not perfunctory for every purchase you make—especially if you are the kind of person who never really gets any tailoring done. Have a cute dress that looks a little too big on you? Well, just have it resized by a professional tailor and you are good. While this might seem like a sound idea, if you are regularly buying things only to have them altered and tailored, you are spending twice as much than you should have on just one piece of clothing. Sure, getting your clothes tailored for you is a smart move, but you should not be doing that for every article of clothing you have. In that regard, you should reconsider buying clothes that need to be tailored.

4.) You cannot sit down in it

An article of clothing might fit and look great on you, but do not celebrate just yet. Your premature celebration might lead you to discover that yes, the outfit looks fabulous while you are on your feet. But you might find that it is next to impossible to sit down with it without having it rip at the seams. A good indicator of whether or not a piece of clothing would rip is whether or not it stretches too tight across your stomach or chest while you are sitting. Similarly, if the skirt rides up to high on your leg (bordering on obscene); consider putting it back on the rack.

5.) You do not know what to wear it with

Sometimes, we often find ourselves taking an item to the checkout without actually knowing what to pair it with because we either found it cute or sexy. You might have a pair of shoes that only works well with one outfit, or you might find a top that goes with nothing in your closet. You convince yourself to buy it either because you are planning to look for other items that would ultimately complete the look or you are hoping that in the future, you would buy something that would match it. In both cases, you are already wrong. One of the critical aspects of good clothing is versatility, and if what you intend to buy does not really go with anything you have, you can already scratch that criterion of your list. Moreover, you should not be purchasing clothes that would only compel you to buy other pieces of clothing just so you can wear it. It should function well on its own or at least go with what you have. If it does not, leave it on the rack.

6.) It does not look good from the back

A simple perusal of yourself in the mirror can make you conclude that an article of clothing looks great. However, before you go on ahead and buy the clothing item, make sure you have thoroughly inspected yourself from every angle. By that, we mean looking at yourself from head to toe and front to back. Sure, you might think that as you cannot really see your back, it would be fine. But take into account that other people would likely be looking at it. If a piece of clothing looks unflattering from the back, it might not just be for you.

7.) It gaps over your chest

Regardless of whether you are aiming for a sultry look or not, your blouse’s buttons should close over your boobs. If it leaves a little gap, then it does not fit. Despite what you think, you would still need room for your boobs.


Take note: Just because it looks good on the mannequin and the rack does not necessarily translate to looking good on you. Do not make the mistake of justifying your impulse purchases when you do not really see yourself wearing a piece of clothing more than once. Take these tips to heart, and your closet and your pockets will thank you.


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