Style Forecast: Five Fashion Fad and Trends to Ditch This 2017

“Fashion fads are always tricky because you want your child to fit in with her friends, but you also want to teach her that she does not have to follow every trend that comes along. So, when there is something new she wants to try, let her experiment, but if you think she is spending too much time or money on it, then you might want to step in.” –Mary Giles

The New Year provides a fresh new start for all individuals across the globe. It opens the road to new opportunities and possibilities for all areas of life—including something as particularly mundane and commonplace as fashion. After all, as we always say each year, “Out with the old and in with the new”.
However, your fashion sense need not tedious and monotonous. This year you can find novel and fresh ways to refine your style, amplify your ensembles or even perfect your chosen personal style. This year provides new prospects for fashion and may even be the catalyst for a better dressed you. But as it is in each year, there are some fads and trends from the previous year that are notable for their exciting facets and can be maintained in the current year while the rest did nothing to improve or even detracted your style.

These are the trends you should drop and let go of. You need to be discerning and meticulous as to which trends you can keep and which ones you should cut. After all, this 2017 offers you a fresh start, it is only right that you be appropriately and stylishly dressed for the part as well. In this article, let us take a look back and review the myriad of fashion trends that have dominated our social media feed and style magazines over the last year. Some of them may be worthy of retaining, while the same cannot be said about some other eyebrow-raising styles which would make onlookers question what fashion sense you possess. Here are some of the trends you need to ditch by the next year:

1.) The Instagram Eyebrow

In 2016, everyone instantly became an artist and rode on the perfect eyebrow game. Almost everyone gave up their unique brows and started looking just like everyone else, with dark, bold and sharp-edged brows which were painstakingly drawn like an upside down Nike Logo. This degree of brow perfection means that there is absolutely no room for error and meant that there are a lot of things that would require you to perfect this art. Powders, concealers, gels and a pot of incredibly expensive eyebrow kits were definitive of how 2016 transformed the makeup game in 2016. This year, try to change it up and ditch the perfect looking brows. You will feel much better at how you look significantly different than everyone else.

2.) Dressing for your age

One sentiment echoed by various fashion articles is how women should learn and appropriate know how to dress themselves according to their age. Graphic tees, wild hair colors, and anything your teenaged daughter would wear was basically off-limits. This effectively means that women well way into their forties were pigeonholed into a straitlaced manner of dressing up. Magazines would laud clothes that were age-appropriate which largely consists of corporate jackets, blousy insets, maybe a pair of wholesale steve madden shoes or two but nothing that seemed fun. Enter Instagram star Baddie Winkle and later on Helen Mirren—both who basically told these fashion magazines to shove off their dressing dictums and garbed themselves however they want. Both look like they are enjoying their golden years while sporting bright colors and youthful trends—a reminder for all of us that it is boring to conform to any age-determined norm and that fashion does not need to be age-appropriate in order to look good and fun. This year, take a leaf out of their books and do not dress for your age, but rather dress for yourself.

3.) Band Tees (of bands you do not listen to)

A particular shirt with a band name emblazoned or embellished on it is the definition of edgy and every girl or woman who wants to be identified as one would certainly be riding this bandwagon. Though there is nothing necessarily wrong with wearing band tees, if you happen to come across a particularly enthusiastic fan, they would ask you a series of questions regarding your shirt and it could easily get awkward. You may want to impress a specific boy who might like the band, but throwing on a shirt may score you points but not necessarily the attention you so crave. Besides, that is the line of thinking of someone in their pre-teen years and not a woman well into their adult years. Ditch the band tees and wear something you are a lot more familiar and comfortable with.

4.) See Through Boots

In 2016, there is nothing more baffling than the immediate rise of see-through boots which became almost an instantaneous hit. It seems that even wholesale steve madden boots would not make the cut when Kanye West thought it was a good idea to cover your soles in a pair of see-through boots that would not even conceal a botched pedicure job. One would not need an exhaustive list of reasons on why this fad is absolutely out for this year—even the simple fact that they can get incredibly muggy in the summer and drafty in the winter should convince anyone why it is better to wear traditional boots.

5.) Lack of body Confidence

In whatever year, body acceptance would always be in and would always be trendy regardless of the era. Women’s lack of body confidence did not only arise in the previous year, but it is worthy to note that in the last year, women who do not conform to society’s definition of beautiful and sexy rose to prominence. The world of fashion has issued various edicts telling women that we should all love ourselves regardless of what color, size or ethnicity we are—yet their spreads featured none of what they were preaching. Women on the bulkier side and women of various ethnicities were largely underrepresented. Yet all of that is about to change seeing how in the last year, models who do not quite fit into the fashion industry’s cookie-cutter image of what a model should be started making waves. This means that women were challenging beauty standards and as a result, women all over the world would come to love their own individuality.


Remember that for this year, it is imperative that you find your own style and ditch following the trends while dropping those trends that did not make the cut as well. This year, let it be all about you because after all, dressing for yourself and for self-confidence would never go out of style.


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