Smarter Fashion Purchases: Seven Bulletproof Phrases that Mean You Just Should Not Buy it

“I do get pleasure from very inconsequential things, like shopping for clothes.” –Graham Norton


To some of us, shopping is not just considered as a menial activity we elect to do only when prompted by a need. For some of us, shopping for new clothes is actually a way of life and finding the perfect and definitive sartorial item to go with rest of our ensemble pretty much gives us that rush of euphoria that more often than not, we get addicted to that feeling.

Consequently, the euphoric feeling tends to make us hoard clothes and accumulate them more than usual—some of which we do not necessarily need. Some of these clothes will never see the light of day and were only bought on impulse. Unfortunately, while it might seem like a myriad of clothing items would present you with the unique opportunity of having innumerable sartorial options, it is quite the opposite. With your closets bursting at the seams from too many clothes, you would be overwhelmed with the sheer number of your options that you would not be able to make sound choices in mixing and matching. As a result, too many clothes would effectively narrow down your selection for a stylish and fashionable getup—quite counterintuitive for someone who has too many clothes.

And yet some of us would find ourselves justifying our purchases either because it was on sale, or because it was an opportunity you could not pass. Sometimes, we even have to convince ourselves that the article of clothing is worth the purchase. You all know that moment—when you are standing in front of a mirror in the dressing room and tugging on the dress, sucking your stomach in and turning from side to side. After checking the price tag, you sigh to yourself and think that it might just work. Regardless of whether the dress came from a well-known retailer or a relatively obscure streetwear wholesale distributor, it does not matter; you would substantiate the purchase with one reason or another.

Unfortunately, just because you convinced yourself it would eventually work does not mean it always will. More often than not, you might find that you do not have anything that would go with it in your closet—prompting you to go on another shopping spree. Similarly, it might not just be the season for you to wear it which would constrain you to store it in your closet and perhaps be forgotten by the time you can actually use it. If all these are things you find yourself relating to, you need to realize that you have an existing problem and you need to address it head-on. You need to stop indulging your shopping impulses with reaching justifications that were tailored to convince ourselves solely. If you hear yourself thinking of any of the sentiments listed down below, there is a likely chance that you do not really need nor want the piece of clothing in your hand.

Here are some of the phrases women use to convince themselves a piece of clothing is worth the purchase:


1.) “…it is on sale.”

Here’s a reality check: Just because it is on sale does not automatically mean that you should immediately buy it. You might think to yourself that you could have potentially saved a lot and would miss out on the chance if you did not buy it while it was marked down. If you really wanted the item in the first place, then go ahead and bring it to the checkout counter. However, if you have recently developed an interest in it owing to its significant discount, chances are you never really wanted it in the first place.

2.) “…it will shrink in the dryer.”

If you had wanted an article of clothing in a smaller size but found that it was unavailable or out of stock, please do not settle for a larger size thinking that it would shrink in the dryer. This misconception might cost you a lot in the event that the clothing refuses to shrink in the dryer. Then you would be left with an article of clothing that is entirely too big for you. Just trust us on this one and do not make that gamble with your dryer and just buy clothes that actually fit you.

3.) “…it will stretch.”

The chances of a piece of clothing stretching where it had not in the dressing room are rather slim, so you would not want to play that kind of guessing game with whatever potential clothing purchase you might make. Unfortunately, women can be rather stubborn and even in the event that a piece of clothing does not fit them, they would still find ways to justify their purchase by saying they would lose weight. What happens if you cannot then? Just put it back on the rack and save yourself the feelings of frustration and disappointment in the future when you find out that it still does not fit you.

4.) “If I buy more, I will get the discount deal or get another one for free.”

Buying more things in order to avail of a discount deal or to get one item free is a clever marketing ploy designed to make you spend more…and it works! If you do not necessarily need anything more than what you intended to buy, there is absolutely no reason for you to avail of the discount deal. Unfortunately, most shoppers would think they are missing out by a lot just because they failed to meet the minimum purchase requirement. But if you did not actually need more of it in the first place, why spend more just to get two unnecessary items?

5.) “If I bought another bra or wore a different one…”

It is a given fact that there are specific bras that would make your bust look and fit better under certain garments. If you already have that kind of bra in your wardrobe, then, by all means, use it to justify your purchase. Unfortunately, if you have to buy another kind of bra just to wear a particular kind of clothing, you might want to rethink your purchase and just leave it on the rack instead.

6.) “It just needs a little pull and adjustment here…”

If you find yourself constantly tugging the hem of a skirt that rides too high on your legs or adjusting the straps of a dress in the dressing room, there is a likely chance that these are the very same things that would irk you when you finally get to wear them. For now, they might seem like tiny insignificant flaws and faults that you can overlook, but you would not feel the same once you will wear it for an entire day. Just save yourself the headache and put it back.

7.) “I am not sure as to what goes with it.”

Women often have the habit of buying clothes that go with nothing in their closets. Some would store it and let time pass until such time that they can find something suitable that would match it. Other women are not as patient and would actually conduct another shopping spree to find that one key and definitive item to complete their ensemble. To avoid this, keep in mind that if you do not have at least two items in your closet that would go with your potential purchase then forget about it and move on.

So, the next time you go on a clothes shopping excursion and find yourself rationalizing a potential purchase with any of the sentences listed below, you might want to put the piece back on the rack and save yourself the money and much-needed closet space.


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