Reasons You Have Too Many Clothes but Barely Anything to Wear


“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody is buying far too many clothes” Vivienne Westwood

They say a girl can never have too many clothes, but while this is true, it is not necessarily advantageous for assembling a stylish or even just a presentable ensemble. Your wardrobe might look enviable from another woman’s standpoint seeing as it is packed with clothes of almost every style and brand—whether they are retail or, wholesale clothing bought. But this is not necessarily a good thing. In most cases, women would often find their closets filled to the brim with various clothes and diverse styles, and yet for the life of them, they could not find a single piece to wear. Quite the fashion paradox women find themselves in wherein the biggest irony lies in possessing too many clothes yet stuck in a style affliction of having barely anything to wear. This scenario may sound grossly absurd, but at one point in your life, you are sure to have experienced this fashion predicament.

There may be a lot of factors contributing to this fashion dilemma, and the reasons may range from hoarding too many of the same styles of clothes to purely just loving clothes shopping for the heck of it. This article explores the various explanations as to why you may have a lot of clothes yet none to wear, and if you find yourself in the same situation, you might want to take a gander at the reasons offered below.


1.)    You love to shop

Though shopping for clothes is not exactly a bad thing, it is certainly one way to occupy the limited space you have in your closet. Although you might love diverse outfits and creating various beautiful outfits, the biggest problem you might have is not having enough days of the week (or in some cases, the month) to wear them in rotation. While this may be advantageous for so many women (just think of the variety!), it is inevitable that there will be select pieces that you would favor above the rest. And when this happens, you would inadvertently wear them more often than the rest leaving some of your clothes lying in your closet until a certain time that they would no longer be trendy anymore. Pare the clothes in your closet, and you may find that you would not only be freeing up a lot of space, but you would actually get to see and wear most of the clothes you have bought.


2.)    The clothes no longer fit

One consequence of having too many clothes in your closet is that some items are bound to be two sizes too small or would be ill-fitting on you after a while. Chances are some of these items are clothes you have never gotten around to wearing. Whether you have gained a bit of weight or bought it in a smaller size in hopes of finding inspiration to lose weight, the reality in clinging to these items you are wasting precious closet space and still end up having nothing to wear. If your clothes no longer fit you, either donate them or stow them away until a certain time that you have lost enough weight to wear them again.


3.)    You have never thrown anything out in years

Whether your reasons are sentimental (This black number was what I wore during our first date!) or something else, there is no reason for your clothes to occupy so much space in your closet when you are not even wearing them anymore. Some of these may be a bit pricey considering their brand label, but if it is not doing anything aside from being an immovable piece in your closet, you are better off selling it and buying yourself a new set of clothes—one that you would potentially wear.


4.)    You do not throw something because “It is a classic.”

While some styles have surpassed the test of time, you can only have so many of these items before you start to realize that you are practically piling your closet with the same types of clothes. Herve Leger bandage dresses are one thing, but even little black dresses or something as basic as denim jeans would go through style changes as time passes. And before you know it? You are stuck with five to six black dresses that are outdated or elephant denim pants no one would wear today. Diversity and variety are excellent aspects when it comes to great style, but you would not want diversity on just one particular sartorial item alone.


5.)    You have kept all of your favorite clothes

Everyone has a favorite piece or number in their closet—one that they would hold on to through time regardless of how dated, old and tatty they may be. Some of them may no longer even fit you, and as a consequence, you have not worn them for years. This may not pose such a big problem if you are only keeping one or a couple of your favorite clothes, but if they are overwhelming the space in your closet, it might be time to let them go. You are no longer wearing them anyhow, so might as well use the space it vacated for brand new clothes.


6.)    Give-Away and hand-me-downs

Free clothes—regardless of whether they were used or brand new would always find home in our closets. However, for them to deserve that precious space, they need to work for you—like truly work for you. When it comes to free clothes, we are hardly discriminating—after all, you have not spent money on it, so you cannot afford to be picky. However, before you even consider on keeping and wearing it, do ask yourself if the color complements your skin tone if it fits and looks great on you (and if not, if it could be tailored) and if you have anything in your closet to complete the outfit. If you answered in the negative in any of those questions, then perhaps it is better to decline the offer.


7.)    It was expensive

More often than not, the reason we keep ourselves from throwing something out is the hefty price tag that was attached to the clothes. It does not matter whether the fashion piece is outdated, ill-fitting or even garish, if we spent good money on it, we are not as receptive in letting go. Instead of hanging on to it, let it serve as a lesson to be more discreet when it comes to your purchases. Once you have a better comprehension of what a great outfit ensemble is, you would be more meticulous when it comes to your purchases and hopefully no longer spend quite a lot on something that you might never wear.



Having way too many clothes in a small closet is one of the many fashion dilemmas plaguing women who love clothes. This does not mean that nothing can be done about it, however. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more. Assess your closets and come up with a good fashion compromise. Ultimately, you would have to let some things go, but at the end of the day, you would be more than happy to know that you may have reduced the items in your wardrobe, but you definitely have widened your ensemble selections.


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