Men’s Fashion: Five Reasons to Invest in a Tailored Suit

“Style is when they are running you out of town and make it look like you are leading the parade” –William Battie

It has been said that nothing is more attractive to a woman than a man wearing a suit. In fact, a rather well-known adage has proclaimed that suits are to women what lingerie is to men—and this could not be any truer. In mainstream media and pop culture, the most attractive men are perpetually seen in suits—from the iconic James Bond to his cartoon counterpart, Sterling Archer. There is just something so sophisticated and debonair about a man in a suit—and this does not mean just any suit either, but rather a well-tailored one that fits you appropriately and accordingly.

However, in the age of contemporary fashion, we have seen a steady rise of baggy jeans, hip-hop clothing and snapbacks. As a result, the modern male has saved this most revered fashion staple solely for formal events such as weddings, funerals and cocktail parties. On the rare cases that they do see the light of day, the man in question happens to have a corporate meeting or something similar. Over the years, a certain stigma has been attached to wearing a suit. Individuals wearing it out of formal events would either be seen as stuffy business executives or would otherwise be considered as trying too hard. However, this notion should be dispelled because, until today, the suit remains a cult classic. In this regard, women can all universally agree that it looks exceedingly attractive on a man. In fact, simply wearing one would make any male ten times more appealing and alluring. Considering all this, it should go without saying that a well-tailored suit is a vital sartorial piece in your wardrobes—a fashion and style staple if you may.

However, if your closets seem to be appallingly short of one, here are good reasons why you should invest in a well-tailored suit as soon as possible:

1.) Save time

While suits off the rack are more accessible for purchase, are more affordable and conveniently displayed and sold in shopping malls, they can look too common. Moreover, there is a likely chance that your options when it comes to sizes would be limited—chalk this up to the consequences of mass production. As suit sizes would be generic, it can take a lot of shopping around before you finally find one that would fit you decently and yet even then, you would still likely need some adjustments. All of these would not only be time-consuming but a hassle as well. Invest in a tailored suit instead, it may cost you a bit more and may take a bit longer to make but it will eliminate the stress and hassle—plus you will end up looking sharp and confident.

2.) More fabric options and choices

Off the rack, suits come in fabrics that are already pre-selected for you. In this regard, choosing a specific pattern or fabric in your size can be especially difficult seeing as your choices are reduced and limited. However, investing in a custom and well-tailored suit bespoke for you presents you an array of fabric options and patterns. All you would need to do is simply choose one to your liking, and you will consequently have a unique suit that compliments your silhouette best.

3.) Longevity of the suit

As a consequence of mass production and perhaps, time constraint, off the rack suits are rarely of any quality. If anything, they may last you for a few years before they start deteriorating—especially if they are stashed away for most of the time inside closets. A custom made one on the other hand, however, is made with precise and detailed craftsmanship. Seeing as your tailor would not have to mass produce suits, he or she can spend time dedicated to perfecting your suit. Seeing as a quality suit would effectively reduce the frequency of suit purchases, you will ultimately be spending less over time.

4.) Better fit

This one is a no-brainer, but it bears stressing that a custom-made tailor suit would always fit you better than the one you bought off the racks. Custom suits are made-to-measure which would mean that it would be created from an existing pattern which would then be adjusted to match your measurements. As a result, the suit is made to fit your body with alterations only necessary if you have lost or gained weight. The tailoring is not only based on your body measurements but an analysis of your posture as well. Wearing a tailored suit ensures that you are wearing a garment created precisely for your body shape and as a result, people will take notice and even do a double take.

5.) It looks more stylish

As said before, department stores tend to carry a lot of suits that look the same—leaving you with little to no options at all. Sure, they may reflect current and modern trends, but they still retain that generic veneer that is notably absent in tailored suits. Wearing a tailored suit means you wish to be on the cutting edge of men’s fashion. Purchasing and wearing one ensures that not only will you be getting the highest standard in fit and fabric, but the look can be as on trend or as classic as you wish it to be. After all, a bespoke suit can be whatever you want to it to be—allowing you to customize everything from the width of the lapels to the number of buttons you wish the suit to have. Custom-made suits are incredibly versatile that it can serve as couture as you want it to be or you can downplay trends and have it reflect your personality instead.


While off the rack suits are convenient and are more affordable, they are nothing in comparison to well-tailored suits. You may get lucky and find one from off the rack that fits you well, but regardless there will always be something missing, and it can never beat one that is made to measure. So, do yourself a style favor and invest in a bespoke suit that would instantly augment your style.


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