How to Dress in Denim Jeans in Formal Settings

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Ah, denim. A precious piece of clothing that has surpassed the test of time; it remained to be consistently trendy and fashionable throughout the years. After all, who among us does not own at least a pair of jeans? They are comfortable and when tastefully paired with other pieces of clothing, you can pull off a truly stylish and chic look.

However, over the years, denim has seen major overhauls and revamps to make it look more modern and quirky. What used to be a garment utilized mainly for skirts or a pair of pants and shorts had made its way to being a fabric utilized for tops making denim not only fabulously trendy, but very versatile as well.

Denim jeans are what we would all consider as go-to outfits, one we can reach for any time we are feeling lazy.
Denim jeans are also known for their comfort and timeless look which makes it the perfect staple of clothing for everyone. The denim pair of jeans, being the number one fundamental article clothing for any person out there, is a classic apparel that’s very indispensable.

This is precisely why denim jeans, at this point of time, can work on any setting. Yes, you read that absolutely right! Dressing up in denim jeans is quite possible and you can pull off the look even in posh and lavish affairs. This is even an outfit you can wear in going to a fancy formal dinner. The rules may seem slightly altered considering the theme of a certain affair. Nonetheless, showing up to a swanky soiree in denim jeans is something you can do.
Planning to go casual yet elegant on your next grand luxurious affair? Then look no further and let this article help you. It offers you tips and hints on how to make what would otherwise be a drab and boring looking pair of denim jeans into something that would look very much at home while in a posh party.


Who does not love a nice-looking belt? Not only will it emphasize your waist and make your curves more accentuated, but it will make your overall outfit look better simply with the addition of this accessory. Belts are not only for holding your denim jeans up. They are also used to give people the impression that you wanted a touch of glam to your outfit most especially if your belt looks stylish and elegant.

PRO TIP: Adding a luxe belt on a tucked in shirt will make what others would regard as an unfashionable attire look more elegant. Be sure to steer away from too much metal and glitter. It would only make you look like you stepped out of a country music video. Go for something a little more upscale, one that is a bit polished with a metal buckle.


Blazers would make a casual outfit into something that could pass on for formal and corporate settings. Even something as simple as the addition of a fitted blazer would make you look ready for a job interview granted that the type of blazer you donned is collared and tailored fit. Scarves, on the other hand, would bring a dash of color to your overall outfit and make you look visually appealing.

PRO TIP: Combine both a well-tailored blazer and a printed silk scarf looped casually on your neck for maximum effect. This will make you look chic enough for the lavish affair at the same time it will bring color and fun to your overall outfit.


Perhaps not a very well-known fashion tip but handbags or bags, in general, are an important part of your outfits. They bring attention to your overall look as well. Though what may be seen as a diversionary tactic rather than as an actual manner of dressing up, choosing the right bag for your outfit will work wonders for you.

PRO TIP: Look for a bag that complements the entirety of your outfit. If the bag commands the most attention (e.g. one with loud and patterned prints and colors) choose a subdued outfit for contrast otherwise the styles and patterns will clash.


Muted tones make your look more appealing and easy to look at. In contrast, loud colors will make you rather easy to spot aside from being ‘noisy’ on the eyes. Additionally, for formal affairs, muted and neutral tones would work best to your advantage as wearing casual denim jeans to a formal occasion is already a bold statement itself. Do not overdo it.

PRO TIP: Draw attention to your jeans by using subdued and muted tones for the rest of your outfit. Wear a minimalist palette such as black, beige, brown, gray, navy and white. Also, keep in mind that denim is not the best textile to pair with sequins, animal prints or feathers when your dress code strictly says formal and elegant. Remember, you are going to an elegant soiree not to a night out in a club.


Ripped denim jeans are in style and are extremely trendy right now. Almost every other person you meet on the street is sporting a pair. Though they look fun and chic, breaking them out on your next formal party is not such a wise idea. Save those denim jeans for a concert or summer garden affair instead.

PRO TIP: Stick to the classic cut of jeans and try a form-fitting pair. You can have fun in experimenting with the hues, opting for a deeper shade of indigo, a rich color like forest green to make your pair of jeans more at home at a formal party.

We have come a long way since the invention of denim jeans. And we have found ways to dress them up to suit almost every occasion there is. For your next formal event, bring out your best-looking pair of denim jeans and strut your stuff utilizing the tips the article has given you. Remember, jeans will never look out of place if the wearer knows how to take advantage of its versatility.

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