Fashion Blogging: Tips and Techniques to Make It as a Fashion Blogger


“You are considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion…but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity.” –Sophia Coppola (American Screenwriter)


In the modern world where technology’s evolution has rendered most avenues for information relay obsolete, social media remains as the authoritative locus for various materials of wide-ranging subjects. Undoubtedly, this would include the most compelling tips and techniques when it comes to style advice and fashion ensembles. If you are in the industry (and are quite the savvy industrialist) you would realize that there is so much potential in this medium of showcasing style ensembles and fashion information relay. In fact, you can bank on it and exploit to its fullest potential and even make money off of it—if you are creative enough to attempt it. Although you would inevitably have a lot of competition when it comes to this aspect in the fashion industry, this would not mean that your endeavor would be all for naught. However, you do need a good ounce of diligence and a streak of persistence in order for you to be successful.

Perseverance is key as it is unlikely that your blog and your following would thrive instantly (unless you are extremely lucky or are already well-known to begin with). Another thing to take note of is to make sure you have something new to offer or have a personal style which you can exhibit in your blog entries. Considering that the fashion blogging world is fast-paced and highly competitive, coming up with fresh content and ideas is of paramount interest, so make sure to take note of that too. Other than that, here are more various tips that would help you launch a successful fashion and style blog.

 Ask yourself: How is my blog going to be different from anyone or everyone else’s?

Fashion blogging is a competitive niche and it seems like anyone can just right on with it from the get-go. This is because fashion blogging can easily be achieved with a noteworthy Instagram spread (with a few choice outfits and ensembles taken) and a handful of followers which can potentially be increased. These individuals are known to be style-influencers, but this is just one aspect of the expansive niche in fashion blogging. If choosing style ensembles and taking photos of them is not your thing, you can start your own wordpress or Tumblr website and offer fashion articles that guidelines style suggestions. You could do a blog showcasing the various ways wholesale clothing is different from retail clothes and the like. What is important is that your blog should be different and in a sense should stand on. Before starting, it is a good idea to think of a compelling reason why readers and followers should follow your blog instead of another’s. From there, you can start the initial process of crafting your blog.

 Know your audience and how they interact with you

The key to maintaining a steady increase of followers is to know what your audiences exactly want. You can find out what your audiences want by how they interact with you and your posts. Provide an avenue for audience interaction by adding an online medium for comments and feedback. Do not just stop there–have an active ear when it comes to listening to them then consider and take note of their feedback. Remember never to lose sight of why you blogged and why people follow you—no matter how successful you become. Remember the people’s opinion would leverage and determine on how successful your blog will become, so it would greatly benefit you if you had a good relationship with your audience.  Understand your analytics, know what your audience wants and who you are talking to and regularly cater to that.

 Utilize Instagram’s potential

Social media plays a pivotal role in promoting your fashion blogs and Instagram is the perfect avenue for showing a little snippet of what your blog will be about in the form of a photo. Additionally, Instagram is also an excellent catalyst for increasing followers. This is especially true for novice style bloggers who are still trying to build their brand or those who are just still starting out. It can compound your blogs success or drive it to draw more attention. Most fashion blogs today rarely contain any articles and if they do, they would mostly be dominated with photos. Pictures say a thousand words after all, and when it comes to fashion and style, the more visual your post is, the more attention it would be getting. Apart from that, you can utilize Instagram to discover new blogs and fashion inspiration as well as it can be another great channel for interacting with your audience.

 Produce high-quality content

One excellent and effective way to generate traffic is to consistently produce high-quality content. Regardless of what niche you are blogging for or what social network you are using, riveting and compelling content drives people to your blog and would potentially increase the number of followers you have. When you are starting out, remember that quality beats quantity. You may not have that many posts, but if you offer something worthwhile and useful, you would eventually build your brand. Focus on your content and gradually and consistently post new and fresh content. Let your content speak for itself and the rest will follow.

 Let your personality shine

Just like how you choose your clothes, it is important to give your blog a touch of personality. Personality is an integral aspect when it comes to fashion blogging as it is essentially what sets you apart from other bloggers. In a way, it is how you give your blog character and differentiation. Do not do what everyone else is doing and definitely do not try to be something you think everyone wants you to be. It may come off as cliché, but be genuine.

 Plan and set goals

Like everything other blogging platform and niche, success in blogging requires you to have a blueprint of your plans and goals. This will serve as the guidelines for formulating the logistics of what your fashion blog posts will be and what your photos would look like. Know what you want to achieve by the end of a chosen timeframe and set plans according to those goals. Remember to set realistic goals and always keep in mind to have a schedule when it comes to publishing posts. Remember consistency is key, and you want to keep your readers hooked so it is fundamental to create a publishing calendar to make sure your followers and readers would not easily lose interest.


Fashion blogging has certainly helped redefine the world of fashion and personal style in ways that designers, publications and retailers never have. This certainly means that bloggers have something to offer in terms of creativity and fashion-forward thinking. So, if you are thinking of starting your own fashion and style blog, just consider the tips above and you will be on the road to fashion blogging success in no time!

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