Dress for Success: Five Indispensable Fashion Tips a Woman Must Know

“Being stylish is about enjoying your life and expressing yourself and your inner light.” –Tori Amos

What does it take to be stylish?

Is it the clothes you wear? Would it be their respective brands? Or simply how you wear it?

To some, being stylish holding yourself in a sophisticated manner and while for some it means having a curated taste for fashion and an excellent style profile to go along with it. In this regard, one can say that style is not only subjective and incapable of a single definition, but it is also ambiguous as well. However, if there is one thing we can genuinely say about being stylish, it is the marked difference between an individual whose ensembles are chosen with intent to match their characters and one who dons on clothes simply to cover up.

Unfortunately, women are all too guilty of having hordes upon hordes of clothes and finding absolutely nothing to wear. It seems that the more clothes you have, the fewer options you are left with for mixing and matching. Furthermore, looking for a work-appropriate number every single day is the most challenging and frustrating part of your routine. If all these are things you find yourself relating with, know that you are not alone. Sartorial struggles are common and universal to women all over the world.

After all, unless she has a stylist, you would be hard-pressed to find a woman who would be able to pull off the perfect ensemble within her first try in the mornings. More often than not, clothing troubles are brought about not by the lack of options but rather the overabundance of them. It seems that with the myriad of sartorial selections we have at our disposal, we would find it hard to find two pieces that would go well together. However, do not fret as dressing up does not have to be all too complicated. You can make your daily dressing up routine easier and mitigate (or totally eliminate) the likelihood of coming up with a drab and tacky ensemble. Whether your style profile may entirely consist of wholesale Bob Marley clothes or the like, it pays to have an awareness of what clever fashion tips you can keep in mind to make dressing up feel like something you would enjoy rather than seeing it as a chore. Resultantly, you will dress better regardless of the occasion and would be dressed in clothes that you are entirely happy with. Furthermore, it helps you refine your taste and preferences in clothes insomuch that you would only select those that fit your personal style, lifestyle and body type.

In any case, here are some ingenious fashion and style tips that women should be aware of:

1.) Old things must go

If you have read any fashion article in the past few months, you would have known by now that most fashion pundits live by the advocacy of less is more. In this regard, the fewer clothes you have in your wardrobes, the better your chances would be in coming up with a good ensemble.

In this regard, purging your wardrobes from what is old and unnecessary is paramount. Take a gander at the items from your closet and have the mindset of an interested shopper who is buying clothes from your wardrobe on a budget. Once in a while, adopt this kind of practice in refining the contents of your closet, so that come every morning, you would not be spending hours upon hours in front of the mirror. Do not hold on to those items and put them to good use by selling them or donating them. In that way, you will either profit from them or feel good about yourself by giving them away for a good cause.

2.) Shop with a plan for big events

Events are great avenues for us to showcase our dressing prowess and in that regard, we would wish to look our very best with the right outfit. Undoubtedly, you will invest significant time in searching for the appropriate outfit. However, to have an accurate picture of how you are going look on the day itself, you should be prepared beforehand by sporting the kind of hairstyle and makeup you intend to have for the occasion along with the pair of shoes you wish to wear. Shop with a plan, and you will inevitably make better choices. Not only that, seeing the bigger picture allows you to be happier with the option you took as well.

3.) Extend your cashmere’s lifespan

Cashmere is known to be a very expensive fabric. Unfortunately, it is incredibly delicate as well. With this in mind, you ought to invest only in quality cashmere items and stay away from synthetic ones that would not even last you a month. Cashmere is not necessarily cheap—regardless of whether the material used was of high-quality or not. In this regard, you should be a little discerning with the cashmere sartorial items you purchase. Go for thick-knitted garments and try stretching it. If it pulls back, then it would be one of superior quality. However, maintain its integrity by taking care of it well. Only wash it in cold water by hand.

4.) Break in your new shoes sans the pain

Wearing heels can be a bane or bane. In one way or another, your comfort would be compromised in favor of looking tall, svelte and sultry. However, the pain is enough to compensate for the stylish payoff you would get from wearing it, right? Well, not necessarily. Although a pair of heels can be a pain to wear, there are certain precautions you can take to ensure that the first time you would wear them would not kill off your feet. One excellent way to do just that is to break them in before wearing them. From placing your shoes with water- filled bags in the freezer to stay overnight to stretching them out initially, you have a myriad of options as to how to stretch them out. After all, looking fashionable and stylish does not always have to come with pain if you can help it.

5.) Know the rules of showing skin

Baring a little skin here or there is one of the ways you can elevate an outfit. However, be sure not to show too much in order to spark a little intrigue and play up an onlooker’s imagination. Know the difference between sultry and downright trashy. Furthermore, balance how skin should be shown in such a way that what you are wearing can still be considered classy and sophisticated instead of tasteless. If you are unsure as to how the rules go, know that you should only be displaying one body part at a time. With this in mind, if you are already displaying your ample bosom, then you probably should not pair that with a miniskirt that rides up to your thigh. Remember, being stylish should not be based on how exposed you look but rather on how tastefully you have balanced the different aspects and elements there is to your ensemble. Plus, a little mystery is always guaranteed to improve your clothes aesthetic appeal.

While these tips would make up just a fraction of the collection of ingenious clothing techniques for a woman to dress better, they are great tips and advice to start with. If you wish to curate a better wardrobe and be happier with your clothing choices, take a tip or two from above and see if it works for you. After all, sartorial items are known to enhance an individual’s overall aesthetic appeal if they are tastefully and sophisticatedly mixed and matched. In any case, having an idea of what the style and fashion basics are will help you develop your very own unique style that is something you can profoundly identify with while being universally recognizable by others.


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