Crooks n Castles is a unique clothing brand that roots for the villains and villainous lifestyle. While most had adapted to the gangsta environment, there are those who channel their wits into somewhat lucrative business. The crooks are now building their castles!
A Crooks shirt retails between $30 and $64. That’s a lot! For most of us who are trying to make ends meet but still want to be as trendy as ever, buying wholesale Crooks n Castles is the most plausible option. Buying in bulk is always cheaper because wholesalers usually have no warehouse rent and low overhead costs to maintain.
When looking for a wholesaler though, make sure that it is honest enough to tell you where they are actually getting their goods. Sadly, honesty is an extremely abused word in the wholesale business. Make sure that stuffs they sell are 100% authentic and not knockoffs by asking the dealer directly or your money will go down the drain. So uncool!