CAPSULE WARDROBE: Reducing Your Closet to 37 Pieces


If there is anything true and verifiable about fashion, it is that it is cyclical and dynamic. As the years went by, we have noticed fashion evolve yet somehow retain some of its earlier predecessor’s characteristics and qualities. Only that it is updated to have a more modern look. These recurring trends are without a doubt the reason we tend to hog so much space inside our closets because why throw something that may be trendy again?

Considering fashion is cyclical albeit repetitive at times, we can be absolutely certain that one day, the neglected vintage puffy skirt we have at the back of our closet will make an updated comeback. Because of this, it can be a bit hard to part ways with it. However, this seems to do more harm than good and is actually consuming valuable closet space.

Consider this. With so many clothes you are accumulating over the years that outdated puffy skirt you are neglecting to throw out is occupying priceless closet space that could be reserved for a newer and trendier item. Seeing how indispensable that precious space is, regard it as real estate space if you may.
Additionally, while the minimalist lifestyle may have been making waves in other aspects of your life, it has been glaringly lacking and absent when it comes to the area you hold dear to your heart: the closet. Let us face it, whether it may be that inexpensive wholesale clothing you have purchased from a Euro trip back in the nineties or that branded top you luckily scored from the flea market, you have found yourself guilty of hoarding a superfluity of clothes.
And while this may give you an avenue for a wide variety of outfits, an ideal closet would only consist of approximately 200 clothes of different styles. Statistics would show that the average woman would have so much more than that. So for this brand new year, make “reducing my closet size” or “incorporating the minimalist lifestyle into my wardrobe” as one of your resolutions.

To begin your wardrobe reduction journey, you can utilize one closet-reducing program that has been generating a lot of buzz recently, and that is the capsule wardrobe. So before you start purging your closet of clothes, take a gander below at this simplified version of reducing the items in your closet.

So how does capsule wardrobe work?

Succinctly put, the capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe made up of versatile pieces that may be your favorites or are pieces that you would sport more often than the others. For some people, the sweet spot is thirty-seven items, but it varies with every season. A capsule collection consists of a combination of elements you already possess and love to wear as well as a few items you can shop for at least once a season. For each season (spring, summer, winter and fall), you take out some clothes except for a few pieces that should still be in your capsule wardrobe.

Additionally, even if our closet is teeming to the brim with innumerable garments, we still have that unfathomable reason of having nothing to wear. This is particularly nifty as some of us do buy trendy new clothes but end up wearing some of our old favorites.

With a capsule wardrobe, this is something readily achievable as it represents more time and energy on the clothes that really matter to you. The idea essentially translates to less time deciding on what to wear, less time doing laundry and less time doing shopping. Lastly, this would give you the welcome opportunity to utilize the clothes that you may not have been using for quite some time because you have not found the right time, reason or season to use it.

What are some of the advantages?

Considering that a capsule wardrobe would represent more time, more money and more energy for the things in life that matter, which may not only include your clothes, you would be spending more time and energy on other aspects of your life apart from only trying to look your best.
In addition, a capsule closet allows you to shop at least only once a season that would make you save a whole lot on frivolous expenses and unnecessary expenditures that can add up by the end of the month. Believe me, your credit card would thank you for changing this aspect in your life.

It has also been shown that by narrowing your wardrobe and by purging a bit of the clothes you find to be a bit excessive, you would understand your style better and have a definite personal style. Lastly, you are guaranteed to look like you always have something awesome and stylish to put on. It’d give you an overall great feeling as every single item hanging in your closet is something you would want to wear right at that moment.

So how do I start building my capsule wardrobe? When it comes to building your capsule wardrobe, there are five essential rules you have to keep in mind and take into the heart if you want to see some results.

RULE 1: Strip down your clothes to thirty-seven items.

Pare down your current closet situation into as little as 37 pieces. Thirty-seven is the golden number as according to, it already feels like a generous number yet somehow retains a minimalist feel. But if you feel a bit limited with 37, try to find a number you are comfortable with as long as you do not go overboard.

This happy number should include your favorite tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, and shoes. However, it should not include your workout clothes, purses, swimsuits, pajamas, purses, and your underwear. Last to note is that accessories are not included in your capsule wardrobe, so play it up and mix them up to your heart’s content.

RULE 2: Wear ONLY these 37 items for three months (or per season)

These thirty-seven items are the only things you should be sporting per three months or per season. Split up your seasons in this way: Winter (Jan-March), Spring (April-June), Summer (July-September), and Fall (October-December).

By utilizing this unique pattern in switching up your wardrobe, you are guaranteed to have an updated style per season and have the appropriate wear for it.

RULE 3: Put all frivolous shopping on hold

Enjoy your capsule closet as the season lasts and do not go hoarding more clothes by shopping for more during the three-month season – like never at all. That is until you get to the next rule.

RULE 4: During the last two weeks, plan and shop for your next capsule

Of course, the inherent fashionistas in us would panic at the thought of absolutely no shopping. So, to compromise, you can do some shopping during the last two weeks of the capsule’s season.

However, do note that you cannot simply hoard whatever styles you do want. Consider the shopping you do something akin to strategic shopping. While you are out purchasing new clothes, be mindful of the clothes you think would be an appropriate addition to your next capsule’s set.

RULE 5: “Less is more.”

Though technically, the number of clothes you do purchase for your next capsule is up to you, keep in mind that “less is more.” That and the entire point of having a capsule wardrobe is to reduce our closet. Remember, this is a minimalist challenge and in essence, less is more. The styles you pick out should be fun and trendy.

Although, this rule may feel a bit limiting, it can be advantageous considering that you are constrained to use the new items you have bought. Unlike buying clothes you find cute but end up not using anyhow.


So paring your closet may seem a little daunting – impossible even considering our inner fashionista would want to have an array of clothes at our disposal.

But do consider this change for the brand new year and you might find your clothing ensemble looking a bit more dapper and appropriate for the various seasons. Do not think of the capsule wardrobe as something that would limit your choices. Remember, you are not throwing out the apparel you do not use for the season, but rather a welcome opportunity to utilize all the clothes you have for each season there is.

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