Buying Wholesale Diamond Supply

Skateboarding, aside from being a public sport, is both an art and lifestyle. However, in recent memories, skateboarding becomes an expression of an undying subculture. While it is not clear who invented the skateboard, before, you have to make your own skateboard to skate. The modern skateboarders are lucky because they are endowed with everything they need from head-to-toe. Yes, skateboarding fashion is thriving, thanks to brands like Diamond Supply.

Where to buy wholesale Diamond Supply

Online, Diamond Supply Co. merchandises are widely available. Of course, your first stop should be its website. You may directly from the site. The website also features store locations in Los Angeles. Actually, the brand has only three stores, each in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. You can visit any of these stores if possible.

Alternatively, you may search for a local retailers in the ‘Stockists’ section of the site. You just have to enter your street address or zip code to determine whether there’s a retailer near you. If there, the complete address and contact details of the store will be displayed.

Be reminded, however, that aside from items on sale (which are rare, by the way), all items are sold at regular prices. That means buying a tee between $32 and $48. Pricey indeed! Diamond Supply has a cost advantage since it is a world-renowned brand shining brilliantly for 16 years.

Thus, the next plausible thing is to buy Diamond Supply products in bulk online – getting the same branded products at low prices. Google is a friend for this purpose. Just search ‘wholesale diamond supply’ and Google will give you thousands of results. Nonetheless, you cannot just buy from the first wholesaler you encounter. Only about 10% of all wholesalers online sell authentic merchandises. Now that’s real caveat emptor (buyer beware).

What to look for in a wholesaler

Before you fill your cart with Diamond Supply goods, chances are, the wholesaler has its own website too that you can check. Other than the security features, there should be clear pictures. That’s a basic for a site that sells clothes and other items, right? Certainly, the pictures must be of high quality. Don’t fall for wholesaler sites that use stock photos. As much as possible, there are zoom-able photos of the products from various angles or views. There are wholesaler sites that feature brand identifiable information like zoomed-in photos of tags and logos to show the authenticity of the item.

Next, each item should come with a well-written, accurate description. Inaccurate, poor or misinformed descriptions are indicative of fake products. Diamond Supply allows its stockists to use the same descriptions as those in their website. However, directly-lifted descriptions don’t always mean that websites that use them are legit wholesalers. Some are just plagiarizing to make their fake products look original. Again, beware.

Check the prices as well. If the wholesaler is selling Diamond Supply for dirt cheap, think twice. Calculate the cost of the item from selling fees to shipping costs. What’s left to the wholesaler? If it is selling this cheap, the item is probably a repro. Markdown prices must still be fair and consistent. A discount of 20 to 70% from the original price is good enough.

Location is another important consideration. Not all products manufactured in China are fake. In fact, several US companies have their manufacturing facilities in China. However, the place of origin and the place where the goods are sold are two different things. As of today, Diamond Supply is only available in the US and Canada although the site is selling items and shipping them internationally. This brings us to our main argument that you really have to be diligent in buying wholesale Diamond Supply from online sources.

Reviews are also important. Not all wholesalers’ websites feature feedback or testimonials. You might have to look elsewhere on the Internet for reviews written by real people. Of course, your goal should be finding positive feedbacks. The more, the better. If these are not available, you can gauge the trustworthiness of the wholesaler by calling their number. Ask them questions including where they get their Diamond Supply goods. Instinct will dictate if the wholesaler is telling the truth or not.

Diamond Supply is a brand name and category of its own. Too bad fake wholesale Diamond Supply products are sold online. On the other end, there are many ways to know that you are buying the real ones, that is, if you know what you should look for. Possibly, the wholesaler has all the necessary features noted above. Then again, you should know if the wholesaler is a startup wherein it is slowly building up the product descriptions or review portfolio. Whatever it is, just trust your gut feel. If it is too good to be true, then it is!

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