Buying Wholesale Apple Bottoms

According to Grammy-award winner rapper, singer, songwriter and occasional actor Nelly, “A woman should not try to fit the clothes; the clothes should fit the woman.” True enough, Nelly glorified the women’s curves by launching Apple Bottoms. The brand is aptly named Apple Bottoms in celebration of how appealing women’s ‘apple bottoms’ are. The brand has a huge Hollywood following including Oprah Winfrey, Vivica A. Fox, Fergie and Ashanti.

Since 2004, Apple Bottoms has matured into the brand that it is today – lifestyle brand that caters to diverse clientele. Aside from apparel which include plus sizes, girls and infants, the brand expanded to include handbags, accessories, jewelries, footwear, fragrance and sunnies. Nonetheless, the jeans with the signature apple pocket remain to be the top-selling category.

How to buy wholesale Apple Bottoms jeans

Apple Bottoms are specifically designed with the shapely women in mind. There are at least five body types namely hourglass (proportioned), pear (heavier on the bottom), apple (round from top to bottom), rectangular (few curves) and petite. Regardless of the shape though (even skinny models can wear them), any women can wear Apple Bottoms jeans provided that she knew her exact measurement. Measuring women’s pant sizes, however, vary depending on the brand. The rule of thumb is measuring the waist first (around the belly button) before measuring the hips.

Many a times a woman have to buy the next size up because the exact size of the pants does not necessarily have rooms for the hips, thighs and rear parts. This won’t happen with Apple Bottoms because they have extra space for these to create greater fit, gapping at the waist area won’t be necessary.

Here’s the guide:

You can start with a keyword search on Google. Simply type in ‘wholesale Apple Bottoms’ on the search bar, and hundreds to thousands of results will be displayed. For your convenience, you can visit all of these pages. However, make sure that the wholesaler is not a fraud by looking for signs. For instance, check the images, descriptions and payment systems as well as social proofs and security features. Sometimes though rarely, high quality images are enough to judge the credibility of the wholesaler.

When checking the products, check the jeans style. If you are purchasing jeans for personal use, chances are, you know what fits perfectly to your body type. If you are purchasing for customers, you might as well purchase different styles and sizes. For hourglass ladies, choose wide-legged pants with flat front and mid-rise to show your curves, but still look slim. For pear ladies, choose low-rise pants to create balance and avoid super-tapered pants. For tall ladies, choose long, lean straight-legged or flared jeans. For boy-figured ladies, choose mid-rise with slight boot cut jeans to create a curvier look. For petite ladies, choose slim-cut, boot cut or cropped skinny pants. For plus-size ladies, choose darker-hued, straight-legged denims to look slimmer. These are the size and style options you need to consider when buying jeans in bulk.

If you are buying precise sizes of wholesale Apple Bottoms jeans, make sure to check the tags. The tags are in American sizes. If the images of the tags are not available, you can always check the description for available sizes. Just look for the UK equivalent if you are not sure of the conversion. You may also contact the wholesaler and ask him or her directly what the corresponding UK sizes are if it does not feature a size chart on its website.

As much as possible, purchase new Apple Bottoms and not slightly used or second hand. Make sure that the seller is selling new Apple Bottoms. In buying used clothes, you don’t honestly know how long the jeans are used and how much wear is left. You might buy ‘slightly used’ jeans only to find out in the end that there are tears on the inner thigh. These are the parts that the seller won’t show when selling wholesale Apple Bottoms.

Some wholesalers even go the extra mile, providing care instructions for the Apple Bottoms pants. For instance, you don’t have to use bleach, wash the jeans with fleece, wash using hot water and overstuff the washer or the jeans will come out wrinkly. Wash the jeans inside out. The packages usually contain such information, so make sure to read the fine print as well.

Buying jeans is simple, that is, if you know your body type. This tells much about the fit of the jeans. While Apple Bottoms differentiates itself from the pool of lifestyle urban clothing brands because of the perfect fit of the jeans, among others, this is not an excuse to know what fits exactly. In this way, you need not torture yourself of buying the next size up if buying the exact size is possible.

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